2010-10-26: About A Bear-ial


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Summary: Heather gains a follower! +1 to Insanity!

Date: October 26, 2010

Log Title: About A Bear-ial

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - Xavier's Insane Asylum for Adolescents (Graveyard)

Crosses, angels, simple rectangles, monuments and more make up the various graves in this once sacred ground. In the center is a mausoleum that reads 'Summers' with plenty of familiar names. Frost, McCoy, Drake, Monroe, Worthington and Pryde are another one of the large monuments along with several other familiar names from McMillan, Fegenbush , Vallon, Brown, Blake, VonReginleif, Danvers, Larkin, Pervinca and Palmer and more on the smaller graves. An 'X' with a circle surrounding it can be seen at the top of several of the graves. There are no first names or dates on the grave stones, just last names. Flowers long since dried and wilted sit on top of the graves. All around the grave yard is a three foot tall wrought iron fence with pointed tops along with a small gate that serves as it's only entrance. At the end of the graveyard the burned remains of a chapel can be seen.

Once again, Heather is on the hunt. Generally, she prefers to feel purposeful than to feel overwhelmed. She studies the bear as she walks towards the asylum before tucking it once again under her arm. She doesn't have the rest of her digging gear this time, only her pickaxe, which she's now a little more confident using as a primary weapon. She's still filthy, though, not having taken a bath since her most recent grave digging adventure. She wanders through the graveyard, looking over her handiwork idly as she glances about to see if maybe Robyn's haunting outside of the asylum.

Since she grabed the bear, Robyn's been following Heather around being as quiet as possible and trying to stay out of site. It's been hard cause he has to stay within a certain distance and Heather might have felt that something has been following her just out of the corner of her eye. Now back at the aslyum, he's follwed her into the graveyard and he walks over to the grave that is dug up and so he finally looks up at Heather. "I see you finally found it."

<I'm guessing it is something that you were looking for,> scrawls Heather in her wax case. She lets Robyn read it and tilts her head slightly. <What is important about the bear? I assume you want it back.> Once Robyn reads that, she clasps the case shut and holds the bear close in front of herself, focusing on Robyn.

"I don't know." Robyn says as he doesn't remember what is important just that it is. "He was…someone special. I think that's it. A friend. He was…important." He says as he walks over to Heather and reaches out for the bear, his hand passing through the bear and then through Heather, draining some of her psychic energy as it passes through. "I can't touch him but I have to be near him. I've been…following you."

Heather reels slightly as the psychic energy is drained, clutching her head. It seems as though her body is very forceful in offering up psychic energy, just giving it away at five times the normal rate, which isn't a particularly pleasant surprise for the girl. She takes a couple of steps back and brings her wax case to the front, to write, <Please do not do that. I have felt like someone has been following me, I thought it might either be you or something attached to the bear.> She puts the bear on the ground and says, <Is there a place that you want the bear to be? Some place that it belongs?>

"Both." Robyn says as he admits to following here. "I can't touch him but I have to bear near him. I'm sorry for following you I just, I wasn't sure what was going on. I couldn't stop myself from following you, and him." He doesn't apologize for draining her energy since he needs it to be what he is. "There's not place that I can think that he belongs but if you take him somewhere I will follow." He stops and then poses for a bit and is quite before finally saying one quiet word. "Paddington."

Heather tilts her head slightly and writes another message out to Robyn: <Would you like to come back with me, and we can take care of you back where there are others? They can help you as best as they can. They know you, even if you do not remember.> She picks the bear up, strapping it to herself where her second pickaxe usually goes, and tilts her head slightly. <Paddington bear?>

Robyn looks at Heather and gives a nod. "Yes, Paddington, it sounds familiar. It feels right." He then reaches out to touch the bear again but stops so he won't touch Heather. "If you want to go I'll follow. I don't really know." He doesn't care if she holds onto the bear but just that he knows Paddington is safe. "You will take care of him right?"

<Yes, Robyn, I will protect him. He is important, like you are important, and may be a key to solving the problem,> writes Heather. She eyes Robyn for a few moment, tilting her head, gesturing for the ghost to follow her, though she pauses to write, <You know that I want to help you, right?>

"I think that you do, I don't know what you want to help with or how but I know you have taken an interest in me." Robyn says as he walks past Heather to stare at his headstone. "Larkin….you found this here. You call me Robyn but yet this says Larkin…why do you call me Robyn?" Thinking his first name might be Larkin.

<Yes, I found it there. I call you Robyn because it's your first name. We were on a first name basis. I can call you Larkin if you would rather, now that you've forgotten me,> writes Heather, furrowing her brow slightly. She looks at the headstone for a few moments and adds, <It is strange that it does not have first and last on there.>

"Honestly I do not know, I do not know what the thinking of those who buried me were." Robyn then looks up at Heather. "We were, well what is your first name then?" He asks as he turns to look at her again. "So were we friends? How did we know eachother?"

<Something like friends, yes. Sometimes, we did crafts. Different ones, but we were in the same place, and sometimes we would talk. We were at school together. I am Heather Brown, codename: Timeslip.> scrawls Heather, frowning as she moves down onto the next line.

"Shall I just call you Heather then?" Robyn says as he goes to sit on the ground, feet dangling in the open grave as as he looks up to her. "I'm sorry you lost a friend who you once did crafts with. What kind of crafts?" He asks taking a bit a of interest as he kind of feels bad that he resembles an old friend of hers.

Heather nods to Robyn's initial question, looking down into the grave with a small frown. She writes down, <You would sculpt. I would draw and maybe paint. You would be there even at strange hours, when I came in. I'm getting better. I'll show you when everything is solved. I'm getting better.>

Robyn looks at Heather and there's something in his eyes, a form of sadness. "Heather…thank you. When this is all solved I'll be happy to look at your paintings. I've been…I've been getting ideas. From being here actually, stuff I want to sculpt when we get home. I'm sorry I've been worrying you, Connor, I don't think he's doing so well either. It's been hard, I can barely remember what's real and what isn't anymore."

Heather nods her head a few times at Robyn and writes, <I thought you would get ideas. The stuff here, it's in the same vein as lots of the things I've seen you do.> She furrows her brow and thinks for a few moments. <I remember the sculpture, the person being eaten, the bear in their hand. Is it the same bear? And I am worried about Connor. I will find him after you're back in a safe place.>

"Most of what has happened is a blank, I keep fading in and out and I don't…I feel weird Heather. Really weird." Robyn confesses during the few moments he's himself. "He was talking about blood…it's in the blood. Find him if you can." He says worried about his friend and roommate. "And as for the bear…no, it's not. It's just an odd coincidence, though it takes on a different meaning now." He says with a smile.

Heather nods her head quickly at Robin. Her expression is a little bit sympathetic. <Blood. Maybe he means the ways this place affects people. People who are injured. I've seen them change. Maybe it is a warning? Maybe I should talk to him.> She scratches her head lightly, drawing her fingers through her tangled hair and squeaks out a sigh.

With a nod of agreement, Robyn thinks it's a good idea. "Last time we talked, he wasn't him just like…as long as you have that bear, I think I'll be near it so…" With that Robyn squints and it seems like his he's trying to fight something. "Heather….keep trying." He says before he blinks and looks up at Heather. "How can I sculpt when I can't touch anything?" As if answering a question from a while back.

Heather shrugs her shoulders at Robyn, now that he's reverted to this confused blank version of himself. <You used to. You'll do it again. Because I will be trying my best. Come with me,> says Heather, gesturing forwards as she heads out from the area of the Asylum. She'll have to come back later and maybe find Connor… This world is so strange.

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