2010-10-15: A Strange Girl


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Summary: Hosea finds a strange girl at the Insane Asylum, and after a scuffle, talks her down and he takes her back to the safety of the farmhouse.

Date: Friday, October 15, 2010. 4:15pm

Log Title: A Strange Girl.

Rating: PG-13 (Violence)

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents

A large mansion stands on top of a hill made of red brick. Turrets and towers just from the building marked 'Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents'. Gargoyles hang from various edges of the roof, their mouths gaping open and wings spread. The path runs up past the gates and circles around to the front doors. There is a statue of a woman in the center of the lawn the pathway circles. Off to the side is an old horse carriage with a small cell in the back designed to lock animals, or people, in. Pathways lead to other areas of the grounds of the Insane Asylum. The gate seems to circle the outside of the area locking those inside that it can.

The Asylum gates are rusty, swinging dead on hinges arthritic and scraping. The fetid breeze that constantly blows through the dry grass and dead trees pushes them on their bindings, and they swing back and forth in a perpetual rhythm like hellish chimes.

In the courtyard, a blonde girl works at polishing a rusty knife with a bit of stone, scraping off years of neglect with each grinding stroke. She wears a dirty cloak about her shoulders, and underneath she is bristling with an array of acquired sharp things.

Hosea has been a great supporter of staying together in groups, but today he has left on his own. He doesn't expect to be long. He's been curious about the lack of wildlife around the asylum, and thus, he is exploring in the way that only a teleporter can.
There is the sound of his feet landing on the roof as he teleports directly from the farmhouse, and he looks around from his perch. It doesn't take him long to spot Jinx. Of course, without the fur, she's not recognized as such. "Hello?" he calls out. "Who are you?" The African looks around, and doesn't see anyone else.

Jinx jumps at the sound of feet, and spins in her place, the knife flying to her hand and gripped tightly. She balances her weight between her feet, and bends her knees. "Demon!" she calls to the figure on the roof, her purple-tipped hair being wafted by the breeze that shields her eyes. "How clever of you to take on the form of a Moor! Come to the ground so that I may rend the soul from your borrowed flesh and send you back to Hell!"

"I am no demon," Hosea contests. "My name is Hosea Ikbuku. Are you from dis place?" he asks. He doesn't come down. "I will come down to you, but not if you desire to hurt me." He crouches where he rests on the roof. "What is your name, young miss?"

Jinx cackles a laugh. "Your name takes the Lord's name in vain, vile demon! Quite clever, indeed," she steps back in order to see her quarry in better light. "I am Imogene Vallon, and you days are numbered, foul creature. Come down, and I shall invite you inside for tea!"

"What?" Hosea says, looking rather offended. "I would not take da name of da Lord God in vain, for He is holy above all, and he is rich wit lovingkindness!" He teleports down, landing farther than an easy throwing distance from Jinx. "Imogene, I am not heah to hurt you. I am one of many people who have been brought to dis place by an unknown means. I wish only to go back to where I came, and I can help you fight whatever demons you may face." Both hands are held out in a surrendering fashion. "Are dere others here like you?"

And so the demon is tempted to earth. Jinx takes a step back, her knife held high as a hand slowly reaches into her cloak. "The most depraved of atrocities are committed when the unholy have no compunction in using the name of the Lord God with such cavalier disregard," she murmurs. "There are more like you? And you would lead me to your nest?" She laughs— the very idea! "A trap, no doubt. You would feast upon my entrails and serve my heart to your perverse Lord, no doubt, and he would praise you for taking down the sage name Vallon into your hoary clutches." She whips a small device from her bodice. It has some sort of liquid inside, and an crackles with some sort of unknown energy.

As the small device is produced, Hosea takes a few more steps backward, and teleports back to the roof. So much for being tempted to earth. He examines this Imogene for a long moment. "What perverse lord do you tink dat I serve?" he asks, in a ready position should he need to move. He doesn't know what the device does, but he doesn't really want to find out, either.

Jinx fires.. but too late! An arc of blue-white static ripples from the machine, sparking against rock and tree in a wholly inaccurate spray. "Blast!" she curses and wheels towards the roof as he reappears. The machine humms, a rising peal that might indicate that it is recharging. "No man that walks the earth can pop in between worlds. You are the spawn of the Unholy. Come close so that I may send you home!" She flings her knife towards the roof, though the breeze sends it well below it's intended mark.

Hosea watches as the arc flows across the terrain, his eyes wide. "Den we will be dat way," he says quietly to himself. He leaps from the roof, and as he falls, he teleports again. From a few feet behind the girl, he reappears, his momentum now carrying him forward, feet first. He doesn't have quite the placement he want, so instead of a tackle, he slides across the ground toward her like home plate, most likely to take her feet out from under her if she isn't quick.

Jinx was born and bread to hunt the demonspawn creatures of a foul maker's design… if not in this lifetime then another. She doesn't anticipate his teleporting behind her, but she is braced for anything. The displacement of the air warns her and she spins on a heel, drawing another sharp blade (this time a bit of broken and sharpened glass) from her cloak. "Trickster beast!" His foot catches her leg, and she buckles, hurling the glass shard towards the boy. "To Hell with you!"

Hosea's reflexes are quick, and he brings his arm up to absorb the impact of the glass shard. It embeds in his forearm, but he ignores it. He uses the remainder of his momentum to right himself, right arm swinging out, trying to grab the wrist holding the device so that he can rend is from her grasp. At the same time he kicks out to the still supporting leg so that he can take her to the ground.

