2011-09-28: A Question For You


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Summary: Kenta, Kai, and Theo have a lot of questions. Well, at least Kenta and Kai do.

Date: Wednesday, September 28, 2011. 12:36pm

Log Title: A Question For You

Rating: PG

Westchester - Titicus Reservoir

Surrounded by trees and plenty of green, Titicus Reservoir is a peaceful spot. There is a fence surround the water to keep people out of the watershed. Sorry but there is no swimming in the drinking water. Before the fence is a small park with picnic tables, grills, and a large grassy area for recreational activity. The park is well maintained by the state of New York so it seems clean almost all the time.

It's a sunny day and even though autumn is already here it's still warm out. So Kenta's decided to fly down to the reservoir to relax and play some music since he doesn't have any classes till later this afternoon. Sitting in the grass with his acoustic guitar in his lap, Kenta plays a few chords of a slow rock song as he sings. "Her green plastic watering can, For her fake Chinese rubber plant, In the fake plastic earth. That she brought from a rubberman, in a town full of rubber plants, to get rid of itself. If wears her out, it wears her out…."

Parks have limited electronics, and it's one of those days for Theo. In fact, it's been one of those days all month. He pulls into the park with his mini-Ferrari, and hops out. No computer, no cell phone, no Proto even. Just Theo, by himself. The teen walks casually to the waterfront, and plops down onto the grass. His backpack is shed to his side, and he stares across the still waters, resting his chin on his knees. After a moment, he lets out a large and heaving sigh folding his arms across his legs, largely ignoring Kenta's music, or at least pretending that he's ignoring it.

Having some free time after his classes today Kai has decided to check out Westchester after his last attempt was derailed by the incident a few weeks back, heading down towards the water he's dressed in black jeans, a t-shirt patterned like a composition notebook, a black peaked beanie and dark grey converse, he stops and looks out at the water standing a couple of feet away from Theo.

"She lives with a broken man, a cracked polystyrene man. Who just crumbles and burns. He used to do surgery, for the girls in the eighties. But gravity always wins. It wears him out, it wears him out." Kenta continues to sing before he starts to go into a bit of a guitar solo, it's no thing fancy just a lot of repetitive chords played at different volumes. As he spots one of the Xavier's kids, he gives Theo a nod of his head in greeting. Kenta's dressed in his usual jeans and t-shirt with a pair of sunglasses hiding his solid black eyes. His arms, on the other hand, that are covered in the black dark force markings are quite visible.

Theo is clad in a red, white and blue striped long sleeved shirt, with blue jeans as well. He glances out of the corner of his eye at Kenta, and then his eyes shift up at Kai. Maybe they won't say anything, and I can just sit here quietly listening to a morbid song about plastic surgery. He stares back out over the water, hardly moving at all.

Out of the corner of his eye Kai spots the singing man with the very and rather oddly dark black tattoos wave at the boy near him, "That man is trying to get your attention, well i assume it's you, Ii don't know him", he picks up a stone from the floor.

If Theo choose to acknowledge him or not isn't something Kenta's worried about as he starts the last part of his song, "She looks like the real thing, She tastes like the real thing. My fake plastic love. But I can't help but feeling, I could blow through the ceiling. If I just turn and run. It wears me out, it wears me out. If I could be who you wanted….If I could be all you wanted, all the time. All the time…" He finishes and there's almost a sadness to his voice and the tone of the music as it ends on a faded note. Once done he puts his guitar aside and takes out a cigarette and lights it, taking a long drag as he leans back in the grass.

Theo doesn't choose to acknowledge Kenta, not at present at least. The teen continues to stare out over the water, perfectly content to remain silent until Kai speaks. "He teaches at the school I go to," he answers, head still resting on his knees. That's all he says, he doesn't introduce himself, or give any further insight to any connection between them. His eyes shift when Kai bends down, watching him pick the stone up from the ground.

Kai nods, "Is that the same one as Quenton, Sage, Evelyn and Kevin?" he straightens up and turns the stone over in his hand a few times before launching the stone across the water, he's seen people do that before and now kinda gets why.

Kenta looks up at as he hears Kai mention those names. He stands up and walks over towards them, mainly cause he's wondering how Kai knows them and why he assumes that him and Theo go to the same school. "Sorry kid, I don't teach anyone with those names." It's not exactly a lie. "Hey Theo, you're looking cheerful as ever."

Theo arches his head up to regard Kai, remaining in his seated position. There is a rather incredulous look on his face as if the other was from another planet. "Schools are big places," he answers, "I dunno." He does know, but he's perfectly content to straight up lie. But then again, those are all very common names, maybe there's another group of friends going to the same school with those names? Okay, so it's unlikely. "Yeah, life is a peach," he answers Kenta in the dry tone that he uses when he doesn't want to talk to people.

Kai shrugs as Kenta walks over, "Sorry, I must've got your school confused with another one, no worries", he raises an eyebrow at Theo's response to Kenta, he's obviously a glass half-full kind of guy, a right little ray of sunshine.

