2009-03-12: A-maze-ing


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Summary: Erik and Clara are lost in a maze.

Date: March 12, 2009

Log Title A-maze-ing

Rating: PG

X-Mansion - Hedge Maze

"Oh man, this was such a poor choice." A slightly agitated southern tone can be heard from a few walls into the hedge maze. Since there was little to do but look at the broken wall and windows in her room, Clara decided to explore the grounds a little more. Starting with a maze probably wasn't a smart thing to do.

Erik chuckles a little bit. "Well then at least it is a bad decision we're both making." Erik says as he comes in to a nearby area of the hedge maze.

Clara glances forward in surprise when she hears another voice. "You too, huh? Can you believe this place? I have to have been in here for nearly an hour and am no closer to the beginning or the center."

Erik laughs. "It is different than I remember, so while I haven't been in here for an hour…" He grins and looks around. "Lemme see…gate, grate, something…"

Clara glances up. "Well, I mean, I could cheat and just pop up to the top.." Clara wavers off and shakes her head. No, she has to do this the hard way. "Atleast I'm not alone anymore. Lost in here you feel kind of cut off from the rest of the world."

Erik chuckles. "I think I know where you are, hold on…" He says before walking off. A few minutes later he walks around a corner to face her, smiling.

Relief floods Clara's features as she hurries to the corner Erik pops around. "Hey! Thank goodness." She gives him a relieved hug before pulling back to glance down the hedges. "Now, if you can get us out of here I'll.. make you breakfast or something."

Erik chuckles a little bit. "Oh I didn't say I could do that, but at least now we're not alone." He says with a laugh. "Although it has been a while since someone cooked breakfast for me."

"Hey, you managed to find me. I'm sure that together we can find the way out. If not, they made this thing way too hard." Clara laughs and turns, clearly going to follow him. "It'll be a big ole southern style breakfast. Nothin' like it. But first you have to get us unlost."

Erik laughs. "Well, assuming we don't die of starvation in here that sounds quite lovely." Erik chuckles as he walks along. "So how long have you known you are a mutant?"

Clara gives Erik a gentle push, laughing. "Don't even joke about that! That's awful." She shoves her hnds in her front pockets, following at a lazy pace. "Only a couple years. I was a late bloomer, didn't manifest until I was in college. You?"

Erik smiles wanly. "I've known for as long as I can remember. My mom and dad were both mutants, so my mom knew I would be. It came early."

"That had to have made things a whle lot easier." Clara goes strangely quiet as she squints down the path. "Nobody in my family has been a mutant before, so it was a shock."

Erik shakes his head. "No, because mom was crazy." Erik says simply as he walks along, apparently just content to wander. "Thought I was destined to be some kind of mutant messiah."

Clara blinks and glances back to Erik. "Crazy is a little harsh. Doesn't every mother think her child will be special?" Still, Clara shakes her head. "Why is it that everyone assumes we /need/ a messiah?"

"Well, the fact that she was institutionalized from the time I was ten years old until she died would seem to support the argument." Erik says with a sigh.

Clara frowns and pulls a hand from her pocket to rest it gently on his shoulder in a silent 'I'm sorry'. "That had to have been tough."

Erik smiles warmly. "Life is difficult sometimes. I got through, and I tell myself she is in a better place now."

Clara squeezes his shoulder before the hand slides back to her pocket. "Yeah. That's a good way to think about it. In heaven nobody's crazy. Messiah or not, I bet she's proud of you."

Erik chuckles. "It is a nice thought." He says, squeezing her hand before she pulls it back. "I hope it is true."

"You just have to have some faith," Clara assures with a small smile.

Erik smiles wanly. "Well, I will first have faith we will get out of here, and then see about the rest."

Clara sighs as her hair unfolds from it's loose braid and extends out under her, almost like a pedastool. "Alright, forget this. It's way too early for a crazy maze. Just don't tell anyone we cheated." With that Clara lifts up with her hair, settling high above the top of the hedges, quickly memorizing the path out. "We're only three hedges away," she exclaims, settling back to her feet, hair sliding back around her like normal. "Follow me."

Erik raises an eyebrow and laughs as she goes up above everyone else. "Did we not say that is not fair?" He asks with a grin before he moves to follow her.

"That why we're not going to mention this to anyone," Clara says with a wink as she guides them through the hedges and to the entrance. "I'll go through it honestly some time, just not so early in the morning, next time."

Erik laughs a little bit. "And I am introduced to a secret, clandestine society of people who cheat at hedge mazes. I do love secrets." He comments dryly.

"Remind me to teach you the secret handshake some time," Clara smirks as she gazes over to the school with a look of relief. "Besides, I have some more repairs I have to do to my room today. I don't have four hours to walk around in circles."

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