Abner "Abe" Ronald Jenkins - MACH IV
Character Name Here!
Portrayed By Eric Bana
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age Unknown early 30's
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases MACH-IV formerly MACH I,II and III also The Beetle
Place of Birth Baltimore, Maryland
Current Location New York City, New York
Base of Operations Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Adventurer, team leader of the Thunderbolts, former professional criminal and aircraft mechanic
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other None currently; on and off again relationship with Melissa Gold
Identity Public
Known Abilities No actual powers. Gifted inventor and mechanic, talented strategist, almost completely memorized the Avenger's database
First Appearance Strange Tales #123 (August, 1964)

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Abe Jenkins was once a mechanic for an aircraft production company called Precision Aircraft Parts in Queens, New York, seven years of thankless work, tired of getting walked on for lack of an engineering degree and watching life pass him by he decided he deserved more out of life so Abe struck out on his own utilizing a new innovative hydraulic technology he'd created he would form an idea. This inspired the birth of the…


"Gather 'round gentlemen. Spider-Man wasn't in our plans - but as long as we've got him, let's finish him off !"

Turning to crime Abe aka the Beetle was foiled time and time again by superheroes. He first encounter the Human Torch and the Thing, Daredevil, later Spider-Man (who became a constant problem) Iron Man (being targeted during the Armor Wars for stolen technology, but managing with the aid of the Tinkerer to upgrade the Beetle armor) and the Avengers. In the passage of time he would also end up working for Doctor Doom, Justin Hammer, the Collector (unwillingly) holding membership in several teams such as the Masters of Evil III, Sinister Syndicate. Heroes and villains stacked up as enemies for Beetle, including Rhino and Boomerang.

At that point in life, Abner Jenkins was after very few things, reputation, money and thrills. In exactly that order, he was still an intelligent enough man, with a decent head for tactics and a mind for technology. He just suffered a string of incompetence that led to a rough super-villain career.

Times would change though, Abe would become increasingly upset with his failure to achieve success especially after the blow dealt by Iron Man in the destruction of the 1st and 2nd generation Beetle suits, when Abner was approached by Baron Zemo to become part of the something bigger he jumped at the chance. Life itself would take a major turn for Abner Jenkins and a new hard-shelled power-suit wearing hero would emerge.


"Justice, like lightning, ever should appear to a few men ruin, but to all men fear."

Abe was now sporting an amazing highly capable suit new suit called the Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness, able to achieve speed flight, hosting outstanding maneuverability, a wide variety of sensor systems, communications abilities, equipment and weaponry. It was effectively a fighter jet the size of a man. This reworked, more effective construct was all thanks to him and some greatly added assistance of Techno (the Fixer) with it he would be one of the founding Thunderbolts.

The primary reasons for the creation of the team were in no way noble. Zemo's plan was to gain access to classified SHIELD Files and eventually gain control of the world. Unfortunately for Baron Zemo, Abe along with several of his teammates began to take to the hero life, enjoying this new path of redemption. During this time Abe and Melissa (Songbird) would develop feelings, shortly after becoming intimate all starting with him training her in aerial combat maneuvers.

In time, the teams true identities would be revealed once the Avengers and Fantastic Four returned, ironically the Thunderbolts betrayed Zemo who used mind control device called the biomodem to turn the Avengers and Fantastic four against them. Iron Man and the Thunderbolts would then defeat Zemo and the re-incarnated Techno (who had supposedly died previously, his neck snapped by an elemental) after freeing the other heroes. Zemo would escape with the assistance of Atlas. At the end of this, the Thunderbolts would end up hunted despite the good they had done, yet somehow they vanished into another dimension, a clever plot by Moonstone would get them returned safely home after this brief stop-over, dropping them in Colorado where they would set up shop.

Fugitives on their return the team would be joined by a boy named Charcoal, then by none other than the Avengers own Hawkeye. His past as a villain convinced him that he needed and wanted to help the Thunderbotls reform, actually believing in them. Posing as the Dreadknight he would gain their acceptance and soon their approval as their new team leader even telling them he had gotten the entire team pardoned (this later turned out a lie that he kept hidden). Under one condition, Abner Jenkin's would willingly pay time for the murder he committed while working for Justin Hammer. Abe agreed to this and gave himself up to the law on live television.


