Aaron James "AJ/Green Man" Simmons
Aaron Simmons
Portrayed By Wes Ramsey
Gender Male
Date of Birth 12/12/1987
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases AJ, Green Man
Place of Birth Albany, NY
Current Location NYC, NY
Occupation NYPD, Avenger
Known Relatives Parents
Significant Other None
Identity Public
Known Abilities Florakinesis
First Appearance Bloody Mayhem

You've just run out of luck. You see, I'm one of the newer members of the police force. We're taking a more active approach to superhuman crime now. I'm Officer Simmons, also known as the Green Man.


Aaron's was not a wealthy family. His mother was a cashier turned supervisor in a retail store, and his father was a high school teacher. Regardless of the money, they had a very accepting, loving family. Aaron was born in Albany, with most of the relatives either there or in the city. Aaron's dad spent a lot of time reading to him as a child, helping him learn school basics early, in order to help him get ahead. It worked quite well, too, causing him to skip two grades early on (1st and 3rd) putting him quite a bit younger than the rest of his classmates. It's not that he was smarter, just that he learned the basics much quicker, and had a teacher consistently tutoring him as a child.

He was a little on the athletic side, but not a sportsman. He preferred track and field to football, Parkour and Rock Climbing to basketball. He knew early on that he wanted to be a police officer. After all, sure, there are superheroes, but there are also the every day heroes that our lives wouldn't be anything without. His parents didn't dissuade him of the desire either. Sure, it's dangerous, but they were proud of their son for wanting to work for a noble cause.

In High School, Aaron was a little stunted compared to the others, considering most of his classmates were hitting puberty years before he would get the chance. However, most of the kids took pity on him and even came to him for studying help. He tried not to let things bother him. Graduating at 16, he knew that he wouldn't have a chance at getting a real job for a while, so he went to college for a few years. He majored in basic biochemistry, from the getgo to help him work his way into detective position someday after he got into the police academy. However, it was during that first year of college that his own power awakened.

It began lightly. His hair began to change colors, shifting from his natural dark blond to green. That was strange enough, but as he went near any kind of plant life, it would bend and twist towards him, physically moving if it could. Rooted plants would stay rooted, but their branches or vines would lean out towards him. That… was quite the tipoff. It took a while, but finally, Aaron was able to convince plants to stay still around him (unless he was agitated). He kept working with the abilities while he was in school and began to develop more and more in his skill. He learned that he could harden his skin into bark, force grow plants, control their movements, and even genetically combine some of them.

College went swiftly between his studies and his practice, but finally, he graduated. Directly after graduation, he applied for the police academy with full explanation and offering of using his mutant abilities for the good of the city. He's finished police academy and has earned himself a spot in a new Special Unit designed for Super-powered crime scenes. At the moment, he's the only known mutant on the force, though there are more said to be coming soon. He continues to work towards his masters in his spare time, when not actively on assignment.



March 15 The changes in his life are getting to Aaron. Shifting Paradigms


  • "I said it!"


  • Amazing thing!


Flora refers to plants and plantlike living things (Photosynthetic bacteria and fungus, which, while not photosynthetic, shares many similarities). Aaron has the ability to control plantlife within a 100 foot radius of his body. With this control, he can manipulate the way the plant grows (See plant growth) and moves. He cannot force a plant to move in ways it could never move, for example a tree's trunk, once firm, cannot be bent. However, young nubile trunks can grow in bends and other shapes. With older, existing plants, he can control the easier to move parts of them, branches and such, but not the trunks, as the trunks are firm. Roots can also be controlled and moved above ground to grab things. However, if the plant has set roots, he cannot move the plant from it's location without either spreading it long distances or actually uprooting it. Plants in his area will stay alive, growing and living like normal, even if it's in obdurate conditions that are normally against plant life. He could keep plants in winter as long as he's near them, for example. Fire will still burn most plants, though not cacti and the like. Petrified plants are immune to his abilities.


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