2011-05-28: A Night In Mutant Town


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Summary: A night in the park turns to some casual conversation.

Date: May 28, 2011

Log Title: A Night In Mutant Town

Rating: PG

NYC- Thompson Square Park

Thompson Square Park is a small park in the middle of Mutant Town. The benches might need a fresh coat of paint, the fence might be rusted in places and the pavement is raised and has cracks but it's all part of the mutant haven and fairly relaxing. Trees and grassy areas are in between the many paths, there are a few structures and benches along the path as well as a special area of the park that is marked 'the dog walk'.
//Two trees have been planted in the park as a Memorial to Carmencita Florez and Detective Baxter each with a plaque stating the tree is in their memory. //

Having the day off, Aiden has spent the afternoon in the park listening to music and reading and even a little napping. He's got a blanket laid out in the grass and as he sits on hit now he seems to be having a bit of trouble with something. He keeps moving one of his wings as it rustles and he keeps trying to turn to reach it but he's having difficulty. He stretches his wing out behind him and shakes it a bit before letting out a bit of a huff in frustrations as the tattoo like markings show as red colours.

Not far from where Aiden is sitting, a blind girl makes her way along a footpath, guiding herself as always with her cane. Sophie has her school backpack slung across her back on both shoulders, though it seems not to have too much in it. Most of the people she passes have the good grace to make way, though she does receive the occasional aggressive comment about mutants, precipitated by the glow coming from her chest. At the sound of Aiden's frustration, she comes to a halt and tilts her head to once side. "Is there someone there?" she murmurs. "Is everything alright, Senor?"

Aiden turns at the voice and nods. "Yeah, sorry if I'm bothering you. And I just have a stick or something caught in my wing and I can't seem to get it out." He says as it is quite uncomfortable. "It happens sometimes but this time it's out of my reach." He says before looking at her. "Hey I remember you, you were the one who called me an Angel I think."

Sophie's lips turn upwards, and she giggles softly. "Si, I believe that was indeed me," she replies. She waves her cane over the ground, and steps off the path to approach the winged man. "You aren't bothering me at all, though it does bother me that something is causing you distress and you can do nothing for it. May I help you?" Her cane finds the edge of the blanket, and she comes to a halt. "I will be very gentle," she adds.

"That'd be great." Aiden says as he sits down. "I'm gonna sit down and stretch the right wing out. They're kinda big." He warns as each wing is about ten feet long each. "Sorry I can't remember you're name. I'm really bad with them. Usually it takes me hearing it three or four times to remember it." He admits as stretches his legs out in front of him. "So how are you doing this fine Saturday?"

Sophie shakes her head slowly, "It is quite alright," she replies. "My name is Sophie DeCosta; and you are… Haiden, if I recall it rightly?" She steps forwards, and lets her cane dangle by the loop around her wrist, holding both hands out in front of her as she pats the air until she finds Aiden's outstretched wing. Her hands alight on the feathers, and she pats lightly in front of her. "Which way? To my right, or my left? And I am very well, today. I have been getting good grades in school, and I am getting used to America. I hope you are well also, besides a stick in your wing?"

"To the right and down a bit…I think." Aiden says as that's where it's irritating him. "Aiden, close though. And I'm doing good. I have a day off which is rare for me. Especially since Saturday's are usually busy days at Coney Island and it's Memorial Day weekend. I got some reading done and relaxing." He says as Sophie would be able to find a stick about ten inches long wedged in with his soft feathers. "Kande or Lauren used to help me with this sort of thing." He says with a chuckle.

THe blind girl's hands brush over the feathers, gentle and careful, until she finally finds the stick. She pokes at it at first, and bites her bottom lip. "This may hurt a little," she murmurs. "Tell me if you wish me to stop." She braces Aiden's wing with one hand, and then with the other, tries to tease the stick free. "It is good to have the day off," she agrees. "Especially to read. I love reading."

Aiden winces a bit and takes a sharp intake of breath as she takes it out. "Don't worry about it, even if it hurts a bit it's gonna feel loads better when it's out." He says. The stick isn't that hard to remove it's just caught up in the feathers. "I like to read too, it kills time. I don't know a lot of good books but I've been looking around the library for stuff after I'm doing using the computers there."

Sophie eventually works the stick free, and tosses it to the ground beside her. "I think braille is one of my favorite inventions," she murmurs. "I don't think I could stand being blind if I couldn't read. I wouldn't know what to do with my time." Once the stick is free, she holds her hands on either side of the spot where it had been; her palms glow, as she gives off radiation and induces Aiden's wing to heal itself much more quickly than it otherwise might. "I've been reading 'Lord of the Rings'. I haven't read it before… it's quite gripping, actually.

