2010-04-28: A Unique Koi


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Summary: Robyn gives the gift of Koi to Jade.

Date: April 28, 2010

A Unique Koi

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Japanese Gardens

A large area of the grounds is landscaped with a Japanese Garden. A river filled with coi fish runs through the middle with a wooden bridge. There is even a small waterfall splashing on the rocks. Bamboo can be heard clacking on the rocks. A small statue of a Buddha can be found in various places. The trees hang over the area and when the flowers are in bloom, it brings a variety of color to the peaceful landscape.

It hasn't been easy to find Jade but Robyn's been looking for her. He's almost given up as he stands on the bridge looking down at the koi fish, with something in one of his hands. "I hope she's not in a danger room session right now." He mutters to himself as he looks down at the fish. He dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans, his hair kind of messed up on his head and, like usual, in his face.

Jade can't see what he looks like as usual, but moves along with a tap tap of her cane. She knows her path by now, as she comes out every day to feed the fish she can't see. Her hair ripples behind her, tails streaming in the air. "Robyn? Who you looking for?" she asks, hearing the words muttered.

Robyn turns at the voice and grins, hurrying over to Jade. "You actually! I have something for you, here." He says holding it out knowning she can't see what he's holding out to her. "I'll close my eyes so you can look at it." Robyn says shutting his eyes tight so hopefully she can reach out and take what he's holding out for her. A sculpture of a Koi Fish, painted in a shimmery white with orange and black shimmery spots. It's pretty accurate and life size and made out of a fairly heavish clay.

Jade holds up her hand to take whatever it is. "For me?" she asks, surprised. She then laughs softly. "Why do you have to close your eyes, silly? You know what it is!" She takes the object, and running her fingers over the form, gasps, knowing exactly what it is. "Oh… wow…" and now she realizes why he is shutting his eyes. Her glasses are tipped up, and brilliant light spills forth as she takes in the gift. "Oh wow… this is *amazing*…"

Robyn keeps his eyes closed but he's smiling. "So you can look at the Koi anytime you want. I made it for you." One thing a bit unique about it, the fish is wearing a park of dark glasses, as if he's blind. A little comedy in the gift he couldn't resist. "And since he's already clay you don't have to worry about turning him into stone when you look at him."

Jade puts her glasses back down. "Thank you, Robyn," she cannot help herself but moves in to give the boy a sound hug. Her hair slithers against his skin cool and ripply and probably more than a bit strange. The fish is held against her body tightly. "This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. My own fish."

Robyn hugs Jade back and opens his eyes back up again. "I dunno, I just got the idea the other night when we were talking. I like to sculpt things and the project was just something I wanted to do." He does blush a bit a the nicest thing anyone's done for her before comment. "You can name him….or her, anything you want, it's your very on fish. And unlike a real fish, you don't have to worry about feeding him."

Jade laughs. "Or turning it to stone. This is awesome. I can feel the fins and stuff…. how fragile is it?" She can't tell what it is made of. She cradles the fish in her hand, cupped in her palm and her cane hooked over her arm.

"Well I didn't hollow it out, though it would have cooked faster if I did, I didn't want to put a hole in the stomach. It's clay, so it is breakable but it's not as fragile if it was hollow. The finds are fairly fragile though." Robyn says as he tried to make it as realistic as possible, except for the glasses. "It's always weird for me to sculpt something normal." He says with a chuckle.

"I wish I could see what you do. Maybe if there was a gallery showing and the room was clear or something," she murmurs whistfully. Yet… fish! She makes sure not to put too much pressure on the fins. "I can't keep it in my pocket all the tme, then," she grins a little, showing off her (adorable) fangs.

"Well, it's just eye contact right? As long as we don't make eye contact, it should be fine and you can watch. I usually keep my focus on what I'm doing anyway so I don't think it should be too much of a problem." Robyn says as would risk being turned into stone for a little bit for that. "He's a bit heavy to keep in your pocket but go ahead." He says smiling as he knows he wants to use Jade as an inspiration for a sculpture sometime.

Jade says, "I can't help looking though. It's hard, if something happens, not to instinctively look that way, but I am sure there is a way around it," she smiles. Fishy McFisherson. "Why did you do this? Just wanted to do something nice?""

Robyn doesn't know exactly why but he nods. "I guess, and also I just thought you'd like it. Everyone deserves something, I dunno. And you know what Jade, I'm willing to risk being turned to stone for a bit if you wanna watch. If that's the worst that's gonna happen, I figure it'd just be like being asleep for a bit." He then gets quiet and tries to figure out how exactly to answer the 'why'. "Honestly, I just felt bad that you can't enjoy something as simple as fish. As much as I think you're mutation is neat, I just feel bad that it hinders you. I couldn't even imagine not being able to see. It's kind of scary."

Jade hesitates, drawing up a bit. "I'm not looking for pity, or for anyone to feel bad for me. This.." and she reaches up to tap her glasses. "This is a choice I make because it makes it better for other people around me. It's not because I can't… but because I *don't*." She hoists the ceramic fish a little. "It's not scary. It's boring more than anything. I can hear though, and smell and taste, and when no one's looking I can peek. It could be worse."

"It's not pity Jade, believe me, it isn't." Robyn says as he doesn't pity her, he really doesn't. It's just, he doesn't know how to word it. "None of us made a choice to be a mutant, none of us made a choice on what our mutation is. But all of us deserve some normalcy, does that make sense? I dunno, I liked hearing you talk about how pretty the fish were and I thought you deserved something to make you smile. Everyone does."

"I do appreciate it, and it does make me smile. Now, if you could find me a boyfriend, I would smile even more," she laughs, then holds up a hand. "Kidding, kidding. Seriously." Her cheeks flush as she can't believe she even said anything. "Erm. Yeah. Well, some of us ae bigger freaks than others. At least I don't kill anyone with my stuff." Yet.

"Maybe I can see if my twin brother is interested." Robyn jokes as he doesn't really know much about his twin in that regards, or in any regards. "Well I didn't get my first boyfriend until I came here so there's hope." He says and agrees to the bigger freaks thing. "I don't kill anyone with mine either…yet. I just kind of can put someone into a coma if I'm not careful."

Jade says, "Comas can be bad," she chews her lip with her tooth. "Hopefully you can keep learning how to tune your powers and all. That is what I want to do.. learn how to tune things so that maybe some day I can learn how to turn it off and all that."

"I don't know if I'll ever be able to shut that aspect of my powers off, since they're all psychic based, I need to drain others of their psychic energy. If I drain too much, they can go into a coma for a few days. Lucky I only did that to one person." Robyn just shrugs and doesn't let it bother him. "Hopefully you can learn to control yours, I'm sure you'll be able to."

"Hopefully!" she responds. With an awkward pause, she sorta shuffles her feet. "i guess I better take Mr. Fish to my room before I fall and break him or something," she smiles and hoists the new fishy friend. "Thanks a lot. This was totally nice of you."

Robyn nods. "No problem Jade, what are friends for?" He says as yes, he considers Jade a friend. "I'll be going to bed soon, after homework. Blah." He says, and since Jade can see the face, he vocalizes his distaste. "Take care Jade and I'm glad you like Mr. Fishy!"

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