2009-05-21: A New York Police Officer In Avengers' Court


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Summary: Aaron hears an alarm at Avengers' Mansion and goes to investigate.

Date: May 21, 2009

A New York Police Officer in Avengers' Court

Rating: PG

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Front Gate)

Stately Avenger Mansion. There's a certain old world feel to the architecture and landscaping of the building, as well as an Americana statement, with the Statue of Liberty set as the backdrop. Security is high in the area, even if it isn't out in the open, suffice to say, anyone visiting the mansion will be recorded and likely checked out, background-wise.

The alarms are blaring full force at the Avengers Mansion today and it figures Spider-Woman is the only person around. The rest have their 'real lives' to sort out and Jessica, well she'll just say it's her day off with S.H.I.E.L.D. Since the alarm is blaring, it's already gotten a few people on the other side of the gate to stand around and spectate in hopes of getting a front row view of a Super Hero battle. Spider-Woman can be seen flying up in the air and then back down behind the back of the mansion and a few energy blastas can be heard being fired.

The blaring alarms have also alerted one of NYC's finest. "Stay back. If something's wrong here, it could get dangerous!" Aaron shouts, using his best 'voice of authority'. As he does this, he pulls one of a pair of thick snippets out of his pocket. It begins growing quickly, giving him a vine to climb over the wall before he causes it to continue aging to the point of too weak to allow anyone else. The cop dashes towards the sound of the alarms, green hair slowly sliding out from under his hat.

There's a few 'ooo's' of amazement as Aaron produces a vine and slides over the wall. Even one girl can be heard asking "Mommy what Avenger is that? It doesn't look like Hawkeye." Since when did Hawkeye have plant powers? As Aaron rushes back he'd notice that one Spider-Woman is battling about a dozen men in funny yellow outfits with these weird yellow top hats that seem to cover their entire face except for a slot so they can see out the front. They seem to be firing some kind of energy weapons at her and she dodges the blasts so that she can knock one of them unconscioius with a venom blast.

He's not an Avenger. He's just an everyday hero. As he sees the battle, he doesn't even bother with the gun. Things like this leave standard hardware simply… useless. Energy weapons vs. shells… nothing. But, Aaron does have other things he can do. Covered faces mean the allergens won't do any good. However, there ARE other things that can work quite nicely. "Hate to do this, but I can remove it later." He mutters to himself as he pulls something out of another pocket. One of the things he's VERY loathe to use. Kudzu. A devious plant. It grows and grows and grows. In the course of one year, it can cover and overtake an entire yard if not watched. It's very strong and very hard to keep in hand by gardners. HOwever, it also climbs, creeps, and holds things. He tosses the little snippet out as he stands by the edge of the building, willing it to grow and grow fast.

It happens faster than the AIM agents can realize and quickly three AIM agents are tangled up in the Kudzu vines. They can't even move their arms to fire their weapons to get rid it, though one of their buddies does try to free them by firing on the Kudzu vine and only succeeds in killing one of it's partners. No big loss to AIM. Four down eight to go. Spider-Woman doesn't even have time to register that Aaron is someone who shouldn't be here, she's just more happy to have the help. She just uses her agility to dodge and fly out of the blasts as she rushes to take out the next two that she can with more venom blasts. Simple yet effective.

Not willing to let the Kudzu go any further, Aaron pulls his powers away from it, turning his skin into a hard wooden form as he begins to walk towards the agents. Sure, he's going to be slower, but it gives him time to think. His pouches are still there. Rose vines? Maybe. Spores and seedlings will be fairly ineffective, however… small air plant seedlings would do just fine… if he can get them IN The barrels of the guns. So, for now, he just stalks.

The three AIM agents are still tangled in the Kudzu, two alive and one dead, and Spider-Woman has incapiciated three on the ground but she's only got enough venom left to incapicate maybe two men. So she continues to make her way to the next AIM agent but unlike her counter-part, Spider-Woman does not have a Spider-Sense. As she manuvers to kick at the throat of one of the AIM agents, she catches an energy blast in the side that causes a yelp of pain, she's still up though!

IT's taken him that long to get there. Aaron pulls back a fist as he tries to hit the agent that just nailed Spider-Woman. Hopefully, it'll be strong enough to do something, but Aaron is only a man. A strong, bark-covered man, but a man nonetheless. "Didn't anyone teach you it's rude to pick on the ladies?" He asks, voice coming out similar to the ancient ents of the movie…

The AIM agents aren't superpowered, they're just men in funny suits with guns, energy guns, so the punch from Aaron does get the attention of the AIM agent as he's dazed for a few seconds. The one that Spider-Woman kicked in the throat, well even though she was shot, she still reaches forward with a venom blast to knock him senseless. That leaves only five left standing and one in a daze. Of the remaining four, two start a barrage of fire on Spider-Woman and Aaron while the other two seem to pick up a crate and start running.

There's not much else to use now. Sure, the energy weaponry firing on him is going to hurt and scorch his wooden skin, but it's not seeming to incapacitate him… yet. IF it breaks through the dense barrier, it probably will. "I'll stop the runners." He says to Spider woman, as he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the rose clipping. Rose clippings have a nice heft to them, and he can hurl them forcefully. He tries to hit the crate with it, to give it something to latch onto as it's own growth hits heavily, thorns being it's primary and fastest defense.

Jessica looks at Aaron and smiles under her mask, her mouth the only thing that really shows. "Thanks." She was going to ask him to go after them. While Aaron focus on the create, it quickly becomes a base for the rose bush and the two men drop it not being able to hold onto the thorny box. Spider-Woman on the other hand is fighting the two and rushes up on one and uses her last venom blast to down him before taking to the air to dodge a few more energy shots. Unfortunately though there's a scream from Spider-Woman as she's hit by the last one's energy shot and falls to the ground below just leaving Aaron with the last of the AIM agents.

