2011-1-12: Aan

Players: Jordan Mayfair & Zoya

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Summary: Zoya kills Aan, a demon after Jordan Mayfair

Date: January 12, 2011

Log Title: Aan

Rating: PG

// Westchester - Mills Road//

Leading away from the hustle and bustle of Salem Center, Mills Road turns into a long, winding, barely lit road leading to the more remote areas of Westchester. The road is surrounded by a think, woodsy area, except a few areas cleared for the estate homes of the wealthy.

It is afternoon, another snowstorm has swept through the Northeast, but this time Salem Center was prepared and Mills Road is relatively driveable, but few passers-by are around and only one business is open for business. Jordan Mayfair has driven to this area today to meet with an 'old business associate'. Before meeting with the associate, Jordan in a fancy business suit has driven with Zoya in the passenger side, "Thank you for coming with me today. I have discovered the source of the demon attacks on us the other night. I am meeting with the person to settle an old score. And your assistance will be required, since this person is not human, but of a similar nature to those that attacked. The demon, Aan, will attack me outright and its nature prevents me from reading his mind. I have chosen this place as it is relatively secluded and already paid the owner for any damages that will occur. Should something happen to me, you are to go in and kill it, however you want, but remember the head has to be taken clearly off." He looks to Zoya, "Can I count on you?"

Zoya keeps the majority of her thoughts to herself, which is typical enough for her, though no efforts are made to keep mind-readers at bay. Inside a conflict of interests is well under way, in part debating over how worth it the money has been in working for you compared to the kinds of things she's been tasked to deal with. Killing the government guy, that was a perk, but keeping an eye on Shifter? Doing bodyguard work? Killing -demons- now? And she even got in trouble for making a mess out of the kitchen the other day, hell it did the job just fine. Violet eyes glance down at the yet dark red line across the back of her hand, healing well but with a long way yet to go. For now it serves as a reminder of what she signed up for, lots of money yet a loss of freedom. How she'd just love to terrorize random people on the city streets once more, no more of this otherworldly stuff. "Why not kill him now and be done with it?" she challenges you, "Is no need to sit around and wait for trouble. We take it to him."

Smiling sinisterly at the young mutant sitting next to him, "I don't work that way, but it is a new year perhaps take the fight to Aan instead of letting him bring it to me." He can see Zoya is getting 'bored', perhaps to throw a bone at her so to speak may please her. He shrugs, "Very well then." At that point, Aan, disguised as a white business man dressed in a black suit with surprisingly bright red hair. He makes his way towards a cafe that he scheduled to meet Jordan. Aan's eyes glow bright red momentarily as he makes his way towards the entrance. Jordan points towards Aan, "Handle this your way, Zoya." He unlocks the car door to the passenger side, "Feel free to dispatch of him as you will."

Zoya's own eyes tend not to light up, but there is a wicked glint lurking within them as you not only go along with the idea she has in mind but encourage her to go deal with it as she desires. With the door unlocked she only hesitates long enough to slip a pair of sunglasses over her eyes, masking the most tell-tale physical feature to her name. There's no grin, no thank you or 'be back in five minutes,' she opens the door, gets out, pushes it closed and sets off on her merry little way. This city forgot how to feel a bit of terror. She aims to inject some of it right back into the heart of the Big Apple.

Jordan just watches as Zoya gets out of the car. He does not see the physical display of enjoyment since she hides it well, but he knows she will enjoy this, as will he. He simply smiles and stares out the car window. Aan makes his way to the entrance and looks about and then to a watch on his arm, "Jordan Mayfair is late. How unbecoming of him? Is he truly the coward I made him out to be when we first met? Does he not realize not meeting me will not stop his fate from happening?" That is said in a rather loud demonic voice as he looks about and spots Zoya approaching but pays little interest to her as he remains at the entrance and looks about for Jordan.

