2009-03-12: A 'Talk'


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Summary: Scott summons Eddie up to his office to discuss the incident that occurred during the rescue mission.

Date: March 12, 2009

Log Title: A 'Talk'

Rating: PG-13

Headmaster's Office, Xavier Mansion

After speaking with Kitty today, Scott took a bit of time to call Eddie up to his office. He's got a thing or two to talk about with the young mutant. His desk is appointed with a blueprint to the mansion, only the top part of course, the contractors don't need to the any part of the basement or sub-basement. He is still wearing his yellow visor, since the others were destroyed in the attack, all he has are old models, still work to keep his blasts from hitting anything he doesn't want to, only that this pair has only the manual override toggle instead of the automatic shutters with manual override. Not even a hookup to his glove button.

Eddie has just gotten a rather shocking phone call and still seems to be recovering from it as he knocks on the door of Scott's office. Dressed in jeans and a Yellow Jacket t-shirt, he waits patiently to be told to enter. He's nervous, yes, but still in 'wow' mode.
"Come in."Scott bides as he looks down at the blueprint, more like a purple print to him, thanks to the red quartz in front of his eyes. "Take a seat Eddie, I know you already know what this is about." He says, not pulling out the big guns yet.

Eddie winces at Scott's words. Even if he already knew, he was hoping he was wrong. "Yessir," he says, closing the door quietly behind him as he steps into the room. He makes his way to the chair and sits down. The teen glances up at Scott a few times but mostly keeps his gaze to the floor.

The headmaster rolls up the blueprint and sets it aside. "Right now I have two reports from the last mission, Shadowcat says that you nearly lost control of yourself." He says, his tone stone-like. It's not an intimidation tactic, more just who he is. "It's concerning to the both of us. I want to be very clear here. What we do out there is real life. It's not the Danger Room. People can and will get killed if you lose focus on the objective. There were three enemies in that one room, along with Daisuke." Cyclops takes a seat in his own chair, still looking at Eddie. "Look at me Eddie." He says, even if his visor cannot show his expression, Eddie might see that Scott's not just angry, but concerned.

Eddie pauses, kicking himself internally as he left his report on the mission down in the medbay with Daisuke. He cringes visibly when he hears what Kitty had to say. "Yessir," he murmurs in response to it being real life. When told to look at the headmaster, Eddie tenses. He takes a deep breath before looking up with a very worried expression.

"Do you know how much you put yourself and your teammates in jeopardy?" He asks the teen. Scott's face turns for a second, remembering Doug. It quickly returns back to it's original state. "Even though you were with Grey King, Hellion, and Shadowcat, there is little they could have done if one of those other-worlders had grabbed you and attacked." The headmaster still kepps his visor on Eddie. He pauses for a while, wanting Eddie to speak.

Eddie pauses. "No, sir…" he trails off, not knowing just how much danger he may have been in. He squirms slightly. There's a slight frown as the thought 'It's not like I couldn't have done anything…' comes to mind but he thinks it best to keep it to himself.

"You Danger Room scores are high, Eddie. You've just got to stay the course." And of course, be a graduate. "But I'm not sure you were ready for a mission like that. I know how close you and Disuke are. Emotions can get the best of people. I've seen it happen before. You have /got/ to keep your emotions in check during a mission, keep focused. Especially if you want a shot at leading someday. You've got to be able to set things aside, and not react negatively when something has gone wrong, or if someone you are fighting against is taunting you." Scott grabs the report Hellion actually did turn in. "As fare as the new powers go, you have taken them in fine. Julian said that you did real good, until the slip up. Though he was ready to intervene if something had happened." Scott of course words it differently and less colorful than Hellion had made it.

Eddie surpresses the urge to smile as his Danger Room scores are mentioned. He works hard in there. That urge completely vanishes when Scott says Eddie wasn't ready for the mission. The kid's entire expresion sinks and hs glances down again. The scarred teen looks back up when his powers come up. He nods slowly and looks down. "Sir…how much danger did Shadowcat and Hellion think I was in?" he ask quietly. He's got a bit of a bad feeling about the answer.

"Not just you, Eddie. The team, the team works together, and only together will they achieve their goal. This is why we match people up, try to cover all bases in a mission. Hellion says he had it covered, but then that sounds exactly like Hellion. Shadowcat thought you were been in grave danger if this 'SureShot' had been able to shoot off an arrow at you. There are other variables too. Weapons, for one. No matter what, we are mortal. If we aren't observing everything, a bullet could easily take someone out." The headmaster closes Julian's report. "Don't be dissapointed. You're still a student, sixteen years old. And you haven't been here a whole year. If that just means you need to work harder in the Danger Room to work on emotional response, than you /can/ do it." He's trying to be motivational along with having to be the diciplinarian. "Shadowcat was extremely angered at you for what happened, but she was able to hold off, maintain composure and get the job done before she expressed anything."

Eddie looks down and takes a deep breath. "I'm…not entirely sure we were in all that much danger at all, sir. The alternate Daisuke was incapacitated and his mutant abilities were neutralized by Grey King. SureShot is the alternate version of one of the Young Avengers…Hawkingbird was her last codename, she changes it often for some reason…and while she's a skilled archer and martial artist, she has no super human ability. She was being covered by a powerful telekineric. The only other enemy in the room was the alternate version of Daisuke's older brother…the one I attacked. He'd yet to display any combat ability but even so, I had my combat training, the Goblin Gauntlets, a full pouch of pepper and knock out bombs, and three different powers to mimic if I needed them," he pauses. "I'm not saying I wasn't wrong to lose my temper like that but…I don't believe we were in much danger in that situation, sir," he says. He goes quiet, looking down at the floor again. "I'll work harder, sir. Much harder," he concludes.

Scott gives a nod. "You may not have been in danger there. But the potential danger was high." The Headmaster looks again to Eddie. "What I want you to take from this is do not let your feelings affect your judgement on a mission." Cyclops looks to Eddie. "I believe that you can, Eddie." He's just not so sure Eddie would be so gung-ho on a mission that he's tied so emotionally do. Much like Daisuke.

Eddie nods and looks down again. "Yessir. I'll work harder to make sure I don't let it happen again," he says. When Scott expresses confidence in Eddie, his scars all light up bright white. The young mutant jumps and blinks. "Sorry…that's an automatic reaction," he murmurs, closing his eyes and turning the glow off.

Scott gives a chuckle. "It's alright, as long as nothing in this room gets blasted." He says. "You're on your way, just need to do a little extra." The headmaster stands up and moves towards the teen. If something had happened, Scott would be livid. But by someone's good graces, nothing did. "Was it as bad as you thought it would be?" He asks, he may be strict, but he's not one for beating someone down without trying to bring them back up.

Eddie nods, managing a small smile. "It's okay, no extra powers with this glow just…I get a little pumped up," he explains, squirming. He tenses reflexively as Scott moves towards him but quickly relaxes. "N-no, sir," he admits, having had what was pretty much a Doomsday Scenario in his head. He pauses. "I'm still worried about how mad Ms. Pryde is at me. She…umm…can be scary but please don't tell her I said that cause it might make her even angrier," he requests, glancing around as if expecting Kitty to be poking her head through the walls, ceiling, or floor.

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