2010-02-03: A Need To Exist


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Summary: Christopher comes to Apologize to Mikhail, doors are opened.

Date: February 3, 2010

Log Title A Need To Exist

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Aleksey and Mikhail's Room

It's quick to tell what Aleksey's interests are by the way the room is decorated. All over the walls on his side of the room are posters of Russian Olympic Male Figure Skaters and Superheroes. There's a large poser of Colossus above his desk. All the posters have writing in Russian on them. Aleksey's side of the room is pretty clean and even though he doesn't have a roommate at the moment he keeps his stuff to one side. A pair of figure skates hang on the wall next to his desk in pristine condition. There are a few photographs of his family on his desk.

After last night Christopher feels like there should be some apologies and expliantions made to those whose lifes he's effected. He never met Mikhail while at the school as a teacher, just as a demon. He feels ashamed that he let it happened but he has to move on and make things right. He found out that the students name from last night was Mikhail and which dorm room he's in. Thus why he's out here. There's a light knock on the door as Christopher waits paitently for someone to answer.

Mikhail is sitting on his bed, there are tears in his eyes and there are claw marks all over the wall by his bed, hes dressed in black jeans, a black button up shirt, a black tie, black sneakers, sunglasses, his dyed blond hair is gelled into casual disarray, his left arm is no longer in a sling but he has bandages all other his body under the clothes and several on his arms and face, at the knock he wipes his eyes, "Come in".

Coming into the room is probably someone that Mikhail didn't expect, it's Christopher. He's dressed in his usual clean cut fashion, nice pants and a button down shirt. "Hello, Mikhail correct? I don't think we've been formarly introduced, I'm Mr. Christopher Parker-Mayfair. I'm the culinary teacher here. I feel I owe you an apology for last night, and maybe an explination if you wish for one." He does notice the claw marks but doesn't say anything, though the bandages get a wince since he knows that's what he did.

Mikhail tenses up as the former demon teacher enters his room, most people who know him know his feelings about ex-demons, but right now he just doesn't have the energy, plus he only hurt him, the people he cares about weren't there to get hurt, "Yes i am Mikhail, i know who you are but its nice to meet you Mr. Parker-Mayfair, you dont owe me an apology, shit happens, i chose to go".

Christopher bites his tounge to stop the student from swearing, chaisting him might make crossing the bridge harder. "It's not about choosing to go Mikhail, it's about an offer I choose to accept and what I became. I was trying to protect those I care about, which includes all the children here, and became the exact oposite of what I am. I owe you a bigger apology than you might know Mikhail and I'm sorry for what happened."

Mikhail pulls his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around them, "I guess its all about choices, thats what ive been told since i got here, well i choose to say choice sucks", he starts fiddling with a couple of his bandages, his most resent ones, "Fine, apology expected", doesn't matter, as soon as he can, hes outta here.

Christopher doesn't really know Mikhail, not at all, so he's thinking that Mikhail is bothered by his presence. "Do you want me to leave? Do I still make you uncomfortable or is there something else bothering you?" He asks standing by the door not making himself comfortable, not unless Mikhail wants to talk. "I am a teacher here and I've always been here for the students, so if you need an ear, I'll be happy to lend you one. I'm not as good at my husband but it's not difficult to see something is bothering you."

Mikhail shakes his head, "No you being here isn't bothering me, whats bothering me is that no matter what changes, your still just swapping one hell for another", and he means it, his first hell was the circus where he was torchered for entertainment of a crowd for most of his life, current hell is caring about people and having to watch them constantly get hurt or hurt themselves.

Now Christopher sits down on the bed across from Mikhail and just nods. "So, are you talking about Hell as in the Inferno that just happened or something entirely different?" He did read a bit on Mikhail's file so he knows about the circus. "I wasn't before, but I am here to listen now Mikhail." He says hoping the student trusts him enough to talk.

Mikhail can lie if he decides he wants to keep something specific a secret, but im you ask him a question he hasn't he will answer truthfully without thinking, "I have to watch people i care about get hurt or get themselves hurt, i cant do it anymore, its too hard".

Christopher stands up and walks over to sit down next to Mikhail and put an arm on his shoulder, if the boy lets him. "What if I told you that's the exact reason I accepted the deal and ended up being tricked into becoming a demon?" Christopher says raising an eyebrow. "I lost someone I cared about years ago and my biggest fear is to lose one of my sons or my husband. An offer was made by a demon in disquise and because of my past, I accepted. I know it hurts Mikhail, believe me it does, but at the same time I realized that I would rather have a few painful moments with someone I care about, I would rather be there when they were down to comfort them, watch them hurt than be the one hurting them. It may hurt Mikhail but it does pass, and it does get better."

