2011-09-26: A Non Violent Approach

Players: Sage and Xorn

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Summary: Xorn meets with Sage to discuss how things are going for his student.

Date: September 26, 2011

Log Title: A Non-Violent Approach

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Xavier Mansion - Classroom Two

The classroom is set up for a variety of different classes to be held here at different times. The standard desks sit in rows, with a teachers desk in front and a white board in the front of the class. No particular teacher has a set classroom; they rotate the classrooms as classes are necessary.

A flurry of students exit Professor Xorn’s class as he nods a goodbye and wishes his student a peaceful day. Inside the classroom, all the desks have been moved aside and mats are on the floor as he was teaching the students a meditation exercise. Dressed all in white today, he moves to the desk to finish marking the attendance record for the students that attended. With a free afternoon, the professor looks over a list of the Alpha Squadron students that he has met with individually and notes that Sage is among the ones he has yet to meet with. Reaching into his desk, Xorn pulls out the school’s phone system and looking it over a moment, sends a text to Sage, “Mr. Holbrook, if you are available please report to Classroom Two for a brief meeting. – Professor Xorn” Stretching a bit, he begins to reach over and remove the mats from the floor.

Fifteen minutes go by, then twenty and when it's nearing twenty five minutes since the text message Sage finally comes into to the room. "I'm sorry sir, I was in class and I didn't realize my…uh…phone thing had a message on it. Then I had trouble figuring out why it was beeping." He says as Sage and technology don't really go hand and hand. "You wanted to meet me sir? I hope I'm not in trouble for anything."

With the time that has transpired, Xorn has moved all the mats is now placing the first desk in the center of the room when Sage enters, “Not a problem, Sage. I am not very good at using technology.” Pointing to the phone on the desk, “I am still figuring it out how to use it myself. Typically, I will contact students telepathically after our first meeting if they are amenable to it.” He bows and begins to move the second desk, “I just finished a meditation class with the mats. Would you mind assisting me in moving the desks back in place while we chat?”

"I've never even heard of a porti-phone before coming to school here, I'm learning quite a lot that I did not even think was possible." Sage says as he starts to move the desks back in place. He's not stranger to physical labor so he doesn't seem to mind helping. "What did you want to talk to me about sir? Is Nigel doing okay?"

“I was in a similar situation. Where I grew up there was not much in the way of technology in my village and then I spent a few solitary years away from things like those phones and computers.” Xorn finishes moving a second desk as he looks to Sage, “Nigel is fine for now, but the staff and I will work with him on Wildcard. I ask you and I will be asking the other Alphans to assist and support, which it seems some of you already have. As for this meeting, I just wanted to meet to see how things are going for you. I like to get to know some of the Alphans. I feel it helps the teacher/student rapport to have an understanding of specific goals and to gain some insight into each other.”

"I had ever heard of a computer until I came here." Sage says as he finds a seat and sits down. "We don't have things like that back home." He explains as he starts to play with one of his dreadlocks. "What is it you'd like to know sir?" He asks has he hasn't heard Xorn ask him any questions yet.

After the last desk is moved, Xorn moves to the front of the classroom and leans against the desk, “Well, how’ve you found the Institute so far? Is everything going well?” Tilting his head to the side, “Some students find the transition from home life to life at the Institute to be difficult to adapt too. What are some of the differences between your life at home versus your life here?”

"Well it's okay. I'm having some troubles as I've never had a class like this before." Sage starts to explain in his British accent. "I'm learning the classes and how to use a computer and all various things that are quite foriegn to me. Back home we didn't have any of this. I lived on a farm back in England and we did chores, baked, sold things at the farmers market to make money, that sort of thing. There are a lot of differences and here everyone thinks that violence and learning to fight is necessary. Actually I hate the Danger Room quite a bit. And I miss my family and my pig." He tacks on at the end as he's been having quite a bit of trouble.

Nodding and listening to the lad, Xorn hmmmmns and offers, “I see that is quite the change indeed coming from that rural life in England to the more fast-paced life here. It is indeed foreign and I found and still continue to find things like the computers and things like that to be confusing and confounding, but with time and effort, I am learning to make peace with these contraptions. While these things are foreign to you, have you found them too difficult to adapt to or given your time here and more so as the semester progresses do you think you’ll be able to pick up the classes?” Now sitting fully on top of the desk and bringing his legs up to sit cross-legged, “It is not the policy of this school to teach the students to become violent. While some may consider it to be a natural part of life, it is not something I would force upon students. Perhaps, I can modify your training to exclude the Danger Room or use its technology for…less aggressive methods for power control.” He places his hand under his chin of his mask appearing more contemplative.

Sage watches Xorn for a bit and tenses, his hair even seems to tense. "I'm sorry if I have gathered this wrong but if it's not the school's policy to not have students become violent what is the use of the danger room? Everytime I have been in there I have been presented in a situation where I'm expected to fight. If you do not think that the students here will become violent by fighting…well that just doesn't bloody make any sense." Sage says simply with a bit of a shrug. "As for classes, I don't know if I will manage or not, I'm trying but I am so far behind most students and I don't understand why things like alegbra is necessary."