"Eh, I liked to believe you'd find something. Like knitting or something like that." Aiden says slightly teasing. "I don't know what I'd do without books honestly. I didn't read a whole lot before living here as we used to have a lot of other things to do. And I have no clue what 'Lord of the Rings' is. I'm on the eight book of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'." Aiden says as he looks over at the stick with a frown. "Man, all that over a small stick."

The blind girl chuckles softly. "Knitting, hmm? Well, I do play the flute I suppose, that's something else. I've never tried knitting though. I'm not sure how well I'd fare, but I suppose I'd just have to practice." She continues to hold her glowing hands near Aiden's wing, radiating the healing energies into the small wound. "Lord of the Rings is a… sort of a medieval adventure, I suppose. It's really good." She tilts her head, and hmms softly. "How's your wing feeling?"

Sitting in the park with Sophie is Aiden. He's dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, boots and a Skinny Puppy t-shirt looking his usual gothy self with his tattoo like markings showing green. "Ah, I haven't really read much in that genre. I like what I'm reading now and Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan and stuff like that are pretty cool." He says naming off books that someone a lot younger them him would usually read. "The wings feeling a lot better, it's really uncomfortable when stuff gets stuck in the feathers. Doesn't happen often, but thanks for help." He says stretching the wing out before folding it back in.

Sophie allows the glow to dissipate from her palms, and drops her arms back to her sides. She catches her cane by the handle and sweeps it around herself, noting the edge of the blanket once again. "If you ever need help again, I'd be quite happy to help," she replies earnestly. "Don't feel shy about asking, si?" She clasps her hands around the top of her cane, and bobs her head once. "I am glad to hear you are finding books that you enjoy, also. Perhaps try to find a series of books called 'Swallows and Amazons'? I read them a couple of years ago, in English, when I was learning braille. They were a lot of fun to read."

Walking quickly though the park is a grinning Kai, he's dressed in a pair of dark grey combats, an ice-blue long sleeved shirt, red converse and his schoolbag is slung over his shoulder, not only has he had a pretty darn productive day he also really enjoyied himself, spotting Aiden he changes course and heads in his and Sophie's direction, he doesn't look to bad after what happened last week, "Hey Aiden, hows it going?", wait hasn't he seen that girl before?

A pair of figures come walking down one of the many winding paths available in the small park, the slightly taller and male figure looking to the smaller and most likely female form, saying, "So is this any better? I'm telling you, it's probably stress… this is the first time I've ever seen you worried. You don't worry, Heather. It's a little unnerving." Connor then sighs, but his eyes flick around, taking in the surroundings, watching angles and generally staying close enough so that his friend feels safer in his presence.

Heather has her purple sweater over what appear to likely be tight workout pants with a blue stripe down the side. She glances around rubs her eyes lightly before answering the boy she's walking with, using a tape recorder as a means of communication, "I find it all unnerving as well. I feel rather anticipatory, with these sounds on the edge of my vision." She moves relatively slowly, so not to arouse suspicion, but is an obvious mutant in any case, due to her unnaturally fast twitches and motions.

Nodding to Sophie Aiden then asks here. "What are they about?" And then he's addressed by Kai and the winged mutant grins at him. "Hey…how's it going?" He asks and this is another case where he knows the face but he can't remember his name at all. "And Sophie if you're around and there's something I think you could help with, I'll let you know. Right now I think I'm good unless you have some weird way of finding people."

Kai isn't bothered that Aiden forgot his name, they only met once and no one really pays as much attention as he does to the people they meet, "You still not had any luck finding your friend?", if he's asking the girl if she can find people it stands to reason that he's still looking for whoever it is.

Heather draws her attention away from Connor for a moment and walks towards Aiden and Kai, idly fiddling with her tape recorder, "What is it that you're looking for?" She shifts her eyes slightly, and gestures towards Kai but plays the message to Aiden, "He said you are finding someone?"

Sophie says, "Swallows and Amazons?" Sophie grins, and rocks back and forth on her feet. "It's about some young boys and girls who get ahold of some boats and have adventures travelling about on lakes and up rivers and such. I don't want to say too much more, I don't want to ruin them for you… but trust me, I found them really gripping." She tilts her head, and glances over her shoulder. "There are others approaching; I Think I hear Heather, but I am not sure of the other two.""

Aiden raises a drawn on eyebrow at Sophie and grins. "I take it that's a no then. Anyway I look up those books." He says before nodding to Kai. "Yup, no luck so far." And a bit of blue colour starts to show on his skin. "Yes, I've been looking for some friends for about two years with no luck." He says eyeing the tape recorder with some curiosity. "So….you speak using a tape machine?"

