2010-03-02: A Request For Help


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Summary: Robyn goes to James to ask him for some help with finding those kidnapped.

Date: March 2, 2010

Log Title A Request for Help

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - James and Lucas's Room

This is James' room, and by his, we mean 'His.' From the looks of it, in the absence of a roommate, he's taken over the accommodations of two. In one corner of the room, two beds have been pushed together while the window itself has been covered by a few blankets and a large plank of wood…probably a desktop…to block out ambient light. But even with such personalization, there's still at least one desk and dresser left intact. With school books in one and clothes in the other (although not necessarily in the right order) the room obviously belongs to a student. But, with a lack severe of personal effects to describe what type, all that you have to go by is a large occurrence of gnaw marks distributed randomly across several items.

After finding out James can sniff out people last night, Robyn needs to talk to him. He has to do something, he can't just sit idle this time. There's a knock on James's door as he looks up and down the hall, hoping that noone sees him. He just hopes that Rashmi isn't visiting Lucas at the moment. "JAmes, it's me, Robyn."

"It's open," James calls out from his chair at his desk. Sitting with a large array of small screwdrivers, the feral student looks over, waiting for Robyn to enter. With his goggles pulled down over his eyes, and his sleeves rolled up, the boy sets down a strange looking cube and wipes his hands off on his pants before giving into a rather long stretch. "Wazzup," he asks as you enter, "Must be something 'cause I think you're the first person who's actually dared to set foot in the 'cave." His ears twist forward, eye ridge raising.

Stepping in, Robyn can't help but look around James and Lucas's room before giving a wave. There's a small smile at 'the cave' comment. "I'm surprised Zack didn't run screaming when he first found out I was his roommate. My weird sculptures are everywhere." Not to mention the Edward Gorey posters. He looks at what James' is working on for a bit before just asking, straight and to the point. "I know I shouldn't get you involved in this stuff but…you might be able to help me find Jordan."

James hmmmmm and puts his attention back on the desk for a moment. The cube, which has dozens of screws and other types of dynamic gizmos arranged in it gets set on a shelf; the screws swept aways with the brush of an arm. "Dexterity homework," James says plainly after following the boy's eyes to his desk, "'supposed to help me work with these claws better." He shrugs and pulls up his goggles before giving Robyn a long look, "Yeah…probably. But you're here. So…might as well have a seat." He turns towards Lucas's side of the room and steals a chair with a foot, pushing it towards the other male.

Robyn sits down and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry to ask you this, but, do you think if I got you something of Jordan's, and some how we were able to get to the Train Station we could get a lead? I don't know, I'm just desperate right now." He's not ashamed to admit it, he is right now.

James gives it a thought, ears going back a little, "Maybe? I can't guarantee it." He sighs, "It's been a few days. And since the lock down, with nobody going out, the scents aren't clearing out like they normally do. So, it's starting to get funky around here. My nose is like…overloading. Not sure if I'd be any good." The hyena shifts in his seat, "I'm obliged to say something first though…"

Robyn nods accepting that it's just a chance, but it's a small chance he's willing to see if it will work. "Does it help to go outside? I don't have heightened senses, just the psy stuff." He says before the last part hits and Robyn nods. "Sure, say what you have to James. I know I'm asking you for a huge favour and you barely know me."

James shrugs, "Ehhh…you've been nice enough to me. And you don't smell like fear around me. So you're on VIP list." He smiles a little, but adds "Outside is only a little better by at points. Mostly mornings…everyone's spending more time outside right now. So, it's only okay when there's a breeze." He slides a foot onto the opposite knee, "I'm by far the responsible one, but we should talk about his first, 'cuase I got some insider insider info on this."

Robyn laughs and shrugs. "What's there to be afraid of around you? You're just different that's all. It's who you are, that's all there is to it." Robyn just accepts people for who they are, and that includes what they look like. "I know it's dangerous, I know it's stupid James. I know people, and teachers, are freaking out but I don't know what's going to happen if I just sit here and do nothing."

James smiles at the response, bet sticks to business 'cause it's easier for him to ignore compliments than accept them, "Yeah…that's a mild way of putting it." He runs his clawed hands over his head and clasps then behind his head, pushing his ears a little forward in the process, "I guess the headmaster is like totally freaked out and the girl with the green hair pissed her pants. Ice-cube guy went into seizers, and like…Professor Logan won't come out of his room." He screws up his face a little, "granted, some of this is second hand, but some of that I got from a good source. And all of that was because of one guy." He breathes in, "So…if they're the adults and they're afraid…what should we be?"

