2012-03-20: About A Blake


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Summary: Agent Jimmy Woo, Dane Whitman and Leonard Samson discuss one of the students at Barnes

Date: March 20, 2012

Log Title: About a Blake

Rating: PG-13

Barnes Academy - Gym

This module is also fairly large, containing an elevated track that spans the circumference of the room, giving it about an eighth of a mile for a single lap. Below the track and the large ports looking out into the water is a central area that can be configured for anything from basketball to street hockey. Around the central area are areas with hydraulic weight set ups, gymnastics equipment, fitness stations and mats for yoga, sparring or stretching.

Meeting in the administration offices of Barnes Academy, with several files sitting on a monitor screen. One being marked with SHIELD Agent Donald Blake, and then another one with Connor Blake on it. Video log has been deleted, but the audio log still is on file.

Sampson: Mister Woo, I don't think I've had my chance to say it yet today… but you're nuts.

Woo: No Doctor, I think the issue at hand is I am the only sane man in an insane world. But thank you for the compliment, as usual. What particularly are you questioning today?

Whitman: Hey, Doc. Looking green as usual. Nice hair trim.

Sampson: Dane.

Woo: *Sounds of chuckling can be heard* So, all it takes is a dimension-hopping former Avenger coming back from his jaunts to another Earth to shut you up? Remind me to have those Exiles come by more often.

Whitman: *More laughter*

Sampson: Joking aside, You're working this whole vampire kidnapping angle wrong. Dropping this boy into the fire like this is not going to do anything to help cement his want to come here and become another one of your pet projects. I don't think Director Wilson would appreciate it either.

Whitman: Calm down, Doc. Jimmy knows what he's doing. Have you READ the vet on the Blake kid's file. I'm not joking. If SHIELD wasn't putting so much on the table, I'd be putting a letter to Cap or Tony on getting him over to the Avengers.

Woo: And you can't argue his results either.

Sampson: I can argue your logic. He suffers from a compulsive disorder, is mired in issues with his father, and in so far as I can tell is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Woo: I know what I'm doing. Agent Quetzal passed his entire operation by me and I approved. He's not going to be unmonitored. We've got a SHIELD strike team ready to rescue these young people if they get in too deep. But the kid needs this. He needs to feel useful.

Sampson: What he nee-

Whitman: *Cutting off Sampson* Doc, I think the problem is you're looking at him like he's a nineteen year old kid who's directionless, and got the bad luck of being born with powers and a mental disorder. If even half the stuff that Xavier's sent over at our request is true, then you're selling him short.

Sampson: *a pause* What he needs is for his father to be cleared to tell him the Truth. The whole, unvarnished truth. About himself, about the boy's mentor and uncle by proxy… about why his father is so mad you sent him an acceptance letter without passing it by him first.

Woo: Because I don't need to. Agent Blake rides a desk and instructs on combat flight tactics because he wanted to be a family man, and after the mission he pulled for Director Fury, he was owed. But that doesn't change that once the Blake kid turned eighteen, he didn't have a say in the matter. God Bless America.

Whitman: *Begins humming 'God Bless America' in the background*

Sampson: Really? Dane, why are you even in the room right now?

Whitman: Actually, until Agent Woo showed me the file, I was on your side. Hell, when I heard what our illustrious recruitment officer was doing, I was about ready to go all Cap on his slacks and turtleneck backside. But then he showed me the file. And I really couldn't argue.

Sampson: What is on this file that could possible supercede the fact that he's a walking emotional timebomb?

Woo: Simple. He's got intelligence, drive, and most of all… willpower. Let's see. *shuffling of papers* Fought off a pack of mutant hunters we were trying to track through The Game. Then he was embroiled with a temporal event that apparently I'm STILL not cleared to read about. After that you've got that whole incident in Africa was caught on satellite, and the scenario with another Xavier student's parents trying to take over the school. He's cautious but determined, he's capable, and he's got training some of our own agents would kill for. And this time I'm not headhunting for his powers. Far from it. This is the kind of person we NEED on the rosters.

Sampson: After the Inada incident… I really don't know if I believe you.

Woo: I really don't know if I care.

Whitman: Allright you two, enough. It's out of your hands anyways. Once Quetzal took it up the chain for mission sanction, it went out of Barnes hands. But Doc… I have to agree with Jimmy. He's not deep cover quality like his father, but put him in with one of the response units, or get him into security… and believe me he'd more than make any of us proud.

Sampson: *long pause* That's two. You get one more.

Woo: And then you'll what, Sampson… write a stern letter?

Sampson: *Sound of door closing*

Whitman: He deserves better you know.

Woo: Of course he does, but the man doesn't think I can read people. He assumes his degree and his gamma-irradiated hair-do trumps every year of my life living this job. Inada wasn't a mistake, he was a risk… and one that paid off. All he needs now is the right nudge to realize that all he was missing was the training to defend himself, and the support of some of his fellow students to boost his confidence.

Whitman: I think you're wrong.

Woo: And we're back to me not caring.

Whitman: Yes, but in this case, I outrank you. You get them in the door. Once they're here, I get to make sure they stay safe. I bunked those kids together because Jessica Drew asked me to. You both took a risk you didn't tell me about, because you were afraid I'd tip Oaken off. This is why they wanted Avengers involved with this program. These aren't supposed to be the next generation of SHIELD agents. They're supposed to have a choice in the matter.

Woo: I loved the word supposed. It covers a multitude of sins. So, I suppose in fairness… why back me on the Blake recruitment?

Whitman: What can I say? He reminds me of me. Life piles it on, and he just keeps going.

Woo: So it has nothing to do with the magical artifact on your waist constantly wanting you to kill everyone and suck their souls to a timeless oblivion?

Whitman: Fine… forget I said anything.

Woo: God. If only.

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