While in prison Abe would thwart the escape of several criminals (Rhino, Whirlwind and Boomerang), noone would know about this and he managed it without the help of his suit, doing so off wit and his own abilities even taking out several other prisoners bare handed in the process. Once the jail-break was stopped he crawled back into his cell, none the wiser. Later however, the Beetle armor would show itself committing crimes and causing mayhem, Abe this time would break out, actually freed in exchange for stealing top secret weapons from non other than Justin Hammer, the Fixer giving him a new look (his skin color even changing to appear African-American) he now went by the name Matthew Davis wearing a new upgraded version of his former armor called the MACH-II.

During this time the Thunderbolts were embroiled in events involving Citizen V, the Crimson Cowl and Henry Gyrich whom vowed he would destroy all of them, using a brainwashed Nomad disguised as Scourge to begin a campaign of assassination, starting with Jolt, the heart and spirit of their team (she manages to survive through her electrical powers, her body later reformed). After a series of events Nomad is unmasked as the Scourge and the Thunderbolts learn Hawkeye failed to get them pardoned which strained his leadership over the team. Moonstone meanwhile is being driven mad.

Gyrich is confronted, while Val Cooper is gathering her own army of heroes called the Redeemers (with a new Baron Zemo included, unbeknown to them). Both Redeemers and Thunderbolts confront Gyrich who had acquired experimental nanite technology which will allow him to kill off all super-powered beings on Earth. It's then revealed that Baron Strucker was really the one behind it all, puppeting Gyrich who had been contaminated by these same nanites. Gyrich ends up spared, saved by the Redeemers and Thunderbolts, Hawkeye then uses this as leverage to actually get a real pardon from Gyrich for the team, the Thunderbolts still disband.
Events not involving Abe would reform the Thunderbolts once more under Hawkeye's leadership with Songbird, Blackheath (Plantman), Harrier, Skein(Gypsy-Moth), Man-Killer(Amazon) and Cyclone as the collective team. What erupted was a battle with Crimson Cowl (this time being Justin Hammers daughter, Justine) the end result was a victorious Thunderbolts. Afterwords Hawkeye, Skein and Amazon left the team, Abe and Harrier returned to prison and Zemo was left to lead the remnants of the team.


During Zemo's leadership of the Thunderbolts they would attempt to de-power all of the superhumans on the Earth, fighting the Avengers including their former leader Hawkeye. Tony Stark disguising himself as Cobalt Man would infiltrate the Thunderbolts, Karla - Hawkeye's former lover, Moonstone aka Meteorite would ultimately drain the power that was being channeled but in doing so it caused her madness to speed up (two moonstones were in her possession thanks to taking one from the Counter-Earth original possessor). Jolt appears from that same alternate world where she had teamed up with Bucky to appear, pulling Moonstone back from the brink of insanity, the rampage she was about to go through being stopped as Hawkeye lobotomized her. This again, was the end of another Thunderbolts team run, Zemo had burned his face badly saving Captain America then fled, vowing revenge. Jolt returned to Counter Earth, Blackheath without his powers returned to prison, Fixer ran away, Vantage took on a government job and Songbird went back to college at ESU. But Abe/MACH-III spoke the following on live television after being granted his parole for aiding the Avengers…

I want to do for others what was done for me. I want to offer men and women who've made mistakes the same chance… the same hope I got. I guess that means… I'm starting up the Thunderbolts again!


As it stands MACH-IV has returned with a goal, create a new improved version of the Thunderbolts. Dedicated to self-improvement, redemption and a heroic ideal. So far the only former Thunderbolt to heed his call is the man once known as Atlas aka Erik Josten a now de-powered superhero. Referring to himself as "Grease Monkey Handy-Man Grunt" recently split from his lover Dallas Riordan (Vantage) who took on employ with Homeland Security (OOC Disclaimer: Josten is an NPC and will remain de-powered until someone applies for him).


MACH-IV - Mobile Armored Cyber-Harness
BEETLE - Power suit


*May 12th 2010; Released from Parsons Minimum Security Prison announced reformation of the Thunderbolts (OOC disclaimer: In the comics this happened in 2004 around the month of August).


  • "I said it!"


  • Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker is secretly funding the Thunderbolts.
  • The first Thunderbolts hideout was Cellini's Pizzeria previously abandoned and located in one of the Onslaught ravaged neighborhoods of New York City.
  • Amazing thing!
  • Amazing thing!


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