2010-03-04: A New Project



Special Guest


Summary: Mr. Sinister begins his work on the arrogant Jordan.

Date: March 4, 2010

Log Title A New Project

Rating: R

Sinister's Lab

It's hard to remember when exactly he fell asleep, but now Jordan is waking up, strapped to a lap table with two machines making a bit of buzzing noise next to him. Sinister is standing over him with a tray with some things that he needs on it. He's cleaning off a area of Jordan's arm so that he can start his work, after all, this is a new guinea pig for him.

As wakefulness creeps in, Jordan takes in his surroundings quickly before doing his best to pull his arms. He's strapped down, and he can feel it, but it won't stop hip from trying to break free anyway. He's like that. He doesn't say anything though, just continues trying to struggle until forced to stop.

"Jordan, I wouldn't struggle, it might cause more damage." Mr. Sinister says as he goes draw some blood from him. "You're just a bonus but I'm really curious to see how things work with you. Just how much you can grow or shrink." He says working as he slowly takes about four viles of blood from Jordan, more than he usually does but then he doesn't have prior knowledge on him like he does the others.

"I'd show you, but it would break your little needles." Jordan growls. "And preferably you in the process." He says, with a bit of a sneer. He's not happy, that much is obvious. And he's full of teenage rage and hormones. Seeing the needles… and feeling them, he's not struggling as hard. With THAT arm.

"You under estimate me young one, why don't you ask your friends in the cell with you what I can do." After all Mr. Sinister has tools designed to help him pierce through tougher skin. "And you know it didn't work the last time." He says in regards to Jordan trying to fight him. Once he's done he withdraws the needle and puts the samples away. "So lets see what your powers really are." He says diving into Jordan's mind just to see what he can do, not looking for anything else but his powers.

"Wouldn't stop me from trying." Jordan growls. Unfortunately for Jordan, he has absolutely no mental defenses. Everything he knows about his powers, from density to blasting capabilities that could eventually be on par with a Guthrie are laid bare. "The hell do you wanna do with me?" He asks, growling deeply as he says so. Of course, growls from a teenager are common and not really all that threatening.

"And it wouldn't stop you from failing." Mr. Sinister says as he looks at one of the machines and starts to turn a few knobs and press a few buttons. On one half of his body, Jordan would feel a weird tingly feeling, as if a light electric pulse was going through it. "What I want with you is the same thing I want with the others…I wonder how your molecules react to this.." He says going over to the other machine.

Jordan grimaces lightly as the feeling courses through his body, but says nothing. He's strong enough for that. His hands clench and release as he deals with it, imagining things that would probably make some other people blush. "How long are you keeping us here?"

Turning on the other machine, Jordan would feel the same feeling up the other half of his body. "As long as needed." He says taking a few notes, seeing how Jordan's reacting to it, to see exactly how stable his physiology is to see how far he can take him. "Just get comfortable…..if you can. You're not leaving anytime soon."

Jordan can take pain. After dealing with the demons, he can take more than a lot of people. "I don't know about that. There will be people looking for us." He grumbles, unable to really do anything. Of course, he wonders how others are doing.

After a bit of time and some note taking, Sinster turns the the machines off. "Oh that false hope is wonderful. It's going to be great seeing it crushed when they can't do anything to rescue you." He knows the X-Men are looking for them but he's confident they're not going to rescue his victims in time. "Now…let us see what we can do in here." He says diving into Jordan's mind, seeing what kind of memories are in there, seeing if there are any dark bits to his past to dredge up.

There are a few. But nothing really drastic, other than from his time as a demon. That dark side of him enjoying the things he did. And the fact that Jordan always wants to be superior, and truly believes he is. The only thing that distracts him from gunning for what he wants all the time is Robyn. "You don't know our telepath. He's strong." He says, glarind upwards. He doesn't know anything about being mentally invaded, so doesn't know how to describe the feeling.

"Addison…Brian has a connection with him. I look forward to meeting him." Sinister says as he finds that little thing, what's holding him back. "Why does one person hold you back so much. I'll help you cut away the connection, you will be better Jordan." He's found what he wants and he starts pressing Jordan to want to show the world he's better, he starts trying to bring out that dark side where he enjoyed the things he did as a demon. This might be easier than initially intended.

Jordan, for all intents and purposes, is rather weak minded. The only reason he was able to resist the demon was other things. Not a strong will, or mind. He cringes at the mentions before blurting out briefly, "And I hope you like him. I'm sure he'll like tearing you apart." But then, this time, it's too much for him to be able to focus on.

Mr. Sinister starts doing his work in Jordan's mind, suppressing doubts while bringing fourth his darker side. At the same time he's implanting loyalties in there so over time, he'll be loyal to him. Suppressing bits of who he is. Sinister doesn't do it all at once, but he's starting his work, laying a foundation, so that when he does finally pull out, Jordan is left feeling a bit confused, fuzzy. Like things don't add up right.

That's… a fairly common response from Jordan lately. With all that's been going on. He says nothing, as there's nothing he really CAN say about the matter. He's annoyed, but what can he do? He's got his powers blocked. He's not able to fight.

"I think that's enough of that right now." Mr. Sinister says to Jordan as he wheels away the two machines as he goes over to the table to get a view glass jars of something. "Let's see how you react to this." He says cleaning another spot on Jordan's arm to inject some sort of cloudly liquid into his arm.

"Not a fish dad, don't need the treatment." Jordan mumbles as he tries to clarify his vision. He's too confused to make heads or tails of things right now, and is jut remembering his father teasing him at the aquarium. He winces at the injection, but can't get a good lock on it to figure it out. Too fuzzyheaded.

In the other arm, Mr. Sinister injects another thing, almost to see how the two react together and with Jordan's biology. He'll do more tests later with that. "I think that's all for now Jordan. Now, I think you need to take a nice long sleep." He says as he puts the telepathic suggestion into his head that he should go to sleep.

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