Bark-skin meets technological weapon? Well, fortunately for Aaron, he's got other tricks. He's rather angry at the man for felling the other woman. The branches of the trees respond to his anger. While the tree itself cannot bend, branches CAN and do, reaching to pull the weapon away if they can, or smack the man down if they cannot. They are slow, however.

Spider-Woman just lays there unconsioucs, nothing serious just a flesh wound and stunned out for the moment. She'll be fine with a few days rest. As for Aaron though, the third one goes to join his fellow agents and realizes the box they were after is covered with thorns, also the tress start to whack the crap out fo them, pulling away their weapons. Two start to run away while the last one stands their unarmed and helpless.

Taking his radio, Aaron calls in. "Robbery at Avenger's Mansion. Need someone to pick up the remnants." He says, simply. The ones running, he won't try to stop them. He's got several, and is sure the Avengers know how to find out more about their own enemies. He walks over to Spider-Woman and begins tapping her face lightly. "You ok?" He asks.

Well not being attacked, the last unarmed guy runs off after his fellow agents of AIM. It seems the day has been saved thanks to Spider-Woman and Mystery Cop! As Spider-Woman's face is tapped, she lets out a groan and sits up. "I'm going to kill the rest of them for leaving me hear by myself…uh…thanks for the help." She says pulling herself up to a standing position.

"No problem. I was nearby and heard the alarms blaring." Aaron says, helping her to her standing position. Looking around, he scratches his head. "Sorry about the kudzu. I'll get rid of it in a little bit." He says, a little sheepishly. "There's a wagon on the way to take them away, unless you have something else in mind, ma'am."

Jessica nods. "No offence, I know you guys do a great job on the NYPD but I think when it comes to AIM, I should call in S.H.E.I.L.D." Jessica says getting up with a bit of a groan. "I should have seen that shot coming. I'm Spider-Woman by the way, thanks again. And I really don't know much about Kudzu."

"Officer Aaron Simmons. Though most of the guys on the force just call me Green Man. For… obvious reasons." Aaron says with a grin as he tugs his hat off and lets his hair fall down a bit. Green as grass, of course. "I'll trust your judgment, I just did what I was trained." He says with a nod.

"It's okay, and I didn't realize the NYPD had their own special division." Jessica says not removing her mask or anything, not yet at least. She doesn't mean what she says as an insult just in California she was the one helping the police out. "This is the second time AIM's been here in practically a week." She mutters.

"At the moment, I'm the only part of the 'special' division. I've got a partner, but when it's something like this, I'm on my own. I can't endanger him." Aaron says with a shake of his head. He understands. He's just chosen to live his life publically. "Are they after somethin' in particular? Here… lemme get these rose vines off the crate and we can see what they were takin' this time."

Jessica takes a deep breath and looks at Aaron for a bit but behind the mask it's hard to tell she's sizing him up. "Aaron Simmons…did you hear about that attack in Mutant Town, about the green being stealing powers?" She asks cautiously but then again she doesn't really want to say it but something inside tells her it's best.

"Vaguely. We had this guy that runs a costume store come to tell us about it after he came here, he said. We took a report, but with no knowledge, there's not much we can do." He admits. Aaron's hands are fairly tied on that one. Sure, it scares him to think of losing his own hard-practiced powers, but… At least he doesn't have anything special at home right now. Nothing other than his bed, which would stay alive anyway, because it's not altered.

"I'm not asking you guys to do anything about it, it's just…we had something stolen that I'm pretty sure is linked to what was stolen." Jessica says as she walks over to the box and tries to pry it open. "Let's hope nothing was horribly damaged by the roses." She mutters as she easily takes the top off of the wooden crate revealing some advandged looking tech inside.

"It shouldn't have been. I told them to surround but not intrude." Hey, Aaron can DO that. That's the joy of working with something that really doesn't have a mind of its own. He stays back, not wanting to involve himself in business that's not his or the city's.

As she looks at the crate, Spider-Woman lets out a sigh of relief. The logo of Stark Tech can be scene visibly on the tech. "I have to talk to the X-Men." She says as she looks at Aaron. "Hey, Aaron, anytime you need any help just let me know okay? Unfortunately I'm not sure how much help you can be with this right now. I don't know how much help I can be."

"Of course. If you need me, just call the police stations. Any of them can reach me. I'm… pretty much on loan as needed across the city, rather than in one particular precinct." Aaron says with a quick nod.

Jessica gives a nod and pulls out a card, from where, who the heck knows because that body suit doesn't leave anything to the imagination. "Here, this is how you can contact me outside of the Avenger's hotline. That hotline, I fear a lot gets missed sometimes with prank calls. Sorry I'm not the type to drop what I'm doing to get a kitten down from a fire escape."

"Of course. I wouldn't expect you to, either. Some people just don't know how to take care of things properly in the first place." Aaron says with a quick laugh as he pockets the card. "Though, I will have to ask… if you could let me out?" He says with a half-grin.

Jessica nods and lets out a soft chuckle. "Sure Aaron." She says as she looks around and sighs. "If you don't mind the crowd outside, there are still quite a few out there. I'll have to deal with the 'where is Spider-Man' questions." She says as she leads the way out.

"I don't mind the crowd. I didn't actually expect them to thin out when I told them. And that one kid thinking I was an Avenger." Aaron laughs, tucking his hat back onto his head, but not hiding his hair this time.

"You're on Avengers ground and our faces change often enough." And with the Avengers being under manned at the moment. "Again, thanks for watching my back Aaron." There are gears turning in her head right now, she'll definately have to contact this guy later.

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