2009-03-14: Accidental Flashing


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Summary: Jeri comes home early to find Jared dancing almost naked. Then Eddie and Dai come for a visit.

Date: March 14, 2009

Accidental Flashing

Rating: R

Westchester - Parker-Mayfair Home - Living Room

While it's not an excessively decorated living room, it does have all the necessities. There is a large comfy-looking blue sofa with a matching loveseat and chair next to it. The three are all angled around a nice large-screen TV with all the accoutrements. The excess decorating has not been done… for a reason. The owner apparently knows someone else will want to do that.

Jared is strangely home alone, not that being alone is strange for him but the home certainly is since he has only been here a couple of days. Thanks to Christopher showing him where the washing machine and dryer are Jared is finally able to clean the few clothes he left California with. Since he is cleaning every stitch of clothing he owns, Jared has taken to just wrapping a single towel around his waist while he waits for his pants to finish drying. In order to kill the boredom of course he has set up his MP3 player so he can listen to some music, and of course the inevitable has taken over and he has found himself dancing while singing into his current bottle of Cranberry juice. "Don't take me to a disco, you'll never even get me out on the floor, five minuets I'll be late for the door, I like that old time rock and roll…"

Taking a run home now that his afternoon, Jeri opens the door and steps inside. He's not really paying attention to what's going on around him as he puts his briefcase down on the stand by the door. He's forgotten that his newly discovered son is probably home and immediately takes his own shirt off as he walks towards his bedroom, only to hear the singing and turn around, grinning slightly. "I wonder if he'll ever realize how like Eddie he is…"

Jared quite obviously does it expect anyone else to come home, other wise he might just be sitting in his room instead of having fun. Of course the music covers his father getting home, so his sliding across a hall way back to Jericho lets the man at last get a look at him while he gyrates his hips in a combination of moves based on The Twist and Elvis. "…That kinda music just soothes the Soul…" As the music goes on Jared's right foot moves behind his left to give him the leverage for a jump and spin coupled with a pelvic thrust timed to the word soul. Of course just as Jared bends backwards getting his groove on the teen notices he is not alone and freezes. Unfortunately for him, his freezing comes too late as the small knot in the towel holding it up has already come undone letting the cloth fall to the ground.

Pausing, Jeri can't help but grin as Jared loses everything. "Well, son… the genetic fairy granted you the good parts, at least." He shrugs, and turns away nicely. "You got Dad's body, that's for sure." He laughs before adding in, "Though, honestly, you're more than welcome to be comfortable if you want. Christopher and I are very open about our bodies. The hot tub out back is clothing optional." He explains, looking away, because he doesn't want to embarass his newest family member.

Jared stands there frozen in place for a long moment. The blood seems to completely drain from his face, and then reappear in a full body blush. What ever Jericho is saying to his son is mostly lost as he scrambles to try and cover himself, grab the towel, and do what ever he can not to be looking at his father's currently shirtless body. "OhGodsI'msorryjustgotlostinthemusicwhileallofmyclothesareinthewasherandreyer!" he manages to get out not stopping to pause for any reason. If he does not take a breath soon, Jared might prove to be alike his adopted brother even more than he has already by fainting dead away.

"Jared, it's ok." Jericho says, chuckling and turning back after grabbing a blanket from the couch. "Really. Christopher and I use the hot tub naked. Sometimes Eddie and Ricky do. The human body is nothing bad. Especially when you inherit the best parts of both parents." He says, walking towards Jared, carrying the blanked for him. "Breathe, son. Breathe." He can't help but grin while he tries to look away.

Jared hears at least a small part of his father's words this time, and at least starts breathing again even if his brain has gone into lock down. Of course the talk about Jericho and Christopher using the hot tube naked does nothing for the blush, nor does the mental picture of Eddie and Ricky in there nude help with his emberassment. Jared does at least managed to get the towel back in place, or at least where he can hold it covering what Jericho keepscalling his best parts. "I..Oh gods its not that…"

"It's not?" Jeri asks, dropping the blanket back on the couch. "Then what's wrong?" He asks, tilting his head. "You're more than welcome to do whatever." He laughs. After all, the lifesense in HIS eyes told him the truth. "Just not expecting anyone home yet?"

Jared just shakes his head and can't bring himself too even look at Jeri. At the last question at least a little bit of Jared that is not mortified to death sparks, "No, I was planning to put on a show for the whole family." Jared sighs, and shakes his head as the inherent smartassery that comes with being a teenager helps snap him out of total mortification. "Its not about it being wrong just being damned embarrassing, especially….well right now."

"Right now?" Jeri asks, tilting his head as he shrugs slightly. "It's better than how Eddie's known to embarrass himself. Underwear butt dances with music playing out loud. Uhm… don't tell him I told you about that yet." He grins lopsidedly. "How are you two getting along, by the way? And how are YOU doing, more importantly. Adjusting? Liking it here? Wanna stay? No clue? Too much? Am I bugging you?" He's got that teasing grin going. He's doing it on purpose.

