2010-11-04: About A Girl


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Summary: Drew tells Quetzal about a certain female in (not in) his life.

Date: November 4,2010

Log Title: About A Girl

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Ellis Island

For generations this was the gateway to America, with literally millions of immigrants pouring through the doors to find new lives and new hope. These days it's a museum dedicated to that heritage. Wide corridors and high ceilings cause every sound to magnify and echo and distort. That, combined with the weight of history, tend to breed a sense of reverence and quiet not unlike a library or church.

A chilly afternoon in New York City, the wind blows wildly in the harbor, as Tex looks across the island and towards the Statue of Liberty. His hat is tipped and he smokes a quick cigarette. Taking a drag, he sighs a bit and wistfully, just stares at the statute. He is dressed in his usual western garb.

Stepping out of the building at a slow gait with his permanent companion, Verde, by his side as a german shephard is Queztal. He makes his way over to where Tex is and offers a nod of a greating as he takes out a cigarette of his own and lights it. "I wish it wasn't such a walk just to have a smoke." He says as he takes a long drag. "Hello Drew, how are you doing today?" Asks the Panther at the SHIELD agent's side.

Laughing a bit, Tex turns over and tips his hat to Quetzal and Verde, "Howdy, pardners." He enjoys his cigarette slowly, "Sure is a pain to have to walk just for the cigarette, but still I understand with it being underwater and whatnot." He exhales, "I was out here thinking. I miss Victoria."

Quetzal leans against his cane a bit to give his leg a rest as he nods. "I know, I just wish it wasn't such a long walk though I won't argue the exercise." He says as he reaches down to pet Verde's head. "Whose Victoria?" He asks curiously as he figures it's a girl but he doesn't know if it's a daughter, friend, sister or former lover.

Tex smiles a bit and reaches into his pocket to pull out his wallet and rifle through it until he pulls out a picture of Drew and Victoria in western costumes performing at a rodeo. "Here ya go. She was my partner I guess. We were/are lovers. I just miss her is all. Today would have been one of our anniversaries." He smirks, "Most don't think of me as a sap, but I guess I am."

Quetzal puts a hand on Tex's shoulder for a moment and nods. "I can't say I fully understand but that must be hard." He does feel a bit sorry for the Texan and it shows by Verde bumping affectionatly against his leg in that way that dogs do. "I have a sister I don't get to see often, she's back home in Japan so when it's our birthday I tend to miss her but I imagine it's harder with a lover."

Tex smiles and welcomes the hands on his shoulder and then kneels down and rufles Verde, "Good dog…er…whatever you are." Standing back up, "Yeah it's hard. However, this particular anniversary is not a positive one. It was this day a few years back where our relationship started on a downward spiral."

Quetzal listens and continues to feed his nicotine addiction. There's a smile from the Japanese man as Verde is ruffled. "Verde is fine, or dog when I'm like this." The animal spirit replies. "Well if you wish to talk about it, I don't mind listening just a fair warning, I don't know much in the ways of relationships."

The cowboy laughs a bit, "Never had a girlfriend, huh." He smirks, "Sometimes that's the best. Anyhow, she and I had been together for awhile and had even joined the Rangers at that point. But one day, I had lost my powers. Still not sure what and why it happened, but it did." He sighs a bit and lowers his hat to cover his face, "It was during a low time and being desperate for powers, I figured the only way to get my powers back was to go to occult route." He shrugs, "I summoned a demon and got my powers back, but like they say…never deal with the devil…same applies to demons."

Quetzal shakes his head. "Well nothing serious. I was eighteen when I joined the military and then onto SHIELD, just no time. I've been with women but nothing serious." Nothing more than a passing fling for him. "It can get loney." He admits. "Ah so she wasn't to happy about what you did to regain your powers?"

Tex hmmmns and nods as Quetzal states his not so romantic history, "Well, at the time she didn't know. None of my teammates knew." He shrugs,"Well, I reneged on the deal. Riglevio wanted to possess me and use my body to do his evil deeds. Well, when I got out of the deal, he ended up possessing Torie instead." He shakes his head, "What a coward I was."

Quetzal stays quite for a bit and mulls over what Tex said and eventually he shakes his head. "No…I don't know if coward is the right word. Maybe a bit selfish but that is expected. If I lost my powers, who knows how far I would go. How far any one of us would go. Then to have a demon possess you, I think most would find a way to escape the deal. You did not realize he would posses…Torie is Victoria?" He asks for clarification.

Tex nods, "Yeah I call her Torie…But yeah, it ended up possessing her for some time…and I couldn't even tell anyone. It cast a spell on me to keep quiet. I couldn't tell my teammates or the Avengers when we fought."

Quetzal nods and finishes up his cigarette. He can imagine that'd be hard. "I take it Victoria wasn't understanding?" He says since the two don't seem to be together anymore. "Have you contacted her since?"

Tex also finishes his cigarette, "No she wasn't understanding. We didn't break up right away. In fact, it was our love that resolved the issues. I ended up telling her I loved her and the demon ended up possessing me. She and Hawkeye nearly killed me to dispel him." He shakes his head, "But finally we just fell out of love. We're still together, but have chosen distance. She is still wit the Rangers and I chose to come out and return to SHIELD."

"Maybe a little bit of distance will be good, see how much you miss eachother." Queztal suggests but honestly, he doesn't know. He's never had a girlfriend for longer than a couple of weeks. "I could be wrong though, like I said, I don't know much about love and relationships. I always put my career and the mission before anything else."

"Good point." Drew straightens up and pulls out another cigarette, "Perhaps, she is missing me now too, though it's best not to call her today." He lights the cigarette, "So are you happy with the choice you made of career first?" He looks down at Verde, "Though you have company constantly."

"Sometimes I see my sisters, both married with children and wonder what life would have been like if I settled down. But then, I wonder if I would have been bored." Queztal admits with a laugh. "I think I would have been bored, I always liked being involved in something, especially of this calibur. If I had not injured my leg I would probably still be out there. And Verde, it is nice having him." Queztal then turns and looks at Drew as Verde sits up and almost gives him the same look his companion is. "I think you should call her, not today, but sometime. Just to say hello."

Tex shakes his head and smiles, "I definitely agree. I will give her a call." He pets Verde, "I agree about the boredom. Before my powers, I was always bored and always doing things dangerously and aimlessly. I was glad when the accident happened." He ponders a second, "Though a lil cowboy and cowgirl with Torie might be a cool thing to have running around." He blinks as he remembers himself as a child, "Maybe not."

"I decided during Secondary School that I wanted to be a pilot, and not just any old pilot but a fighter pilot." Queztal says as he loves to fly planes it's just something he doesn't get to do often anymore. "This is a hard life style to raise a child in. I don't know when I would be able to handle a girlfriend let alone a child but then, who knows. I'm fourty now, maybe I'm getting to old to still think of myself the same way I did ten years ago."

Tex grins, "It's never tool old. Wow…40…I'll be there soon…well not so soon, but I think we can find love at any age and we shouldn't look for it as much as it'll find us."

Quetzal raises an eyebrow at Drew. "Wow, 40?" He says as he's not sure how old Drew thought he was. "Oh I'm not really looking, honestly I'm just more trying to figure out how to teach, between you and I. And with that note, I should be heading inside to talk with the higher ups. I think I'm starting language on Monday and then try to figure out what to do about piloting classes." He starts to walk away but turns and offers Drew a final smile. "Don't lose faith in her."

Tex smirks as he had a little slip about the age thing, "Yeah, sorry." He tips his hat, "I'll head in for a lil bit myself."

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