2011-06-09: A Pinch Of Advice


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Summary: A few people greet each other at the mall then go their separate ways. Jono decides to stick around talking to Tyler and offers his help with the teens mutation. Most of this log is Tyler/Jono due to unforseen real life interference with the others :(

Date: June 9, 2011

Log Title: A pinch of advice

Rating: PG

Salem Center Mall

It's fairly early on a weekday so the Salem Center Mall is not overly crowded with shoppers. There is a steady stream of people moving from shop to shop as there are an equal number of window shoppers gazing into the front displays. Those that walk the mall for exercise have already left after finishing their early morning walk about and the smells of pastry waft around a corner luring people down a side hall to acquire cinnamon rolls and coffee.
Having just stepped off the bus Tyler stuffs his hands into the pockets of his hooded sweatshirt and heads into the main entrance of the mall. Having never been to the mall here he heads immediately towards the directional display to get an idea of what shops are here and where he might want to wander off to first. "Ah-ha! Jackpot." Darting a finger out toward the display he drags the digit across the map looking for the correct number of the shop then to find the little green arrow telling him where he's currently standing.

Having been out of the country, or even simply out of town, Jonothon's return was a very quiet one. Just like the last time. Today he's here at the mall to pick up a few things he needs for his home. A very few things. A couple small bags in hand, the Brit is dressed all in black of course, but it's business attire. Black dress shirt, slacks, with a dusky gray tie loosened a good deal. Yeah, in summer. Hearing that Ah-ha! the man looks over and finds a somewhat familiar face. « Heh. » Which can be heard, and might be familiar in and of itself. Kids. He's not even all that old and has to wonder if he was ever that young.

Walking over to join Tyler looking at the mall directory is one winged Aiden. He's dressed in a pair of black jeans tucked into black boots covered in buckles with a black button down t-shirt with a red tie. His eyes are lined in black with some red shadow to match the color scheme of his outfit. "Music store, music store." He mutters to himself before looking at Tyler. "Sorry, just trying to find my way around here." He says trying to tuck the big blue wings against his back to not crowd the area.

Having become somewhat reclusive of late it was suggested to Mikhail that he spends sometime outside of the mansion for a bit, so that's whats brought him to the Salem center, he's not really here for any particular reason so will just be browsing until he gets bored and decides to head back to the mansion, he's dressed in dark jeans, sneakers and a long sleeved grey shirt, he stops behind the man with the wings, hmm kinda like a big bird.

"Where the hell am I?" Tyler mutters to himself while searching over the map for the little green arrow when someone appears at his side looking for the music shop. "Excuse me. Looks like I'm hogging the directory. The music shop is over here somewheres," points out the general area where the numbers seemed about right. "You don't happen to see a green arrow on this thing somewhere do you?" When he turns his head to see whom he's speaking to his eyes go wide taking in the wings. "Sweet wings by the way." Having looked away from the board he spots Jono and waves animatedly in greeting then notices Mikhail standing behind him and the be-winged one. "Hello," he offers politely to Mikhail.

Now, the music shop he knows. As much as Jonothon looks over those wings he doesn't seem all that bothered or intrigued by them as he points off a certain direction, « Around the corner, near the electronics shop. » It's a shop he nearly lived in while here some years ago, and still frequents often. After that he steps over to set the tip of his finger on a certain point of the map. It has him near both Tyler and Aiden a moment, but he soon moves away. « That's where we are. » Terse, but helpful.

"Thanks, I made them myself." Aiden says chuckling as his wings ruffles a bit. The tattoo like markings visible up and down his arms and on his neck are showing a green colour. "Let's see…green arrow." He says about to point at the map to a spot that says 'You are here' but Jono beats him to it. "Thanks." He says with a smile but as Jono speaks in his head, Aiden blinks a few times. "That's…weird."

Mikhail gives a wave to Tyler when he speaks to him, "Heya", he moves out of the way when Jono shows up, "Heya Jono", guess he's not the only Xer to head to the mall today, trying to decide what to do next he catches the scent of the food court, hmm that might be an idea.

There's a smile for Aiden, "Yeah, I pretty much thought the same thing the first time I heard him like that too. It's pretty neat though." Peering back at the board a moment the elusive green arrow has been found and Tyler offers up his thanks to Jono for pointing it out. "I'm utterly hopeless when it comes to reading maps and following directions. Thanks for the help, Jono. Where ya heading?" Another cursory glance of the board has Tyler turning about noticing everyone near him. "I'm Tyler in case anyone was wondering. Thought I'd throw that out there just to be friendly. I'm not in the way am I? I can move if anyone needs to use the directory."

« Not all of us have feathers. » Comes the bemused reply to Aiden about his voice being weird. Not worried about it here in Salem. They've been dealing with Xaviers for years now. Jonothon's attention shifts to Mikhail and there's a nod, « Hey, mate. » Since his name has been tossed around already he doesn't bother repeating it. Where's he going? « The music shop. » Lips curl somewhat, but it's those dark eyes that smile. Laughter lines wrinkle around them before he nods the proper direction. One hand tucked into slacks pocket, the Brit turns and meanders off that way.

"It's just I've never had anyone talk…in my head before." Aiden says. "I guess this what it was like for Jing and Jun when they did their mind talky thing. And I'm Aiden." Hey says in response to Tyler. "Don't worry, you're not in the way. I usually am as these things tend to get in the way of most people." He says with a chuckle while talking about his wings. "Well, I'll probably see ya in the music store. I really hope they have what I'm looking for it not though…oh well."

As everyone else is giving out their name the romainan teen figures it must be his turn, "I'm Mikhail", guess their all going to the music store, Mik likes music even if some of the lyrics really don't make sense, still they make more sense than Shakespeare, "Can you fly or are they just for show?"