Jinx has had training at the school as well, and she uses her weight to regain her balance, her knee rising for a swift kick to the kidneys. The hand curls about her wrist, but her grin only becomes more savage and wild. "You would come so close to such a device? Your Father should raise smarter children!" she laughs wildly, tumbling to the ground as the machine reaches a high-pitched squeal and begins to pop with blue sparks.

Hosea's training isn't from the school, though. His combat comes from years as a child soldier in Nigeria. His height advantage gives him good position to adjust his stance slightly, the knee smacking against his hip, and he twists her wrist hard, to send the device hopefully out of her hand before she can use it. He keeps twisting though, trying to put her in an armlock submission and drive her face first to the ground.

Jinx is substantially smaller, and while her kick is apparently rendered useless, she pulls the trigger on the device. The sparks rise out in a hair-raising wave of harnassed electricity, rippling and splashing against everything in the vicinity, Jinx included. She gasps as her wrist is twisted and the machine is dropped, and she is ground into the dirt.

The African feels the electricity coarse through his body, and he clenches his teeth, and grip. His body doubles over Jinx, and he breathes heavily from the pain. "What is dat device?" he asks between breaths. "Who is Vallon, and why do you tink I am da devil?" He twitches with the after effects of the electricity. He couldn't let go of Jinx's wrist right now if he tried, given the shock that he just received.

Having recieved the shock just the same as he, Jinx gasps for breath, her heart shuddering from the rapid defibrillation it just recieved. She regains herself while he is still reeling, having the element of knowing what to expect on her side. "Hair dryer," she lies, voice shuddering. "Get off of me!" She pushes upwards, trying to scramble out of the hold. "James! To my side!" She shouts towards the Asylum.

Hosea presses against the girl for a moment longer, scanning the ground until he spots the strange device she held. Once it's in sight, he releases her, shoving in the direction opposite of her 'hair dryer', and dives to grab it, rolling back to his feet with it pointed at her. His muscles twitch still from the shock, but he attempts to maintain his aim. "Now you will listen to me!" he orders in a loud and deep voice.

James does not come rushing from the building, not being at her beck and call. The device, having been discharged so soon, hums as it begins to charge though with less fervor as it has already fired two 'blasts', but Jinx is now free. "No, I won't!" she retorts, scuffling to her feet and scooping up her skirt in order to dash behind the tree. "Foul creature! Return to your place of rest or face my wrath…!" She tugs another sharpened bit of glass from her bandolier, raising her arm over her head.

The African holds the strange device pointed at her for another moment, and then lowers it. "I already faced your wrath," he answers. "We both know how dat turned out." He eases his stance, even though she has the glass ready to throw at him again. He reaches over and pulls the glass from his arm, and then flicks it to the side. "Should I have desired your blood, it would be on da ground now," he claims. He takes a few breaths, finally regaining himself after the shock.

"You are not from dis world," he declares. "Dis world has no hair dryer. Dis world also has nothing like dis heah!" he holds up the strange electric gun. "You are trapped heah like me, we must work togetha." Just in case of an attack, he phases, rather than dodge around desperately to avoid any incoming attacks.

Jinx almost is ready to listen to his words as they trigger some half-formed memory in her mind. A memory too strange to comprehend. She cannot fathom being encased in a skin of fur and having the power to cause emotion by the manipulation of pheromones. She sucks in a soft breath, and then the boy goes transparent and her purpose is clear. "I am Imogene Vallon, and I am in this land to drive you creatures back to your unholy pit! Be gone, spiteful hate-speaker!"

Jinx almost is ready to listen to his words as they trigger some half-formed memory in her mind. A memory too strange to comprehend. She cannot fathom being encased in a skin of fur and having the power to cause emotion by the manipulation of pheromones. She sucks in a soft breath. "I am Imogene Vallon, and I am in this land to drive you creatures back to your unholy pit! Be gone, spiteful hate-speaker!" Her mind is a morass of unstable memories and emotions vying for truth.

Hosea quietly regards the girl, and then does something that seems most unusual for a combat situation. He takes to one knee, and he begins to pray silently. His eyes closed, he won't be able to see whatever it is that she does. Why? Because he is at a loss for what to do, so he does the same that he always does when he is in a situation that he does not understand.

Jinx is puzzles by his actions. She relaxes in posture, watching him take his knee. It is a gesture she does not expect. Her knife lowers and she stares at the boy, waiting for the inevitable surprise that demons make just when the naive are lured into complacent splendor. A moment passes, then two. "I believe you," she says after a second. "Show me where the others are waiting."

Hosea doesn't respond quite immediately. It is another few moments before he raises his gaze again. Still in a kneeling position, he places his chin on his knuckles. "You now believe me so soon?" he asks. "I think you do not know what to think. But dat is all right. I do not know eitha." He points in the direction of the farmhouse, a rather small target from this distance. "Dat farmhouse," he says. "Dere are many people. Dey are afraid, just as you are. You may come wit me if you feel it is safe to do so." He wants to continue to encourage the amount of trust that he's garnered, but he's not entirely certain the best way to do it.

Jinx steps forward, and slides the knife into the bandolier that she has fashioned. "The farmhouse. Yes, the other one that was here said the same thing. I will come," she says carefully. Nodding her head towards the Asylum. "Just let me get my things, mm? We will walk."

The African nods. "Dat would be good. I shall wait for you heah," he says. He checks his arm, the blood is there, but he simply wipes it away with his hand to examine the injury.

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