2013-01-30: A Teacher Returns


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Summary: Addison returns to Xavier's from a hiatus from teaching.

Date: January 30, 2013

Log Title: A Teacher Returns

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Ramsey Dormitories Lobby

The first room one walks into upon entering The Ramsey Dormitory is the Lobby, which has been set up a study room for students. On the far end of the room across from the entrance into the dorms is a pair of elevators. Along that wall are closed double doors that lead into the cafeteria. Two bay windows sit on either side of the door and matching bay windows are on adjacent walls. One side of the room has several tables and chairs and a bookcase with copies school textbooks and popular fiction novels. The other side is a large electric fireplace to warm the room in colder months. Large comfortable chairs and sofas sit around the fireplace with a table in the middle.

The strong smell of horse follows Nicholas into the lobby of the dorm rooms. He's got quite a bit of mud on his boots and splattered on his jeans. Since it's been a bit warmer he's been out horseback riding just everything was so muddy. He takes his boots off, leaving them next do the door so he's not tracking mud through out the room then walks over to the couch in front of the fire and plops down, resting his head in his hands for a few moments.

It's been a couple of years, nearly, since Addison last stepped into the Ramsey dormitories. It was never a place that he visited often, due to living and working in other parts of the campus, but it did have it's own occasional draw. Now that he's returned, he does need to begin meeting the current crop of students. After all, most probably won't even remember him. But that, in itself, is ok. He steps in, pulling windblown hair out of his face. He wrinkles his nose at a sharp odor that hits him right after his arrival.

A much more pleasant smell comes from the opposite direction of the cafeteria. The harsh and earthy aroma of middle eastern spices comes along with the scent of lamb and a few other things as the doors open and a feline student, silvery-grey tail swaying behind him, comes out with what looks like a dish full of small pies with grape leaves baked onto the top of them. Earbud wires go up into and under the hood obscuring his face, leaving just the tip of his muzzle exposed to the air while he makes his way towards a place to flop… aiming for the biggest and comfiest chair close to the fire.

It's the smell of food carried by Ahmed that causes Nicholas to look up and he smiles at his roommate. "Pizza Rolls rock." He says knowing his roommate will get a bit adamant that home cooked food is better. "So what did you cook tonight?" He sits up and moves so that Ahmed can feel free to plop down next to him. His eyes float over to the newcomer, Addison. "Hey." Is about the only greeting he can muster.

Addison offers a slight smile and a nod towards the student. He doesn't say anything yet, but instead glances to the fire nearby. It's a sidelong glance before he turns to the one entering. He ponders for a moment, before chuckling to himself. "Once again, the dorms are different. I have yet to figure out how we can prevent everything having to be rebuilt so often." He mutters to himself.

Ahmed curls his tail back in and readjusts his hood slightly at the newcomer, as if somehow THAT will stop the fact that it's a 5' 5" tall anthromorphic snow leopard from being realized. He then gives Nick a bit of a look before he takes out the headphones, the sounds of a an audiobook playing in the background before he shuts off his phone, "They're the filling for dolmatas baked inside a filo dough pie shell… the grape leaf's on top because I couldn't find any maple leaves." Sticking his rough tongue out at the joke, he moves along and settles the dozen or so little pies to one side before addressing the newcomer, "UMmmmmm… hi."

"Maple leaves? I didn't know you eat those." Nicholas didn't know that anyone ate any type of leaves, lettuce doesn't count in his mind. "And I have no clue what a dolomatoe is. I'm probably just going to grab a quick dinner once I warm up a bit. I spent most of the afternoon outside cause it was nice at first, then once the sun came down….I should have grabbed a jacket cause I under estimated the time it would take to clean all the mud off of Orion." He rambles to Ahmed before nodding to Addison. "Yeah, early December the place got wrecked cause of all the anti-mutant crap that's been going on. So you're not some new guy?"

DING! Yes, that's right yet another person cvoming out of the elevator. Hugging a couple of rather thick and yet old looking books, the ice blue eyed Amunet steps out and looks around. A smile tugging at her lips as she sighs, "Filo dough… mmmmm dolmates…" Practically skipping her way through the thrumb of people to rtry and catch a peek.