Sophie ohs! "Err, no, Sorry Aiden. Aside from listening carefully and trying to pick out someone's voice, I have no means of finding people, I'm afraid. Nothing supernatural."

Connor walks along after Heather after a moment's time on his phone, slipping it back away as he smiles at the others, but says nothing for the moment. Instead he gives a smiling nod of greeting to the two boys, and a murmured, "Hello there." To the blind girl. For a moment he turns to watch the park, doing a slow and easy circuit before coming back to the small group.

Heather nods quickly at Sophie and declares, "Yes, it is Heather. That's who I am. Heather Brown, codename: Madhouse." She remarks, adding for Connor's benefit, "That's an inside joke." She fidgets some more with the tape recorder and says to Aiden, "I hope you find them. Maybe someday I can help you find them. I like to find things… But I'm not the best."

There's a curious look given to Connor as he walks around the park and comes back. Aiden nods at him. "Hello to you, and it's nice to meet you Heather. I'm Aiden." He says offering a hand though he's still confused that she's speaking through a tape recorder. "That's very kind of you Heather, I've been trying to look all over the internet but I haven't had a lot of luck. Just gotta be patient I guess."

Sophie smiles softly. "Hi there," she replies. "It is good to hear you again, Heather. And it is good to meet you, Senor… though I recognize your voice now, we did meet at the dance some months ago, did we not?" She bobs her head, and flicks her can behind herself before taking a step back, to welcome the two new arrivals into the conversation. "I've chosen a codename too, but I… haven't really told many people yet." The blind girl blushes softly, and coughs against the back of her hand. "Actually just two. Anyway, Aiden? If I hear anything, I will let you know straight away, also."

Connor flicks his eyes back and forth as he asks, "Anything we should know about? As far as I knew Mutant Town was experiencing a lot more peace and quiet since the recent rebuilding… and the drop of the drug scare." Turning his head to Heather though, he can't help but grin, "Madhouse? I like it. Maybe I should change mine to Nightmare." Winking at her, as if whatever it is, is shared.

"I like that. Nightmare. It is rather subtle but works if you think closely, yes," says Heather, nodding approvingly. "And I speak with a tape recorder because it's the easiest way for me to speak." She eyes his hand and reaches out to gently tap it on both sides, before drawing quickly away.

"I never understood a real need for codenames, well for me at least." Aiden says. "I'm not a super hero and it's not like going by another name is going to make people go 'oh no, he's not the same guy we just saw with big blue wings, his name is Aiden not Blue Bird." He says chuckling. "And everything's been okay around here that I know of? Why, are you like the Mutant Town Junior police?" He's not saying it in a rude way to Connor just more wondering why he's asking. "I haven't had any problems since moving here."

After pausing a moment to consider the question from Aiden, for a moment Connor's hand goes on Heather's shoulder in a placating gesture before saying, "Well… I'm a concerned citizen with the power and training to back it up. Connor, by the way… and until next month, part of the Xavier school. Pleased to meet you." His voice is slightly subdued but polite, and his hand stutters in it's movements before fully extending.

Sophie blushes softly. "Yes, well… I am actually rather fond of just being Sophie." She shrugs her shoulders, and then lifts up her cane and collapses it into itself. "I personally haven't heard of any trouble in Mutant Town since all that business with the drug wars and such. But then, I really would have to hear something, there could be gang symbols everywhere and I would not know the difference." She smiles, and her golden hair tumbles about her shoulders as she shakes her head. "Mind you, there are a lot of things I don't mind not seeing."

"Yes, I like that. We are the Mutant Town Junior Protection Force Squad Go," replies Heather, furrowing her brows slightly, "It's not like it really matters what we are." She watches the hand extension coming from Connor curiously, rubbing her eyes quite rapidly every few moments as she stares. "Do not worry, Sophie, perhaps you can't see and what I hear is irrelevant, but between us both, everything is perceptible and useful." Pause. "But only maybe."

Aiden shakes Connor's hand and finally stands up so he's not sitting and looking up. He dusts off his pants a bit nods. "Well I guess it's good to have concerned citizens, I've heard some stories but I haven't had any trouble here. Just in Brooklyn." He says shrugging his shoulders. "And what's Xavier's school?" He says before grinning at Sophie. "I'm fond of just being myself as well. And don't worry about it, you're not missing seeing any weird symbols around." He raises an eyebrow again with a grin at Heather's words. "That's a bit out of a mouthful but yet it catches the ear. And you're right and doesn't matter what you are, it more matters who you are."

Connor actually chuckles a bit at the response, and then lowers his hand after the grin, "Xavier School is a place where mutants can go to learn about their powers with other mutants, get an education… and do the usual high school stuff between bouts of total weirdness." A one-shoulder shrug comes at the end of his little sales pitch, and he then looks at Heather, "You make us sound like a japanese TV show… two things. I am not wearing red, and I cannot pose like that."

