2010-03-27: A Pane in the Glass


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Summary: People pass through the Observation Room as James serves detention

Date: March 27, 2010.

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Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs and couches with a few tables are placed up here for students to relax. There's a door off to one of the sides that leads up to the attic above here.

The sun is shining in through the windows and heating up the room to a comfortable temperature. Robyn is sitting in one of the chairs talking on his cellphone. It sounds like the conversation is wrapping up as there is a lot of "I'll try to get down there" and "I'll see ya soon" and so fourth. He likes to come up to the Observation Deck to relax, it's usually quite up there and it's a nice view of the school.

James predicted it correctly! Detention for his little stunt involving an errant frisbee on the roof and scaring the bejesus out of Jono's sister. So, with that, the Hyena is back in the observation deck to clean the windows he had previously left hand, nose, and tongue prints all over. Armed with a bucket and a squeegee, he walks in. However, seeing Robyn, his ears flatten out a little as he tries to decide if doing this later would work much better. Probably not…*sigh* So he heads over towards a pane of glass and sets everything down, "Hey Robyn."

Robyn finishes his phone conversation and hangs up with an 'I love you Mom', before giving a smiles to James. "Hey James, I haven't seen you for a while." He says trying to remember when, and his mind lands on that day with Tara. "Everything been okay?" But then Robyn's been sleeping several times a day and not really been out a whole ton himself.

James unlatches the first of many windows and lets in some spring as he sets to work, "Yeah, yeah…everything's fine. Been a little busy." He looks out onto the lawn and watches some of the students do their saturday thing. Someone then flies past the window. Nothing unusual for Mutant High, "Class, DR…you know the drill." He turns around to get a full look at his friend, toe claws rapping lightly on the floor, "You doing better?" There's a head tilt, an ear movement, and an eye narrow, "We really haven't seen much of each other since that one day…" That 'one day' being when Jordan tried to turn Robyn a pin cushion.

"I haven't been to class or a DR session in week. I've just been recovering. I'm better but still healing." Robyn says as he's still got a few stitches in his shoulder and side. "Yeah we haven't, I heard you didn't really get hurt at all then?" Robyn says as he saw Skyler/Jono explode, Scott stuck in a tree, and then darkness. "Jordan's having a rough time handling though."

James nods addressing the window, but talking to Robyn. There's some movement as manipulates the glass so he can access the outside with out ending up on the 'outside'—like last time, "Yeah…I bet. You were in an awful state." James recalls the chaos and the blood for a brief moment, "No bumps! No bruises! I got lucky. That's all. Could have been me instead of you if I hadn't listened, eh?" There's a soft shrug, a flash of a squeegee and a little noise as he cleans, "Or neither of us if you 'had' listened." He looks over, "Not that you did anything wrong…it was your boyfriend. We do what we do…you know? Feel bad for him. Twice now since I met him something like this has happened."

"Yeah…I know…I don't know which time was worse but I think I handled it better this time. I ran away from the school during the whole demon thing, Jono brought me back." Robyn admits as he curls up on the chair, hugging his knees to his chest. "Yeah…if I just stuck with you I would have been fine but seeing him there….and watching him, I had to do something. Maybe I'm just stupid, I don't know but..Jordan means a lot to me."

James finishes one pane and moves onto another, his back to the boy, "No, Robyn. It makes you a hero. At least in my book. You tried. Failed. But tried. And being a hero isn't always about success." It's a rare display of coherent thought only the hyena's friends seem to witness. More noise as James pays back the Headmaster for the trapeze act on the ledge of the Observation Room, "Jordon is yours, you know. You love him, and there's a lot between you because of that. It'd be impossible to throw that away. Nothing wrong with trying. Right?"

"Actually I didn't really fail, I mean…my psi-dagger, hitting Jordan with that, kind of helped him to snap out of it. According to him." Robyn says but it's kind of reluctantly cause that would admitting he's a hero, which he isn't. "And really, I'm not a hero, I don't want to be a hero. Heroes…end up getting killed and living lives that just are miserable. And…I do love him. Even if he is my first boyfriend, I really do. He's…so different from me but I care a lot about him."

James nods, agreeing with the whole hero thing, "Ahh, okay. I was busy with Skyler, so I missed it. I just remember everyone reaching him before me, so I turned to help you and suddenly I was knocking Jono's bike over." His ears go back a little, "Wonder how long until the next big disaster." He lets out an angsty little sigh, "And good! I thought the hero thing sounded cool at first. But it just seems to involve a lot of blood shed and people using you for their own gain."