"Oh, no, I'm hardly new. I used to teach here. I'm Addison Falk." He says, extending a hand towards Nicholas, if he accepts. "And I'll be teaching again, soon. I've just got to figure out what classes they want me to teach. Well, I know it won't be languages. They never let me teach those. I find it easier just to stick them in people's heads." He offers with a chuckle. "Maple leaves aren't that bad. A little green, but sweet." He chuckles, looking between the students. "But don't try calling me Mr. Falk or anything, Addison is fine. I'm barely older than a lot of the students."

Feline mouth goes open, goes closed, goes open again… and Ahmed replies just by saying, "Oh… kay…" And then at seeing Amunet, for a moment the young man seems to move to protect the food close by… but after a bit he relents with a sigh, and digs one of the pies out from the twin six-slot pans. Putting one on a small plate he brought with him, he puts it her way, and then serves a second over towards Nick, "Soooo… ummm.. it's dolmata. It's a middle eastern dish, uses some of the same spices from home, but milder. They usually just wrap them in grape leaves and then bake them in a special clay pan. Kinda… like… pot stickers." His tone and his demeanor somewhat hesitant as he seems to have this little bit of a plasticy sheen around his fur, and a slight smell of ash permeates the air around him.

Nicholas takes the offered hand from Addison and nods. "Don't be sticking anything in my head." He says defensively. The plate is taken from Ahmed and Nicholas sniffs at him. "Hey there Amunet, and did you say Grape leaves?" He seems very unsure since eating this is way out of his food comfort zone. "Pot stickers? That's like a Chinese dumpling thing right?" He takes a cautious bite of the dolmata, at least Nick isn't making a face or spitting it out.

Smiling brightly, Amunet looks to be actually rested for a change of pace, though she does look to be in a couple more shirts than normal today. Snagging the plate that Ahmed pushes her way, the smile she flashes at him is akin to borderline hero worship before hopping up to a stool and sitting down, "mmmmm I really need to learn some of these recipes, you make the best foods! Oh that reminds me." Grabbing into her bag she pulls out a bag and pushes them towards Ahmed, "Here I saved you some. There's almond sugar cookies made with an almond puree glaze on top… they turned out pretty good, I got the recipe from mom."

"Oh, don't worry, I wouldn't. Not without permission anyway. And who knows, you might find a need for a new language sometime. It only costs a headache." Addison laughs, shaking his head. He glances at all the people with their own cooking. "You must not need Mr. Parker-Mayfair's classes." He grins, glancing again to the fire. He pauses, "And it's a different sight from before. So few students would cook a couple of years ago."

Again… the new person puts the cat on edge, his tail keeping close to his thigh, while under his hood his ears flicker back, "Okay… do you like… want one?" Sort of edging away from his food from the older man, his hands going back into his pocket. Unlike the shy one, the food is very rich and very good, the spices not too strong, the lamb and rice nice and tender, and what tastes like chickpeas mixed in for a little kick at the end. The filo dough is not very crunchy, but flakes a lot like a croissant. Settling on the chair, he curls his legs in against him, and then his tail over his feet, as he checks on his phone for anything to keep himself from looking Addison's way. The plasticy thing becomes a little apparently, and then ends up being formed into a ball that ends up connected to his tail, where it quivers every so often like a living thing.

The look that Nicholas gives Addison is that of one who is not amused at all. "Ahmed's the only person I know that cooks. He gives me disapproving looks every time I eat what I like. And yes, Tyson chicken patties in the microwave are real food." He takes a second bite and looks down. "Not to bad Ahmed, don't know if I could eat this everyday. Fancy cooking isn't really my thing." He doesn't know if what he's eating is actually considered fancy or not.

Amunet snorts as she nibbles on her small personal pie, "No it's not." Apparently in agreement with the resident cook. "I bake a little bit I'm no where good as Ahmed is." Only then noticing the new guy and peeking at him through her bangs before giving a shy smile. "Hey Ahmed this is great! I need to watch you some time, I always manage to burn the phillo dough. Tried making baklava. It wasn't eddible." She mutters to herself towards the end. Her attention back on her food as she is taking small bites, "Did you put Anise in here? It has something sweet like."

