2010-07-11: A Simple Proposition


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Summary: Kalindi serves Alex some food while .

Date: July 11, 2010.

Log Title: A Simple Proposition

Rating: PG.

NYC - Midtown Apartments (Kalindi's Apartment)

Kalindi's apartment is quite well taken care of, since at any given time, one or two servants of Umbalificos mill about, taking care of things for her. They look like normal servants, though one might question why someone with servants would choose to live in an apartment. What's even more odd is that there doesn't seem to be much furniture: there is a chair sitting at a computer desk, the computer that sits on it looking to be almost perpetually off. There is also a shelf on which rests many toys that seem more suitable for a child than a teen, some action figures of heroes and villains and some figurines of ponies, but they seem to have never been touched. Otherwise, her livingroom is quite bare.
Her kitchen, however, seems to be quite well stocked with both ingrediants and tools, and it seems likely that Kali spends a lot of time preparing food. It seems that she takes meals pretty seriously.

"That's some Aladdin type stuff right there." Alex jokes about, but perhaps more to himself than Kalindi. Casually he sits on the cape to do as told. Good timing to go through the open window of the apartment. He laughs softly about that too, "Fancy."

"Aladdin? I am not very familiar with the Arabian Nights," says Kalindi humourlessly in response, stepping lightly off the platform which, after landing, wraps itself around her wrists and neck to adorn her in gold jewellery. Her servants look towards her and then towards her guest before getting back to their work, arranging and moving things about, making sure everything is tidy. She gestures towards her table, gesturing at one of the seats before she walks into the kitchen.

Alexander takes a seat the table, he adjusts his jacket before stifling a yawn. He /was/ getting ready for bed not long before those goons attacked him and his power is a fatigue generating thing. Food should be enough to keep him through one more conversation, though. Alex eyes one of the servants, "So.. Do you do other things?"

After a bit of shuffling around in the kitchen re-preparing things, Kalindi produces two plates with approximately equal shares of food on each. She has made a simple vegetable curry with rice. Given that she doesn't eat much, Alex's portion is not much, "If you require more, ask. And what do you mean, do other things?"

While Kalindi steps away, the servant eyes Alex in return and says, "Yes."

After a bit of shuffling around in the kitchen re-preparing things, Kalindi produces two plates with approximately equal shares of food on each. She has made a simple vegetable curry with rice. Given that she doesn't eat much, Alex's portion is not much, "If you require more, ask."

Alexander continues eying the servant, "You don't talk too much do you?" He shrugs, and returns to look at Kalindi and the delicious food! "Ah, excellent. Thank you. So I suppose that you're putting up with me because you want to talk about something." He grabs a fork, stabs some vegetables, and noms them. After chewing and swallowing he continues, "So out with it." A pause.. "Also, delicious."

"Thank you. I take pride in what I do," says Kalindi, responding to the compliment to her cooking. She shrugs and says, "From what I saw, you seem a man not so well off. Asking for food from strangers, entering abandoned factories so late at night. I may be able to help you with those things if, in return, you will help me."

Alexander noms some more of the curry, "What are these things you would have me do?" Straight to business, not how can you help me, but how can I help you! He's really digging through the curry and is done in a matter of minutes!

"Generally? There is not much that I will require. At times, I will ask of you for help in my business. To help carry out my contracts, and retribute ones broken," says Kalindi. She is not nearly as quick at eating her food, carefully taking small bites. "If you are comfortable with this, I can write you a contract. Taking in mind any concerns."

Alexander swirls his fork in the air. "And in turn, I get to be one of your servants? You're going to have to outline the fine print of this contract. I want details and specifics." Even more down to business!

"My servants have different contracts than you would have. Some are followers of Umbalificos, charged with making certain that the Earthworld provides me with necessities. Some of them are servants of myself, as Chosen Daughter, and for my own aid through Umbalificos, they provide me with tithes in exchange for their dreams taking root…" says Kalindi, raising her eyebrows slightly at Alex. "You, the deal will be a bit different. I work in a world of contracts. You will be something akin to a bodyguard. I saw what you mounted there. I was impressed. You will protect me from harm when I ask for that service. Otherwise, you will do as you will."

Alexander begins tapping the table with his fork, "And in return, in addition to housing and food, I would want contacts, money, and power. I'm not saying this in final words, but I'll consider the contract." A greedy statement if there ever was one, avarice may be his only one true weakness, or maybe his strength.

"Contacts among the servants of Umbalificos is an excellent connector, for they are in many places. As for money, you will be provided what is required. And power? If I could offer you power in a little doggy bag, wrapped up and ready for consumption, that would be an excellent tool for negotiation. I cannot just give you power. But I can give you opportunity, which is the next best thing," says Kalindi, taking another bite of her own food.

"That sounds like the best deal I've been offered for my entire stay in America. I'll think about it." Avarice, as though his weakness it may be, is secondary by his willingness to consider his moves and options. "I'm looking for opportunity, you've offered me it, but I want to learn more about the city before I make a choice." Alexander replies, smiling.

"That is good, it would probably be foolish to agree without considering first," says Kalindi, before she offers the same device that summoned her before. "Use this if you need me. It will call me, and I will come to the signal at my earliest convenience."

Alexander takes the device and slides it into a pocket in his jacket. "I should probably get a cellphone or something." He laughs, "I'm usually wandering the streets, I'm sure one of your servants will spot me if you need me."

Kalindi nods and says, "If I need you, I will find you. But if our paths meet before you decide, it will just be coincidence. This is your time to consider, and I do not want to influence it. I can show you the way out, if you need."

Alexander points a thumb towards the window, "I'd leap out that, but I'm afraid I can't really fly." He grins, "Thank you for the meal, you'll probably see me again. In fact, count on it." He then smiles widely, "If I accept, know that it won't be a mistake for you."

Kalindi nods at Alexander with a small smile, "I hope that it would not be. You have yourself a pleasant night. I apologize for the disturbance you suffered.." She walks towards her front door and turns back to face Alexander.

Alexander stands, pushing in the chair to get up and leave. But he stops to look at the servant he was talking to. He points to the servant, "Are you a demon? Also do you like cream soda?" He seems genuinely curious.

"No, I'm human. And I haven't had cream soda in a long time," says the servant simply.

"Pfft. Everyone says that." Alex replies, moving finally for the door to leave. Though, that's the first person he's asked that, it's true that 100% of all people he's asked have said that.

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