"Nice to meet you both," Tyler grins as he peels off his hooded sweatshirt to tie around his waist. He's wearing a black polo shirt that has a sea of blue skulls depicted from neck to tummy in varying sizes. The rest of what he's wearing isn't anything special. Just a pair of dark jeans with a thick blue belt that matches the skulls on his shirt and his skater shoes have similarly colored laces. "Mind talky thingy? Jono's the first person I've met that can do the mind speech stuff. Hey, if everyone's heading to the music store I can come with." In fact he all but bounces off in the general direction of the store hoping to catch up to Mr. Starsmore.

Jonothon doesn't reply about the telepathy. Instead he pauses and looks back as Tyler scampers over. « It's a free country last I knew. » Meaning? Of course Tyler can go along to the music store. Jono shrugs, looks amused, and resumes walking. The bags he holds rustle quietly as they dangle from his hand. And after a few steps he asks Tyler privately, for all it seems no different to Tyler, « So what's this about not having organs half of the time. And Christ, don't demonstrate it here, alright? » There's a smile for that however.

"I can really fly. They aren't just for show, they're one hundred percent my wings and I'm quite attacted to them." Litterally. Aiden isn't the best at making jokes. "And it's nice to meet you Tyler, Mikhail and Jono..if I got that correct." He does his best to remember their names for at least today. "Two friends of mine, who I used to travel around with the Freakshow with are twins. They can speak to each other mentally but I never fully understood what it was like till just then." He walks along the same path with the group to the music store.

Mikhail frowns, "Freakshow?, if thats what he thinks it is he's a little worried about Aiden, that and the mans tattoos are ringing alarm bells, still he moves with Aiden to catch up with Jono and Tyler towards the music store.

Tyler spins around to face Aiden, "You can fly with them too? SWEET! Is it a bitch to get into cars though? Are they like ya know… bendy enough?" Hopes that he's not being too much of an ass with the questions there then bumps right into the worlds most ugly planter. "Hey! Who put that there?!?!" To avoid any further embarrassment the teen turns himself round and walks correctly even though its a loping stride. To Jono, "I wouldn't demonstrate here as there's too many people and well property damage. I try not to bust out of my clothes as I don't have a job and my parents are gazillionaires so…..to answer your question I shift forms and in that other form I'm organ less. That's the short short version. If you really wanna know more than that I'm cool with telling you."

A look back to Aiden and a nod. Yep, he's Jono. As for the rest, the Brit shrugs. « Don't have any other way to talk. » It's not really a matter of choice. Left the comm elsewhere. A shake of the head shows Tyler that demonstrations aren't necessary. « That's all I really wanted to know. » Details aren't needed either. « This isn't a good place to be talking about it really. » Even with Aiden being so obvious a mutant. That and he doesn't really like talking about that stuff often. « Instead, how about we shift topics. What were you looking for here today? » Idly curiosity, and since Tyler seems to love to talk, the more one talks the less Jonothon has to.

The music store seems to be a popular location to shop at. Some of the younger crowd, a few teens scattered here and there, and of course the adult crowd that are not working. Tyler wanders in from the hall with Jono at his side. "No, I suppose it's not a good place to talk about it but you did ask." There's a sage nod with a bit of a smile. Ty turns down the offering of some kind of advertisement from one of the employees of the store. "I needed to get away from the school for a bit. Thought I might wander around, get some food and pick up a pair of shoes or something. I wasn't really going to do much of anything as I am coming back here this weekend I think. You?"

He certainly did ask, « Which is why I didn't ask details. » Jonothon's attention is drawn to one of the older clerks at the store, who apparently knows him. "Woah, Jono!" They exchange brief greetings, and the man returns to his work as Jono's attention returns to you. « Needed a couple things for home. » Those bags are lifted in way of demonstration. « Mostly, I like music. You need a lift back to school? I'm not in any hurry. » Meaning the teen can get his shoes and food, then a lift home.

"Right! You just got back from wherever you were that wasn't Westchester. I've not traveled at all save from my home to here of all places. I'm thinking I might go somewhere after I get out of school but that requires money and I'm lacking in that department. Even if I did have money I'd probably spend it all on clothes or something." Tyler shrugs as he takes a look around the shop and Jono gets set upon by a clerk that apparently knows him. When those guys are done talking Ty nods happily to the older man. "I like music too though I can't play an instrument to save my life. I'd like a lift back if you don't mind hooking me up. I rode the bus to get over here and hadn't planned the route back to the school yet. Thank you for the offer too. Sorry if I talk a lot. I know it can get on people's last nerve."

« England. » The man chuckles. Not that he looks older than twenty. « I had to go home for a few months. » Jonothon hasn't thought of it as home in years, but it still is. It always will be. The English have magical ties to their native soil. « You're fine. » That Tyler talks a lot. « One of my best mates would talk you into the ground. » He's kind of used to it. « As for traveling, you've a few years to think about it, yeah? That and I'm sure you'll see more of the world than you ever wanted if you stay at Xaviers. » There's a roll of eyes for that. « Don't need to play an instrument to appreciate music. What kinds do you like? » Get him out of company and he actually talks. Go figure!

Tyler blinks, "England? That's pretty damn far over there. No wonder you had the flag on your coat. What part? Did you go over for the royal wedding? Why'd you come back over here?" Many more questions are asked as Tyler idles about the shop with no purpose at all. Everyone else had wanted to come here not him. "I don't mind being talked into the ground. It's how you learn about someone and their interests. If everyone kept to themselves no one would know a thing about anyone ya know? Not sure what you mean about the school but I figure I'll find out soon enough. There's been some mention of some pretty strange things but what's stranger than me? Least that's how I see things." There's a section of sheet music which catches the teens attention so he starts shuffling through the offerings. "I like a lot of everything actually. Big fan of the Cure, Muse, Blue October but I listen to classic rock, metal all that jazz. Maybe I can find something for Kieran here. He's the music guy."