"Oh, no thank you. I ate while I was flying over." Addison offers to Ahmed. "Though…" He pauses and moves over to the fire to stick his arm into it for a moment. "Bah, tastes like Logan's underwear drawer smells." There's a momentary pause when Addison listens to Nicholas. "I've never even had one of those." He chuckles. "We didn't have much where I was from." He turns to Ahmed, "It's really ok. There's nothing to be nervous about."

"Look, no offense… Mister Falk… but you're new, you're different, and you're weird. Okay? I don't really do well with new people, so you'll have to forgive me if it's going to take me a little to adjust to said newness." Ahmed replies, and then sighs once as he looks over at Amunet, "Of course I did." And then shrugging once, the sounds of some kind of game are heard in the background as he brings up something on his phone, "So yeah… ummm… I'm Ahmed. That's Nick, and that's Anumet." Motioning to each in turn, his tailtip twitching with increasing frequency.

The moment Addison sticks his arm in the fire Nicholas drops the plate and pales. His eyes grow wide with fear then Nick jumps to his feet pushing out with both hands, trying to telekinetically push the newcomer away from the fire. "STOP IT!" He yells, shaking visibly. "No..no…not again…" Any words Ahmed or Amunet said are lost to the fear of seeing flesh in fire, even if it doesn't actually burn Addison.

When Amunet's name is given, she just flashes an easy going smile before nudging the bag of cookies to Ahmed. "Try one?" Practically bouncing in her chair with a want to show how she did. Though she does eye the man and his 'tasting' the fire a small bit. She's about to take a nother bite when she sees Nich start to get upset. Dropping her fork she moves over by him. Her gloved hand reaching out, "nich… nich it's ok! Nich… come on… I'll make ya hot cocoa? Real milk even?"

"I do understand, Ahmed. And thank you for the introductions." Addison blinks as he feels a telekinetic surge racing across his body from somsone else. He moves his arm away slowly, building up a buffer against the push, but not trying to block it fully. "Someone's a telekinetic. They'll probably be learning from me, soon." He offers a calm grin towards Nick. "I'm sorry, I should have warned you. I need to absorb energy from other sources from time to time." He explains, trying to keep his voice calm and easy for the one that's freaking out. "After events a few years ago, I need fire… or electricity… or other things to keep my own abilities up. If I don't, I lose power." He explains. "Are you ok?" He asks, raising an eyebrow and offering his arm. "See? No damage. My arms fine."

Ahmed stands up and moves close to Nick, the ball of slime on his tail rolling along his body until it gets to his hand, where he then drops it to the floor in a wet squish. It wriggles like a gel, and then begins to dissipate slowly as he snaps his fingers in front of Nick's eyes, "Nick! NICK! No one's hurt… c'mon man… everything's cool. You can calm down… swear it." He then makes a face, and says, "Fire killed his family… caused by the Friends of Humanity. Allright?"

Nicholas doesn't seem to hear anything anyone says at first, a telekinetic barrier starting to form around himself. Seeing Addison's arm in the fire triggered a flashback and it takes Ahmed's fingers snapping in front of his eyes for him to come out of it. Nicholas' eyes look around the room, falling to his knees shaking. "Sorry." He says quietly. "I just saw them…I didn't mean to drop it Ahmed." Referring to his food.

Amunet watches worrie3dly and hops down from her stool. Moving to slide past Ahmed as she starts pulling out milk, and makings for fresh hot cocoa, "You want any, Mr. Addison?" Oddly enough not looking very afraid on what's going on, more just worried than anything else.

"I didn't know that. I know that now." Addison says calmly. He moves over to Nick and pauses. "Sorry about that. I didn't know it would do that to you." He pauses for a moment. He turns to Amunet, "Just Addison, please. No Mister… and no thank you. I'm fine." He lowers a corner of his mouth in a slightly sidelong expression. "I guess that means my shields are still operating well…"

Ahmed just stoops to pick up the food off the floor, and then sighs once as his tail flits a couple times, "No worries… I'll just get you something else. I know there's a bag of those pizza rolls you like in the freezer. Maybe throw on some music or TV…" Suggesting as he just eyes the older man for a moment, and then adds, "Look… ummm… Addison, right? You wanna get on around here, you're gonna have to be patient. Ms. Frost runs a tight ship, and we don't really… don't do new easily." Eyes flicking towards Amunet before going back, and then takes another breath, "Yeah… I'll be back." And he starts off towards the Cafeteria rather quickly.

