2010-04-28: About A Paragon


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Summary: Kenta and Jono talk about James and X-Force level training.

Date: April 28, 2010

Log Title About A Paragon

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Mentally responding to Jono earlier, Kenta told Jono to meet him in the living room. He doesn't need to blow off steam in the danger room as he's feeling better. It was just a stressful moment and he doesn't like that he lost his temper like that. He has just wandered into the living room and sat down in the couch, his head in his hands at the moment, fingers tangled in his hair. Kenta's just trying to let the last bits of tension fade off of him.

Leaning on the arm of the couch, long legs stretched out before him, Jonothon smirks as he watches Kenta come into the living room. His arms are folded over his chest. «She's something, isn't she?» No, he doesn't mean that in a good way. «You going to be okay, mate?» Honest concern there. Nazca has already ruined her chances of making friends with the Brit, and has failed in every way to make a good impression.

Kenta waves a hand to indicate he's okay. "I'll be fine, you know, a part of me really doesn't like that I smoke, and I do feel bad cause of Armande, but it's kind of a crutch for me that I can't get away from. Never have. No matter how many times I quit, I get to stressed, I start back up. She is a trip and a half though, I swear, she's gonna get it worse from a student then she did from me. Imagine her meeting Lucas or James…yeesh." Kenta says with a head shake. "I dunno, I'm a mess Jono, but smoking…it's like a glue that keeps the pieces together."

«Heh.» For being a mess. The man did let Kenta speak without interrupting too. «We're all a mess. It's just a matter of how and degrees. Really, that smoking is what you need? Christ, there's far worse. Don't let her get to you.» Jonothon puts on a smile. «She pinched my cheeks the first time we met. All we can do is wait and try and clean up the pieces when the fall out occurs. Just like always.» There's a pattern to things here.

"Having a son helps to." Kenta says with a smile. "Being a father just changes things, it does. But anyway, yeah. I don't know, she's in for a rude awaking, that's all I say. But I did want to mention to you something about James." Kenta says. "I'm gonna do something that's probably a bad idea, he was asking about X-Force level training, do I think he can cut it, hell no. But does he, yes. Telling him 'no' won't make him think he can't do it. But I told him that him and I are gonna have a a DR session together, something that's on our level. X-Force's level. I think with James, the only way he'll learn is to be blunt. I think Tara and Lucas are the same way."

And he's a great kid too. Jonothon doesn't mention that, but he smiles back. At least until hearing about James. A facepalm and he scrubs at his features. «He asked me and I said no. Why am I not surprised.» That said he lets his arm fall and nods. «I think it's a good idea. He'll just keep pestering until one of us gives in.» Better to break the hyena of that now. «Honestly I'd suggest putting him in the infirmary.» Tough love. «Christ, take them all.» James, Tara, and Lucas.

Kenta lets out a laugh at most of what Jono…well all of what Jono says. "Man he's a sly bastard. I said no at first but then thought about it. I think I'm gonna take him through something of my past. Not only realize how we train, but what we've gone through to be at the level we are. No offence to James, he's got potential, but he's not ready to be at that level. Though I do like the JROTC idea of X-Force though." He says with a chuckle.

Jonothon nods his agreement, glad to hear that laugh. «Oh, he thinks he is, that's for sure. That he's done the asked one parent got a no, then goes to ask the other.. well, he's lost some marks with me. Again. Bloke has to learn what trust really means. And I agree. He's got a lot of potential. Smart, thinks fast on the fly, and his powers will allow him to be a main line fighter.. he just as you said, not ready for it. Maybe you should offer that role to some others. Learning some responsibility would help a few of the kids around here.»

"Eh he's a kid Jono, tell me you didn't do sly things to get your way when you were his age?" Kenta jokes with him. "He's stubborn is all and he's determinded to prove himself." Then the later part, about the Jr. X-Force team, and Kenta nods. "Yeah, I think it could be a good idea, teach some leadership roles and responsiblity to students that need it. It'd be good to talk about that to Scott. The question is, who else? I don't know a lot of the kids here."

Arms cross again, «I was struggling to survive on the streets at his age, Kenta.» Probably the first time he's told anyone that. «And no, I can't say I was all that sly. This goes beyond what I consider a normal kid. The games he plays with people disturb me.» Even though he cares about James a lot. «You probably want to leave me out of it.» The junior team. «I'm not quite trusted yet.» Which is true. Never give a squad of his own, always teamed up with someone else, locks someone up because he says they are dangerous, and they are freed within a day to nearly kill some people.. the list goes on. All small things, but it tells Jono he's not fully trusted. Nor can he blame them. His track record speaks for itself.

"I was a normal teen at his age, or just coming here. I was sixteen when I got here." Kenta says putting his feet up on the table and putting his head back on the couch so he's looking at the ceiling. "I was conserned with two things, sex and rock n' roll. I was certain I was gonna be a big time rock star and that the notches on your belt of women you've been with mattered. Daphne was lucky number 7, there hasn't been a notch added since, nor have I wanted to add one. Just teen years of what I went through, it really changed me Jono, and sometimes I want to go back and be a teen again. Especially when you look at your friends and see they still are kids and you're grown up. I was robbed of being a young adult so sometimes, I see the kids being kids and I envy them."

Jonothon isn't sure how to reply to this. It's an information dump he wasn't expecting. «It's why I want to protect them.» Those kids who've had it all, and are now struggling with harsh reality. It's not that he was robbed of anything, even though he thinks of it that way at times. «So when are you running this session. I'd like to watch.»

"Good." Kenta says with Jono as he looks over at him with a genunie smile on his face. "I don't wish for anyone to have to go through the shit I went through, or the shit that most people here have went through. I maybe jealous but I'm not a bitter bastard hoping the world endures my misfortune." Kenta says with a grin. "I dunno yet, gotta figure out when him and I have time. Maybe I'll ask Rashmi to baby sit Armande that night, I'll pay her. But, yeah, I want these kids to enjoy life, I really do."

This topic is really making him uncomfortable, and he doesn't even quite know why. Jonothon goes quiet when he's uncomfortable, and that starts happening. Looking away and down, he frowns in a thoughtful manner. Nothing too strong, just a soft shift of expression. «Not sure they can enjoy life here.» Said quietly after a lengthy pause. «That's entirely another topic though.» Rising to his feet, a hand to the couch arm, the Brit shrugs his coat into a better fit. «Let me know when you do?» Arrange for the session. «Record it if I can't be there?»

Kenta pats Jono on the back and smiles at him. "I was able to enjoy life here, it was after when the shit hit the fan." Kenta says with a shrug as he watches Jono start leave. "Take care and I'll make sure you're able to be there." He says as he stands up and streches himself. One more cigarette then off to teach class. He just hopes someone hasn't been messing around with his guitar….again.

Jonothon's only started enjoying life again. As much as he's able. «That's the problem, mate. That's always the problem.» That the shit hits. He puts on a smile though and nods. «I can watch the kid too, if you want. I don't mind seeing the session from a recording. Cheers.» Lifting a hand in farewell, he takes his leave. Going to go somewhere and brood a while. Not even sure why.

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