Jared just kinda buries his face in his hands as he gets asked the follow up question to him mentioning that timing is part of why he was so embarrassed. "Yes we are getting along, he is kind of a cool guy I guess. I am…dealing so far, so not used to having people around as much, and…" Jared sighs going scarlet again not sure how to say what he is thinking. "Yeah…right now…things are…its just…I…gods I have no idea where to even start saying why right now its more embarrassing than it would be otherwise…"

Jeri nods softly. "Well, if you want to talk. I am a doctor, sworn to secrecy, and I do take my Hyppocratic Oath seriously, son." Jeri nods moving to get himself something to drink. "And I'll have to tell Christopher that Cranberry is gonna be in short supply soon." He wrinkles his nose.

Jared just nods his head keeping it in his hands. He keeps breathing slowly trying to decide what to say, or even if he wants to continue. "I…its kind of a sensitive subject…hell its not like there is anyone I can think of to really talk about it with. Its..well its just that…its a kind of unexpected side effect of my powers that I wishe either wasnt happening or at least was not happening so slow…"

"Let me guess…" Jeri says as he thinks about things. He's dealt with a couple of healing students already. "Your mother had you mutilated as a child and it's growing back because your body wants to set you back to rights." He knows Jared's powers, of course, because he shared them. He knows the details. One of those things. "Trust me. You'll like a lot of things even more, once you get used to it." He nods, knowingly. That's the problem with Jeri's powers. He knows how others powers work and what they're actively doing.

Jared mumbles something along the lines of, "That's about it in harsh details." into his hands as Jericho gets whats happening in one guess, at least why accidentally exposing himself is a little more embarrassing than it might otherwise be. Not that accidentally exposing himself is not embarrassing as is. Of course the mention of liking some things more just makes the poor boy groan not sure which is worse, a near stranger saying such things or the fact that it is his dad.

"By the way, have I mentioned yet that I'm extremely open about things. I have to be in my line of work." Jeri says as he pours himself a large glass of Cranberry Ruby Red Grapefruit juice. "Sorry, I forget that you're not. I'll try to watch my tongue." He offers.

Jared just shakes his head, "Didn't have to mention it, it was kinda obvious…and…just not used to it with other guys is all. Mom was always more than upfront about things. I blame it all on being a Doctor and thinking of all of it in clinical terms. I should just be glad I am old enough I don;t have to fear you pulling out anythign like the pop up book that she used to teach me about the birds and the bees…"

"Oh no… she didn't… Did she?" Jeri asks, looking astounded. "I thought Andrea had more taste than that. Unless she was gunning to embarrass you." He sighs, deciding to add a little something to his juice. Of course, he tries to be discreet about it. "But then, she was a physical doctor, while I'm a mental. We don't have a lot of contact with the other side."

Jared just silently nods, and watches Jeri, not saying a word about him adding a little something to the juice. He hopes Jericho just likes the taste because with him around he is going to have to be more than discreet about adding things like vodka to his drinks to get even a small buzz. "I honest to god just always hopped it was because it was the only book she could find in the little spare time she had then."

"Well, we can never know now. Son, I'm sorry she never told you about me. But she never told me about you, either." Jeri nods softly as he sips and nods, putting things away. He moves back to the couch to sit as he looks back to Jared. "Hmm. Something to think about, also. Unrelated. You DO know you have to go back to school eventually. You can either go to Salem Center, because your benign mutation doesn't show itself unless you let it, or you can go to the school that Christopher and I teach at, where you don't have to hide what you are." Jeri's already looking into things. He IS the closest living relative. He already has one child in school, and can be proven to be an adept father.

"Dad! Ricky! Dad! I'm home for a bit!" a voice can be heard calling before Nova's barking chimes in. It's Eddie and he's on his way back in from a quick run to the store and a walk with Nova. Dressed in jeans and a Black Widow t-shirt, he turns bright crimson when he walks into the room and sees how Jeri and Jared are dressed…or not dressed. Nova meanwhile just scampers over to his bowl for a drink of water.

Jared nods at Jericho. "Yeah, I know I am gonna have to go back to school…and sooner rather than later. I guesse someone is gonna have to call the California Department of Family or what ever they call them selves to tell them where I am too. I had not really thought where I want to go to school, but at least from talking to Eddie it sounds like I might already know someone at the school you teach at besides him…" Speak of the devil, and he appears, and apparently so does his puppy named after an interstellar cop. As Eddie goes red Jared makes sure his knees are close together to keep from flashing a second person that day.