Nicholas doesn't move from his spot on the floor, just adjusts so that he's hugging his knees to his chest in a sitting position. "Did you say Hot Chocolate earlier?" He asks Amunet, it sounds quite relaxing right now. "Sorry, I don't have control over what…causes me to…" He waves a hand as if that explains what he's trying to say. He doesn't want to explain that his flashbacks aren't that rare. "I don't always react well to fire. Usually I more see it in nightmares than when I'm awake." He looks over at Ahmed. "You don't have to get me anything."

Pulling out a small stepping stool, Amunet pushes it in front of the stove as she pours in the makings for her homemade hot cocoa. Turning on the burner she starts to stir is slowly, "Sure thing, Mister Addison." Responding more on an instinctual level. Glancing over to Nicholas thoughtfully before those light blue eyes shimmer and she smiles, adding in an extra dose of chocolate to her cocoa makings and a couple of other things flavor wise as she continues to stir. Glancing to Nicholas she grins, "Chocolate solves everything right?" Trying to reach a cupboard above her and keep stirring she grumbles, muttering under her breath. "Dang it.. I can't reach. Pointing to the cupboard, "Can someone hand me the cinnamon?"

"I know how Ms. Frost is. I've worked with her before, in two worlds." Addison states to Ahmed. "Accidents also happen, especially here. The most one can do is apologize if they set someone off on the wrong foot. These things happen in a school for mutants from all backgrounds. We'll work through this." He says, turning back to Nick. "I get that now. And while I'm not a psychiatrist, I can at least help with some things. Telekinesis for example." He offers. "Come to think of it, have there been any telekinetics teaching others lately? I really need to find out." He mutters. "Though, I do need to be heading back soon. If you want to work on it sometime, or just talk about things, you're more than welcome to come by soon. As of yet, I don't know what my responsibilities will be."

Glancing over to Addison, Amunet says a bit distantly as if not concentrating on what she's saying, "Sure thing, Mr Addison." Before then flashing a grin at Nicholas, "Yawp… with marshmellows." Glancing then to Addison before saying, "Headmistress is my teacher." Her jaw sticking out a small bit before saying, "Be right back Nich." Turning to head out towards the cafeteria behind Ahmed. (sticks this pose in before Addisons)

Ahmed is only out for a couple minutes, and comes back in with a plate of a dozen of those little pizza rolls, which are all cooked perfectly, and not even popped. Settling those close by Nick, he looks at Addison, and tries not to show it, but he has a slightly hurt look on his muzzle, and then draws the hood back so his full anthro face can be seen, "Look, I don't wanna be that guy… but maybe you should go find out… we'll be cool here, okay?" The question almost desperately hopeful, and then he moves back to sit down across from Nick, one of those pies with him, and just watches his roommate.

Nicholas looks over at Ahmed, raising both eyebrows. "I thought I was supposed to be the standoffish jerk." He's not sure why his roommate has such a cold shoulder to the new guy. "Connor's been a good teacher to me." He says frowning slightly. Nick misses his mentor. The pizza rolls remain untouched for the moment. "You didn't have to get me those Ahmed, but thanks. Maybe my appetite will come back in a bit." He still hasn't moved from his spot on the floor.

Coming back a wjhile later, Amunet has three cups of cocoa. One of them being dark chocolate and one of the milk chocolate ones piles with marshmellows. Moving slowly, the young girl has the tip of her tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth, "I might havea couple of the tripple chocolate cookies I made for Shade left in the cookie jar if you want one. Have to check though… you want one Mr. Addison?"