Zoya can see a guy like that half a mile off. Hair that bright, in a business suit? All he needs is some neon lights about his person to really give it that extra little flair. For all intents she has the attitude of someone who's making a beeline for the entrance in order to get out of the cold and get something to eat. To those that either know her or read her mind, it's a ping-pong match upstairs. She knows what to do, only the matter of timing bouncing back and forth. If he really is a demon she wants to make sure to get the jump on him, the last encounter was a bit painful. Given her means of handling it the last time her method should come as no surprise to Mayfair, without breaking stride she reaches under her jacket as though getting out a pair of gloves then comes out a second later with her poison of choice filling her palm. With zero effort put into trying to hide what's about to happen from onlookers she draws that arm out at length and tries to put one clear through the side of Aan's head, head, her pace holding steady. Point, click, problem goes away.

As Zoya makes her way closer to Aan, he just assumes she is a regular human who is rushing past him. He lets out a yawn that sounds more like a growl when the bullet fires and strikes its target. Aan's head explodes sending flesh, bones, and demon guts onto the entrance of the restaurant. The humanoid body drops and convulses on the floor. The task is seemingly done. However, Jordan shakes his head as he watches and sighs and sends Zoya a mental message, <That was suspiciously too easy, don't you think?>

The running, the screaming, the flat-out panic of everyone within earshot of her weapon going off, it was music to her ears. A little blood on the steel never hurt anything, either. As the redheaded body goes down she stops and looks at her work, hand coming up close to her shoulder with an almost lazy spin of the pistol around her finger on the way up. 'I don't know, the one in your kitchen went down as easy,' she thinks back. But, if you have a bad feeling about it… Her attention turns towards the front window of the nearby establishment, peering over the rim of her glasses as so many people rush to get out of the building and around the crazy femme. Part of her is already expecting a table to come through that very window at her. This Aan guy may have set someone else up to take the fall.

The area clears out rather quickly and Jordan has already seen to the policemen being kept busy elsewhere. As Zoya peers about looking to see if something else will happen, the body on the ground begins to rise up and turn its body towards the mutant assassin. A more demonic dragon heads pops up and wings pop out from the shoulders and it looks to Zoya, "Mayfair's assassin? A mere little human girl?" The demon laughs as its hands transform into clawed hands. It rushes forward to knock Zoya down. Jordan opens the door and steps out but remains by the car for the moment to see how Zoya handles the attack.

Zoya has seen demonic forms pull themselves back together, thanks to the last encounter. She's seen Shifter change form at will, so that doesn't surprise her. Once again it comes down to their use of that single word -human.- The idle look of bemusement quickly vanishes when that word gets thrown around, staring at the creature with her full attention. Cops don't matter, she can handle them. Right now though, it's all about this guy. Again with the hands and the claws, though..! Not enough distance to lay on the trigger some more so she does the next thing that comes to mind, mainly a backward somersault over the railing, down to the other side, then giving it a good shove to try and rip it free of the concrete and hurl it into the infernal for good measure. Gotta keep those claws busy on something other than her delicate flesh…

Jordan smiles impressively as Zoya flips over the banister and hurls the slab of concrete at the demon. The concrete chunk strikes the demon and pushes it back with some force as Aan falls over. Jordan at this point moves to act and moves towards the pathway. The demon seeing Jordan laughs, "MAYFAIR!"" It pushes the slab of concrete off itself and takes flight, "Hide behind a human girl will you?" Jordan does not seem afraid instead he merely responds, "I wouldn't call her that if I were you." Jordan stands where he is as the demon prepares to divebomb onto Jordan.

Zoya doesn't have super-human speed, but for not being gifted with such she's still a fast creature on two legs. As Aan goes not for her but for -Jordan- she's already in a dead sprint in pursuit. "Do not turn back on me!" she snarls, reaching the front end of a car parked along the side of the street. With one swift touch of her palm the front end crumples beneath her touch, alarm blaring and tires squealing in protest as the vehicle gets shoved backward after the demon. She might miss with a bullet. She might get torn to pieces if she jumped onto Aan's back. So she's going to throw some traffic at him, instead.

