2010-07-27: A Warning


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Summary: Rashmi comes to Robyn with a warning.

Date: July 27, 2010

Log Title: A Warning

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

After just getting his cast off yesterday, Robyn is finally looking much better thanks to Doc. It's no surprise though, that he's already holed up in the art room with quite the blob of clay in front of him. He's working on getting used to being able to move his arm again now so Robyn is just making a bunch of little guys out of clay with different poses. They're all lying down in a row and there are about six feature less plan little guys. The poses range from looking like one's running away to another cowering in fear to another shielding it's face and so fourth. He's working on making the shape of his seventh little man.

Having only just arrived at the school, Rashmi has made a beeline for the Art Room. Priorities first; to finally take a look at Robyn, make sure he's okay, then risk making things worse for him. It's not a job she's looking all that forward to, but, her friend deserves to know. Easing the door open, she tugs on her braid with her free hand, not letting go to knock on the doorjamb. "…Robyn? Are you, um… busy?"

Looking up at the voice of Rashmi, Robyn breaks out in a smile. He looks like he's okay so that's a good thing. "Hey Rashmi, no, not terribly busy just kind of messing around since I haven't been up here in over two weeks." He says as he starts to put aside what he's working on. "How's things been going for you? I've missed you." He admits.

Rashmi stands there in the doorway for a moment, silent, then walks forward quickly, gathering Robyn up in a tight hug. "I've been so worried about you… Jinx told me you got hit by a car and James had been possessed, but you were still asleep and I couldn't visit and oh *God* I'm just glad you're okay!"

The hug surprises Robyn and he hugs Rashmi back, accidentally getting some clay hand prints on her back. "I'm okay Rashmi, was just really scared was all. I'm..okay, honest. Jinx helped me through it and James…well..he's the one I'm worried about between us." He'd never say that to James' face though as that's not the way of things with the Hyena. "Yeah, when James was possessed by Selene, I did something really stupid and I'm just glad I didn't die because of it."

Rashmi doesn't seem to care about the handprints, and squeezes him once more before leaning back, brushing the boy's hair away from his face, searching for signs that he might not be telling the whole truth. "I am too… And nobody called me, I coldn't get ahold of anyone… Mike dropped me a message asking where Connor went to… I didn't know hardly anything at the time, but I guess he's recovering now…"

The only sign that he might not be telling the truth is he's a bit tired but other than that, it's mostly him getting over things. Robyn's on the upswing though. "Sorry, I haven't really called anyone just dealing with recovering then dealing with James being possessed and Jordan leaving and Connor being this asshole from another time, it's..been a lot." He admits. He doesn't know about Connor though and still thinks he's his future self. "The further away form Connor I am right now, the better so I don't know much about his where abouts."

"Hey," Rashmi says softly, eyebrows drawing down. "Hey. Don't talk like that, okay? I'm here because I came back with Connor, and I don't know what he's like in the future… but from what I can tell? The last thing he did here, was to save my life. So…. go a little easy on him, okay?"

"He's a real jerk in the future Rashmi." Robyn says dully as he really doesn't want to get into it at the moment and it's easy to tell. "I'm glad he saved your life Rashmi, really glad." And Robyn means that too. "But wait, what do you mean, last thing he did here?"

Rashmi shakes her head. "I couldn't make sense of what Ms. Braddock said for the life of me, but I guess the future guy possession thing is over. All I really know is, after we showed up at Stark Tower, he fell down screaming, and woke up… um… confused. And kind of stuck speaking Russian. Ms. braddock helped him come all the way back to himself yesterday, so, I guess he's all better now."

Robyn's face visible shows relief to hear that his friend is back. "That's good, not about the screaming or about the stuck speaking Russian but that he's back. Maybe I'll finally start sleeping in our room again." He says pushing his hair back. "So wait, you leave the school for a few weeks, and already you're hanging out in Stark Tower and avoiding people killing you? What kind of internship do you have going?"

Rashmi's shoulders sag slightly, eyes falling. "…Yeah, um… it's actually got nothing at all to do with working for Ms. Walters… Not that that isn't its own kind of crazy, I mean God the *stories* I could tell you already. But no, um… I guess there's this guy from the future, Ahab? The one who got Cam in Central Park? He um… he's decided to go after people who gave him a whole lot of trouble in the future. ….Will give. Will might have gaven. I hate time travel. *Anyway.* People like, um…. me. And…. well… and you."