"Oh! Connor's still around. That's good. Anyway, I will, so that you can try to relax. We'll talk more later." Addison offers to Nick. "No thank you, Amunet." He waves politely. "I actually need to get back and rest a little myself. The flight back was fairly draining. I'm sure I'll see you all around campus. And as I said, if anyone has a desire to just chat or anything, I'm usually available until Emma finds classes for me to take, or students to help with powers." He rises, moving back towards the door. Not the friendly entrance he had wanted, but he's not even sure of what he expected. It's Xavier's after all.

Ahmed waits until Addison is gone before he makes a frowning face, and flops back hard, "Dude, why did he have to be such a creep… offering to teach you, right in the door… it's like he was trying to hit on you or something. I wish Jill'd been here… she coulda set him straight." Tail curling into his lap, he sniffs at the cocoa, and then makes an apologetic face to Amunet, "You ahhh… made mine… with milk?" Sniffing it again, "I… uhh shouldn't. I mean… it's cool, but I don't want to end up passing gas all night in the room." Eyes flicking once more to Nick, and then sighing once, "I can do cocoa with water… which sucks because it doesn't taste NEARLY as good. Even with marshmallows."

Nicholas takes his cup of hot chocolate and takes a few sips. A sort of calm seems to start to flow through him as the colour returns to his face. He almost sputters on his hot chocolate when Ahmed says the words 'hit on you'. "What, I don't think he was hitting on me. Why would a guy hit on me? I'm straight." It seems simple enough logic for the boy from conservative North Dakota. "Thank you for the Hot Chocolate Amunet. Now you're probably thinking I'm the weird one, having an episode like that from something as stupid as a little fire." He looks up at Ahmed. "Is that why you seemed to be freaking out? Cause you didn't like that guy?" He noticed all the goo.

Amunet shakes her head to Ahmed, "Nah, I made yours with watyer, some of the instant stuff. I wanted to make the good stuff but I woulda had to go upstairs for that. I made up for it with bringing mashmellows though." Giving a hopefully bright grin as she holds out the mini marshmellow bag. "I'll make some of the good stuff next time… " Then shrugs at Nich, "Don't worry bout it, I'm the one who freaked out on Sophie when she tried to hug me when she first met me." Offering Ahmed the cups to choose from. milk Chocolate or dark chocolate.

Curling his tail in on himself once more, Ahmed ducks his head slightly and reaches over for the dark chocolate and nods once as he accepts in, and settles it to one side, "I didn't like how he was looking at you, okay? I mean, it's like… he was just focused on you, talking to you, wanting you to talk to him… it was WEIRD, okay? I mean I guess I wouldn't have had a problem if he was closer to our age, but I mean like… he's what? Thirty?" Sighing once more, he picks at his food, "I get nervous, I start gooping. Thankfully it didn't get in any of the food. If it gets close to fire, it just burns off quick."

"Weird is sticking your arm in a fire." Nicholas says sipping on his hot chocolate. "I didn't get that impression but I was just tired from cleaning up Orion and then having that panic attack I kind of was out of it. Still just trying to calm down. Doubt I'll get much sleep tonight and I'm probably going to fail every class this year." Right now he's lucky to get a C on a test. "Well hugs when you first meet someone are a bit of a weird thing. It's like who the heck are you and why are you touching me?"

Amunet grins, "Sophies a hugger, she's really nice. And I'd just been dumped in Mutant town by my dad so she was wanting to see if I needed healing. I guess I'd kinda flipped out and she was wanting to help calm me down, it's ok I understood but… yeah. I still flipped out… it happens." Sipping on her cocoa from where she sits now on the floor, "What classes you having problems on? Anything I can help with?"

Ahmed looks towards Nick a moment, and his tail uncurls, "I can help too… I suck at the math stuff, but I'm better at English and the other stuff…" Eyes flicking towards Amunet, and holds up his mug in salute and then takes a sip once more before he settles back again, and then closes his eyes, "Okay, I admit it… this is good."

Nicholas shakes his head. "I doubt it Amunet, but thanks. It's more I can't focus, I think it's because I don't sleep much so I'm tired all the time and I have trouble focusing on classes and homework. It just all kind of blurs. Also I missed a good three months of school with everything. Thanks, both of you, for the offer though."

