2010-12-6: A New Alliance

Players: Jordan Mayfair and Shifter

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Summary: Jordan invite Shifter into his home to help him.

Date: December 6, 2010

Log Title: A New Alliance

Rating: PG

Westchester - Mills Road

Leading away from the hustle and bustle of Salem Center, Mills Road turns into a long, winding, barely lit road leading to the more remote areas of Westchester. The road is surrounded by a think, woodsy area, except a few areas cleared for the estate homes of the wealthy.

It is a bitterly cold afternoon, Jordan Mayfair strolls the entrance of his estate. He is wearing a long black coat with fur at the rim and is in the latest Prada suit and sips a cup of hot cocoa. He notes his driveway and strolls down, “The butler will have to die.” He says to himself as he notes there is dirty snow along the driveway. “Yes, he must die.” He then looks at his watch, “Punctuality will need to be worked on, if he is to succeed.” Jordan makes it to the gate at his home and it is automatically opened. Security remains hidden and he looks across the street at his brother’s home and silently curses.

Hey, how's Shifter supposed to be punctual?, he hasn't got a watch so he's pretty much guessing what the time is, he's dressed in black sneakers, grey (ripped) jeans, a black and grey hoodie with the hood up (all his clothing is rather dirty and has rips here and there), he has a dark grey and black scarf covering his lower face and is wearing sunglasses, he finally managed to get the last of that writing off his head a couple of hours ago, still he finally figured out his way here and is just trying to figure out which house it is.

Seeing Shifter coming up the street, Jordan shakes his head. For one he is impressed the mutant youth made it all the way up here from the sewers of New York City. But then he is disappointed too. He only momentarily takes into account the difficulties of life for a Morlock. He leans against the door and then speaks directly into Shifter’s head, “Welcome to Westchester! How was the journey here?” He looks over the mutant and continues to shakes his head.

Shifter spots Jordan and heads in his direction, 'Hello Mr. Mayfair, the journey was interesting thanks', it was actually kinda hard considering he can't read street signs, still he knows the way there now so it'll be easier in future, hmm, whys he shaking his head?

The Mayfair manservant walks out of the Mayfair estate carrying two shopping bags. He stops and stands by Jordan. Speaking into Shifter’s mind, “Come onto the estate.” He takes the bas from the manservant and then yells, “Thank you for the bag. Now leave the estate now! You’re fired.” The manservant appears momentarily shocked, but Jordan shoots him a look and he simply nods and walks off the estate. He then offers the bags to Shifter, “I’m glad you made here safely. But now that you are here. You should look like you belong. There are clothes that will make you more.” He pauses, “They will look good. Please go inside the house and put them on.” Security agents stand all around, but make no move towards Shifter.

A little confused, Shifter takes the bag and goes inside as instructed, he hasn't actually had a change of clothes since is old ones became too damaged to be of any use anymore, still wow he's never worn clothes this smart-looking in his life, now dressed in a button down shirt, slacks, shoes, and a sweater, his face is now fully uncovered showing his silver irises, pointed ears, short ridges on either cheek and one on his forehead, he keeps his tail hidden by pressing it against his back, he walks back to Jordan with his other clothes in the bag looking thoroughly embarrassed.

A rare sight is about to be seen by Shifter. Jordan smiles. “You look good. Very presentable.” He walks towards Shifter and extends his hand to shake, “You look like a new person. So when I meet a new person, I like to introduce myself. I’m Jordan Mayfair. And your full real name is?”

Shifter smiles and shakes Jordan's hand, however there's a feeling of unease as he uses a name he hasn't used in years, "My name is Axel, i don't have a last name", he might be known as Axel Williams in missing persons reports back in Chicago, his last set of foster parents were Jase and Lil Williams.

“Axel. Good as long as you are not Axel Rose. Then this should be good.” Jordan looks about and takes one last look at his brother’s house before walking into his house, “Come inside, Axel. When was the last time you ate.” As they enter the estate, Shifter will be greeted by the sight of a regal looking living room, complete with numerous paintings and tapestries. A table is set in the middle of the room with two chairs. “Dinner will be served in a little moment. I hope you are not allergic to anything.”

