2010-01-14:To Belong



Summary: James gets offered a deal.

Date: January 14, 2010

A Place to Belong

Rating: PG

Having once again surveyed his recently adopted territory, James begins to return to the school ground. He's snuck out yet again, something he does without remorse every chance he gets. Tonight, it's a little later than most as insomnia has set in. Something feels weird, wrong, alien, and he's not quite sure why. And as a result, he's wide-awake. Returning from as far as the cemetery, he can see the lights of the school in the distance. And although it may be within sight, he's still far enough away he can get into plenty of trouble and not have anyone at his back?especially since no one knows he's missing.

"Poor lost child. Alone. With no one to understand you or what it feels like." A voice intones. Feminine. Pleasant. Empathetic. "We understand your pain." As far as James can tell, though, there is no one there. No scents on the wind. No sound other than the voice.

James stops, a branch breaking under is foot. He listens to the wind as his ears try to home in on the sounds. He scents the air, but gets nothing in return. Still, barely breathing he waits, looking for place to duck if need be. He calls out "Hello?

"We know. We know how it feels to stand out from others. We know the relief of fitting in. Would you like to know what it's like to belong to something? Something bigger than yourself? Something better than all of them?" The voice intones, reassuring.

James's eyes narrow, his pulse racing. "Okay…fun's over. Where's ya at?" He moves a little, trying to divulge the location of the voice. He walks over to a big tree and looks around it, then up into its branches. "You've above me, right? I can't hear you or smell you…" He glances around, a little frustrated, "What you' got that I can't get elsewhere?" He smiles at his own cleverness—keep them talking and they can't hide for long.

"Acceptance." The voice says. An being IS up there, slowly descending to the ground. The being looks like what angels are traditionally painted as. Her feet move softly. "One who would accept you as you are, and give you a place with people who truly understand you. One who would help you walk among people without hiding who and what you are."

James' eyes go wide, his lips forming the words, "whoh." He jumps back, looking for more flying people. He drops to the ground, on all fours, and circles the woman slowly, trying to keep little distance as he inspects the winged woman. He stops, head low, eyes narrow, "Are you with the school?" A hand reaches back to check his BDU pants pocket, keeping the other three on the ground. No phone, no help.

"No. Though a few people there have met me before. I know July. Eddie. Jordan." She states with a soft chuckle. "Even you have noticed, the people at the school don't accept you. I have friends, family, and others that would love to count you among our number. A family who has chosen each other. Who has asked each person to be a part of it. Not like… here. Where they teach you to COPE with what you are. We help you learn to BE who you are."

James looks around one last time and takes a seat, "I don't know any of those people." He considers the word 'family,' "But..I'm listening." He watches, eyes intense, "So…this is sorta like an X-team you're hand picking people for?" He tilts his head, ears pushing forward. "Like…'make a difference' sorta thing?" He gives a little sigh, "Why would your family want me?"

"X-Team? Hardly. Why would we want you? They cast you aside. We have people whos looks do not matter. We care for each other regardless. We simply want the freedom to be ourselves in front of the world. To stop hiding. To let them know, we're here and we're just as good." She says, smiling softly.

James breathes in sharply and goes quiet for a long moment. He crosses his arms, eyes narrowing, "We are just as good as anyone else." He hmphs, looking off to the left, "When this first started, I could change back. I can't anymore. You can help me do that?"

"Yes, Jam'z. We are." The woman chuckles, smiling. "We can have you reach your potential and learn to master yourself." She says with a nod. "To become all you can be, and make yourself what you need to be. That depends upon what your powers choose to allow you." She states, not saying she can help him turn back, but, "But we CAN try."

The beast's eyes stay narrow, ears still back, "I've never had a choice before. Ever. Everything, and I mean everything, up until this point was directed." He looks up at the woman, "It's nice to be given a choice for once." He stands up and dusts off his legs, knocking off bits of moss and forest matter that's collected on him during his trip outside the school's grounds, "Okay. Count me in." There' a long sigh that leads nowhere, "No more sneaking out."

The woman chuckles, flying up slightly and moving to place a kiss on James's forehead. "I will call you, soon, Jam'z. You will know when. And you will rise, and join our ranks, because you wish to." She says, smiling brightly as she rises further. The kissed spot is warm and will remain warm for a few days.

James watches as the woman rises and approaches. He pulls away at first, unfamiliar with contact no matter how meaningful or meaningless. When she kisses he just stares at her in awe for a moment, finally managing, "Alright. I'll be waiting," his hackles raising out of forgotten instinct.

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