2011-03-29: A Warning Is Given


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Summary: Vinny stops by the Towers to warn Tony about Dingo being out of control and possibly heading Iron Man's way.

Date: March 29, 2011

Log Title: A Warning is Given

Rating: PG

NYC- Stark Towers

//This office is a study in monochrome from the metal and black furnishings to the white walls and fixtures. The far wall directly across from the door is made up of large windows that dim according to the brightness coming in from outside. Along the left wall various impressionist paintings hang over a long table where Stark has several pieces of memorabilia out on display. Along the right side of the office there is a long black couch with two matching chairs that face a large flat screen television. A door to the private bathroom is nearby the couch. Just in front of the windowed wall is a semi circle desk, made entirely out of metal, that has a pair of flat monitors suspended over the desk by slim metal arms. A unique keyboard rests atop the desk in front of the futuristic looking desk chair. On the left end of the desk there are several picture frames. On the right end a set of books is held upright by Iron Man bookends. //

Vinny steps into Stark town and pauses at the front desk, looking around a moment before stepping up to speak to the receptionist. "Ah.. G'day. I'm lookin to speak to Iron Man if he's available, it's important."

The security desk officer peers up from his monitors to find a very unique individual before him. "If I had a dime for every person that has said that I'd be living on a private island by now BUT just for laughs …" The man taps in a few things on his console. "Who may I say is seeking an audience with the man?"

Vinny looks to the man "Tell him it's Vinny Wilks, the Mutant Platypus that was here during the last Dingo attack." Yes he realizes exactly how strange that just sounded.

The guard with a name tag revealing his name to be Samuel types on what appears to be the table surface then peers back up at the platypus. "If you'll please see yourself to the waiting area over that-a-ways," he gestures with a hand towards the collection of furnishings across the way. "I'll pop over there when I've got a reply from upstairs."

Vinny nods and heads towards the waiting area, taking a seat and fishing an odd smartphone from his pocket and fiddling with it absently as he waits.

About fifteen minutes after Vinny sat down in the waiting area Samuel has come over clearing his throat softly as to not interupt what the platypus is doing. If now is a good time he speaks, "I've been informed to send you upstairs to the 43rd floor. If you check in with Mrs. Arbogast she'll let you in to see Mr.Stark." The elevators are pointed out so that Vinny knows where to go.

Vinny looks up and smiles at the new "Ah Thank ya Mate, have a good day eh? Don't work too hard." His tone is genuine, not sarcastic. He slips from the chair and heads for the elevator, punching in the appropriate floor and waiting as the elevator rises.

The elevator music is not all that terrible and it doesn't take long for the car to open up its shiny metal doors revealing the 43rd floor. A white haired older woman sits behind a rather large desk working on something for a time till she spies Vinny and waves him forward with a hand. "Good afternoon, Mr. Wilks."

Vinny steps out when the doors open and tips his hat to the woman giving a nod and smile "G'day Ma'am." He walks up to the desk as she waves. "I need ta sign in or somthin'?"

"Oh no, dear." Bambi rises up from her chair pulling an ear piece off to set onto her desk then comes about to offer her hand in greeting to Vinny. "My name is Bambi. Normally I would offer you a drink while you wait but you've managed to catch Mr. Stark when he's got a moment to spare so let me show you to him."
Bambi will walk over to the double doors of Tony's office, knock then open the door a fraction. "Tony? Mr. Wilks is here to see you." The man in question can be heard from within and Bambi steps aside to allow Vinny to enter. Tony rises up from behind his desk and comes around to greet the platypus. "Afternoon! What's brought you about to the Towers?"

Vinny nods and follows Bambi as she heads towards the doors. When allowed he steps into the room and removes his hat, a common show of courtesy before taking a breath and giving a weak smile. "Business I'm afraid, Dingo is plannin' an attack on the city, and might be gunnin' for Iron Man directly. If we can't deal with him in house, then he's gonna be a major problem."

Tony leans back a tick at this news. "Dingo is going to be picking a fight with me?" Sigh. Perhaps he might go on vacation for a time so the riff-raff about New York found another super to pick on. "I'm curious as to why. Please, have a seat anywhere you wish." There are chairs in front of the desk or Vinny could opt to sit off in the comfortable chairs that face a television.

Vinny nods and moves to one of the chairs by the desk. "It's a long Story, we've benn havin' trouble in Mutant town with a bunch of Wankers callin' themselves the New Mutant Order. Buncha loons that wanna form thier own army since the cops ain't exactly trusted these days. They've got thier hands on some kinda Mutant-boosting drug called Kick. Cranks up yer mutant powers but makes ya prrtty loopy in the process. Dingo hooked up with these clowns and he's hooked on the stuff, it's turned him absolutely bonkers."

The chair behind the desk is pulled back allowing Tony to sit down facing Vinny. As the recent events are imparted to him the man drums fingertips across the desk surface deep in thought. "I'm certain that I can handle anything that Dingo brings my way however I must worry about him being a loose cannon amongst the populous. Do you have any information on who may be in this New Mutant Order? Anyone familiar to you?