Shifter grins a little at the joke about his old name and follows Jordan inside, 'Urrm Saterday i think', it's been riskier to return to the surface for supplies since what happened at that consert the other day, 'Wow!', is Shifter's reaction to the inside of Jordan's house, he's never seen anything like this in real life before, 'I've never had a reaction to anything before, so i don't think so'.

Turning from Shifter, Jordan closes his eyes a moment at the fact that the mutant youth has eaten in a few days. “Well, Axel, today you will eat like a king.” Two servants come into the living room carrying trays. One tray is filled with various fruits and another is a turkey with all the trimmings. “I take it you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Not that I need to be thankful for anything.” Jordan takes a seat at one end of the table and there is a seat at the opposite end of the table and a waiter pulls the seat out, “Have a seat, Axel. And eat all you like.”

Shifter's eyes widen at the food put in front of them, 'Actually i've never celabrated Thanksgiving, i've never been in one place long enough, then i joined the Morlocks, and as a group, not big on things to be thankful for', ok wow, there is alot of food here, man Mr. Mayfair is rich and nice, thats a rare combination.

Jordan smiles again, “Well enjoy, Axel. And I’ve alerted the staff and security here. You are welcome here whenever you like. I’ve had a room prepared for you.” He begins to carve the turkey while the servants bring out a bottle of win and a bottle of soda for Axel. He cuts a piece of the turkey and passes it down to Shifter. “I can’t imagine what life is like for a Morlock, so at the very least, I can help one out. If you’d like it.”

Wait he has an open invitation here?, and a room here?, wow Jordan's like a Saint, he's being nice for no reason, no one does that anymore, 'W…wow!, Thank you so much', huh, didn't know it was possible to stutter in a thought, 'Well being a Morlock is kinda like being a rat, but with superpowers'.

Mayfair nods as he takes a seat. The waiter pours him a glass of wine and he takes a sip and shoots the man a look. The waiter apologizes, “So sorry sir. I.” He looks to the Shifter and back to the waiter, “That’s fine. Get one of the better bottles.” Jordan forces a smile on his face and then looks to Axel, “Your powers. So you are a shifter. But to what extent?

Huh, don't rich people usually go mental when people get things wrong?, Jordan was calm, he must be the nicest rich guy there is, Shifter nods at the question, 'Generally i shift parts of my body into weaponry, i can also shift my body into a kind of armor, and well as shift my muscles for speed and strength', he also uses his abilities to heal wounds, like he did yesterday with Eris, actually managing to convince her he died, but he's not sure of the extent of that ability so doesn't bring it up, 'I can also shift to hide some of my mutant looks, so one of the other Morlocks thinks that one day i might be able to learn to mimic the appearance of others'.

The waiter comes back and nervously pours Jordan a drink. Jordan waves his hand and dismisses the servants, “I agree. I think one day you will be able to shift into a completely new person. Unfortunately, it is a tough time for mutants. I grew up having to hide my abilities. If people knew what I could do, then I wouldn’t have all this. I was lucky. And you will be lucky.” Jordan takes his glass of wine and stands up, “Axel stand up and give me a demonstration of what you can do. You say you can shift your hands into weapons. So go ahead and make a weapon.”

Shifter nods to Jordan and stands up, he shifts one of his hands so his fingers become large bladed claws, he shifts the other into a long sword-like blade, he lets Jordan take a look before shifting the clawed hand into a mace head and the other into a sledge hammer head.

“Very impressive.” As Jordan moves closer and examines each weapon as Axel transform them. He grins, “You said you can hide your mutancy.” He looks over Shifter almost as if he is looking through Axel, “Show me.”

Shifter isn't the most proficent at this aspect so it takes slightly longer to achive than his other shifts, but after ten seconds or so his pointed ears become rounded and the ridges on his face phase into his skin, the only part that doesn't change is his eye colour, that he can't figure out how to change.

“So that took longer, I see it is harder for you to do.” Jordan hmmns, “And you can heal. I seem to remember you healed from a bullet when we first met.” He nods and goes back to the head of the table and takes a seat, “Go ahead and finish eating Axel and thank you for the demonstration.” His phone rings and he sees who is calling and sighs, “Axel, I have to attend to business. Please spend the night. The servants will show you to your quarters and ask them for whatever you need. I will see you at breakfast.” He abruptly leaves the room and heads out to a waiting car.

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