2020-07-04: A Simple Explanation


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Summary: Heather explains how simple it is to understand time travel to Caleb.

Date: July 4, 2020.

Log Title A Simple Explanation

Rating: PG.

The Future - Salem Center - Ahab's Base of Operations

The inside of Ahab's base represents a leap forward in technological advancements the outside world may never see. From its wall-sized monitors to an astounding array of computers that interface directly with the Sentinel Masters, everything here speaks of order and precision. The type only madmen and geniuses seem capable of. A choice of doors leads to locations such as the Hounds pens and an operating theater where Ahab performs his reprogramming experiments on those worthyor unluckyenough to be dragged here alive. Nearby, a bank of newly minted Harpoons stand ready for use.

Caleb has been patroling all day and is relaxing at the base after a good days work, he's dressed in dark grey cargos, a black t-shirt, a grey jacket, black airwalk trainers, the stone in the silver wristband on his right wrist is clear and his light brown hair is slightly damp, he's singing along under his breath to the song of his ipod, "If one drink, could make tonight, slip my mind then I, Should drink up, so I can forget, that I haven't lived my life, You are an example of, better things to come, So why wait on some other escape, that leads me nowhere fast, I've got to ask…"

Severely off tune and playing out of a speaker, "You've got nothing to lose, but me and you…" This is what Heather says as she timeslips into this moment. Her eyes are wide and she has a wide grin on her face, "Look at you, such casual clothes. You almost pass off as a normal person. It is like we are living ten years ago. Deception, what a game!"

Caleb pulls his earphones out, looks up and grins as Heather walks in singing the chorus, "It also helps that i havn't aged in the last ten years, along with my scared lost teen look and the mutants come to me, how ya doing Timeslip?"

"Look at my face. For a woman over three hundred years old, I look excellent," says Heather, laughing slightly over the other end of the speaker. She looks like she's barely aged at all since ten years ago. "But so distinctive. Hard to miss me. Not very good for deception. What's your favorite game?"

Caleb grins, "You do look good, if i didn't know any better i'd ask if you had some work done", he gets up and walks over, "Theres no problem standing out, throws the target off guard, my favorite game has been the same since i was five, manhunt".

"Manhunt?" repeats Heather. She shakes her head quickly and says, "I'm too good at games that require that kind of gameplay. It's cheating. I cannot play them." She crosses her arms and say, "Uninspired choice. Not much time for games anyways."

Caleb shrugs, "Hey it's fun, one team guards the hill and the other tries to reach it without getting caught, whats cheating about that?", he absentmindedly runs his fingers along the carvings on is wristband, "Any captures today?"

"No I mean I feel like I am cheating if I play video games. They are dull and slow," says Heather, moving her hand quickly through the air to demonstrate that she is ahead of the curve. "Captures? I only make important moves. Who should I capture? I made captures today but they were so long ago that nobody remembers them and some that haven't happened yet. Let's not talk about today. It will give you a headache."

Caleb shakes his head, "I don't mean the video game, didn't you ever play manhunt with your friends as a kid, you pick captains and chose teams", he laughs, "Good point, i don't really want a headache".

"Friends as a kid? You clearly did not know little Heather Brown, codename: Madhouse," says Heather, eyebrows raising slightly. "I have never played this game. But it sounds like I would cheat at it, too."

Caleb shrugs, "I had a twin, so we cheated too, and no i didn't know you", he pulls off his jacket and hangs it over the back of a chair, "So any plans other than patrol today?"

"Today again. No. I need to eat and recharge. I will patrol today tomorrow. I need to regroup and replan. There's a game afoot, and so many players to keep track of. All these disordered turns. But my plans are not Master's plan yet," says Heather. She tilts her head slightly and says, "When is Ahab?" She looks at her watches with a raised brow. "Is there an Ahab at the moment?"

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "Sorry, never timetraveled before, by brain doesn't fuction to the point where i have any clue what you're saying".
Heather shakes her head quickly at Caleb and says, "You have to get used to it. Sometimes, you might talk to me, and later, I will not have had that conversation with you. These are just our realities now. Before, when I was white, they had to get used to it. Red pieces like you need to do it, too." She nods her head quickly when her eyes fall upon one of the watches.

Caleb is still all ???, but vaguely gets what Heather means, "Ok?…"

Heather sighs through the tape recorder and says, "Listen, you possess three cardinal travel directions. These are standard dimensionalities. For simplicity's sake, let's assume them all orthogonal to each other. I possess a fourth travel dimension, which you call time but I can express in mere distance. Time is not necessarily the fourth dimension. Just another travel dimension. I may also travel dimensionalities through a fifth, but this is very vague even to me, but it's clear this fifth is another cardinal direction in the five dimensional system that I span. Your fourth dimension is still a travel dimension, but only in one direction. Mine is as easy to navigate as the others, so long as I have the tools" She tilts her head slightly and says, "Savvy?"

Caleb nods, "Ok, i get you, so the conforsation we're having now, isn't nessicerily now for you?, Ok fair enough", he's still a little confused but sort of understands.

"It's definitely now. But it's not like how you have now. I could run back and my second conversation with you could be your first. It's straightforward, actually, though anything above fifth dimensionalities starts to get a little bit hazy to me," says Heather, shrugging her shoulders a couple of times.

"Ok, now i'm getting a headache, can we please change the subject?", Caleb sits back down in the chair, more confused than when the conforsation started.

"Sorry. It's your fault for not understanding, really," says Heather, shrugging her shoulders. "What would you like to talk about, then?"

Caleb gets back up and pulls on his jacket, "Actully i should probably go patrol, i can get a couple of hours in until i gotta sleep, catch ya later", he then speeds out of the room.

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