Amunet says, "Talk to Headmistress Emma, she might be able to help. She set up a dampner next to my bed cause i was having the same problem. Power kept waking me up and i couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate. it's not forever ya know, just till I learn to control some stuff hopefully… then I'll be able to sleep. Can't hurt though?" And smiles before grabbing a mashmellow and nibbling on it without putting it in the hot cocoa. Sugar rush here she comes, "mmmm, yummy."

Shivering a bit, Ahmed moves and starts to clean up his stuff, looking over the other pies a moment before he says, "She freaks me out, okay? She doesn't SMELL right to me… and I really don't know why. I mean… ever since the changes went further along I've been picking up more about people's smells. Like when you eat something with a certain spice in it, I can smell it on you the next day. It's not bad… it's just different." Giving another one of those feline grins, he motions with his head towards the Cafeteria, "I'm going to fridge these for later… and we can figure out how to get your grades up the honest way this weekend, cool Nick?"

"You must really not mind the smell of horse then." Nicholas says knowing full well he smells of it even now. "It's nothing to do with powers Amunet it's more to do with everthing else. My parents and Bodie getting killed then getting kidnapped and tortured, my brain's ten shades of messed up." He says shrugging a shoulder. "We can try, just I think I need to find a way to stay asleep more than five hours a night that doesn't involve pain killers."

Amunet oh's a bit and then says, "Well if ya want any help in math or history lemme know. Those are the two I'm best in… not so good in writing, but if you want the help lemme know.. OTherwise less you're taking arabic or learning to write ancient egyptian I can't help much more than that." Flashing a grin, "If nothing else I'll provide the cookies for the study time?"

After settling the food in the fridge in the cafeteria and coming back in, his hood is up and his paws are back in his pockets as he smiles at the two, and says with a smile, "Nick… I got your back. Okay? I mean, we're supposed to be rooming together, it's the least I can try to do, right?" And with that he moves to clean up a few of the crumbs that are left, "But maybe she's right… maybe it's time for something more than just coping, and the other stuff… Maybe it's time you asked Ms. Frost to get involved."

"I tried that once a while back with no success. Then when she got back after the school got attacked there wasn't even a 'how are you holding up'. It was 'here's a PSVita, I must run now'. I mean I've gotten use out of the Vita but it kind of feels like she was throwing it at us to make up for everything we've been through. Because, you know, getting a PSVita is gonna make up for being tortured for a month." Nicholas says perhaps a bit to bitterly.

Amunet doesn't say anything now, just looking down into her cup and watching the swirling chocolate. Now and again dropping a marshmellow into the drink and watching it slowly get soaked up. Her brow furrowing as the dimples have disappeared and she seems to be listening rather intently now.

Ahmed makes a bit of an 'oh' face and his ears fold back under the hood, "Ummmm.. you didn't know then. While you guys were… kidnapped… the Church guys who took you had their lawyers suing Ms. Frost… like her whole company, and the school, all of it. She'd been running back and forth between the school and New York like… Daily. No one on staff was saying anything, but a couple kids were trawling the news and found out they were trying to get the school taken away, and all of us sent home." Shaking his head once under the hood, he sighs, nostrils flaring a bit, "A lot of the kids here don't have really a place to go back to. And if the school was gone, they could come after us one at a time."

Nicholas gives Ahmed a look that almost says he doesn't have my sympathy. "Sucks to have that almost happen, doesn't it. She could have taken the time to ask three words while handing out guilt gifts. How. Are. You. But she didn't, so not like going to her will help any more than the last time I went to see here." He finishes off his cup of hot chocolate then stands up. "I think I'm just going to head upstairs and take a shower. Thanks for the Hot Chocolate Amunet. See ya in a bit Ahmed."

Biting down rather hard on her bottom lip, Amunet seems to be working hard to keep out of this part of the topic. Though she gives a rather quiet, "Night Nich." Glancing u pat him and then to Ahmed and then back down to her cup again, "I'll finish cleaning up Ahmed, it's my night anyways."

Ahmed blows out a breath as he watches Nick depart, and then replies, "Yeah.. see ya." And he just stands up as well and reaches to finish off his drink before saying, "No, I'll help too. Work goes faster with more than one person."

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