"Oh yeah, you just look like you're squeeing that today's a lovely day there." Kenta says to Theo as he takes a drag off his cigarette, the grin not leaving his face. "So what kind of peach, the warm fuzzy and sweet kind or the rotted wormy one with pits. So what's gotten you all riled up there?" He asks Theo before looking at Kai and nod. "I guess so kid."

Theo rolls his eyes as only an obstinate teenager can do properly. "The kind of peach that makes me want to go somewhere that I don't expect to run into people I know who want to ask questions." His words could make pickles if he had a jar. "Be glad you don't go to my school, everybody at mine thinks they are a counselor," he comments to Kai.

Kai looks to Kenta, "I'm not a kid", he raises an eyebrow at Theo again, "Or maybe they're being nice?, and you with your cheerful disposition finds that annoying". He picks up another stone and launches it, "Everywhere you go someone will ask questions, it's what people do.:

"Then run along if you don't want questions Theo. It's a public park and you just waltz in here like you have a dark cloud over your head. Honestly though, I could care less what bug crawled up your ass and died." Kenta says to Theo and he's pretty honest about it. He's just more nervous about this other kid who seems to know students at the school. He looks over at Kai and studies the boy for a bit. "So, what's your name Sir Snoopy. And there you go, it's one of those questions that everyone asks!"

"Good," Theo answers Kai. "You can ask each other questions. I'll go find another park," He gets back to his feet and picks up his pack, then starts heading to his car. Looks like he is taking Kenta up on his suggestion.

Kai watches as Theo takes Kenta's advice and leaves before turning back to Kenta, "Ok you're a little rude too, must be something in the water round here. People do always ask questions, we constantly seek knowledge, it's whats kept us going as a species."

Kenta grins at Kai. "Well I'll just say you're suspicious is all." He says to the kid not hiding it at all. "After all you didn't answer my question Sir Snoopy but then again after that little thing about what keeps us going as a species I might just start calling you Darwin." He then sits down next to Kai and turns to look at him for a bit. "Ya see, I lied about something, those kids, they are my students. And maybe I'm a bit of a papa bear protecting his cubs. So if questions are what keeping us going as a species why are you so curious about if we go to the same school as them? There are a lot of schools and picking that one, well I don't see it as a coincidence."

Kai shrugs, "Darwin is as good a name as any, though not the most suspicious man," he crouches down next to Kenta, "Some of them are friends of mine, I've recently lost my phone and don't have a way to contact them anymore, so as I know roughly where they go to school I thought I'd see if i could find them."

"See kid, this is where I find you really cute. Adorable even." Kenta says watching him closely as he finishes up his smoke. "You mentioned one name, Sage. He hasn't left the school since he's come there, quite scared to actually. I have him in my music class. Though I'm still curious why you assumed that one, specific, school. We're in a public park, how do you know I'm not a teacher at the public school down the street? Or at a town miles away from here. There are many schools in this area, not just one."

"Never been called cute or adorable before, it good or bad?", Kai does generally mean the context though it still applies, "He doesn't? Wow that must be a sorry existence, having to live day after day in the same place without ever leaving," he shrugs, "I was clutching at straws, I didn't assume, I just asked, thought I'd give it a shot before I started wandering round a bunch of different schools, one of those names helped me out big time a few weeks back."

Kenta slips his sunglasses up so they're resting on his head before he turns to look at Kai with his solid black eyes. His hands reach out to grab the front of Kai's shirt to bring him close, the smell of cigarette breath escaping as he talks. "Listen, I don't trust you. Not at all. You're playing a game of some sort and it's not amusing. Yeah you're clutching at straws, to find an excuse as to why you're asking questions about the school. You stay away from my students and this area. If I see you again, I will make sure that you forget your 'friends' and that any existed up here….got it?"

Kai doesn't seem to react to the intimidation at all, he makes a note of the eyes but had figured that Kenta was a mutant when he confirmed a like with the school, "I don't care about or want your trust, I don't play games they're a waste of both mine and other people's time. And I have a friend at that school and as long as he's willing to keep talking to me I'll be sticking around, now if you're done intimidating a teenager let me go, I like this shirt."

Kenta releases Kai and stands up. "Yeah, I'm sure you do kid, I'm sure you do." He says as he walks away going to his guitar and starting to pack it up, he figures it's time for him to leave the park as well.

Kai straightens up, "Like i said, i'm not a kid", he watches as Kenta starts packing up his things, "You call me suspicious but with a reaction like that it almost sounds like the kids at your school are prisoners, not allowed to fraternize with outsiders, no wonder that kid had such an attitude."

Kenta doesn't look back at Kai until he finishes packing all his stuff. He looks over at the kid and gives him a grin. "Oh I'm plently suspicious kid. You can trust me on that." He says as he takes flight and starts to fly off in the oposite direction of where Xavier's is.

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