There's a nod from Jonothon. « Born and raised in London, mate. » Which might explain the accent. « I went over for a funeral. Then got trapped by the wedding. My mum is one of the queen's friends, so we were kind of expected to be there. » Makes it sound so boring! Then again it really was boring. Not like he got to be anywhere near the important stuff. Just sat in the back and listened to music. As for the school he shrugs again, « You will. » Learn. « The new ones always do. » The man eyes Tyler for the idea of being the strangest thing there. « Doubt you even come close, mate. You've only been there a few days. » And strangely enough, even though Tyler never admitted it, the Brit nods to the exit, « Want to get out of here? I could browse for hours, but doubt there's anything here I don't already have. Let's go get your things instead. »

Tyler stops his search to peer over at Jono, "I'm sorry. Sorry about whomever you lost. Funerals are the epitome of suck." With a hand atop the display shelving Tyler leans his weight in that direction then waves with the free hand, "SO, did the whole country shut down for that? I didn't even bother watching but your mom is a friend of the queen? Seriously? She really ought to tell the woman that her hat's are hid-e-ous." The ominous tone about the school has Tyler narrowing his eyes at the Brit, "Don't creep me out! I'm a newbie, in a new state, new school…new EVERYTHING." Flails dramatically as he shoves away from the display to come stand beside Jono. "I need a drink. Food court? No! Jamba Juice. It should be near the store I need to go into. Honestly, you don't have to babysit me if you don't want to. If it seems that way I mean."

Jonothon motions a hand, « Some second cousin I didn't even known, but thanks. » It's no trouble for him, really. « Pretty much. » Shut down for the wedding. « Heh. » Can't help it but smile for the hat thing. « Sorry, I'd rather not deal with that mess of bollocks, thanks. You can tell her if you ever meet her. » Motioning Tyler to the door he's chided about creeping the teen out. « Don't let it be said someone didn't warn you. » No details are forth coming, sorry. Tyler will learn on his own. « Where ever you like. I can't eat, so it makes no matter to me what you do. » There's a return eying for the babysitting. « Christ, you don't want me around I'll go. Last thing I think you need is watching over. » No good deed goes unpunished! Always true.

"Your mom comes over from the mother country?" Once out of the music store and strolling down the main drag towards the opposite side of the mall Tyler cuts a glance across his shoulder at Jono. "Alright, I bite. What's the deal? So far everything's been pretty cool. I've met a lot of interesting people, and there's lots of space which is nice given I've never felt comfortable shifting anywhere." Points the direction to go in, least he hopes it is the right direction, and dodges a few strollers being driven by crazy moms who are paying far too much attention to the window shopping instead of where their driving their kids. "No! I didn't mean anything by it. Was just giving you an out if you didn't want to hang around all this snazziness." Meaning himself!

« ..What does that mean? » Jonothon wonders if Tyler were speaking some other language sometimes, and he barely knows the kid. Then the demand about the school. Tucking hand in pocket, the Brit shrugs. « It's hard to explain. Xaviers is a magnet for trouble. I've no idea what form the next pass will take, but it's always just a matter of time. Ask anyone who's been there a year. » Yeah, so helpful isn't he? « Doesn't mean the school itself is bad. » He too finds comfort in that he doesn't have to hide there, but it's not enough. And Jono smirks as there's a bit of flailing and a claim of Snazz. He waits for the crazy mom to pass, for all he eyes one small child trailing after. « Honest, I don't mind. » Dark eyes shift back to Tyler. « Go get your food. »

Tyler quirks his head, "Uhh, you said tell her yourself. I'm assuming you meant tell your mom or did you mean the queen? Cause if you mean the queen pfft. The only queen I'm ever likely to meet is a Prom Queen. Scratch that, a Prom Queen and a Drag Queen." Laughter trails Tyler as he finds the Jamba Juice and stands in line waiting his turn. "Trouble? Great. This is my first time away from home. If trouble finds me my parents will flip out then I'll be in some serious trouble. I need the schools help. If I get yoinked outta there I don't know what I'll do." Frowning he plays with the sleeves of his hoody which is still strapped about his waist. "Glad you don't mind. I didn't really want to take the bus back." A little bit of a wait he gets his healthy shake with a few shots for good measure and sips away before suggesting the name of the store he's looking for.

Ah! That has a proper smile spreading, « I meant the queen. If you don't like her hats you can tell her yourself. » Especially since Jonothon has met her twice, and when he was nine. The queen isn't someone he keeps company with. None of the royal family are. He shakes with laughter for the drag queen line though, amused over that. Seems that way with Xaviers now. So many gay boys. « Heh. » The kid fresh from home. Always in for the most shock. « Then practice as much as you can, and try hard. The school won't teach you bollocks if you don't try. This said when I have no idea how hard you work, or otherwise, so that isn't meant as either insult, or to chide. » Another shrug and once that drink is had Jono moves with the teen away from the juice stand. « So long as you don't make me sit three hours while you pick out a pair of shoes. I'll be fine. »

"Heh, not gonna happen. She'd throw me in the Tower of London." Tyler pauses in the direction he's walking. "Yes, I know it's more of a tourist trap these days but she could still shackle me up and make me part of the exhibit." Tips his cup so the straw points towards Jono as if to emphasize his point. "I haven't had a chance to practice. I don't know what to do really. I did shift the other night and hovered around with my fri…boyfriend…I met Professor Xorn to. That was seriously weird. Some trippy thing happens when I'm near him and he think's it's because of his gravitational whatever. Honestly? I'm in WAY over my head, man." The store is fairly close by so they walk right in after a few minutes. "I do ok in school. I don't know if that counts for anything and NO I won't make you wait that long. I am looking for a pair of high tops or something."