"Yeah, the guy who stabbed James and caused the whole possession thing, in a weird way." Robyn says as he nods, recognition of her last words obviously not hitting yet. "So he's going after people who give him…wait what? Me? Why me? I..I die in the future according to Connor. I become a real jerk or something, why would he want to go after me?"

Rashmi shrugs. "I really don't know… I guess whatever you do, it's bad enough that he knows you by name. I mean, what could *I* do that's so horrible for him? Is he just not as patient as Magneto and I told him stabbing people is stupid? I don't know… But, I'm pretty sure you don't have to worry about him, really. I mean, he also I guess wants Addison and Jericho, but, that'll never happen. I just… well, have a *lot* to worry about. So when I'm not at the office with Ms. Walters, I'm… kinda in protective custody at Barnes."

Robyn runs both his hands through his hair and lets everything sink in. "Okay so…I do something in the future where some evil badguy wants me dead? But I do die in the future according to Connor so, he wants me double dead? I don't…" He just doesn't see himself as someone who'd be significant enough to be wanted dead. "That's good, the protective custody thing….wait..then why are you here? You're not putting yourself in danger to tell me this are you?"

"No," Rashmi says quickly. "Oh God no, not after having to run for my life just because I needed packing tape when I was *already* hurrying to get moved over there. No no, I came with Spider-Woman, she's talking to the adults."

Robyn nods and lets out a sigh. "Good. Good, good." He says sitting down in the chair and just mulling things over. "So…I just have to try not to get killed, I guess." He says as doesn't really say much, he just thinks about it. His eyes fixate on the floor and his brow furrows as he doesn't know what to do. "Talking with adults, Spider-Woman, they should know what to do."

Rashmi nods. "Like I said, probably you don't have a whole lot to worry about." Chewing on her bottom lip, the redhead takes a chair next to Robyn, glancing over the figurines. "So um… what're you working on?"

Robyn nods and looks at Rashmi before giving her a slight smile. "You know that's not true…I'll be careful, okay? I'll probably let James know and with the adults knowing, that's a good thing right?" He's saying that just as much for him as it is for her. "And this, it's not really much. I'm just kind of messing around, making little guys, figure maybe I'll turn it into a chase scene with a bunch of little guys running away from a T-Rex or something stupid."

Rashmi leans over, nudging Robyn gently with her shoulder. "Yeah… that's a good thing." Looking at the figurines again, her brow furrows slightly. "…You've had it really hard lately, haven't you…"

There's a sort of exhausted chuckle that escapes Robyn at the last question. "A bit, just..trying to get over it all. Get past it. I can't dwell on it or else, I just end up feeling to sorry for myself and everyone yells at me." There's a shoulder shrug as he looks at Rashmi. "So you broke up with Lucas I heard, how's that been on you?"

"Horrible," Rashmi says after a moment's silence, shaking her head. "I was kind of really a huge jerk about it, and I said some things I probably shouldn't have, you know? So even with all the running and worrying and friends in danger and flying through space in an old Dodge car, I can't help but kick myself for being such a bitch about it."

Robyn has seen how Lucas has been reacting around Jinx lately and keeps that to himself. "I..I don't think he's taking it that hard…I don't know. As long as you think it was the right decision and as long as you're happier in the long run Rashmi." Robyn says and he does mean that. "I dunno, and I don't think I could ever call you a bitch, strong minded, stubborn and determined sure, but not a bitch."

"And a busybody know-it-all," Rashmi adds, managing a small, wry smile. "Way too fond of sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. But you know the hard part? I wouldn't have broken up with him at all… If I just thought I wasn't doing more harm for him than good, you know? I wanted him to be happy, but I was trying to just chase him there the whole way, and that's… just not what he needs. I *do* hope he finds someone who *can* make him happy, though. Really."

Robyn nods and smiles a small smile at her as well and reaches out to take her hand. "Just don't beat yourself up over it too much. Lucas..I'm not sure if he even knows what he wants. I dunno, relationships suck ya know? I just hope that it makes you happy too Rashmi. You deserve to be happy as well. So…anyway…are you liking working with Ms. Walters?"

Rashmi chuckles quietly, squeezing the hand and nodding. "…I couldn't even *begin* to describe it, honestly. It's like… …. …….. …I don't know. I guess the closest I can come is, it's like suddenly doing legal work for your imagination, sometimes. I've been in *space,* Robyn. In a *car.* And researching legal precedent so a twenty foot tall ex-supervillain won't be evicted for *zoning* violations. I mean….!"