Mikhail lets Christopher put his arm on his shoulder, "I dont want to care, i want it gone, it doesn't feel right", he closes his eyes, "A few weeks ago i lost my emotions completly, all that has come back are the bad ones, the rest is just an act".

Christopher moves his arm to wrap around Mikhail's shoulder and he rubs his arm gently. "You do care Mikhail, otherwise you wouldn't want it gone. It wouldn't hurt. And it never feels right to be in such a crappy mood. So what exactly started all of this? What is it that's keeping these feelings around?"

Mikhail opens his eyes, "I dont know what happened, it just started when we were taken by the demons when this started", he voice cracks as he talks, he doesn't realise the lack of feeling is self-inflicted just like some of the wounds on this arms.

Christopher holds Mikhail tight, hoping the comfort helps him. "It's not an excuse for any of us, but we made a choice, some of us did, and we became what we are not. We did horrible things and I can only imagine the horrible things that might have happened to you Mikhail. This world isn't full of people like that, believe me. At the same time I won't lie, there are bad people in the world, but for all the bad, there is good. Trust me. I'm lucky that I have a wonderful husband and was able to find love again after David died. Your friends may be hurting, but maybe they are relying on you to help them. Maybe you need to rely on them to help you. This world isn't all bad, you just have to find the good in whatever you can. If it's friends, or music, or combat training or even an ice cream sundae."

Mikhail loses control and does the one thing hes been trying not to do since Christopher got here, he starts crying, "I…I know im supposed to help but i cant, i cant deal with it, i want out", while hes talking hes New York accent switches back to his Romanian one.

Christopher holds Mikhail close and strokes his hair lightly. "It's okay Mikhail, it's okay." He says softly. He just lets Mikhail cry. "You're not suppsoed to do anything you can't do honey. Right now it looks like you're the one who needs help and if you need someone to lean on, I'm here." His voice is a soft kind of soothing tone, very fatherly but almost delicate. "What can you think of that's been good since you came here?"

Mikhail thinks long and hard and the only good thing he can think of since he got here are Robyn and Dallas, "Robyn and Dallas, there the thing thats been good since i got here", thats why he has to go he cant watch them continue to get hurt, its too hard.

Christopher nods as Mikhail says that. "So you have two friends, that's positive. You're not alone here. You say you want out, but where will you go? You won't be able to see the good things that are here, like your friends. So, what's good about them and you being here with them? Let's think about that for a bit." He's trying to focus on the good rather than the negitive.

Mikhail looks up at Christopher, "Can you do me a favor?", hes hopeing he'll agree without asking too many questions, thinking about his friends has just made him more sure of his decision.

Christopher looks down at Mikhail and smiles. "Sure, what's that?" He says as he'll do what he can to help him. Not because he hurt Mikhail last night and not to make up for being a demon, but because it's his nature.

Mikhail wipes his eyes, "Ok, i need proof of existance, i need id, a birth cirtificate, a last name, do you know anyway of getting these things?", come on dude, ou're a teacher you gotta know.

"Well a last name is easy, we can just pick one out and unlike with most people, you can choose yours." Christopher says smiling. "Also, the school can help you with these things so proble, the birth certificate might be hard but an ID is no problem. And you do exist, if you want proof that you do, the feelings that you feel right now, that's proof that you're human. That your living. But I'll definately talk to Scott and see what we can work out for you." Christopher says giving Mikhail a hug. "And one other thing, if you ever want your hair dyed, please don't use a box, come see me. I'll make it look more natural." How does he know Mikhail dyed his hair? Must the be stylist in him.

Mikhail shakes his head, "I know i exist but if ever leave here i wont be able to survive, cos my existance isn't recognised by the government", he smiles a the offer to sort out his hair, "That sounds good, natural sounds better, thanks".

Christopher smiles and nods. "I'll talk to Scott and we'll get everything worked out as quickly as we can. There might be a few government interviews, simple stuff, but it'll all work out." He runs a hand through Mikhail's hair. "I know I was shooting you with light beams last night but you didn't get a chance to see my best power." He says with a wink as he touches the wall and it starts to turn green as he keeps contact with the wall, spreading out from his fingers.

Mikhail grins thinking that his request went a lot better than expected, "Cool, thank you Mr. Parker-Mayfair", when Christopher uses his power on the wall he watches in awe, "Wow, that is amazing, can you do that on anything?"

Christopher chuckles and shurgs. "No problem, and yes I can and it's permant until I change it back. I can't quite effect air molecules or anything like that." Though he's tried. "Clothes, walls, any surface, hair, which I use for my job." He says with a wink. "All that I can effect."

Mikhail grins, "That is soooooo cool!, what colours can you do?", he thinks this is so much better than the other powers hes seen since he got here, "Whats your job?"

