2010-10-22: A Walk In The Dark


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Summary: Robin goes for a walk and finds a very confused zombie.

Date: October 22, 2010

Log Title: A Walk in the Dark

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Moors

The road cuts through the moors and ends abruptly a few feet into the grassy hills. Low flora in reds, browns and greens cling to the ground. There are not real paths or trails through the moors just a vast area of ground. Rocks jut out of the ground as the hills drop down. During the day time it seems peaceful and relaxing as a light breeze flows through sometimes carrying the scent of fresh water from the cliffs on the other side. There is a perfect view of the flawless sky. During the night when the moon shines down, every star can be seen in the sky but the shadows seem to appear out of things that might not be there. Occasionally the howl of a wolf can be heard along with the sounds of a four legged beast chasing it's prey.

Everywhere in this place seems to have a creepy feeling to it, and Robin is clearly uncomfortable with it. She pushes her glasses (with the one painted lens) up her nose slightly. While her puppet, Blank, seems to be softly glowing blue, she still carries a lantern so that she can see while she's out this evening. She's been feeling a little stir-craze, not leaving the farmhouse and still not being able to contact her boyfriend back home, and wanted to maybe contribute in ways other than staying inside and helping with indoor chores.

Another day has passed, the days running together for Star, being dead not exactly being conductive towards good memory. At the moment, the zombie girl is shuffling along through the tall grass in the direction of the cliffs. Night has fallen and the only illumination comes from the moon and stars high overhead, turning the dead girl's hair almost silvery and her flesh even paler and more gray than normal. She's traded in her boy's clothes for something a little more feminine, finally wearing a skirt and blouse instead of pants. The only thing she's retained from her life in Westchester are the boots that go with her Alpha Squadron uniform, though they're mostly unseen through the screen of grass and the curtain of skirt that swirls around her ankles. Her face is expressionless as she pauses and looks up at the sky, searching for familiar stars overhead. She doesn't notice that she's not alone just yet, being lost in thought.

"Star?" says Robin, approaching when she notices the other girl out and about. Blank seems to walk towards her a little bit faster, though Robin still takes a pretty brisk pace. "What are you doing out here?" Of course, the same could be asked of her. But she asked first! Her single eye looks Star over carefully, and she asks, "Are you doing alright there?"

At the sound of her name being called, the dead girl looks over her shoulder, squinting slightly into the lantern light, "Who's there?" Star reaches up to run one dusky colored hand through her hair, "And how do you know my name?" She doesn't move to shamble closer to the other mutant and her glowing puppet, but she does turn so that she's facing them, the light showing just how 'not alright' she's doing. Her eyes are slightly sunken and filmed over with a milky haze, her lips beyond blue to gray, and the faintest hint of decay seems to come from her on the night time breeze.

"Well, I dunno, I know your name from the school…" says Robin, scratching her head lightly. It's difficult to tell if her voice is male or female and, especially in the dark and wearing a peasant robe, it's not really easy to tell by looking either. She crosses her arms and notes, "It's Robin." She stops when she sees Star's expression and frowns, "Oh… oh no, you aren't looking so well…"

"Robin?" Star shakes her head, "I don't know any Robin…" Beat, "And what school? I'm going to finishing school, but I haven't seen anyone I know from there in this strange place…" She looks around for a moment, the air clear of any hint of emotions that might be coming from the dead girl. The comment on her not looking well finally has a little expression twisting her face into a grimace, "Kind of hard to look good when you're dead, though, don't you think?" She still doens't move from where she's standing, looking like she's rooted to the spot for all the indication she gives that she wants to get any closer to this person she views as a stranger. She gestures toward Blank with her chin, "Who's that?" Beat, "What is that?"

"Ummm. I meant Xavier's…" She brushes her hair aside a bit and says, "And that's Blank. Blank's, um, Blank is my puppet. Are you sure that you don't remember me? Or my puppet?" Robin looks towards the blue humanoid and back towards Star, seemingly concerned. "Do you not remember? And… finishing school? Are you… maybe you're a little delirious, from the whole being dead thing?"

Star shakes her head, a small frown drawing her brows together, "I don't know any Xavier's…" She raises one hand to her head, pressing the heel of her hand against her temple, "I… Maybe?" But not really, apparently. She sighs and just shakes her head, looking confused more than anything else, "I don't know… I suppose it's possible." She drops her hand and folds her arms over her chest, managing to look extremely vulnerable at the moment, "Everything's kind of hazy…" Even the things that she's sure she remembers right.

"Okay… Umm, I hope that you don't forget everyone. Who are some of your friends, you know, some people you know?" asks Robin. She's not really sure how to deal with an amnesiac or a delirious person or whatever, but darned if she doesn't try! She bites her bottom lip lightly, pinching it between her canines as she considers. She rubs underneath her painted lens lightly and adds, "And what are you doing out here?"

"Friends?" Star shrugs, "They aren't here. I've looked." She pauses for a moment, "I've got a brother…" She sounds hopeful when she says that, though she doesn't mention his name. There's another shrug when she's questioned about why she's on the moors, "Wandering. I haven't slept since…" She trails off and doesn't finish that thought, "Well, I haven't slept in a long time, anyway. I just don't seem to get tired now." So that's one perk to being dead, then? She gives Robin a curious look, "What about you? What are you doing out here?"

"I was feeling like I was going a little bit crazy where I was staying," Robin admits, though she shakes her head, deciding not to give any more information than that to the delirious amnesiac zombie girl. "Are you talking about Cloud? He's your brother, right? Cloud Rosen? The guy who gets kidnapped all the time?" She decides adding qualifiers might help Star out a little bit.

Star nods, well understanding the feeling of going crazy from staying in one place. Mention of Cloud has her nodding, "Yes. Cloud Rosen…" She frowns faintly at the mention of him getting kidnapped all the time, confusion again flooding her features, "Kidnapped? I don't see why anyone would want to kidnap him." She wrinkles her nose, "Unless they were trying to get Father to pay a ransom, or something, but I doubt he would for Cloud. If it were Jasper, I could see him paying, but not Cloud."

"Uhh, I dunno why people kidnap him. He always seem to get into trouble, though," says Robin, cupping her chin lightly as she studies Star. She lowers her lantern, getting tired of carrying it up, just using the soft glow from the puppet for sight at the eye level. "Who is Jasper? And… it sounds pretty harsh not to pay money for one kid and not another…"

"Jasper is our oldest brother. He's supposed to follow in Father's footsteps at the bank." Star shrugs at the thought of not paying for one child's return when he would for another, "Like you said, Cloud is always getting in trouble. Father said that he wasn't going to bail him out next time." She looks off into the distance for a moment before she looks back over her shoulder at the cliffs, "I'm going to go look around a little more…" She glances back at Robin and the puppet for a moment as she turns, "Stay safe, Robin and Blank." Beat, "Try not to let anything eat you…" And with that warning, she wanders away, little more than a specter in the night.

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