“The Danger Room is to be used for training. Training with powers does not necessarily mean having you become violent militants. While there is a need for self-defense as unfortunately there are those that would seek to harm us simply because of our abilities.” Xorn moves from his seated position on the desk and returns to a standing position in front of it, “I ran one of your sessions when you were paired with Nigel and I now know your stance on violence. Not every scenario run in the Danger Room will be a violent one and given some time, I can find the right scenario that will allow for your training without fear of violence. I apologize for that first scenario and would you be willing to give the Danger Room another try if I find a use for it in your training without the violence?”

"I understand it's used for training but training to use your powers and training to fight with them are two completely seperate things." Sage protests back. "I can understand if someone wants to learn self defense but I don't want any part of it. You say it's self defense but it's still fighting and violence and thus by engaging in it you are still fighting. I don't see a difference in it." Sage says as he shifts so he can pull a leg up to the seat of the chair and hug it to his chest. "I would rather not go into the Danger Room again but I know that I must."

“And that is why, I will attempt to design some scenarios that will allow you to train with your powers without any sort of combat training whether it be self-defense or offense. What I am saying is that I will attempt to create situations that will be non-violent. And I appreciate you understanding that you must go there, but for now, I am suggesting this. For group scenarios with your fellow Alphans we will use to the Danger Room. For solo training, until I am able to find the proper non-violent scenarios, I am suggest that we train in other areas on the campus. Perhaps, the fields or cove an when the weather is not agreeable for training, then we use the recreation room or gym. How does that sound?” Xorn suggests.

"That sounds fesable." Sage says as his eyes glance to the floor. "I was just raised that you don't resort to fighting no matter what. If it's verbal or physical you just do not fight. Things can always be solved rationally with words and discussion rather than fists or weapons. It always worked on the farm. I shared a room with three other people and we never fought. It's difficult because there are so many people here who believe that it is needed or self defense doesn't count, but it does count. At least to me it does."

“I understand, Sage. There have been many people throughout history who have faced nearly unsurmountable odds that have had the same pacifist stance that you have. People like Martin Luther King Jr or Mohatma Ghandi. They were leaders of their respective communities who sought change through non-violent means. I have only recently come to learn of these and other historical figures.” Xorn moves to sit in the desk next to Sage, “Stay true to who you are. I agree many students and staff feel the need for some sort of combat training, but perhaps, they can learn through you as well. We all, hopefully seek peace. The means on how to get there may differ from person to person. It is the job of humanity to teach others. And perhaps, that is what is meant for you?” Xorn nods and he is hopeful that is the case.

"I'll always be true to who I am sir." Sage says. "Though I'm sorry to say I am not sure who either of those are." He takes a deep breath and explains somethings. "You see sir, my great-grandparents, particularly all my great grandfathers, all fought in World War 2. After the war they were changed and they never told us what they saw just that they never wanted them or their families to experience that. For the last four generations we've been raised this way on the farm, my parents, my grandparents and me and my brothers and sisters. I believe very strongly in my family and what they taught me. I'm quite happy with my life and I look forward to return one day but I know the dunlalaps blessed me with this gift and I need to learn how to use it rather than let it be destructive."

“Well, whatever traumas your great-grandfathers may have experienced, I pray you nor your family every experience those. I am Buddhist and my nature tends to adhor violence and while I have had much violence done to me and seen firsthand what the ugly side of humanity is capable of, I find solace in the fact that not all people are evil.” A disembodied sigh can be heard, he looks about the classroom, “Dunalaps? I am relatively new to the English language and am not familiar with that term.”

"Dunlalaps are the creatures that give us our powers." Sage explains and it's obvious he believes it as fact. "They choose certain people they believe are worthy. Of course there are also the bad varities that will grand those powers who they believe to cause mischief." He says with a bit of a frown. "I'm not quite sure what a Buddhist is sir. Is that why you wear the mask?"

Unsure of how to respond, Xorn is not a scientific genius, but sure it is genes that give mutants their abilities. However, given Sage’s belief and look, he makes no move to challenge the belief for now. “Oh I am sorry. I was not aware of that term. I will have to look into that to find out more.” Placing his hands against the mask, “Buddhism is a religion. It is a set of beliefs and creeds that lead towards enlightenment and looks to the inner state to find that peace within ourselves primarily centered on karma. I teach a class on Eastern Philosophy which you may find useful. I attempt to teach students meditation as a means for focus, which is useful for some in powers control.” Small black globules of energy seep and pop from the mask harmlessly, “As for the mask, it assists me with controlling my own abilities. The Dunalaps have blessed me with these powers. Under the mask I have no head, or what humans consider a head. Under the mask is a minor blackhole star which in constantly in flux. It is the source of my gravitational abilities and other powers.”

"I know about meditation and how to do it. My father taught us when we were kids. He would meditate with me to help me calm my hair." Sage says but then his meditation usually involved smoking something or eating a special brownie. "Oh." He says at Xorn's explaination. "Well I will have to look up what a blackhole star is. Though I should be getting to my next class sir. It starts in a few minutes. Thank you for talking to me."

Standing up and bowing to Sage, “Well thank you for meeting with me. We shall meet from time to time during the semester. I tend to contact students telepathically. Would that be an issue for you?” Xorn asks as he moves to the door to open it for Sage.

"That shouldn't be an issue sir, thank you. I apologize but I really must be going. Have a good day sir." Sage says as he hurries out the door to his next class.

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