2010-11-08: A Mutant Walks Into A Bar


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Summary: Kage, Jordan Mayfair and Shifter decide Nowhere is a great place for a drink, Bruce will be their bartender for the evening.

Date: November 8, 2010

Log Title: A Mutant Walks Into A Bar

Rating: PG

NYC - Nowhere

Nowhere is a community bar, with a slightly old world feel. All of the tables and chairs are made of wood, though there are some couches in a slightly offset room with green fabric. The music varies, depending upon the Owner's music taste for the day. Beer and Liquor are both served, but are both carded for as well.
At the front of the bar, right as one walks in,is a large sign. "Superhuman friendly establishment. There will be no tolerance for disparaging remarks based on one's genetic status. Any fights will not be tolerated within the bar. The management holds no responsibility for where combatants are teleported."
//It is also quite impossible to use fake IDs here. There is a telepathic bouncer that works the door. //

The bar is usually a little more crowded this time of night on Mondays. They have a "Student ID Night" for the college kids in the area, but it seems that not too many have actually showed up this week. Lil assumes that it is a combination of factors. The snow outside, the fact that it's so much darker than usual since the clock change, and perhaps everyone is still a bit partied out from Halloween a few weeks back.
The woman sighs and looks up at the clock impatiently. Damn that Bruce, he's never in on time anymore. Lil would complain if she didn't assume the man was doing something for Magneto. She knows better than to get mixed up in that sort of stuff. She pours a few drinks for a couple of patrons and rests her chin on her hand, leaning against the bar.

Sitting at the bar with a glass of Johnny Walker, Black, in his hand, is Kage. He usually stays by himself but tonight he felt like going out for a drink and the only bar he'd go to is one own and run by a mutant. If he's going to actually pay for anything he might as well hand his ill gotten funds to a fellow mutant. The music is a little to…thumpy for Kage's tastes but the man dressed up like a woman, complete with dress, makeup, perfectly done hair, relaxes here anyway. After all he did hear that someone he knows works here.

As much as he knows his place isn't at the surface, the Morlock known as Shifter is still a teenager (just), so seeing the sign for a 'Student Night' he couldn't help himself, he's never been to a bar before, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, and a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), he's just sitting in the corner of the bar, kinda wondering what the big deal was.

Not his usual place to associate at, Jordan Mayfair, dressed in a relaxed attired, sweater and jeans is seated in a corner meeting with someone else. Their table is in the back and away from most of the patrons, he speaks with another mutant. The man stands up to leave, "So her name is Tawni…no problem…it'll be taken care of." Jordan nods his head, "The money is already in your account." With that, the man makes his way out of Nowhere and Jordan eyes about. His mind dipping in and out of some of the patrons and then he makes contact with the bouncer and they both nod and smile to each other.

The front door to the pub opens and a muscular man with a bomber jacket and blue jeans steps in. He shivers and frowns at the bouncer, "Bloody cold. How d'ya people stand it, eh?" His accent is distinctly Australian, though Bruce has been confused as British before. The bouncer gives Bruce a confused look and motions toward his mouth. Bruce wipes his face and looks at the blood on his hand. Seems that he's been in a bit of a fight. He waves a hand dismissively and walks up to the bar. "Hey Lil, my sweet." And then quieter, "Any word from you know who?"
Lil narrows her eyes at Bruce and nods her head in the direction of one of the corners. "He's over there. Do whatever you have to do and be quick about it, I'm missing my shows."
Bruce shrugs and gives the woman a wink before waving over the shadowy man in the corner. The two wander into a side room of the bar and shut the door behind them, leaving Lil looking a bit disgruntled at the bar.

Kage spots Bruce walk in and knowing things about the man and who he associates with, he can't help himself. He tilts his head over towards the room where Bruce walked in and uses his life detection to see how many people are in there, and how many are mutants. Then he uses his X-Ray vision to see thorough the wall as to what's going on. Sure he can't hear anything but if it gives him some leverage on a conversation later with the Austrailain, he'll use it. Though something Jordan says does catch his attention and Kage makes a mental not to remember about that.

Looking around the bar Shifter smiles a little, he didn't know there were bars and stuff just for mutants, he still hasn't built up the confidance to actullay go to the bar, even though he did manage to get hold of some cash before he came here.

Noting the Australian walking into the bar, Jordan rises and walks straight to the bar and sits down, "Screwdriver, please. More vodka, less orange juice, Please." He plops a nice sized bill on the bar, "Thank you." He looks about and one of the thoughts he picked up, he recognizes the mind from an encounter a few weeks back. He gets his drink and then takes a sip and walks in the direction of where Shifter is.

