2011-05-12: About A Winged Boy


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Summary: July meets Aiden and asks a few questions about his past.

Date: May 12, 2011

Log Title: About a Winged Boy

Rating: PG

NYC - Prospect Park

Located in the center of Brooklyn is Prospect Park. There are many paths circling the park for bike riders and walkers. You can rent a boat to take out on the lake, or stand on the shores to fish or feed the ducks. Many colors can be seen in the sky where the hill is in the center of the park from the many kite flyers. There can always be found a few peddlers in this area selling kites to those who wish to partake in the fun.

Sitting crosslegged at the edge of the lake is Aiden. He's wearing a pair of black pants with a few patches and buckles on them tucked into his buckled boots and his black button down t-shirt has two holes cut in the back for his wings and a few buckles on the shoulders. The tribal looking tattoo like markings that visibly run down his arms, over his neck are a green colour. He's got a small compact in one hand as he seems to be carefully drawing on his eyebrows. A large duffle bag sits next to him along with a small cd player he's listening to play some electronic song.

July is walking around the park idly for the day, no college classes for the girl today, and she hmms softly, nibbling on a chocolate bar. She can't help but notice, of course, the winged guy sitting not too far from where she's standing, and chuckles. She decides to approach him, smiling, and wave to him if Aiden looks at her.

Aiden is in the middle of drawing on his second eyebrow when he notices the wave from July and returns it. He doesn't know the girl, at least he doesn't think he does. "How's it going?" He calls out to her as he puts his eyeliner and compact away in the front pouch of his duffle bag.

July doesn't mention the drawing on eyebrows (which she finds amazingly awkward on males, btw) and she looks at the man's wings, "Nice wings." she says with a soft smile. "Not many mutants go around parading their mutations." she comments softly.

"Thanks, I tend to like them." Aiden says shifting his wings a bit. "Well where am I going to hide them? I'm not ashamed of who I am and if any one doesn't like it then they don't have to talk to me." He says tilting his head and looking at July curiously. "It is just the wings that caused you to approach me or did you recognize me from the show on Coney Island or am I being a complete doof and not remembering you?"

July smiles at Aiden's question, "Well, I'm not much into TV or other shows. I prefer books, and studying, especially since I'm working hard at college, too." she says, nodding softly, "As for the wings, well, a thick coat comes to mind." she nods, "And as for the people who don't like mutants, well, as we all know, most of them won't just turn around and leave. They'll toss whatever they got at hand at you if they want." she shrugs softly.

"Huh?" Aiden asks looking complete confused and his tattoo like markings go from a green to an orange colour to match his confusion. "I don't watch television either, I don't own one. By show I meant the show down in Coney Island I work for, the Freak Show. I'm a preformer, live preformance not television." He then waves a hand and shakes his head. "A thick coat doesn't really hide two ten foot wings and it's so uncomfortable. Besides I'm fine with who I am if they have an issue they can go suck wax fruit." He says with a grin before offering a hand. "I'm Aiden."

July arches one eyebrow as the tattoo colors change, "Huh. Nice trick." she comments, smiling softly, and then she reaches to give Aiden's hand a firm handshake. "July. Nice meeting you. And, yeah, I heard of the Freak Show. Just never been there, though." she says, nodding gently.

The orange fades from his markings back to a green colour as his confusion fades. "Well if you get a chance I'd recommend it." He says in a bit of self promotion. "Nice to meet you July. Though what do you mean by nice trick?" He asks.

July arches one eyebrow as the winged tattooed man apparently feigns innocence. "What do you mean 'what do I mean'?" she chuckles, smiling, and she gestures at the tattoos. "Your tats. They just changed colors. Again."

Aiden looks down at his arms and laughs. "Oh those, they aren't tattoos, sorry. I just forget they do that, it's part of being a mutant. For me at least. Beside the wings I'm also an empath and they change with what I'm feeling. I don't really notice it that often cause I'm just so used it it by this point."

July chuckles softly, "Nifty." she asys, smiling, "So what do those… 'not-tattoos' do? Aside from changing colors randomly, of course?" she asks, curious, and she moves to sit down at Aiden's bench.

"They change colour based on the moods that I'm feeling that's pretty much all that I know that they do." Aiden says as he doesn't know that they serve more of a purpose then that. "They don't move or anythign they've just been this way for half my life."

July ah-hah's softly and nods, smiling. "Well, it's still a nice trick. A pity that means you can't hide what you're feeling." she giggles softly, leaning against the bench. "So how about your wings? Can they really support you enough to fly?"

Aiden shrugs. "You get used to it, doesn't bother me that much and yup I can fly with the wings and they support me enough to fly. I'm lighter in weight then most people as something changed when I became a mutant so that I could fly. Thought it took me a while to learn how to fly, lots of scrapes and bruise."

July giggles softly, "I bet." she says, nodding to that. "I guess everyone gets in trouble when learning their new abilities, right?" she asks ith a soft smile.

"I guess most of my friends had already known how to use their powers when they found me." Aiden says. "I was the youngest of our bunch but god did Alejandro like to dare me to jump off the Winnebago to see if I could fly though eventually one day it worked and I did it." He says as a bit of blue starts to mix in with the green of his tattoos.

July notices the blue, and arches one eyebrow again. "Embarrassed?" she ventures, smiling at the man, her eyes looking back up to his to wait for the answer.

"Huh?" Aiden says looking down. "Oh no, nono, blue is for when I'm upset or sad about something. I usually get a bit sad when I talk about my friends since I haven't seen them in two years. We got seperated and lost from eachother and I haven't seen them since so…I am just kinda staying put hoping they find me one day."

July smiles, "Making yourself famous is sure one way to achieve that." she giggles softly, "And, well, I was just fishing for a guess on the color-slash-emotion sequence.

"Oh no I'm not trying to be famous. We were all part of a freak show, we're all mutants who can't pass as not mutants." Aiden beings to explain. "It's how I learned to swallow swords and fire breath and fire dance and stuff. You don't get famous from being a part of a freak show." Aiden says chuckling. "I'm just hoping that by staying put they might find me preforming if I get my name out there in the right circles."

July ah-hah's and nods, smiling, "I see. Well, how did you get separated from your friends, exactly? Your parents moved elsewhere, their parents moved, or what?" she asks.

"That's…a long story but basically my Dad didn't like that I was a mutant and I ran away at tweleve." Aiden begins and his tattoos start turning more and more blue as he speaks. "Howard found me and offered me a home with his Freakshow, he was a mutant with three eyes and he could just see things. Well, years went by the show was good we traveled around the country preforming. That was our life. Then we ran into a group that didn't want mutants at their country fair Howard was killed and while we were all trying to escape we got seperated and…well…that's the short story."

July oh's and nods, "I'm sorry about that, Aiden. Well, I hope you can meet your friends again." she says with a smile before standing up, "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, Aiden. Who knows, I might show up at the Freak Show some time. I'm curious now about the place." she giggles softly. "See you around?"

Standing up himself Aiden nods. "I hope so too. And cool, I gotta get to work any way. It was nice metting you July." Aiden says as he grabs his duffle bag and takes to the skies to head to Coney Island.

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