Robyn closes his eyes and shakes his head. "I hope nothing soon, I really do. I just want a sense of normalacy even if for a few months. No boyfriends becoming demons or brainwashed, no frogs, no MGH dealers, nothing." Robyn says as some of that might not make sense to James but Robyn's just talking. "Thanks James though, for looking out for me that day. I really do appreciate it, a lot."

"What are friends for? You'd do the same for me," James responds as part of his mind wonders why Robyn is afraid of toads and MGMT. He understands their music can be kinda annoying…but Electric Feel…! He looks over at Robyn, "Rashmi was asking for a day off the other day. I might have been a little harsh. I told her the only time we get them is when we're in the med bay. But, you know. It's true."

"Oh…well I guess it's good I dragged her out to the Reseviour, her and Mike, yesterday. She just seemed like she needed some time away from here." Robyn pauses with a sigh and looks out the window. "We all need a break from here." He says as sometimes he loves it here, other times he hates it. "And you're right James, I'd do my best to make sure that you're okay. And I really hate being stuck in the medbay."

James shutters, attention back on a window, "I 'hate' it down there. Too closed up. Too…artificial, sterile. Blah…!" There's some squeaks as he cleans away, "Rashmi needs more than a day. She needs a vacation. Maybe spring break. it's not far, right? She should get out, take Lucas or something." A quick eye at Robyn, "And yeah…even I 'might' go home for a week. Just to get away, you know?"

"I hope things work out, I guess he went away for a bit and just came back. I dunno, I think it'll be fine. God did I /hate/ Lucas at first." Robyn muses with a bit of a smile on his face. "Goes to show you, first impressions aren't everything. And yeah, I might be going to go with Jordan for a week to visit his family. I've never been to Flordia. He just doesn't know what to tell his parents cause Sinister altered him physically too."

James' grunts, "I know what my parents would say." There's a smile on his face as he says, "If Sinister wasn't such a wacko I'd have probably let myself get caught. Wonder what he could have done for me." Head turns towards Robyn, "Just saying…you know?" There's a shrug, eyes back on his job as another window gets completed, "Cool. If you get the chance, go. And, yeah…you might want to be there for support if Jordan't gonna have a hard go with his parents."

Robyn pushes his hair out of his face and smiles. "Yeah, I really wanna get out of here and be there for Jordan." He dosen't bother with his worries or concerns right now, he's fine. That's what he's been telling himself, it's the other people around who have greater problems and that's what matters. He's Fine. "And Jono is doing better too, and yeah…Sinister…." Robyn says trailing off knowing it must be hard for James. "I forget how hard it is for you and Jade who can't hide what you are."

James makes an 'mmmm' sound, "Ehh…someday I'll be able to change back. Just gotta keep moving until then. After that…screw it. I'm on the first bus outta here." There's some finality in that statement, as if that's exactly how it will work out. "Jono is… I dunno. I need to have a talk with him about stuff. I think we have unfinished business." There's a grin as James has an internal laugh about the official sounding statement. In truth, they'll probably sit around for an hour and say nothing.

"James…" Robyn says as he does understand the 'outta here part'. "I'll miss you a lot when you leave, you're a good friend James." He doesn't want to admit that there is a chance James /can't/ change back, his friend needs to believe he can. At least that's what Robyn thinks. "If I'm still stuck around here but as soon as I get this psychic vampirisim under control, I'm going to college for art." He says trying to be determined about that. "I like Jono a lot, he's like that older brother I never had."

James nods, back to the other boy again as his ears point forward to pickup some of the conversations on the lawn, "I dunno what I'll do. I don't really like to think that far in advance." Mostly because he's incapable of doing so given his attention span. "Jono…he's like the only person I'd miss 'when' I leave this place. Well, aside from You, Rashmi, maybe Lucas." Sounds simple…change back, leave. As if that takes care of his X-gene as well. Makes it disappear, "I guess Rashmi wants to do law. "

Standing up Robyn yawns. "I'm gonna head back my dorm, get some sleep cause that tiredness is hitting me hard." It comes quickly sometimes due to him healing, he should be good in a about a week. "Jono's someone who means a lot to a lot of us. Just like the friends I've made here, you, Rashmi, Robin…all mean a lot to me as well." Robyn says patting James on the shoulder as he goes to leave. "I'll see you later James, and how about movie night this week." He says as he goes to leave via elevator.

