2010-09-13: A Violent Escape


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Summary: Envy escapes from captivity when SHIELD tries to have her transported upstate.

Vincent shows up at just the right time and acts as her getaway.

Log Title: A Violent Escape

Rating: R (LV)

Westchester - Taconic State Parkway

The Taconic State Parkway winds north out of New York City on the east side of the Hudson River. The road is rather lovely, bordered on either side by walls of forest and dotted with overarching stone bridges.


The parkway tends to be very low traffic this time of night, most of the traffic occurring around rush hour. SHIELD had decided that it would be best to transport the mutant terrorist who calls herself "Envy" between the hours of 2 and 5 in the morning, though the exact rout was kept top secret until earlier this evening. A line of police cars is driving down the left lane of the parkway. They appear to be escorting three armored cars, pushing traffic to one side as the vehicles speed down the parkway.

Inside of the middle armored car, Eris appears to be unconscious. They had not even mentioned to the woman that she would be moved anytime soon. The plan was to slip a tranquilizer into the woman's food and move her before she woke up. Unfortunately for SHIELD, Eris noticed the drug before consuming too much of it. The woman remains motionless, feigning sleep. She can bide her time until she passes over the right patch of ground. Once the minerals beneath her are just right she will make her move.

The highway is a perfect place for a man to think about the things going on in his life. Tonight, that man is Vincent, and his thoughts are of the past few days, where he was targeted by a specific individual, and was practically a bounty. Then his meeting with Magneto tomorrow, what's going to happen, what is he going to do. With these thoughts floating in his head, Vincent drops the car down a gear and steps on it, the speed acting like a net, grabbing his thoughts and pulling them out of his head as he concentrates on nothing but the road. The convoy coming up ahead of him is given little attention though he pulls his foot off the gas a touch, no need to be pulled over, especially now.

Perfect, this stretch of road has an extremely high concentration of carbon beneath it, probably a vein of coal that went unnoticed during construction. The woman's eyes snap open and she smirks, concentrating the minerals within her body and materializing two diamond blades beneath her cuffs. The metal splits apart as the crystals grow, falling to the ground with a loud clank. The guards in the back let out alarmed yells before they are struck with two diamond spines thrown from within Eris's cage. The woman holds up the two crystal swords and combines them into a single crystal spear, slamming it down into the floor of the truck and piercing the bottom of the vehicle.
From outside of the vehicle, the spine can be seen jutting down through the belly of the truck. It causes the vehicle to slow for a moment, the driver hesitating at the sudden catch. As soon as the truck slows a blossom of diamond spines erupt from the ground below the truck, encasing the vehicle in a crystal spire and causing several of the police cars to run off the road.

Good thing he was already off the gas, as sparks start to fly from the caravan before him, Vince slams on his breaks and pulls the wheel to the side, putting his civic in a spin, the car stopping after doing a 180. He puts it in reverse and approaches the troupe slowly, hoping they wont notice him, but he wants to get a look at this.

The police cars up front stop suddenly as the caravan is ripped in half. Police begin to pour out of the cars, all of them armed with fairly powerful guns. It would appear that whatever is in that truck is dangerous. Before the police in the cars directly behind the crystal mess are able to get out of there cars another eruption of spines surrounds their vehicles. One of the spires strikes a car just right and causes a small explosion to light up the area.
After a few moments a woman with red hair in an orange jumpsuit climbs out of the destroyed truck. Her eyes glint dangerously as the firelight reflects in them. Eris looks up as she hears a sound above her. It seems this caravan was being followed by a helicopter as well, though it appears to be keeping its distance for now. Eris's attention is drawn back down to the police at the front of the caravan as one of them gives the order to fire. She erects a diamond wall between herself and the guns, providing adequate coverage from their weaponry.

Vincent blinks as he watches the action in his rearview mirror. He rubs his eyes before rolling down his window and poking his head out, his mouth dropping open. Realizing it must be a mutant he looks back to his wheel, "Why is everyone’s powers better than mine?" He asks himself, looking down at his hands. He waits a few moments as his conscience and his mind duke it out over what to do, he finally goes in reverse towards Eris after her wall is erected. He stops his car and gets out, to get closer to the action, still waiting to see what he should do.

The sound of the helicopter diminishes for a few moments, it appears as though it is making to circle back around. Eris listens to the machine, trying to pinpoint it as she peeks around her wall to the officers. She holds a hand behind her and materializes a crystal throwing star the size of a ceiling fan, rolling out from behind the wall and chucking it toward the officers. The star clips one of the police men and embeds itself into the hood of one of the cars. Eris dodges back behind the wall and prepares a second star, preparing to make a second attack when she notices that the gunfire has died down slightly. The police seem to be shouting something. A man? Eris glances over and catches sight of Vincent. She looks as though she is about to toss her star at him, but her expression changes to one of confusion as she seems to recognize him.

Vincent stands up and moves closer to Eris, without worry of being shot, almost like he's meeting a friend at a bar. "What's going on?" He asks once he's close enough to the woman, and safely out of the line of fire, though he was careful to never be directly visible by the cops. Vince reaches to his wrists and unzips the zippers on the sleeves of his jacket, as if readying for a fight. "It'd probably be faster to just leave." The self healer mentions thumbing back over to his car that's perfectly ok.

Vincent stands up and moves closer to Eris, without worry of being shot, almost like he's meeting a friend at a bar. "What's going on?" He asks once he's close enough to the woman, and safely out of the line of fire, though he was careful to never be directly visible by the cops. Vince reaches to his wrists and unzips the zippers on the sleeves of his jacket, as if readying for a fight. "It'd probably be faster to just leave." The self healer mentions thumbing back over to his car that's perfectly ok.

