2010-08-16: A Question Of Security


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Summary: Bruce happens upon Jono & Corrin while investigating the new shelter.

Log Title: A Question of Security

Rating: G

NOTE: Incomplete Log

NYC - Mutant Town

Mutant Town, also known as District X, has become a haven for mutants. This section of town doesn't care what you look like, accepting all mutants no matter what their appearance. Most of the businesses in this section of town are mutant run ranging from small convenience stores to clothing shops to restaurants to night clubs. The buildings here aren't the high rise buildings you might find in mid-town but most are about 5-6 stories high. Mutant Town might not be the most luxurious section of town, in fact it's fairly run down, but this section of where mutants are safe and welcomed regardless of race, religion and culture.


«Thanks. I was hoping for comfortable, but not leaving the feeling they didn't rate nice stuff.» Jonothon drags fingers back through his hair where he sits in the kitchen with Corrin. The shelter is newly finished and very nice. Like a three or four star hotel, but not too fancy. «And no, no mirrors. Can't say I much enjoy them myself.» Never mind that his appearance currently is a very normal, if handsome man. «Tomorrow I'll start spreading the word. Although I should get some staff for here.» Weary that. He's quite a full workload lately.

Corrin leans down to pick up his water bottle. "I figure if you make the place clean, tidy, comforatable, all of the appropriate amenities work, and/or there's enough of them… you should do all right." He cracks the cap of the bottle. "Are you going to be hiring for the place? The Town needs jobs, and there should be people here who can do what you need, and be grateful for the opportunities available."
You aren't carrying anything.

Jonothon nods, «That was the goal.» Hiring people from inside Mutant Town. He smirks a little afterwards, «I can only hope Magneto will deal with the equal opportunity laws.» Which means they can't hire all mutants. He's just going to have to lump it. «Want the tour? Can't say there's a lot to see, but you are welcome to.» Rising from his chair, he picks it and puts it back where he found it. «Looking for a job?» Asked with a smile. Jono doesn't expect Corrin to at all.

Bruce had heard that there was a shelter being built here for mutants. Deciding that this sounded like a huge target for anti-mutant extremists, the man decided to check up on the building's defenses. He has been wandering the compound for a short while now, stopping occasionally to check for emergency escapes and possible break in points. He passes by the kitchen and stops, doubling back to peek his head in at the people in there. "Ah, didn't know anybody was up here." Yes, he's apparently been wandering the compound unsupervised. He quirks a brow when he sees Jono. "Don't I know…Ah, Mr. Explody. I think it's safe to come back to the pub. Lil's less furious about all that now." Bruce's accent is distinctly Australian, but those with untrained ears may think he's British. He offers a quick nod to Corrin.

Corrin startles at Bruce's voice, whipping around to face him, then blushing and looking sheepish when he sees who it is. "Hello, Bruce. Why is she less furious? I think what those cheese-heads did to the place is worth staying mad for." He looks around at Jonothon and nods. "Love a tour. But, uh…" he looks to Bruce, then back to Jono. It isn't his place to invite Bruce along for the ride… if there's going to be one.

The embassy is built well for defense. As pretty as it may be, it's designed to protect. There are also escape routes down into the tunnels beneath the city. Just have to know where they are.
Startled as well, if far more gently than Corrin, Jonothon eyes Bruce, but soon merely smiles a little. A shrug lets any tension disappear. That Bruce is here shouldn't be much of a surprise. «Hey, mate.» A pause at being mr explody. «Jonothon. My name is Jonothon.» Maybe use it sometime? «I can't drink, so there was no point in going back.» A shrug for that and he doesn't linger on it. «I was going to show Corrin here around the shelter. Want to come along? I'll be opening it tomorrow proper. We're rather lacking in staff however.» That shouldn't ask though. Magneto is good at throwing money around.

Bruce nods to Corrin, "Ah hey there. Yeah you was at that nastly little gun party too, weren't ya?" He nods again, this time in agreement with his own statement. "Well we've got a bit o' fun planned for them…Once I can get some licenses in order." He waves a hand dismissively, "And Lil? She was just unhappy that the bar got destroyed, but she'd rather the bar go down than the patrons methinks."

Bruce chuckles at Jono. "Jonothon? Yeah, I remember now. Suppose Mr. Explody might not be a good thing to call you out in the street…Or the subway…Or anywhere ever around mundanes." He ponders for a moment on the drinking comment, but decides not to ask. "I'd like to see the place, yeah." The man frowns. "Lacking in staff? Who're you using for security? I know a few mutant's've been getting targeted by the cops past couple months." Certainly that comment has nothing to do with what appears to be a bandaged shoulder under his shirt.