James is nothing but eyes as Roybn walks over, the gaze a little intense even for him. The touch almost comes off as unwelcome, the beast's body pulling slightly way, "Yeah…movies…cool. Sure." He distracts himself with something outside, someone on the school grounds perhaps? "Maybe invite Jono? He needs the hang out time too, you know?" He never turns around to look as Robyn exits, moving only after he's sure the room has emptied. Afterwards he looks at the elevator and sighs, his body relaxing in a huff. Scanning the ground he looks for a face again. One he could have sworn he saw a second ago. Maybe it was all in his mind…?


Mike's decided to look around at the distances without climbing to the roof. Vision has been a bit different than he remembers, colors a little sharper perhaps but there seems to be something different from before, and he can't quite put a finger on it. So he's gone up to the observation deck.

Upstairs, Mike will find James working off his saturday detention in part for taking a stroll on the roof, a walk on a ledge, and a fall into the bushes. All thanks to a misunderstanding involving an errant frisbee, Jono, and a frightened woman. Well over halfway done, James is now working on the inside of the room, a squeegee and bucket near his heyna-ee feets as he clean glass. He looks over his shoulder as the robot enters, ears radaring forward, "Hey Mike."

"James! Heey, haven't seen you for at least a… Detention?" Mike gestures towards the squeegee. "What, you chazsed a frizbee onto the roof or szomething?"
Mike thinks of the most ridiculous possible reason to get detention, and combines that with the Jamesian power to blow the ordinary into the bizarre, and that has to be a possibility, right?

"Close," the hyena responds, "I did my good deed for the month. Took a walk after I rescued someone's toy, and scared Jono's sister." He nods out the window, "See that office down there? That's the headmasters. He's got a good view from there and can see things like animals falling out of the sky." He smiles toothfully, "They frown upon that around here, I guess." He looks back over, "What're you up to?"

Mike grins, but as usual it doesn't show without the inducer turned on. And he's been leaving it OFF when there aren't people around to be shocked or fascinated, only turning it on when he needs the added communication bandwidth of facial expression and bodylanguage that it adds to his automotive "cool".
"Been working on recalibrating after the repaairs. Physical coordination is the same, senses are different but I can't tell why. I heard you had a hard time the night I got EMPed. You doing OK?"

Since the whole Sinister thing started, James has had a lot of 'hard times.' Undecided on which one Mike means specifically, since the hyena stayed in the Emergency Living Quarters almost as long as Mike stayed int he Med Bay, he answers generically, "Ehh…you know. No rest for the wicked." There's a tired sigh, "You know how it goes." Another window down, another one to go. But it should be noted that even in his Detention James is finding a way to give authority the shaft by leaving a thumb print—or rather a finger paw pad print—just out of casual view. Clean windows? No such luck!

Mike shhrugs, and answers, "Yeah, definitely no rest for anyone really. But we can rest when we're dead."
He glances through the print, and turns on his eyelamps then turns them off again. "That's it! Polarized! The replacement cameras have polarized lenses! So weird."
He looks at his hands wiggling the fingers.
"Heard you also did OK at the fight. I gotta tell you, Dai is dangerous when he gets evil," and he steps away from the window leaving the print undisturbed and uncommented on.

James nods, making an unhappy noise, "Rashmi seems to agree. But…I think that's the point of being Evil. You got spared the possession crap a few months back." He gives Mike a sardonic smile, "Just wait though! Only a matter of time before you become Christine or something." He leaves his performance out of his comment. Oh how he hates the compliments. "Well…I need to change out this water I think. But I should be back shortly. He goes to pick up the bucket. Leaning over he puts his hand on the window, leaving a big-ol hyena print on the glass. The smile on his face probably doesn't go unnoticed. Accident? Probably not.

"Christine? Nah. I'd be Christofanes. Anyway, I should go practice the new trick. Let me know if you ever want to go for a drive. I think I've got the addictive pleasure side effect handled. Mostly." Mike has a bit of laughter in his voice as he says that. Incubus Automotive. OK, it's not really him but it would make a great business name.

James smiles, "Thanks, but you may wanna keep your farfegnugen away from my hands. My mutant power might get away from me." It could be assumed he's talking about his mechanically inclined side and not his beastly bits Then again, either could be possible. Especially since he doesn't talk about the former much. Then again? Maybe it's another way to keep distant from the other students. No further enlightenment is offered. The only thing he cares to share is the bucket's dirty contents with the person standing 3 floors below. Window open, water dumped! *GUSH!* Someone yells. The hyena smiles, "Okay…gotta run!" He heads out the door with a quickened pace.

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