The best way to stop a demon: hit it with a car. The car smashes into the demon's back as it drops like a fly hit with a swatter. It's left wing will not flap. Aan is ground-bound for the remainder of this fight anyway. Jordan smiles and spits down on the creature. He leans down to whisper at the flaying creature, "You are as good as dead. Our deal is over." He stands up and barely misses being clawed. He smiles to Zoya, "I think he is down for now. Enjoy." It lifts the car and hurls it away and rises a bit as clumsily.

Zoya has time to catch her breath, at least. One of these days her luck is going to run out, the last few encounters should have been out of her league and she's barely worse for wear. To have a big infernal twisted and broken because of her, and she's down one bullet and some energy..? This pace won't last forever, sooner or later she's going to find herself in dire trouble. Perhaps not today, though. While Aan is busy getting free of that sedan Zo is going right back to the metal part of that railing, dragging it along after her as she casts a solid glare at the being which insulted her. All she needs is one good swing and a bit of luck, her current goal to drive one of the metal posts into Aan's chest at heart level. The head didn't work so well. Maybe this will, instead. Regardless, the yell that follows the swing proves that she's quite well irked.

Perhaps more shocked by Zoya than the demon flaying before him, Jordan's expression shows surprise not at Zoya's capabilities, but the intensity with witch she plans to kill Aan. The metal railing is driven through the creature's chest and into and out of its heart. Aan lets out a another unearthly howl as it drops to its knees, "Done in, by a human. Girl at that." He pulls out the metal railing as it loses plenty of blood and stumbles about ready to swing the metal rail at Zoya. Jordan shakes his head, 'Still need to attack its head, though now that it is in its real form."

There it is again. Human. Aan is more than welcome to swing the metal construct at her, in fact she -encourages- it this time around. Wherever he chooses to swing it at her, there's one of her hands, ready to take the force of the blow. Contact is made with a dull, metallic echo throughout the ripped up handrail, her touch stopping it dead in its tracks. Hopefully he won't see it coming as she chooses to lose a few seconds glaring back at the demon with the softest of violet glows within her eyes. "Am mutant, you son of a bitch." The quick-draw from her other hand would have been the envy of anyone two hundred years ago when disputes were settled amidst dusty town streets, her opposite arm sweeping out, around, and down before her. Within that time the pistol comes out with the safety removed, gets fired once at Aan's face, then is flicked around within her hand to land down at her side, palmed and ready with a thread of smoke. It's that same kind of showing off that's gotten her into plenty of trouble in the past.

The bullet flies through and for the second time in minutes, Aan's head explodes. Once again its body flails about on the ground and convulses until it dies and the body crumples into ashes. Jordan smiles as the remaining ash and then he spits on it and kicks the pile over. He looks up to Zoya, "Once again, excellent work!" He seems to stare at her, "How do you feel?"

Zoya looks about ready to -shoot the ash- when his body disappears, contenting herself with kicking it right alongside you. "Feel ready to destroy sometink," she reviles, hesitant to put the gun away but finally relenting that much. "People here do not see me as threat. May have to make name for self." Couple of bank jobs, some mid-town massacres… Good fun all around. For now the sunglasses come off her nose, looking back to you with plain old dark-rimmed pale eyes. "Have more like dis? Send them to me." The occasional challenge ought to help keep her skills sharp, after all.

"Many more, Zoya. I have many more." Jordan looks towards the car, "And no mess aside from the ash" Jordan brushes off the ash and walks towards the car, "I will send you out solo from time to time on missions, but boredom makes one trigger-happy, so feel free to cause mayhem in New York City." He laughs.

Zoya didn't need permission to do so, but it's always nice to have. Shifter would have to get by without her for a while, as difficult as that might be. "Am sure sometink will come up," she declares in a dark tone, looking around at the nearly vacant stretch of road. Once she gets her act together there's going to be a lot more brass and a lot more blood littering the pavement. "If do not want to get stuck in middle of me killink police suggest we move now."

Nodding, "Well I've taken care of the police. Given them somewhere else to go, but yes, let us leave here." Jordan gets in the driver's seat and once Zoya is in the car. They drive off.

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