February 09, 2010 - A Visit To The Doctor


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Summary: Skyler and Jono go and see the Doctor about a certain diamond tattoo…

Date: February 9, 2010

A Visit to the Doctor

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Jono's Room

A bed, night stand, dresser, and desk all war for space here with a very large music collection. Shelves and boxes leave a clear space in the middle of the room to allow access to closet and bathroom. Even so, the closet has more in way of music cds than clothing. Not that this isn't a neat room. The bed is made, albeit not as neatly as it could be, and there's no sign of clutter. It's just full. The sterio system is a decent one, but not an expensive kind. The speakers for it aren't even connected yet, and a pair of good headphones rest in easy reach. There is a computer on the desk, and neat piles of school work. Someone here helps out with the professors. The bathroom is missing certain amenities, but that's not too much of a surprise, is it?

Knock on his door and you'll have to wait a little. Not too long, but you'll definitely have to knock twice. When Jonothon opens the door his chamber isn't covered. Oh sure, he's wearing pants and all, but a ruined shirt that allows psy-fire to roam free. That means that it's wrapped around him. Fluttering over shoulders, and even pooled at his feet a little. Mostly though it coils around him, looking like a living thing. «…?» No real words, but a curious thought. Someone's pretty grumpy today and it shows. That psy-fire is agitated, and his eyes do more than merely reflect the fire.

Skyler's on the other side of the door, left hand gripping the opposite bicep. "Hey, Jono," he says when the door is opened, preferring to keeping things vocal, for now. "I…. do you have a minute?"

It takes Jonothon a moment to realize who you are. There's puzzlement until he recognizes that you've your name tag on. With that he frowns at you. Eyebrows furrow as things click together in his head. No, can't say he's happy to see you. Even if he doesn't know who've you copied. Just staring at you a moment, he then nods and moves back into his room. The door is left open. You can come in if you want. The Brit hasn't even turned the lights on, for he's producing so much he doesn't need to.

Skyler follows the older mutant into his room, looking around in an effort to avoid eye contact. "Yeah. Judging by the way you just looked at me there, you're feeling it, too." By 'it' he means the red diamond shape mark that's on their shoulders.

Oh, so the psy-fire wasn't clue enough? The stuff trails after him as he moves to his bed and sinks down on it. «It burns.» And it's not the pain that's making Jonothon so grumpy. Sure that's helping, but he's really irked over the fact that means something is going on. «Something is happening. Or going to soon.» And the man has already warned the others by means of a message. As soon as it started to burn.

Skyler nods in agreement, standing in silence. "I'm going to see the new Doctor we've got about it," he says. "He's probably not going to find anything new, but I don't think it'd hurt to have him take a look."

«That won't help me.» Jonothon says with a shake of the head. «Dr McCoy cut the mark off my back. As in down to the bone. The mark grew back. Doc is good, but he's not going to be able to do something Sinister burned into us on a genetic level.» Never mind it was mentally burned into Jono. Same affect. «Maybe you should copy Doc and see if that removes it.» Rising from the bed, he pulls his jacket off a chair. So very careful not to touch you. «Want me to go with you?»

Skyler thinks about it for a moment before nodding. "Sure. Can't have you stay locked up in your room and moping all night long," he says, flashing Jono a smile. "Besides. We just might learn something."

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

That quip earns Skyler less than a pleased look. In fact you could call it down right nasty. Jonothon doesn't say anything as he shrugs into his coat, and follows. Down to the medical bay! He's not covered his chamber today though, so psy-fire is wrapped around his chest and shoulders. It trails behind him, flickering about like the living thing it is. «Doc?» Is asked when the two arrive in the medical bay proper. «You here?» No, he doesn't sound happy.

Skyler's grin only widens at Jono's nasty look, but doesn't say anything else to provoke the man, following behind him as he leads the way to the medbay. Along the way, he takes time to make sure that his name tag is visible so that he isn't confused with Dallas, whom he is currently copying.