Vinny shakes his head "Afraid not, they sometimes wear uniforms. A red shirt with black jacket and jeans. Often as not though you can't tell them apart from anyone else. Dingo's at least twice as powerfull as he used ta be, and completely off his nut. Claims the stuff makes him immortal, been callin' himself a God. Says he's gonna take over tha whole city and make a new Genosha. Bunch of us in town are tryin' ta find the source of the kick and take it out but so far we got no leads. If we can't keep him contained he's gonna tear up the whole damn city, so I figured I'd better give ya a head's up cause he might come lookin' for a rematch."

Tony snorts, "That was entirely staged. At least he's starting to sound more like a villain. I'll communicate with the police department to see what I can find out as well as bring these issues to the Avengers that are in town. Hopefully with a great many people searching for a solution to contain these problems there will not be a break out of violence. Well, more so than usual.

Vinny nods "I don't like bringin' in outsiders on this, we been tryin' to police our own these days. But I ain't dumb enough to beleive we got this under control. Ya see a large dog made'a sand and he's normal, ya see a three-story Dingo made'a concrete with real eyes and teeth that can talk.. then ya better hit him with everythin' ya got cause he's hopped on Kick and his powers'r boosted."

"Concrete's a bit better to explode than sand," Tony comments rather offhandedly. This revelation about events out in Mutant Town has him considering how out of control that district is. The police had no real authority there and truly the population of Mutant Town had long been taking matters into their own hands because the lack of appropriate help. "You've made the right decision coming to me with this, Vinny. I will do my best to assist as will the others of my team. I'd rather not have to deal with a rampaging construct this week."

Vinny nods "If he attacks he's gonna have a buncha NMO boys with him. They're a pretty gutless bunch even on kick and will bolt if things start goin' against them but don't let anyone workin' with ya get too close. One of thier tactics is to spray kick into the face of random mutants to make um go nuts, if ya got a mutant like that quicksilver fella with ya and he gets dosed.. well god only knows what would happen." He seems to consider what he's about to say, then takes a breath. "I ain't tellin' ya this so ya can come inta mutant town yerself, I'm tellin it so that if we can't stop him and he attacks the rest of tha city that yer ready for him. We got enough troubles without SHIELD or the Avengers bustin' in tryin' ta take over or tell us how we're gonna live. That's just gonna cause more trouble and give these NMO blokes a stronger hold on the town. The more the folks outside mutant town push on it, the more people side with these Jackasses and the worse things get for those of us tryin' to prevent a war.”

"The situation in Mutant Town is always a tricky thing to sort out," Tony comments as he leans back in his chair. Hands come into view as fingers interlock then come to rest against his chest as he thinks. "I would not be entering into the area without cause. I can not speak for any others that would seek to interfere but should something go amiss down there people will come to put a stop to the conflict. Help always tends to get misconstrued for something else." Leaning forward in the chair the folded hands wind up resting atop the desk now as Tony peers over at Vinny. "As for the other…I appreciate the advanced warning. I have quite a few mutant friends about that I'd rather not have hopped up on Kick. I'm not going to preach about anything but know that there will be a great many people working to put an end to the drug trade and this new group of misguided individuals."

Vinny nods "Ya wanna hit tha drug trade, start with MGH. It's made from live mutant genes. The dealers then kill tha mutants when they're used up. Been a rash of disapearances in Mutant town, at least a dozen people taken when tha MGH thugs attacked a NMO rally in tha park. Start by findin' a guy named Frank Blackburn. He's one of the MGH crew that can use the drug ta create duplicates of himself. Wherever they're makin' this stuff, it's outside of Mutant town so they gotta raid the town to grab mutants ta make more."

Tony makes sure to file the information away so that he can get to working on tracking down Mr. Blackburn and researching the disappearances. "I'll do what I can, Vinny. I appreciate that you've seen fit to bring me the information you have. If you come across anything else that may be of concern please feel free to contact Mr. Arbogast as I am not always available."

Vinny nods and slips from the chair. "Sure thing, thank ya for yer time. Just felt ya needed ta know what might be headed yer way soon. Lets hope it don't come ta that."

Tony rises to his feet to see Viny out. "Anytime, Vinny. Anytime. I appreciate the heads up. It allows me to keep Damage Control on the ready to make repairs to my building. They do so love my business." Teasing as he is he will take the threat seriously as well as the disapearances, and the drug problem. "It'll get sorted. Hopefully the next time we cross paths it'll be under more pleasant circumstances." The door is pulled open for Vinny. "Have a good afternoon, Vinny and thank you again."

Vinny nods "Well if ya need a bit a help in mutant town I'm not hard ta find, kinda stand out." He puts his hat back on and exits the office headed back towards the elevator after giving another tip of his hat to Bambi at the desk. "Have a good day Ma'am."

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