"Pose like what?" Sophie's brow furroughs, and she shakes her head. "I've never seen a Japanese TV show. I've heard their animated shows are… pretty weird, though. Sometimes. Someone was telling me about them the other day. I'll just stick to books I think." She nods sagely, and shifts her hands to claps behind her back. "I really like Xaviers. Coming to America is one of the best things I've ever done, without a doubt. Though I do miss Spain sometimes."

"I cannot pose for long, but I think I pose rather well if I do. Connor, we need to find out a group pose before you're off of my team," says Heather, frowning slightly at the end to express what she thinks about that, "And do not worry Sophie, I do not watch much television either, too slow moving." To Aiden, she notes, "I like how you slipped an important life lesson in there. Very subtle."

"I'm all about the subtle life lessons, like a wise old man." Aiden says. "Actually, not really but anyway, I think I've heard of this school from Kieran and one of his teachers…Dennis or something." He remembers it's a 'D' name. "And I've never seen a Japanese TV show before so I'm kinda with Sophie in the confusion on the posing. I don't watch television at all, just don't really care to."

Connor looks back and forth between the two, "Not even an episode of Power Rangers? Wow… that is just a BIT off the beaten track." Exhaling once, Heather's little request causes him to groan slightly, and he then says, "Look… we're getting a team picture done anyways. Mister Guthrie wants it… he's kind of a sentimental type. And it's not like I'm leaving for good… I'll be around." As if to placate the girl, he then says back to the pair, "But Xavier's is open to just about anyone with some previous permissions in place… if you want, you can come up and visit it."

Sophie smirks, "Oh, I have heard of Power Rangers." She giggles softly, and tugs on the straps of her backpack to adjust the load on her shoulders. "Well, I heard someone else watching it in the rec room. It sounded ridiculous, I must say. But then, perhaps seeing the pictures would have made it make sense. Like I am told Star Wars makes more sense if you can see that, too." She tilts her head, and flashes a smile in Aiden's general direction. "Si, I would like it if you came to visit."

"Oh, yes, we'll have to have the group pose done before the team pictures happen. That's excellent thinking," plays Heather, "But yes, I know you'll be around. I hope you'll be around. Everyone I know well is leaving this year. I'll be a hermit." She shrugs and then adds to Sophie, "The subtitles with the images don't help me, nor the images with the subtitles."

"I thiiiink I might have watched some when I was a kid but I haven't watched television since I was twelve so I really don't remember. Star Wars is the same way, I think I saw it? I don't even own a television so I'm pretty out of touch." Aiden says. "Well I grew up a bit off the beaten track I guess you could say. I grew up in a Winnebago with a traveling Freak Show, and before you say anything no, it's not offensive to be calling myself or what we did as mutants Freaks." He has heard it often since coming to New York City. "But thanks for the offer, I'm just not really a school person so I don't know. I don't usually get that much time off with working two jobs."

"Actually… that sounds kinda cool, Aiden… I mean… I've always heard people who do circuses and carnivals are like a big family anyways. Not something I could do… but still…", Connor says as he smiles, and then takes a couple steps back and takes another look around for a few moments, before leaning in and saying to Heather, "I know it's a bit short… but we should go soon. You know security growls at me every time we shortcut back home. Even if you enjoy the view."

Sophie ohs! "You're like a gypsy then? Kind of?" She giggles softly. "I remember back when I could still see, gypsies used to come through Santa Margarita now and then. They were always a lot of fun, I used to love them. But, what's a… winnebago? Is that like a caravan?" She tilts her head, and pauses for a moment. "I agree with Connor, si? The circus is always a lot of fun. And don't worry, Heather. I will still be at Xavier's next year; you can get to know me better, if you wish?"

Heather nods quickly at Aiden and then plays, "Well, if you do not want to pay it a visit, that's fine too. It doesn't matter…" She shrugs and then answers Sophie, "Maybe. I will see how tolerable you will find me in the future, I suppose." She glances towards Connor and then simply nods in acknowledgement, relatively slowly.

"Yeah we were like a big family, I miss them a lot." Aiden says as the markings turn blue. "And I guess we were like gypsies, I mean we were a traveling show. I do sword swallowing, fire breathing, that sort of thing. And a Winnebago is like a mobile home on wheels, an R.V." He nods to Connor. "Well it was nice meeting you Connor, Heather. You take care Sophie and get home safely. I should be heading back to my apartment too. I gotta get ready to out to the clubs tonight." He says grinning as he enjoys a nice of dancing and drinking.

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