2010-06-25: A Party Is Afoot


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Summary: Tony plans to throw a Halloween party in July and lets Theo know in advance.

Date:July 25, 2010

Log Title A Party is Afoot

Rating: PG

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Starktime internal instant messaging system allowing employees of Stark Enterprises to communicate amongst themselves for business purposes.

It was a typical after work Friday in New York. There were people who rushed home to get dinner started. There were others that rushed home to get ready to go out for the evening on a date or with friends. There were also those that stayed after hours to put in a little more work to make some extra money. None of the above fit with Tony Starks Friday. He had been in meetings, stopped off and over looked some designs in the Research department and found himself lounging in his apartment at the top of Stark Towers main tower.

Tony's mind was turning over data on devices, plans for the week now that he was back from his semi-vacation and various things that he couldn't keep track of. One thing in particular popped back to the forefront of his thoughts. He wanted to throw a party. Not just any party, an invite only party in the next few weeks. It would be a nightmare to coordinate but that wasn't his problem it would be Peppers. He reached out to the coffee table in front of him to pick up the computer pad. Once he was reclined back on the couch he fired up the Starktime program to see if anyone was on the companies internal instant messenger program. It appeared that Theo had the program running so he sent a quick message out. “Paging Theo, are you there?”

Theo was asleep, but he had left the program running on his phone. He had been studying one of Hank's books a little too long, and now his face was stuck to the page. The phone chime wakes hims suddenly, and his head jerks up, though the rest of him stays in the same position. He blinks, reaches up a hand to rub his face, and then pulls his phone out of his pocket and checks the message. Tony. He flops his head back down, and the message he intends writes itself back onto the screen while his face is planted in the book. 'Yeah. What's up?' comes the response to Tony's program. His thumb reaches over and hits the send button manually.

Now that Tony knew Theo was available for a quick chat he realized he didn't know what exactly he was going to tell him about the party. Probably best to just tell him what he was planning and see if Theo would like attending. "I don't want to keep you from what you're doing. I just wanted to let you know I'm going to be throwing a party in a few weeks at Stark Towers. If you'd like to come its going to be like a Halloween costume ball. Food, open bar, candy and more."

Theo didn't initially raise his head to read the message, and opted to try sensing it rather than bother with opening his eyes again. Wait, did he say open bar? The teen's head snaps up, and his eyes open as he looks at the screen. He did! "Tony," he says to himself, "You're the best boss anyone could hope for." He lets his powers write the message again. It's far faster than typing on a tiny keyboard. 'Sure. Parties are good.' He won't bring up the fact that he's far to young to be drinking if Tony doesn't.

Tony rests the pad down while staring at the screen across from him that was currently running the daily news. "I will send out a formal invitation in about a week, I think. Think of what you might want to come as. Please no ghosts, not even if they are made from amazingly expensive Egyptian thread."

Theo knits his brow, eyeing the comment before he responds. 'You do realize that Halloween isn't until October, right?' he writes back. He sits up in his library seat now, and closes his book.

Tony laughs as he sends a response. "Oh, I know. I also know that only I would throw a Halloween party in July. People will melt trying to get to the party but once they get there they'll forget all about it being the summer. That and I don't have a pool in the tower. It was a design flaw." Tony watches the news while tapping at the corner of the computer pad. Without bothering to type he sends another small message. "Thing are too stiff around here. Its as if everyone's waiting for some mystical hammer to drop when there isn't one. I figure, break out the bubbly and have a good time."
Theo stands up from his seat, and puts his book under his arm as he starts to walk out of the library, holding the phone in his other hand. Being a technopath is very handy when you are IMing someone while walking, that's for sure. 'You're weird.' He sends the message, but then immediately thinks to follow it. 'In a good way. You should make a giant mystical hammer for the party. Maybe get that Thor guy to let you borrow his.'

There was a report on the news about a outbreak of violence in the Middle East. Tony walked away from the living room for a moment while sending a response to Theo via his direct connection with communication devices. "I'll let Thor know that I need to borrow his hammer so I can watch plastered people try and lift it." He returns to the living room with the inner layer of his armor all ready up. "I hate to cut and run but somethings come up. I'll let you know more in a few, look for the official invite soon." Tony picks up the suitcase that houses his external armor and heads for the nearest elevator. "I'll catch you later, Theo."

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