If Jonothon could snort he would have, but Tyler says the truth and he leaves it there. « You could meet new people that way. » By hanging in an exhibit or something. The Brit shakes his head over the boyfriend line. Sigh. « You've been there like a week, yes? You'll have a chance. That you shifted near a teacher? Think of it as practice. If you can remember the feeling of it. » Xorn is a professor. Oy. More and more he's glad he never tried for that roll. « School work still counts for a lot, mate. You can't stay at the school forever. What you choose for schooling will define you. So do well. » Rolls his eyes about that. « Trust one who didn't. It really sucks. » For all he's made up for that, it still defines him. A motion of a hand towards the shoe store, « Over there. » Amused still.

Tyler wanders through the tables displaying their wares and through the circular racks of clothing towards the back of the shop. Music is playing, a sort of punk song, and the workers of the store are in various clothing styles ranging from prep to skater to someone who got spat out of a Hot Topic. "It didn't happen near a teacher. The teacher came later but that's not the point. By then I was back to normal so he never saw the other. He said that Connor has problems around him too and I met Connor the other day briefly." Yeah, yeah. Do well in school, think of your future young one, bah! "Did you screw around or drop out or something?" The wall of shoes is before them and the search begins for a sturdier pair of sneakers than the few pairs he brought with him from home.

Jonothon sinks down to a bench as Tyler wanders. Shakes his head at a shop clerk who asks him if he needs anything. Tyler may be getting strange looks because Jono doesn't appear to speak. His words are private things. « Once you get a squad you'll start your training. They'll have you shift until you can control it. » For all some people never do. He's nice enough not to mention that. The Brit is a great example for not learning. When asked of himself, he looks off. « My powers destroyed my body, leaving me so hurt and angry I thought that meant they had destroyed my bloody life too. So angry I destroyed my life all on my own. School kind of burned along with all the rest until I grew up a bit. I've managed to get some of it back, but aspects are always denied me. » And it's all his own fault too. « Seeing me now you can't see it all. »

Tyler pulls a shoe off a wall, cringes then puts it back. "Control it? How do you mean?" Several more shoes are balked at before there's one he'll consider. A worker takes the shoe then places it back against the wall before going to the back room to pull out the size that Tyler will need to try on. As she is doing that Jono is explaining what happened to him back in the /old days/. "Really? How are you even here? How did you get through all that?" Clearly somethings bothering Tyler now as the teen sinks to a nearby bench to push off a shoe. "I worry about that too. Never told anyone but I'm kind of afraid that I'll shift one day and won't be able to shift back or worse." The worse being that he's certain that if he can exist as he does now that in the future his body will simple cease to exist and he'll be a five foot mass of nebula floating around scaring the hell out of people. Unable to do anything remotely human other than communicate.

« Please, you can't be that dense. » Control it means just that. « So you only change when you want to. » Jonothon straightens from his hunch, rolling his head before deciding he should just stand. Not like he gets back pain or anything, but the man is a little restless. « No one knows. » How he's still here. « Maybe I wasn't ready to die yet. » How did he get through it? « I didn't. » Honest that. « It's worth being afraid of so long as you don't let the fear control you. Just keep trying. I know it's awful now, but it does get better. » No harm in lying. Most mutants do get better as their ability with their powers grows.

"No, I'm not. Control could have meant any number of things and now I know what you were thinking. I've had it happen off an on when I didn't want it to but it hasn't been that bad. I don't really know what I'm looking for. Sure it'd be nice not to have to worry about accidental glitter breakouts but some of the others have mentioned saving people and all sorts of things. I just don't want to hurt someone." Tyler's opinions on what he can and can't do may change as he gets older and has learned more at Xavier's but for now he's a bit lost in it all. The lady with the box of shoes comes back and he tries on the right shoe finding it far too narrow and it looks like a boat on his foot. While Jono talks to him he points to another shoe on the wall and off she goes again. Those around are wondering why Tyler seems to be talking to himself but the teen doesn't seem to care about their glances in his direction. "At least you're honest. I'd rather not have some rosy picture painted and then my face ceases to exist permanently. They don't have to deal with it only me." Shrugs. "I didn't mean to doom n'gloom on you. I do think you're probably the only person I've met, will meet, that can understand why I might flip out.

There is more to that, but he thinks he's unsettled the teen more than enough already. « You won't know what you are looking for until you try. As stupid as that sounds, it's still true. Most mutants start with their powers at a low level, for all it doesn't seem as such. It can be ugly and difficult, then gradually improve. Guess patience is the best trait. » Never mind patience isn't something teens are known for. That Tyler doesn't want to hurt anyone? « Then practice hard. » So that no one is hurt. « Heh. You didn't gloom me. I do that all on my own. » Sure does. It's not one of his nicer traits. « I just hate the pretty image they try and garner over there. Bad stuff happens. In spite of that I can only stress that as afraid as you are, don't let it rule you. As doom as that may sound, it's true. » For he totally does understand. « Heh. If there's anyone who can understand, it's me. » With that he wanders over to see what Tyler has been picking. No opinion is made, but he eyes the teen.

Tyler pulls a face at Jono, "Patience? Me? I'm doomed." Shoulders sink as the worker brings back the box of shoes and sets it down beside Tyler on the bench. Once she's gone he begins unlacing a sneaker to pull on. "You've got your own cloud hovering over your head? Sucks to be you too huh? Thanks for taking the time to talk with me about this. I've not been able to really talk to anyone outside of the person who contacted my family about the school." Jono may not be keeping a straight face for long as Tyler is tugging on a pair of high-tops that are almost like an electric blue. "I normally hate colors bordering on neon but these are pretty cool."