"Wow, it sounds like you got the change of a lifetime and more. I'm really happy for you on that Rashmi. So…what's space like?" Who can't help but ask that question, doesn't everyone want to know what it's like in space? Robyn would jump at the opportunity to be able to go in space…in a car. "What kind of court would you be defending him in? Is there like some kind of intergalactic supreme court?"

"I have *no idea,*" is Rashmi's wide-eyed response. "I mean, I guess there'd kind of have to be, I haven't even *begun* to ask Ms. Walters about that. But it's just… wow. *Wow.* And space is really, really *big.* Like have you ever just stood on Ellis Island and looked out at the ocean, and it goes on for miles and miles and miles with nothing but water? Like that, but bigger and emptier. It's just *amazing.*"

"I haven't been to Ellis Island since I was a little kid on a school field trip." Robyn says with a chuckle. "Next time you go to space see if you can take me." Robyn jokes but if the offer was there, he wouldn't turn it down. "It sounds like this is a great opportunity for you, it really does. And when do you start College?"

"Not till the end of August," Rashmi says, shaking her head. "…Oh. But. I *am* going to be taking a lot of pictures soon. So, you know that party Mr. Stark wanted to throw? Well, um…. Ms. Walters got me a ticket."

Robyn shakes his head slowly. "No, I don't know about the party but you're really becoming one of the bit leagues aren't you Rash?" He then takes a deep breath and looks at Rashmi with a bit of concern. "Hey, while you're here can you visit James? He's…I don't think he's doing so well with losing Lucas as a roommate. I think you visiting him will mean a lot."

Rashmi lets out a breath, nodding. "I really, really want to see him anyway. I guess he's not possessed anymore, then? He's mostly sort of okay?"

"No, he's not possessed. You know, when I heard he was, I tried to possess him to push the other person out and well…I hit a mental brick wall and got myself hit by a car." Robyn finally admits to her the dumb thing he did. "Anyway, yeah, mostly sort of okay is the best way of putting it. He's trying to get me to move in with him now that Lucas is gone but I don't want to leave Connor by himself but I know it's be a good thing for James so I'm kinda stuck on that."

Rashmi pauses for a moment, peering into Robyn's eyes, puzzled for a moment. "Oh… so *that's* what happened…" Shaking her head and sighing, she leans over, gathering Robyn into another tight hug. "Maybe it was stupid, Robyn, but I think it's also the bravest thing I ever heard of… And I'm glad you're all right."

Robyn returns the hug and closes his eyes. "You know, I was just so tired of seeing our friends get possessed by stuff I couldn't not do anything. I had to try. And I'd probably do it again if I knew it had a chance of working. I'm glad I'm alright too, and I do not plan on getting thrown in front of a car by an evil psycho bitch again." Robyn says with a chuckle. "I'm also glad that everyone else is alright too. Selene…she's a frighting woman."

Rashmi nods, smiling gently. "Yeah… you *had* to try. Whether or not it could help anything, it didn't matter. That's why it was *brave,* Robyn." Resting her head on his shoulder, Rashmi sighs quietly. "I'm tired of seeing it happen, too… I guess that's a little bit of why I'm going to Barnes. You know… aside from not having to pay for anything at all period. Because whether or not I end up *wanting* to fight anywhere that isn't a courtroom or City Hall… I've been having to do just that, a lot. So I may as well know what I'm doing if I have to again, right?"

Robyn wraps an arm around Rashmi's shoulder and squeezes it lightlhy. "I thought bravery was when you succeeded and stupidity when you failed." He jokes as he nods. "Well Barnes isn't a bad college option. I don't know much about it but I guess it's kind of similar to hear from the rumours I've heard. You're a strong woman Rashmi and that's a good thing. Just, stay strong okay?"

Rashmi nods, smiling gently. "I will," she murmurs. "I promise." Taking in a deep breath, she looks up, tilting her head. "So. Think we should find James, and badger him until he smiles for real?"

Robyn nods. "Lemme clean up and then we'll go find James." Robyn says as he starts to just destroy everything he sculpted into one big ball and put the ball in a ziploc baggie with some water before going to clean up everything. "Yeah, he's been having a real hard time and I worry about him."

Rashmi blinks as the artist just mooshes everything up, frowning slightly. "You didn't want to keep that?"

Robyn shakes his head with a grin. "Not really, I wasn't sculpting to really make anything, more like, I haven't done it in two or three weeks and was just playing around. I didn't really have a set vision. Next time I should just break out the play-doh but I couldn't find any." He says after washing his hands and drying them off. "So…I think James might be in the sanctuary?"

"Easy way to find out," Rashmi says with a grin, hoppong off the stool. "Let's ask around?"

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