Christopher laughs at Mikhail's excitement. "I can do any colour, you name it. As long as it exsits in, I can make somethign turn that colour. And my job, well I have two. I'm a teacher here, I teach culinary arts. Then I also run my own business, I have a Salon down in Salem Center, David's. I'm an expert with hair."

Mikhail touch the green wall and cant feel any difference, "So cool, can you do this to eyes?", he has heard of salons where people get their hair cut and styled, but he had no idea where to find one so he did it himself, "I cut my own hair, does it look ok?"

"Yes, I can. It's quite difficult and if anything doesn't look right…let me know. I can blind people if I change the eye colour to white so I really prefer not to." Christopher says as it's quite an interesting power. "And you and I have a hair apointment down stairs in the kitchen, asap Mr. You want your goverment ID, you get me cutting your hair."

Mikhail takes off his sunglasses to show Christopher his animal like black eyes, "I only asked cos my eyes kinda give it away that im not human", he grins, "Sounds good, im free anytime, but i didnt do too bad did i?"

Christopher puts a hand lightly on Mikhai's cheek and looks at his eyes. "Before I do anything with your eyes, we're going to talk to Hank. If I change the colour of them, and with us being mutants, I could really damage your vision. And none of us are human Mikhail, but if I can't fix them with my powers, we'll get you contacts.

Mikhail nods, he likes Hank, he treated him when he was poisoned, "Thank you, most people dont like that im changing, they keep telling me its not me, thanks for understanding", Christopher is kinda giving him back a little faith in people.

"This is my first time meeting you Mikhail, so this is all I know of you." Christopher says before looking at him curiously. "So you say you're changing, why are you so eager to change, may I ask. It's just me being curious is all."

Mikhail shrugs, "To get some normality i guess, a chance to be someone new, better", nice one Mik, things were going so well then you have to open your big mouth.

"Normality is good, I'm happy to have it back. But someone new, you'll never be soemone 'new' Mikhail, you'll always be you. Just, life sometimes changes who you are for better or for worse." Christpher says ruffling Mikhail's hair. "And better? What's wrong with the you, you are now?"

Mikhail laughs slightly, "Who i am now is very different from who i was last week, last week i was a blue haired animal boy, no fashion scence, i couldn't speak english properly, i barely wore any clothing and in battle i attacked without thinking, i am very different now and im gonna keep changing".

"So what was wrong with this blue haired animal boy that you dislike him so much that you feel the need to hide him away and adapt a new you?" Christopher isn't juding, he's just trying to figure out Mikhail, where he is in life right now. "If it makes you feel any better, when at home I barely wear any clothing and fashion sense, well, some of us have it, others don't."

Mikhail shrugs, "He just wasn't practical, who im becoming now is nessicery, i cant keep being him", he sees his old self as Mikhail and his new self as Mik, as far as he's conserened they are two different people, "Now i do understand fashion, what im wearing now incorperates several different influences, which makes something that passes for fashion able", ok so at this point he is just quoting the fashion channels.

"There is no such thing as a pratical being Mikhail. Some people might not think I'm practical cause I like men or think that we're practical cause we're mutants. That's just all a matter of view." Christopher says as he nods slowly before breaking out in a laugh. "Mikhail, stop watching Bravo. That's all fashion that none of us can afford or live up to. Can I make one suggestion before I leave?"

Mikhail is confused by the mention of this Bravo thing again, he doesn't get that channel, "Ok, i'll not watch that one, what suggestion would you like to give, im open to them", the i like men thing isn't even noticed, Mik doesn't see the differece between liking men or liking women, but he does remember something, "Is Mr. Summers in school, Dallas said i should talk to him".

Christopher stands up and puts a hand on his shoulder. "No, it's not about Mr. Summers. It's about my husband, Dr. Parker-Mayfair, I think you should talk to him a bit about your wanting to change, I think he'd be able to help you in that area." He doesn't mention that his husband is a psychitrist afraid that it might not help if he does. "He's got a good ear like him. Thansk for talking to me Mikhail, think about a last name that you want and I'll go talk to Scott."

Mikhail nods, he knows who Dr. Parker-Mayfair is as hes met Jared, "You want me to see the shrink?, ok i'll do it, and i'll think about a name, thank you", he decides to ask Christopher to pass on the message for him, "Can you tell Mr. Summers, that Dallas said i need to talk to him about sex?"

"He's not a shrink, he's my husband and if you trust me, you'll definately trust him." Christopher says with a smile before coughing. "Um…if I see him..I'll let him konw." He says not really sure what to say that to subject. "Take care Mikhail and thanks. For letting me listen." He says as he leaves and once he's on the other side of the door, he laughs. Talk to Scott about Sex…Christopher wipes away a tear or laughter as he walks down the hall.

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