« You've time. » There's a smirk for that though. Poor kid. Patience is never easy, not even for him now. Jonothon knows impatience only too well. « What hangs over my head I did to myself. » The Brit admits in a quiet, firm voice. « If you learn anything from me it's to not let your power control you. It will take everything you love and it will be all your own fault. » Yeah, gloom. Sorry. Jono struggles with depression a lot. That Tyler appreciates talking about it? Jono digs through pockets and takes out a small notebook and pen. Always has it for those people who can't hear his mental voice. Writes down his number. « I can't use the phone, but I can text and I am willing to let people crash at my flat if needed. I've a small town home here in Salem. Call even if it's just because you need someone to listen. » That paper is offered. The shoes? Yeah, totally ignoring those. Grah. Color has cooties.

Tyler sighs, "Yeah, I know. Hopefully nothing bad happens before I can figure things out or at least stop freakin that something might happen. What's the sense in worrying about something that might not happen?" That's certainly easier to say than it is to believe. Taking what Jono has told him to heart he will endeavor to make sure that his life doesn't go down the crapper. As he's taking off the new kicks to put back into the box he notices Jono scrawling on the paper then takes it from the man. "This is really cool of you. I really appreciate the help. I'll try not to text wall you but I can't promise it won't happen if I'm flipping out about something. At least you don't have to hear it right? He smiles then tugs his shoes on. "I think I'll get these." With that he'll pay for the shoes and he's pretty much done with the shoe shopping.

Jonothon shrugs as pad and pen are tucked away. He doesn't have a great many pockets at the moment though. Didn't wear his jacket. « Wall of text I can deal with. » The man assures. « That's an offer I make a lot of the kids. Few accept though. » Not that he's too worried about that however. He's been distancing himself from the school for some time. « I'm an old stick in the mud. » There's a smile for that one, as it's something he finds damn funny. Done already? Well then! « I may be down in the city a good deal, but I always have my phone with me. » That said, and shoes paid, the two can leave the store. « Anything else, mate? »

"Well you are old," Tyler offers up helpfully. Can he avoid getting smote for his wisecrack? Kinda hard to avoid one having to wait in line for the register to pay for his bright colored shoes. "You don't know how grateful I am to have accidentally found someone that can understand what's up with me a bit." Grins then pays for his shoes. Bag in hand he walks with Jono back out into the mall taking a look around. "Not really. As I said before when the others were around I'm just here for the shoes and the drink I had. I'm probably coming back this weekend to hang out and store hop with Kieran."

The Brit shakes, but that odd action is laughter. Jonothon merely can't make sound. « And someday so will you be. » Hopefully when Tyler reaches ninety, but that's left unsaid. « Well, I am curious what you change into, but that's something for later. When we're in the danger room or the gym. » Places where power use won't do a lot of harm. « I've pointedly not chosen to be a teacher there, but I did run a squad for a semester. I can help you practice extra if you want. » Not one to force the kid, Jono will not mention it again if Tyler doesn't want. « Then shall we head back? I'm parked out this way. » A motion in the general direction. There's a bit of mall to cross before reaching the exit doors.

Tyler pffts, "Nope. I plan to be young forever. I just have to go find the Fountain of Youth. I think I'll use the Pirates movie as a guide for that. Whataya think?" Of course he's joking around with Jono and idling on place shaking his bag back and forth lightly. "You'd help me pew pew things? Awe-sum." Tylers all smiles despite the serious turn the conversation took for a bit. "Yeah, let's head back." Once they're out in the parking lot Tyler mentions that he could show Jono what his particular situation is if he'd like but it would require a pit stop to shove things into a gym locker and they would have to find a place that was pedestrian and small creature free.

Jonothon rolls his eyes, « Yeah, because that worked so well in the movie. » Sacrificing another? Doesn't sound great to him. There's a nod for pewpewing things. « I'm more damage resistant than most. » So he's a good choice for it. At least in one way. Might not be so great a teacher though. Once the two pass through the door he digs out his keys and hits the button. While there are other cars in the lot a gray Lexus beeps and the lights turn on. « No, save it for school. Easier that way. You start tearing down trees on someone else's land and they go poking at Xaviers first. Generally for money. » Not a pretty sight. He tosses his few bags in the back before climbing into the drivers seat. « Have they told you about the lower levels yet? »

"Don't ruin it for me! Haven't seen it yet." The teen squints his eyes hoping that Jono doesn't reveal anything else about the story. He does love the pirates films though and mainly because he thinks Captain Sparrow is sexy. "Dork," Tyler sighs in exasperation. "I meant stop off at a gym locker at school not go rampaging down the street towards a Dairy Queen and throwing a fit because I can't eat the brownie sundae." A bit green but he's not an idiot. The car however gets a whistle. "Nice car, damn." Now he's afraid to touch anything in the car because it was one of those incredible luxury type deals. "Nope, nothing about the lower levels. Just that you're not supposed to go down there without permission or a teacher I think. I've really only been there about five days now I think."