Eris raises a brow as the man approaches. "What's going on? I'm out on a picnic. What's it look like I'm doing? That bastard Tony Stark and his wannabe mutant posse had me locked up for fighting for mutant equality. But I got a little tired of their accommodations." She peaks around the diamond wall again and glances over toward the car. "Interesting. You'd give me a lift? The police may not like that." She thinks for a moment. "Wanna play hostage?"

The young mutant gets a smirk on his lips. "Glad someone else brought the wine and cheese." He looks to the sky, the sound of the helicopter getting louder again as it gets closer. "Um… yeah, I'd give you a lift, what else would I do out here?" Vince smirk grows to a full smile, before he drops his shoulders and sighs slightly, "Fine, it's better than my idea…" He shrugs, turning around and lifting his chin, waiting for her to take command over his life.

Eris nods. "Alright. Got to take out that chopper first though." She watches the sky for a few moments until the helicopter circles back around. It appears to be a little out of the range of the woman's ground based attacks, but perhaps not too far off for one of her crystal stars. She chucks the shuriken she was holding in her hand at the chopper and cracks the windshield with it, causing the chopper pilot to pull back and make another wide circle. "Alright, we're going to have to do this fast…Thanks, by the way." The woman materializes a large crystal blade and stands behind Vincent. "Face me, that way they won't get a good look at you." She holds the blade up in a posture that would indicate that she is prepared to kill Vincent should the police interfere. "And act scared. Whenever you're ready, we make for the car."

Vincent raises an eyebrow as he turns to face her, and keeps it up for her to get a good look at his confused face. He shrugs and then puts on the fear he had last night, the fear that only comes when he's around mutants far greater than his own. "So Stark had you imprisoned?" Vincent asks, trying to figure this out, as he starts to make his way back to his car.

Eris glares "Goddamn bastard. The humans are afraid of us, so they use science to artificially replicate our abilities. Then they arrest those of us with the superior genetic bloodline so they can feel better about themselves. It's quite sad really." And then, "Alright, here we go." The woman steps out from behind the wall slightly, guiding Vincent to come with her. The woman calls out in a clear voice to the police. "Ok listen up! Seems I probably just killed this kid's dad." She motions toward the exploded police car behind her. "Thought he'd get his revenge on me, but you can all see how that turned out. You don't want that officer's wife to lose her husband AND her son in one night, you're going to put those guns down now!" She steps out a bit further. "So much as a flinch and the boy explodes from the inside out!"

Vincent nods at her excuse but stops and replaces his fear face, and even starts to try to cry, to add to the effect. He stumbles and flails his arms at her, but doesn't hurt her in any way, not majorly at least. He allows her to drag him to her car. He whispers to her, "Nice decision on the dad thing." He is thoroughly impressed by this woman. "Lets just get to the car and get the fuck out of here."

The police seem to hesitate for a few moments, but that's all Eris needs to get the two of them to the car. She jumps into the passenger's side door and shuts the door, sticking her head out the window to look back. "I hope you know how to drive. They'll be right on our ass…For a little while. But I can keep the cars back at least."

Vincent dives through the passenger door to the driver seat, to add to the appearance. He starts the car and gasses it with spinning tires and smoke and everything. A series of quick gear changes and they're flying down the highway. When he puts it into its final gear he looks over to Envy, "You have no idea." with a smirk before he looks in his mirror at the flashing lights and then over to Eris, "Names Vince by the way. So is there anywhere you wanted to go once we loose the Five O?" He asks as if there is no problem with getting away from these guys, even without knowledge of her powers.

Eris's eyes go wide for a moment as the car takes off. She does seem genuinely surprised at the boy's ability to drive. "Eris, but the news calls me Envy…" She peers out the back window and closes her eyes. "Just keep driving, I'm going to block them back there." After a moment a small eruption of spines bursts out of the road behind the car. They're moving too fast for Eris to make anything substantial, but it should at least rip apart the tires of the cop cars there. Eris looks ahead of them to read a few road signs. "They'll have the exits blocked shortly. There." She points. "Take the exit into Yonkers. I've got a few contacts there. I can lay low for a short while until I can get back to Mutant Town. Might be able to get you a new license plate, too. Don't think they saw you too well, but just in case."

Vincent keeps on the throttle, and even waits for the last moment before he makes the exit, doing his best to keep their speed as high as physically possible. He looks over at her, "I've got a place not far from Mutant town, but if you have someone waiting for you." He trails off looking over to Envy for a moment before gluing his eyes back onto the road. With a few turns and close calls at speeds most normal people wouldn't even dare, it seems the two will clear the cops rather quickly. "And a new plate would be very useful at this point." Luck is on his side.

Eris directs the boy as he moves through the city until they come to a garage. She jumps out of the car and bangs on the door in a very specific way, causing it to open. The woman walks around to Vincent's window and leans on the door. "I have a few places I jump between. Though no, no one waiting for me." The woman nods a thanks to an old man in the shop. He looks a bit surprised, but it doesn't appearas though he's going to cause the two any trouble. "Ok. We should spend the night here. They can fix you up with new plates and if you want they can even repaint the car for you." She glances around and starts walking toward a door on the front of the building. "I'll see if I can get us some food. They kept giving me crap in there."

Vincent blinks leaning forward looking at the building closely. Seems he's meeting all kinds of people this week. "Oh." is all the self healer says to Eris about her places. He gets out of his car slowly, looking at it closely, looking at his plates and his paint. "Yeah, both would be the best idea." He wont say no to keeping the fuzz off of him. Vince nods to the old man, not sure what else to do, but then he follows Eris when she talks about food. "You can't expect three course meals in jail." He smirks, but then adds, "But that first meal after getting your freedom is always sweetest."

~ Fin ~

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