2010-02-25: A Sinister Calling


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Summary: Daisuke and Skyler get a calling from Mr. Sinister

Date: February 25, 2010

Log Title A Sinister Calling

Rating: R

Westchester - Abandoned Cemetery

This cemetery has seen better days. And by the looks of things, those days are long past. Broken headstones, overgrown grass, rundown mausoleums, the epitome of spooky graveyard. One oddness stands out, though. Starting at the far left end of the graveyard, some of the gravesites seems to have been cleaned up, the headstones washed, the grass trimmed, even flowers left on each one. Of course, some of the first rows' flowers are now dead.

It's snowing, windy and just the kind of dark cold night that people do not want to go out in. In the cemetery, it's no different and the visibility is not that great. No one should be out here, that is no one except two teens, that for some unknown reason, /had/ to come out here. There was something that triggered in the minds of Daisuke and Skyler, something that said they /had/ to come here, and /had/ to come here now. That something important awaits, an emergency of sorts that requires their attention.

Daisuke has heeded the call and made his way out to the old cemetery in Salem Center, dressing for the weather. The odd thing is the weather doesn't seem to bother him. "Come on Skyler, I think it's right in here." He says trying to push open the gate to get in, but is having trouble against the snow and wind.

Skyler nods at his friend, and leans on the gate to try to get the stubborn thing to budge. He's similarly dressed as Daisuke, all bundled up for the bad weather. "I know, I know," he says impatiently, "Damn thing's not budging."

It takes a bit but the two of them push the gate open, and that past push almost seems easier than it should be. Five rows down and four graves to the right, that's where they need to be, they both feel it. The grave there contains something important, something that contains answers, direction.

Daisuke takes a few deep breaths once it's opened and smiles. "Finally." It doesn't seem weird to him that he's out here at all, it feels…right. "I think it's this way."

Skyler grabs Dai's hand and leads him down the rows of gravestones counting out loud, "One… two… three… four…. five! C'mon! We're almost there!" With that he rushes through the snow as fast as he can to the grave that he knows, just KNOWS, that the important thing resides.

The grave is one of those old graves made for two people. On side it reads: Daisuke Sakuragi : October 3, 1990 - February 25, 2010 and on the other it reads: Skyler St. James: August 20, 1990 - February 25, 2010. Once they see the names on the grave something seems to pull them out of their trance and there's a tingly feeling where the mark is.

Daisuke reads his name and stops breathing for a few moments. "Skyler…what are we doing out here?" He asks looking around nervously. Something isn't right, he shouldn't be out here, Skyler shouldn't be out here.

Skyler blinks as he snaps out of whatever trance he was in and shakes his head. "I… I don't know." Then the gravestones catch his eye. "Oh, shit, Dai… look at that." This is it. He knows, in the bottom of his gut that this is it. Most of him is scared shitless because he's got a feeling he knows what's coming next, and there's nothing he can do about it. The rest of him is relieved that the waiting is finally over.

Daisuke takes a few steps closer to Skyler and can't help but reach out a hand to try to take Skyler's. He's scared as well. "Shit, Skyler…it's…it's…" He looks around, trying to see if there who he thinks around. "I'd say we should run but…" He knows it'd do nothing.

And why leave the boys waiting, a voice drifts in their heads. "You do know Skyler and you do know what this is. Good to see you again War." He says almost taunting Daisuke with his old roll. "Too bad that test was a failure, but you both are….needed again. Especially you Skyler."

"Me?" asks Skyler with a squeak, taking Daisuke's hand. "Oh, no. You don't need me. You've got me confused with somebody else." Skyler knows that his protests are futile, but he still needs to try, however feeble it may be.

Materializing behind both Daisuke and Skyler, is a man, not the white faced, sharp-toothed man, but more of an average man, dark hair, long coat, just..normal looking. He places a hand on each of their shoulders and leans in a bit. "Oh yes, you Skyler. I've seen your DNA it's perfect. And as for you Daisuke…you make it almost too easy."

The words hit Daisuke almost as unnerving as the hand that now rests on his shoulder. He's shaking, ever so slightly. "Really, you don't need us. We're not worth anything to you." He says wondering if he should just try to run, he looks at Skyler, fear all of his face, but also there's a slight determination to do…something.

"Perfect?" echoes the young mutant, his mind racing with fear. The hand on his shoulder sends shivers down his spine and he looks at his friend. "Okay, then. I'll go with you willingly, no trouble, if you let Daisuke go." Again, he knows he's not in much of a position to bargain, but, again, it's worth a try.

Mr. Sinister looks at Daisuke and shrugs. "Not like I need you." He says as he raises his hand off Daisuke's shoulder. "Run, run home, call your school, tell them that Skyler is mind." He says with a chuckle as his hand tightens on Skyler's shoulder. "How's that Skyler, your friend can go."

Daisuke takes a few hurried steps away from Sinister and Skyler and his hand moves to his phone to press the panic button. "No, I'm not leaving you with him Skyler!" Daisuke says as he takes a breath, prepairing to use his powers.

Skyler quickly interrupts Daisuke before he can do something stupid. "NO!" he shouts, "Don't! Just run! I'll be okay." He winces when Sinister's fingers dig into his shoulder, and looks over at him. "Let's go, then, and get this over with."

Daisuke looks at Skyler for a few long seconds, and he's fighting with what to do. "I'm just running form the fight, not the battle." He says, fighting back a few tears as he doesn't want to leave his friend but he knows one is better than two. He closes his eyes and turns to run.

Sinister watches for a bit and shakes his head. "No loyalty among friends, leaving you with me. I should thank him later." Sinister says as he shifts into his normal form. "Ah so much better. Welcome to your future Skyler."

Skyler takes a deep breath to steady himself, and to get his brave face on. "He did what I asked him to, even though he didn't want to do it. I'd think that's the very definition of loyalty." He turns to face Sinister and sighs resignedly. "My future?"

"You have a long day ahead of you Skyler, I think you should take a nice nap now." Sinister says implanting a mental suggestion via telepathy for Skyler to go to sleep. "Both you and your loyal friend Daisuke." He lets that sink into Skyler as he tries to get the young man to pass out. In the distance there's a scream of pain from Daisuke.

"You Bastarrrd….zzzz" yells Skyler before falling asleep on command. His body topples over, landing in the snow with a muffled thump.

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