« Then you shouldn't talk about it. » Kids. Jonothon eyes the teen for that he's a dork. « What? I've seen worse reasons. » Than throwing a fit at Dairy Queen. Hell, he's seen people use less excuse than that. And considering he can't eat those sundaes? Yeah. Good reason indeed! The car has him shrugging. « Heh. It's called your parents giving you expensive things in hopes that you ignore the fact they don't talk to you but once a year. If they remember that often. » Bitter? Yeah, a little. « I've lived homeless though, so it's not quite suffering to have something nice. » Which is why he deals. « Buckle up. » Should the teen do so he gets the car going. « If you want I'll show you once we get there, but we don't have to. It can wait. » Eyes on the road he gives most his attention to driving. « But yeah, only with supervision. There's good reason for that. You can use the gym freely though. After you get a squad they grant you access to that. »

Tyler frowns, "Well that's bull shit. I'm sorry your parents are like that. Makes me glad I lucked out with my dads. I won't forget how lucky I got with that lemme tell you." Buckled in the car ride back to the school sure beat having to ride the bus again. "I don't mind showing you. I could stand to use some more time in form but I'm sure people might wig out or something if they see me. Stupid to worry about something like that over there but I'm not used to walking around in the not altogether there if you know what I mean." Takes a glance at Jono, "Just for you to see. I don't really want to open fire on anything."

« Can't pick your family. » Another shrug and he opts not to speak more on it. Jonothon glances over about showing powers. Smirks for some reason. « Trust me, you can't do any worse to me than Magneto does weekly. Blast away if you like. Considering if I don't vent energy I get dangerous, you might want to be careful about it. No idea if you are, but better safe than sorry. » The Brit doesn't sound concerned though. If the kid is here then he's in a good place, so why worry? « You probably aren't as weird as you believe you are, mate. I've seen some truly strange things in my time. Going twinklie doesn't count. » Since that's the only description he's gotten so far.

"Yeah, not really. Least whomever was pushing the papers at the adoption agency set me up with my dads. I've got no idea where I'm actually from nor do I really care." It would probably be helpful to know who the biological parents are because of his mutation but that wasn't likely to happen. Maybe Tyler will change his mind in the future when he's of age and go looking for those answers just to get an idea of why he's become what he has. "Magneto? The guy from tv? Wow…and you get beat up by him all the time? Nice to see you're still here!" There's some squirming in the passenger seat as Tyler undoes his jacket from about his waist and tries to pull it on without unbuckling. "Twinkly is kinda an understatement, man. I do twinkle but it's not like a fairy wand or something. Also, I've never ever blasting anything that wasn't an accident and it's only been on a door and well a curtain went up in flames but you see what I'm getting at." When the car arrives at the school they can go directly to
where ever Jono wants to go. What Tyler has can just get shoved into a locker or something.

Jonothon nods, « You're lucky. » Very much so. To have loving parents. As for Magneto, the Brit glances over in amusement, « He's one of the teachers at the school, mate. You're sure to meet him soon enough. » Glosses over that he's still here. Magnus isn't truly out to kill Jono, but sometimes it seems like he is. « Honestly that sounds like nearly every kid who walks through Xavier doors. Everyone blasts on accident. » As they pull up to the Xavier gates, Jonothon rolls down the window and enters the gate pass key. After that it's a short trip to where he parks in the visitor lot. Which isn't all that big a lot. « Am I dropping you off, or we are seeing down stairs? »

Magneto is a WHAT?!?! Tyler's jaw hits the floor, eyes as big as small moons, and he just stares at Jono like the man has multiple heads. "No..way…" It's not that he doesn't believe Jono it's that this is MAGNETO. Everyone knows Magneto! "What's he teach?" Hopefully upper class men! The cosmic wonder would be so intimidated by the master of magnetisms mere presence that he'd never be able to do anything but remember to breathe and maybe not even that.
At the gate of the school Tyler snaps out of it and waves a hand in Jono's general direction. "What ever you want. I don't mind showing you so you have an idea or I can hop out and you can catch me later. You're call since you're the sorta teachery-advisor type."

What does Magneto teach? « No idea. I'm just hoping it's not the morality class. » For all that amuses Jonothon to no end. « The man's crazy, but you can learn a bloody lot from him. He's brilliant, skilled, and experienced. Just never expect kindness. That could just be me though. » Looking non plussed, the Brit climbs out of the car, « Let's go and show you off. You waffle more than an ice cream cone. » Car is locked once Tyler is out, and the Brit leads him into the school. To the elevators, and he's granted access to the lower levels. Which of course are brushed steel and kind of intimidating. « Lockers are over there. » Points out, but they are clearly marked. Zomg, boys and girls locker rooms!

Some how Jono's explanation of Magento doesn't change Tyler's view of the man. Incredibly intimidating, powerful and kinda cracked. He does however accept that he could learn a lot from Magneto. What was he called anyways? Professor Magneto? Professor Mags? Mr. Magneto? Purple Buckethead? Who knows? "I waffle more than an ice cream cone? That doesn't make any sense. You and your weird English-ease.." Tyler huffs. Quietly the teen follows which is something of a feet of accomplishment in and of itself. The entire lower level is a little much to take in. Shiny walls, everything looks so clean and barren really. Into the boys locker room Tyler goes. Once there he stuffs his bag and clothes into a locker and comes back out with a UM tank, shorts and silly UM ankle socks on. "Tada! You came all the way down here for this. Naw, I'm kidding. I kid. What's down here anyways?"

Jonothon would vote buckethead, but then he could get away with it. « Then we're even. » About neither of them making sense. The Brit waits in the hall for the teen to reappear, standing there with hands in pockets. Looks bemused at the tada, but his answer is that he manifests the psy-fire. Suddenly fire surrounds his upper torso, flowing up and behind him. With this dark eyes turn to flames and his clothing shifts. From that nice dress attire to worn jeans, tshirts, and that familiar jacket. Hair ruffles during all of this, but it's too short to do much more than that. « This way. » A nod of the head, and he heads down the hall to the large dangerroom door. A simple touch opens that door, and he motions the teen inside. It doesn't look like much at all. A large empty room. Once the door is firmly shut behind them, Jono says, « Twinkle away. »

Tyler hops back startled then covers his heart with a hand. "Holy shit!" That hand at his chest flies up to cover his mouth. Hadn't meant to blurt that out at Jono. "Sorry, I didn't mean…sorry?" Fascination is evident as he watches all of these changes happen right before his eyes. "That's scary yet friken fabulous. Dumb question here but is that really fire? Cause wouldn't the sprinklers and the alarms be going off?" Clueless about how things work around a school of varying powered people Tyler falls in just behind Jono. Large doors open and he steps inside when told to do so. It's just a buncha walls? This isn't so bad but it's incredibly boring to look at. "I'm going to regret explaining that I twinkle huh?"
Not waiting for a response Tylers blonde haired blue eyed self emits a bright white light for the briefest of moments then in the next tick a humanoid shaped form stands off in the distance like a swirl of stars and colored gasses. "I have an aura. Don't get too close cause you can't see it but it's there."