"I'm terrified James, I'll admit it." Robyn's beyond scared, he knows this isn't some child's play. "I'm not expecting a Danger Room session, but if they're so scared of him, and he's so dangerous, what do you think he's doing to them? I mean, what happens if I do nothing and the X-Men can't get there in time or something happens and Jordan and Jono come back dead. If Jordan dies, and I just sat here, and did nothing cause everyone was 'too scared'…" He just shrugs and shakes his head. "I wish I could listen to Rashmi, but I can't. Just as much as I'm scared of him, I'm scared of losing Jordan. And Jono and Skyler and the others."

James listens, unable to fault that logic, "I can't say you're wrong. And if you're anything like me, or my roommate, or anyone at this school you'll find a way to go anyways." He flexes his jaw a little, "Just to the train station, right?" He puts his fingers to his chin, "They say that they'll know if we leave, and I'm betting with things this bad, they 'will' and will come after us." He considers it, "So…how do we make it so they can't know?"

"That I don't know. How far does the fence go. I mean, can you sneak out through the woods." Robyn thinks about it for a bit before getting another idea. "Water! At night, we can maybe take a boat out on the lake, sneak far enough up or down stream and then go from there, you think that would work?" Robyn isn't sure if this is something he should be doing, but there's that spark of hope, that something could be done, and it shows on his face. "I've never snuck off….well, but..this is different."

James phhhhhhtttts and grins, "I know a hundred ways to get off the grounds. I used to leave a lot before…well, the possession thing." He shrugs, "Water I never considered. But…the question we gotta find out is 'how' they know we're gone." He smiles as the gears turn, "Up for a little hide and seek?" He raises a paw, "I got a great idea. If you just, I dunno…go in the library and I tell someone your missing, maybe I'll see how they do it. And from there, maybe can find a way to counter act it?"

"So you want me to hide in the library, then you tell someone I went missing and then see how they search?" Robyn says nodding. "That could work, unless they use cerbra." He mainly knows of it since he went down there to visit Addison when he was stuck down there last time. "Shit…Addison, I should talk to him too. Granted he's a teacher, but…he might be able to help. Brian's missing. Him and Brian…."

James can't but feel a little off the hook at the mention of Addison, "That's true. I'm sure he's on it." He hmms, "Tell you what. I'll try to find out more about the security, and you try to find out stuff from Addison. I mean…you know…we 'will' get caught. There's bound to be cameras and crazyness. But, we just need enough time to get ahead of them. Maybe…a fire alarm?" Unnecessary at best…but James has always wanted to push the shiny, candy-like button.

"Cool." Robyn says to James actually smiling, there might be some progress. "Listen, I just want to check out the train station and see if we can catch something, sent, anything. I'm not looking to follow after him yet, but just some…way to see if there is something I might be able to do. I can't sit around here. I don't want to have a mental break down again."

James nodnods and gets fixated for a moment, "Okay. And maybe I can like…set a timer that pushes the fire alarm while we're away. That might work!" He looks over at Robyn, "Yeah…it's not that far. And, really…what can happen at a train station? It's like…public. I mean, obviously Jono…but he was marked and stuff. We're not." Yeah…what's the harm! "Okay…so you do oyur part and I'll do mine," the hyena says with a nod of finality/

Robyn nods and is glad that something is happening. "Really James, thanks. You barely know me but you're willing to help out and that means a lot James. I think I'm gonna head to my room, do some homework, make it seem like I'm doing something that isn't just trying to get out of here." Well it's what he is doing mostly. "I know I'm being stupid, if you think I'm being unreasonable, let me know. I just…I'm just stuck is all."

James tosses up his hands and grins, "Well…you are being unreasonable. But that's never stopped me and, well…you'd probably do it anyways. At least with me there you'll be safer." He shrugs, "Ain't no thing. Maybe we'll get a burger while we're out. I could murder some fast food…like…the real thing." He smiles, "I test the cage, you test the handlers."

Robyn puts a hand on James's shoulder and nods. "Thanks James, if I get too crazy, just let me know. I'll catch up with you later with more so we can figure out a game plan and do this. I'll talk to Addison first since I know he's lost someone close to him, like me." He gives James a smile and is obviously grateful. "I owe you big time and fast food sounds great." He says as he'll even try to pick up the bill if possible. He's not exactly rich. "I'll see you soon James." He says as he goes to take off.

James smiles, "What are almost-maybe-possibly-someday friends for?" He pushes Lucas' chair back to the other side of the room with a foot and watches Robyn leave, "See ya, and thanks for the trust!" He goes back to his homework.

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