Lil seems a bit distracted by the door that Bruce walked through, but she still manages to craft Jordan's drink with a smile. She fills a couple more orders and looks up at the clock again.
Some muffled yeling can be heard from inside of the room and then the dark man storms out carrying a breifcase. Bruce walks out a few moments later wiping his mouth again. Seems like he may have gotten punched again, but he plays it off and just offers a shrug to the other bartender. He walks over to the bar and slips behind the counter. "All done m'dear. Have fun watching…Whatever it is you watch." The woman just gives him a look before heading into the back room. A minute later she comes back out with a coat on and heads out the front door.

Kage takes a mental note of the man's life signature as he leaves with the brief case. Eventually the cross-dresser lifts his empty glass and smiles. "Excuse me Sir, may I please have another Johnny Walker Black?" He says trying to get the attention of the man he's met a few times before. "You might want to put some ice on your lip otherwise you might get a horrid bruise and it would do awful things to your features."

While scanning the bar Shifter spots the man from the other night, he quickly looks down in the hope the man won't spot him, he might just be walking in this direction for some other reason.

Pausing a moment when he sees Bruce coming out the door, Jordan looks and notes Bruce's stance and whatnot and then notes the Kage ordering from Bruce and then makes his way towards Shifter. "And I am wondering why I haven't come to Mutant Town before." He stops near Shifter and asks, "Hello, young man. Nice to meet again."

Bruce glances down at Kage and chuckles. "Well, if it ain't Princess Gun Happy." He shakes his head. "Maggy wasn't too happy about what happened to Speedo there, ya know." He grabs Kage's glass and fills it up. "But I'm sure I've told ya that before. Any word on the birthday party?" That was the code word that Bruce had been using for the event. He glances around the room quickly and frowns, a few new faces. "No word on them missing folk from Westchester, eh?" Yes, it seems word on such things gets around, especially in bars where seedy things happen.

There's a small smile. "You know, calling me Princess might cost you your tip." Kage says as he puts down a few bills to pay for the drink. "Oh and that news so quite last year. He already let me know he was unhappy but I didn't kill the kid." He says taking a sip of his drink. "No and no, and about the missing kids from Westchester, I'd care more if I knew they weren't off beingso illusioned about mutants and humans can get along blah blah blah."

Shifter sighs and looks up at the man giving a slight wave, yeah, coming here was not a good idea, Morlocks are supposed to go unnoticed, not be approached by guys who go around in limos, he tries to find the words to ask what the guy wants.

Sipping his drink, Jordan smirks, "You want to know what I want?" It's as if he read your mind, "Nothing. I just wanted to see if you were doing fine. Life can be rough…and particularly on you, so if you are hungry or thirsty, I cna cover your bill. Just being nice ot my own kind." He looks towards the bar and gestures, "I'll cover his bill, give the lad whatever he likes, barkeep."

Bruce shrugs and cleans out a glass or two. "Well yeah, guess the kiddos up there're a bit out o' their logic, but I don't think we should write off their vanishin'." He lowers his voice slightly. "After all, 'f 'nythin' happened to 'em involving them shooty folk, maybe we'd get us a whole slew of new allies, eh?" Bruce perks his head up and looks toward Jordan. "Oy? What's the little bloke want? You want a beer? A sody? Vodka? What's yer poison?" He wipes his lip again, looks like he's not bleeding quite as much now. The man shrugs at Kage, "Eh. Punch in the face. How you say G'Day where I'm from."

Kage looks at Shifter and offers a nod and smile. "The whiskey is quite good." He recommends to the young mutant. "You want to make sure you drink the good stuff, don't go cheap just because someone else is paying for you. You deserve the best." He says since he thinks mutants should be on top of society. "Well, I guess if anything it might be some to teach the real way things should be. I never understand that mutant humany lovey dovey behaviour. We're mutants, not cattle."

Many things about Shifter may make you think he's stupid, but he really isn't, if this man seems like he's reading his mind, he probably is, which makes things easier, he doesn't need to use words, he thinks 'i'm not old enough to drink, i'm only nineteen, i have a couple of years left, but thank you for the offer', he looks over at Bruce and Kage when they talk to him, 'is that a man?'