Corrin stands up and puts his chair with the one Jono was sitting in. "We might want to use this place as shelter for that block party, Bruce. A good idea to have a hard point to run to if the cheese-heads get sniffy with us again." He steps up to stand beside Jono. "It takes time to hire staff… don't you have anyone ready for when you open tomorrow? So there's no waiting?"

Jonothon can only shrug, «Magneto handles all that. For all I know, and I haven't had chance to ask recently, he's got staff already lined up.» Magneto thinks of this stuff. «I've got a lot to juggle these days.» He wrinkles his nose about it all. This place, his college classes, and the school. Free time? What's that? «Come on. There's not a whole lot to see.» The shelter is only a small part of the embassy as a whole, but it's on two floors. Rooms on the second floor, each with a small bathroom, and the first floor has kitchen, social area, medical center, etc. Jonothon shows you both around, as well as the hidden access. There is one entrance from sewer level. Mostly so that mutants don't have to be obvious about getting in and out of the facility if they don't want to be.

Bruce follows around and nods in approval to most of the facility. "It seems pretty solid. And if Mags had a hand in it I'm sure he took extra precautions. But…" He frowns for a moment as he contemplates the hidden access areas. "Well someone had to build all this. How do we know nobody's gonna sell the plans to some guy with a bunch of cash? And we kind of suspect these gun-guys are linked to the government. They could demand to see the plans, eh?"

Corrin keeps his trap shut during most of the tour, but he keeps his eyes open. Nods at some things, wows silently at a few others, and says, "It's nice," at the end, in that tone that says it's a very good nice. He examines the entrance to the below-ground section carefully. "How are you going to monitor this entrance? I think we all know that not all mutants are… well. They're not all on the same page and they don't all want the same things, and we need to be sure that the ones we're helping aren't going to be worse off in here than out there."

He stops and listens as Bruce speaks and his brow knots in thought. "Depending on the internal security systems, the plans may not be as useful to outsiders as they might wish, but I don't see that there's a way to keep them out of strange hands. If New York is like most cities, then it requires plans to be filed with the city offices, along with permits and things like that. No way to hide that info."

There's a pause as Bruce asks about the person who built it all, and Jonothon suddenly begins to shake. Might briefly look like he's having a fit, but in reality he's laughing. Just can't make the sounds associated with that. «Bruce.. Magneto and I made the whole building. You think Magneto is going to sell out?» That's a highly amusing thought. Hadn't even thought about permits. That wasn't his business. «I've been shaping everything in here for a couple weeks now, including the way in and out. Someone wants to sell out? I'll make a new exit and change the layout.» Wrinkles his nose and shrugs. That'd be a lot of work, but it would also be worth it. «There's security. It's all installed and active. Pretty sure there will be guards too.» Not terribly sure about that. «Everything about this place is a risk. No illusions there.»
Something beeps on his person, and Jono digs a phone out of a pocket and checks the screen. «Christ.» He's going to be late. «I'm going to have to go. Sorry to show the place off and run. You guys going to be alright? Don't worry about staying here.» Mutants are always welcome.

Bruce ponders the permit situation and chuckles softly at the mention that Jono and Magneto built the compound. "Alright, well I'll assume the plans are pretty safe then. If you need to file blueprints just file some false ones. If we need to block off an exit I can wall the old one off easy enough." He nods, "If you'd like I know a couple folk from the bar who might be good here. I'll get a list of names to you." He nods to Jono and offers a wave. "Na, I'll probably head out here myself. Gotto work pretty soon, just wanted to checkout our new keep." Turning to Corrin, "And the bar's less filled with bullets if yer throat's a little dry."

Corrin listens and nods as Jono explains about the building and the plans. "I see. Well, that's got to put a crimp in anyone knowing exactly what is what, even if they know where is where." He twitches at the beep, but suppressed most of that. "Take care, Jonothon. We're both big boys, Bruce and I. We can let ourselves out."

He looks round at Bruce and frowns at the phrase 'false plans', but doesn't say anything. He does duck his head at the part about a dry throat. "Don't mind if I do, actually," he says. "I've been meaning to check out the place and see what the repairs have done to it."

«Cheers.» He doesn't think false plans are a good idea either, but Jonothon doesn't linger on it. Just nods about the names of people willing to guard, and takes his leave of you two. Got to hurry, or he will be late.

Bruce waves as Jono heads out and then begins to walk in a direction that is not the usual entrance. He stops and turns, heading toward the way most people would go when leaving such a building. Perhaps he did not come in through the front door. "Yeah, the bar's back up to 100 percent. Thing's're pretty much back to normal there, but we've got a little memorial plaque thinger for the kids who died that night." He frowns slightly and heads out, walking toward Nowhere. "But yeah, since you helped save the folk there, drinks're on me tonight, mate."

Corrin says, "You already gave me a free drink for that!" He'll tag along behind Bruce, laughing to himself. "No wonder Lil is mad so often, you're giving away half the bar…"

~ Fin ~

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