« I've been dealing with fear since I was eighteen. » Jonothon says of that he's scary. « And no, it's not fire. For all it appears to be. Touch. You won't burn. » In fact the psy-fire merely tingles. Sure it's warm, but body temperature, which really is more like luke warm for most people. « I'm telekinetic. The fire's some bollocks special effect I'm stuck with. » A roll of eyes and then it's inside! And once the teen changes Jono's expression shifts to curious. No, not afraid. He's a bit too jaded for that. « Well, that's brilliant. » Neat affect there! The warning only has the Brit moving over though. He holds out a hand to get near the teen, but not touch. What he finds has him surprised. « Christ. Must be cold. I can feel it. » Yet that seems to intrigue him, not bother him. « It's like you're made of space. » And his fire swirls amongst the cold of space as he turns his hand, a bit of frost forming over fingers. Doesn't feel pain from it though, even as he pulls his hand back and rub his thumb over that rime of white. Neat!

"Freaky but cool." Ty may have been scared at first but now he's come over to reach out towards the fire without hesitation. It really didn't burn at all which is weird because watching the flames flicker and yet nothing happen is screwing with his mind. No time to dwell on that for he's been ushered into the room.
Tyler remains on the ground after the shift instead of hovering like he's prone to do because he's not in an environment that can handle the chill that surrounds his body. "You think so? It took me awhile to get used to it. Then it became kinda fun to wander around at night like this. Not anywhere with a lot of people though." Remaining still he lets Jono get close though he takes a step back when the man extends a hand. "Yeah..about that…" a quick explanation is given for just how cold the space around him is. As he speaks Jono can see that those points of light and varying colors are not fixed, they move, and have no set pattern. "I am made of space. It's all cosmic material. You know, like space dust, star matter, all that stuff. I can create it, destroy with it, and all that stuff. I hover to but not very high off the ground which is good cause otherwise everything would get frosty. "Ack!" Worries immediately when the not-fire comes towards him and Jono's fingers get too close.

The teen acks and Jonothon shakes his head. « Don't worry. I can survive in space as is. » He assures, but won't be getting too close to Tyler in this form unless necessary. « I said I was more durable than most. » That Tyler is made of space is very, very interesting. « Bet the scientists we have here are going love poking at you. » Noted with a smile. « Can see why you'd avoid people for the most part though. You're going to have to be careful during practice as it's normally with other students. Why don't you blast something? That wall over there. » Motions to it as fire licks around his hand, removing frost and repairing his fingers. « You can't hurt this room, which is why we're here. I'll stand behind you if that makes you feel better. » Totally not worried about it.

"Well saying your more durable doesn't mean anything to me you know?" No mouth to be seen just a pair of luminous eyes. For all intents and purposes the only thing remaining of his human form is the general shape, hands and feet, and those bright eyes. The rest is a cosmic swirl of small stars, dust and gasses. "Yer kidding right? I don't even know if they can poke me. I've poked myself and I'm pretty solid but not sure they'd be able to get a sample. Then again what do I know I'm like fifteen and they deal with the weird all the time around here." There's a nod for why he's careful and that he will have to be with his squad. "The irony, Jono? I'm a Paragon. Their colors are Purple and black and well that's what I appear to be most of the time like this. Purple and black. I don't even need the suit!" Seems awful cheerful since you sorta got close to him and didn't have fingers turn frostbitten. Or maybe your fingers did take damage. He'd sad face at you if he had a face to speak of. "Just blast it? Ok…." Lifting up his left hand, because he's left handed, his fingers seem to glow eerily white, and purple then what appears to be a stream of sparkling stars sails across the room smacking into the wall sparking upon impact.

The lack of mouth doesn't bother Jonothon. He spent years without one. « I'm a psionic construct and I build my body through sheer bloody stubbornness and telekinesis. I can be durable. » His tone is almost laughing though. « Just because you can't think of a way doesn't mean McCoy won't. Or Magneto for that matter. You'll see. Now stop freaking out and just blast the wall, right? You can angst about your uniform later. » He's smiling though, and as the blasting happens, the Brit looks speculative. « Christ, twinkling indeed. » Tilts his head, hair still ruffling, at Tyler. « And I'm teasing you. Were you holding back? » A sparkle on impact? Really.

Tyler is not angsting about his uniform. "It's a fashion horror but I'm kinda in UM as it is all the time anyway." The shot is taken of course and the teen looks towards Jono. "Perhaps I was. You have to understand, I've spent awhile trying NOT to zap things and leave holes in walls. You probably know that but it had to be said. I ran through the testing when I got here. I can cause some damage though I don't want to."