Doc is indeed here. Despite the fact that the Medical Bay is devoid of patients, Doc is there reading what looks to be a fairly large medical book. He's about a quarter of the way through it and seems to be reading it almost in the same kind of casual way that someone might read Harry Potter. At hearing the telepathy, he throws his bookmark into the book, closes it and sets it away. "I'm here," he calls out, figuring that.. well.. someone's hurt. He stands and makes his way toward the front of the Medical Bay to see what's happened.

Naturally, if Skyler is copying Dallas, then Doc initially assumes the mutant is also Dallas. "Ah, you must be Dallas.. is something wrong?" Well, Dallas isn't bleeding or anything, but then.. Skyler notes the name tag. "Oh. Oops. Ah.." It seems that, for the moment, Doc is at a loss for words. Who should he refer the person to? Hmm.. he seems to be trying to remember who can change their looks based on what he's read in the medical files.. eh..

Neither of them appears hurt, and Jonothon thumbs at Skyler as Doc hesitates. «This is Skyler. He copies people.» His tone says 'obviously'. «We were wondering if he could copy you to test something.» While Jono has no idea what gender Skyler started as, he uses the gender of the current form. «There's this problem your power has a small chance to solve.» A small chance. More like no chance, but he asks anyway. Doesn't ask anything for himself as there's nothing Doc can do for him.

Skyler nods in agreement. "Yeah, I'm Skyler. You probably have a pretty big file on me. I copy people at the genetic level." He nods at what Jono's saying and agrees. "Yeah. If it works it'll avoid a whole lot of trouble in the future."

Doc brings his attention back to Jonothon, and nods slightly. "I see, well.. explains the name tag.." He clears his throat a bit. At the copying thing, well.. "Yes, I think I spent a good day on yours," Doc grins, though it's hard to tell if he's being serious. "But, I'd like to know what exactly you want to copy me for," he folds his arms across his chest, skepticism obvious on his face. "I can't say that there'd be people pleased with two of me wandering around."

Jonothon shrugs at Doc's hesitation. «Not a secret.» For all it's not a good thing either. «There's this arse who calls himself Sinister. Big time into genetics. Look him up sometime. Anyway, he marked the two of us. We were wondering if with your abilities Skyler could remove his mark. It could prevent something bad happening.» Hands spread in a helpless manner. «What kind of bad? I don't know. This is new to both of us.» It's honest, if sadly a bit vague. «You can't do anything about the mark I have, so Skyler's the one with the chance.»

Skyler nods with Jono, taking off his shirt as the other mutant speak. "We don't know what kind of bad Sinister is up to," adds the shapechanger, "but the degree of bad is always… well… about as bad as it gets." Once the shirt is off he turns his back to the doctor, to show a red diamond shaped mark about three inches tall and about half that wide. "We've tried everything to get rid of these things, but they just come back."

"Well, I wouldn't say that's entirely true, Jonothon.. but I'm afraid genetics is less my area of expertise and more Hank's, I'd imagine," Doc offers with a wary smile. "But, I suppose I'll have to do more research, then.. won't do for me to not know what's out there." Damn. And he thought he could get away with just knowing who all was here at school. So much for that. When Skyler turns to show off the mark, Doc nods a bit and moves a little closer. "I'd imagine if you've tried everything, that probably includes surgical removal, hm?"

Hard to tell if Doc is joking there, but he does seem to be grinning a bit. "But, I see what you mean. Well.. like I said, if this doesn't work for you, Skyler, then I think you're going to have to visit Hank and see what he can do for you." He steps back a bit again. "So.. what do I have to do?"

While the Brit says nothing of Doc's determination to always be right, he merely shakes his head in a weary gesture. No point arguing the fact. Skyler is showing and that's what matters. «Yes.» Surgical removal. Just the other day as a matter of fact. On Jono anyway. But then he doesn't exactly have a biology anymore, so it was a shock when the mark returned. Skyler at least has genetics to mess with, so perhaps this will work. And as to what to do? Jono has no idea, so he watches. Not getting close, just in case.

"Yes," echoes Skyler. "Jono surgically. We had another student try to do it himself when he first got it." He sighs, trying not to remember the horror that was. "He only got rid of his when Sinister kidnapped him again and made him a Horseman. As far as I know Jono and myself are the only two left who has the mark." He looks at Jono for a second, as if he's going to add something, but decides leave divulging Jono's memory loss to the brit. He shakes his head, and loosens his belt a couple of notches before answering the Doctors other question. "You don't have to do anything," he says, reaching out and touching Doc's hand with his own. Soon, it becomes apparent why the boy loosened his belt, for in less than a minute, there stands a perfect copy of the doctor, save that he's half naked and has a diamond shaped tattoo on his shoulder.

