2010-02-06: A man without a jaw...?


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Summary: Chloe meets a teacher.

Date: February 6th 2010

**Log Title*A man without a jaw…?*

Rating: Log Rating. [ PG ]

Xavier Mansion - School Wing

A red and blue carpet with a complex pattern stretches down the hall and meets with the wooden walls. Wooden doors run up and down both sides of the hallway as entrances to the classrooms. Each classroom has a sign outside it labeling the room. There is a sign when you first enter the hallway labeling this area "Classrooms".

With it being Saturday, school isn't in session. Sure there might still be sessions in the Danger Room, but Jonothon doesn't have to do any of that. Already paid his advisor time for the day. Doesn't mean he's free of work though, so he's here with a laptop and what counts for an armful of papers. The skinny man's attire is all black - a long coat with slacks and a dark shirt. The strange thing is that he's covered to the upper lip. Black material of some kind wrapped over his lower face, leaving only the suggestion of jaw.

Let yourself be seen and he blinks. Yet again someone he doesn't know. There's a lot of those lately Jono is finding. «You need help finding something?» The voice is distinctly British, and curious. You aren't anywhere you shouldn't be, it's just strange to find students here on days off.

Springing down the corridoor, going from one door to the next and peering inside, Chloe almost slams face first into a wall at the unexpected noise in her head. "Whatinthenameofgod?" she blurts, head whipping from side to side.

Jonothon winces as you blurt that out. Uh.. oops? «…Over here.» Yeah, the guy in black. He lifts a hand to wave. «Something you'll have to get used to here. I'm Jonothon Starsmore, or Jono. You need help with anything? Don't normally see kids around the school area on the weekends.» Shouldn't you be out enjoying yourself? He sure wishes he were.

Chloe begins drumming her fingers slowly against the wall and turns to face Jono, waving awkwardly. "I had to collect my squad assignment and I also wanted to check out where my classes would be. I only arrived yesterday you see and while a whole day is a /long/ time…"

Auburn head tilting, he stays where he is due to your discomfort. Jonothon doesn't need to be a telepath to see it. «Heh.» A bit of laughter if ever there was one. «You aren't doing anything wrong, gel.» Assuring because you seem nervous. «What's your name?»

"I'm Chloe and it's nice to meet you Jono," she replies, focusing her breathing. "Sorry if this seems a little weird. It requires a /lot/ of concentration for me to talk and listen at normal speeds."

Jonothon frowns thoughtfully at that. You have trouble? «Why?» With this he finally moves closer. The man is anything but intimidating. Since he seldom links to other's minds he totally has no idea you are having issues. «Your power?» Not familiar with superspeed, outside of knowing of it in passing, he simply must assume it's some 'mutant thing'. There's a lot of that going around.

"Allow me to demonstrate," Chloe offers, following which is a barrage of noises which make virtually no sense. "Making my mouth move at your speeds… Why is your mouth covered? Wait that might be a rude question… Sorry it takes so much thinking to talk so you'll understand that I sometimes forget to think about /what/ I'm saying."

Eyes widen as he comes to grasp, in general, what you mean. He's got some big, brown eyes for a guy. «Not too rude. I don't have one, gel. I might be able to help a little with the talking, but I'll need your permission first. If I link minds with you I might be able to understand you. Can't promise that, but we can try.» Speed of thought and all that. Still, it could be too slow. Jonothon has no idea how fast you can truly move.

Chloe winces. "Erm no thanks. I can manage talking slowly and I'm not really comfortable with the idea of people in my head… Not yet anyway… This whole mutant thing is all very new to me. Although it feels like I've been one for months already…"

«Heh. Your choice, gel.» Jonothon so isn't going to push it. You don't want to, then you get to try and listen to him at slow speeds. «You came to the right place to learn about your abilities though. Like I tell everyone else, you give me a call if you need some help. That's what I'm here for. I've a cell too, but can only text on it. I'll give you the number if you want, and really even if it's just to vent, let me know.» It's an offer he gives all the students. Not a teacher, but still school staff. A strange guidance councilor these days.

Chloe nods, her head flicking up and down at cringe inducing speeds. "I'm not very good with cellphones though, the buttons don't work fast enough and it's quite upsetting. So I end up just ditching them. Same with computers and pretty much everything with controls more complicated than a microwave."

Jonothon shrugs and motions with his free hand. «Offer's still there, no matter if you turn down everything I can offer." The man can't smile properly, but his eyes do. «Enjoy your exploring. I won't slow you down if you don't want.» That motion turns into a wave and he continues on to where he'd been heading to in the first place.

"It was nice meeting you Jono," Chloe offers, turning back to poke her head into a classroom which is hopefully not in use… "I'll probably cya around what for me'll be the distant future."

Few of the rooms are in use on a weekend, so explore as you will. Amused at the future idea, he shakes his head and returns to work. Jonothon eventually, as in takes forever by your account, goes into one of the offices for teachers.

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