Jonothon rolls his eyes over the fashion horror. « I wear unstable molecules every day. It's not a big deal. » Of course he can alter his clothing, so of course it's not. That blast has him shaking his head. « Mate, when my powers first manifested I took out nearly a whole city block, killed some people, and blew off my own bloody jaw. I know what it means to not want to blast things, but in this one spot it's okay. That's why I brought you down here. » Turning from the teen he spreads his feet and there's a tremendous PHOOM as the Brit blasts that wall. A length of fire that starts at his upper chest. It has enough presence to where even Tyler's strange body might feel it. Yet the wall remains unharmed. « Don't feel like you have to hold back, mate. Both the room and I can take it. »

"A whole block? Jesus…" on wheat toast. Tyler is quite uncertain about all of this and though the room is a safe location to unleash hell he's reluctant. Jono takes a shot at the wall and though he twitches from not only the manifesting of power but for the impact as well he doesn't move very far. "Damn…were you holding back there?" The room is unharmed, the teen a bit rattled, and yet he eyes the wall and sets his feet. With both hands out in front of him that same glow and movement at his hands builds until two separate beams flow into each other making one large beam five yards out from his body that slams into the wall with a physical force that is enough to have blown a car apart. The sparking star material was much brighter, and there was definitely a visible freeze to the wall before that vanished.

There's no answer about the block, but Jonothon nods a little about holding back. « I always have to. If I don't I pretty much explode. Since that puts a cramp in my day, and might hurt you, I'll pass. Every bit I vent helps though, and it shows you that this room can take it. » That Tyler listens and blasts, well he's pleased. « Brilliant. That's more like it. How do you feel? » The ice on the wall shows him that Tyler was really trying. « Remember how it feels when you let loose. That'll help you gain better control. Figure out how it feels when you do things and you'll get a great handle on how not to do it. Just don't be too frustrated if it doesn't come quickly. Sometimes powers take practice. I practice nearly every day, and with Magneto. Very few have it easy. »

A bit startled and exhilarated at once Tyler turns towards Jono, "Funky. Yeah, I feel funky. Like where the hell did all that come from? Kinda scary too. That's a hell of a lot more than melting a toaster." Heh. He hovers off the ground and a bit away from Jono as he's used to being in the air and not standing on the ground. "What's it like if something goes wrong? Or you know somethings wrong? Is it sort of like when you eat some bad food and you want chuck all over the place sort of thing? You know…not the chucking part but the sense that something totally fubar."

« You've been holding back, so letting loose isn't familiar. That's all. » Finds that part easier to explain. As for the rest? Jonothon spreads his hands. « It's different for everyone, mate. I push too hard and it hurts. No idea what it's going to be for you. That's something for you to learn. And yes, I've exploded three times in my life and rebuilt myself from nothing. It's bloody painful. I'd rather avoid doing it a fourth time. Hopefully you'll never have to endure something like that, but you still have to try pushing yourself to learn your limits. I don't think we should today, but we can try letting you destroy things so you get a feel for how much things can take. It'll give you a good idea of how much you have to smack things, and how little. »

"Umm yeah, I'm not with the whole cosmic bang thing." For theres no telling if Tyler could pull himself back together if he lost control of his form in such a chaotic manner. "So I'm in for a lot of trial and error? Great…" Arms are shrugging out to his sides as he hovers around in the room. "Don't go blowing up on me either. You're helpful guy. If helpful guy explodes I can't wall of text flipping out. Well I could but you wouldn't get it for awhile. Too bad I don't know how to put things back together again. Cosmic energy made everything there is. I wonder if I'll be a bad ass some day and be able to do something like that." Spins around in a circle. "I can't hold onto this form for long. What do you want me to do?" A little less resistant now that Jono's still in one piece, the rooms not damaged and he didn't end up hurting himself.

There's a look of understanding for trial and error. « You and every other mutant. It's how we learn. » For all Jonothon never believed that until recently. « Heh. I don't plan on doing so. » Exploding. Always a chore, so he'd like to skip it. « One day isn't now, but you have time to work on it. For the moment I think you should land before you change back and fall. I think you should try changing back. Then you can get a feel for that too, if you aren't freaking out, and paying attention to it. » The Brit is still on fire of course as he motions towards the floor. Land first.

Tyler the hovering teen lowers himself the foot back to the ground and starts walking over towards Jono. As he does so there's another brief blinding flash of light that is akin to the brightness of his eyes in the cosmic form, and then there is the blonde haired boy again. "Back and forth is kinda easy it's trying not to switch into form when I flip out that's hard." Pointing at the flames around you, "I'm fine around you but that Jem girl? I can't get close to her at all. I have this problem with being near heat. Hot days, grills, flaming chicks. No problem with hotties though." There's a wink there at the end though he facepalms a moment later. "I really shouldn't say stuff like that to you. You're kinda sorta a teacher and that's stuff that one doesn't say to a teachery type. My bad, Jono."

Jonothon rolls his eyes. His flames aren't real, and don't give off heat. « Christ, I'm not a teacher and I'll be the last one to tell you that you shouldn't find someone attractive. I don't care about that. More concerned with that you don't hurt yourself and others. » The rest is your business. « I think we're done here. Go put your clothes back on and find your boyfriend. » There's a smile for that. « Call me if you need me, but I think it's time I returned home. »

Tyler snorts, "I just meant I probably shouldn't have joked about hotties to like an older dude." Rocking on the balls of his feet he grins despite the two of them misunderstanding things again. It's probably Tyler who's the one confusing and or being confused. Told to hit the lockers and find his boyfriend he snaps a playful salute. "Thanks for this. I've learned some stuff and I'll text you if somethings up. Have a good night, Jono." Over to the door in a few jogged steps he turns around and tosses the man a wave, "Thanks again!" Then twinkletoes is off to the lockers feeling excited and a bit tired from the brief session.

An older dude. Sigh. Ah well, kids are kids. Jonothon lifts a hand to Tyler and offers, « Cheers. » Doesn't say more as he's sure they will talk again in the future. For now he heads for the elevator, leaving Tyler to change.

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