"Oh, I see," Doc chuckles. They tried surgical removal? Yikes. Well, he definitely didn't do it, so he can only wonder who did. That must have been an interesting project. At any rate, when Skyler reaches forward, Doc obliges by offering his hand. There's a moment there where he's almost expecting to feel something - be it pain, or other stimuli - but when all that happens is that Skylar starts changing into himself, minus a shirt, Doc seems impressed by that. "Kinda like looking into a mirror." Except he knows it's someone else, and not himself. How unnerving, at the same time.

No, Jonothon's not mentioning the memory loss. That's going to remain his for now. Glad the change was so quietly done, he leans against a medical bed as he watches. Takes everything he has not to try and scratch at his own mark. The thing nearly burns. As for Skyler's own mark, he notes that it's still there, but expected that to start. Perhaps Doc's powers can remove it over time. «You also get power knowledge, Skyler?» If so this could be easy on the teen.

Skyler sighs. "I wish. It would make some things a lot easier." He watches Jono for a moment before sighing. "Still there, I take it?"

Doc folds his arms across his chest a bit, and tilts his head slightly. "Well.. I'd say give it some time. If you're feeling brave, we can try to surgically remove it again and see if the regeneration makes it go away, worst case scenario, but.." He looks back at Jonothon, then right back to Skyler-Doc. "I think it might be outside my abilities, if it doesn't go away on its own."

«Then I have to warn again, you should never copy me.» Jonothon doesn't mean to sound angry at Skyler, but he does. Not Skyler's fault this is going on. And yes, the mark is there. «Thanks for trying, Doc. It was a long shot, but worth the attempt. I've warned the Headmaster, and the others, about this, so I hope when the shit hits it won't be too bad.» For all he's not holding much hope for that. «They should probably put me in one of the holding cells.» That realization has him bowing his head, and the psy-fire dances angrily around him. Guh.

Skyler chuckles at Jono and nods. "Not unless I have a burning desire to blow up a city block," he agrees, grabbing his shirt and pulling it back on. "No. No cells for us. If Sinister wants us he's going to have to come and get us." There's an air of grim determination about him, now. "He's already screwed up enough things in my life that I'm not going to let him have anything else without a fight."

"Why would we put you in a holding cell?" Doc quirks an eyebrow. Then it seems to dawn on him as he thinks back to the student files. "Oh, right.. well, I don't think it's necessary to go that far. Keeping an eye on you should suffice, I think, but.. I suppose others might feel a bit differently." And it seems he's going to have to start his research with that Sinister fellow. "Well.. let me know if there's anything else I can do for you two, but.. I think it about ends there, if it can't be surgically removed.."

Jonothon has no desire to see if it'd be more than a block now, after all these years, so he appreciates that sentiment. There's a nod, but he doesn't find the same desire to fight. Not when he knows that he's already been mentally programmed to put the mark back. What else lurks in his head? «Because I'm dangerous.» Jono shrugs as he pushes from the medical bed. «And the kids could be killed.» Not going to lock himself in or anything, but hey. «Thanks for trying, Doc. I agree about giving it time, Skyler. Doc's genetics may over write it.» Maybe. «Me? I'm going to bed.» To sulk some more. Shhh.. don't tell anyone.

Skyler sighs. "We'll see," he admits, pulling down the hem of his shirt now that it's a little too short. "Good night, Jono. I've got to go to my room and get better fitting clothes."

Doc nods in agreement, waving slightly at Jonothon as he moves for the door. "All right. Sleep well." Doc has research to do, and it seems many more days of it, which he'll probably curse when he realizes how long the list is of superheroes. Sigh. "If you intend to stay that way long, I've got a few shirts you can borrow, I'm sure," he offers to Skyler with a slight wave, assuming he, too, is going to make a run for it. Everyone does when it comes to the Med Bay.

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