Shrugging, Jordan whispers, "I guess age doesn't matter if you're a mutant. He then and towards the couple at the bar, "He'll just have some orange juice, I guess. And how about a hamburger, well done with fries?" Looking to Shifter to make sure that is ok and then he nods to Shifter, "Probably a guy, but he does make a pretty woman."

Bruce places his hands on the bar and leans on it as he waits to hear what Shifter will have. He snorts out a laugh when he hears what Jordan orders for the boy. "Burger & fries? Do I look like yer mum? Cookie left hours ago, only got drinks now." He turns around to get a glass and grabs a few things under the counter, winking at Kage as he mixes the orange juice with vodka out of the other two's range of vision. After mixing the drink he walks it over to Shifter and sits it down. "Change yer mind just let me know, eh?" He glances down at Jordan and frowns. Who's this guy? Never seen him before. Stupid Yanks, coming in here and demanding rediculous things. Bruce is a busy man, he doesn't have time to make burgers.

Kage puts a few bills down on the bar for Bruce, as a nice tip, and smiles back at him with the wink. He looks over at Jordan and gives a nod. "No, I make a beautiful man, there is a difference." After all to him beauty is androgyny. At the frown there is a shrug from Kage as he's not sure who Jordan is either but he does know that he's one of them, as is Shifter. "Most clubs don't serve food as well but I'm sure there are a few good places to eat in the area."

Shifter actually smiles at Mayfair, 'Thank you but i don't need any food, plus this guy finds the idea very funny', he takes a sip of the drink Bruce gives him, 'hmm tastes funny, maybe they use a wierd brand of orange juice in bars, to make them mix better or something', still it's free so he drinks it without complaining.

"Tastes funny?" Jordan takes the glass and sniffs, "It has alcohol in it." He smiles and puts a $100 bill on Shifter's table. "For the juice and anything else. I gotta go." He sighs and looks to Bruce and Kage, "Nice establishment here and, man, you are right. You are very beautiful and I am sure we'll see each other again."

Bruce smirks at Jordan and shakes his head, "Oh you take all the fun out of it if you tell him." He sighs and turns to head back to the bar, waving a hand dismissively at the stranger as he heads out. "Eh Princess, looks like you have an admirer, eh?" He winks and chuckles at Kage before returning to cleaning the glasses. "But yeah, kiddo. Want anything just ask, eh?"

Kage smiles after Jordan and once he's left Kage mutters, "I'm sure we will." Before looking over to Bruce. "I am almost positive that man is upto no good and it…interests me." He then lifts a shoulder and shrugs. "I'm not a princess and he's not really my type." Kage's not into other men like that, he likes his woman very much, but only if they have an x-gene. "Don't worry about it kid, we won't let anything happen to you. You're one of us."

Alcohol?, the bartender let him have alcohol?, Cool!, as Mayfair leaves he thinks a quick goodbye, "Bye guy", Shifter finishes the drink and motions for another one, one of us?, mutants!, these guys don't like humans, could they help him help the other Morlocks?

Bruce chuckles and shakes his head at Kage again. "I'll have the guys at the bar keep an eye on him next time he comes in. Try and chat with him if I get the chance too, eh?" Bruce nods to Shifter and mixes him another drink. This time he mixes Pineapple Rum with Orange Juice and takes it over. "Yeah, no reason why you shouldn't be able to drink here. Bloody humans take enough of our freedoms away, eh?"

Kage shrugs. "Well I'll also be able to find him if needed. That's not a problem." He looks over a shifter and raises an eyebrow before looking to Bruce and raises his glass. "Or they try to, I just try to take what's mine back from the filthy cattle." Kage downs the rest of his whiskey and puts a few more bills on the bar and stands up. "As much as I am loving our reunion, I have to be on my way. I have an appointment in the Upper East Side in about…thirty minutes and I need to get ready."

Shifter nods at Bruce, yeah humans do take away cirtain freedoms, especaily if you don't look the way you should, still the way the shemale is talking is kinda scary, cattle?, thats worrying talk, but before he gets the chance to work out the words to ask what he means, the manlady is leaving.

Bruce waves at Kage as he heads out. "Alrighty. If you get into trouble gimme a call. I'll come bust some skulls for ya, yeah?" Once Kage has left the bar he tips his head toward Shifter. "He's less scary than he seems, struth." Actually not. Bruce has seen Kage randomly shoot at people for getting in his way, but whatever. "He is right though, the humans really don't have the right to treat us like animals." A few of the patrons in the bar raise their glasses, a couple others seem to be pretending not to hear anything.

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