As Eddie bounds in, Jeri flashes him a grin. "Hey, son." He opens his arms, offering Eddie a hug as he chuckles. "Welcome home." He says with a nod as he glances to his case. Turning to Jared, Jeri tilts his head. "Oh? Who?" He asks, somewhat intrigued, now. "We do have a large student body."

Eddie blinks and moves to hug Jeri and join the other two mutants on the couch. "Hi, Dad…Hi, Jared…" he trails off. "Umm," he's not entirely sure what he walked in on with the near-nudity going on.

Jared nods at Jericho, "Yeah I was talking with Eddie and Christopher last night and it looks like a friend of mine that disappeared off for some private school during Christmas break goes to the school. Leonardo Osborne, I met him through my gymnastics stuff." Jared gives Eddie a small wave, "Hi Eddie, excuse my, um, lack of dress. All of my clothes are in the wash at the moment. Kinda took the opportunity while everyone was out…"

"And he had a YOU moment." Jeri laughs, ruffling Eddie's hair. "Only in a towel, instead of in underwear. And… that doesn't work too well with a towel. Things fall away." He nods thoughtfully as he thinks. "Ohyeah, The Light kid." He leaves it at that. Osborne doesn't come to him, so there's not much he knows.

Eddie squeaks and blushes when ruffled, taking his seat mostly on Jeri's lap. Why not? Big lap, tiny teen. "It's okay, Jared…" he starts to say. When Jeri explains what happens, Eddie looks at Jared, glances down at the towel, squeaks, and turns a few new shades of red.

Jared blinks and blushes himself. Sure, one thing to be caught int he towel but of course Jeri has to tell everyone that he lost the towel…well at least he has not pointed out it was in the middle of a pelvic thrust while dancing. "Yeah, Eddie said his powers include the living light. If it really is the Leo I know it kinda fits…really well."

Jeri gives a quick squeeze to Eddie before he scoots him back off his lap with a quick forehead kiss. "Sorry, kiddo. I was coming home for a little relax for a few minutes, but I have a Danger Room session in a little bit. I gotta start setting up programs for… some kids." He says with a half grin. "Well, Jared, let me know what you decide. We'll get things squared away."

Eddie squeaks then pouts as he's moved off his adopted father's lap. "Aww, what kinda Danger Room session? I heard there's a brand new one based on the Sinister Six I -really- wanted to try sometime…" he trails off.

Jared blinks and looks questioningly at Jeri and Eddie. "Danger room? Why do I get the feeling if I actually ask what that is it will end up being one of those things that I am gonna have to wait till I decide if I want to got the mutant school too to learn?" Jared pops open the bottle of cranberry juice he was singing into when Jeri came in to take a drink while he waits for either an explination, or to be told he is not allowed to know yet.

"For… For something you're going to find out soon enough. You'll probably all have an announcement about it today or tomorrow." Jeri says with a grin. "Well, you're my son and living here for now, so it doesn't hurt to tell you. It's an arena where we train our powers and learn to work together. I have a group that I run sessions with, and practice with." He admits as he ducks into his room to pull out the closest thing he has to a costume. His black wife-beater and a pair of fingerless gloves. He pops his neck, pulls his hair back into a tail, and tucks the top part of it under a wool cap to keep most of it out of his way. "I'll be back later, boys."

"For… For something you're going to find out soon enough. You'll probably all have an announcement about it today or tomorrow." Jeri says with a grin. "Well, you're my son and living here for now, so it doesn't hurt to tell you. It's an arena where we train our powers and learn to work together. I have a group that I run sessions with, and practice with." He admits as he ducks into his room to pull out the closest thing he has to a costume. His black wife-beater and a pair of fingerless gloves. He pops his neck, pulls his hair back into a tail, and tucks the top part of it under a wool cap to keep most of it out of his way. "I'll be back later, boys." (re)

Eddie squeaks and looks to Jeri to see if he can reveal that secret yet. When the older mutant reveals things, Eddie grins. "Aww…but I wanna know now," he mock-pouts. "Bye, Dad," he waves. Once the older mutant is gone, Eddie turns to Jared and grins. "The Danger Room is -great-!" he whispers excitedly. "One of my favorite rooms in the entire school."

Jared nods and waves at Jeri as he leaves and then turns to look at Eddie. "Great? So…its a place where you get together and fight and or train with your powers? Not sure how great it would be for me, my powers are not exactly useful unless your injured…and in a fight I would end up healing any damage I do."

Eddie shakes his head. "It's not just fighting and training…and usually we only fight holograms and robots anyway but," he glances back and forth. It's -really- awesome. It can make it seem like you're just about anywhere fighting with ro against just about anyone. And don't worry. My powers are mostly lame in a fight too. Unless there's someone around for me to boost and mimic."

Jared nods and grins, kinda grooving off Eddie's excitment. "Ok, I can see where that would be cool. Your powers are way better in a fight than mine, especialy if your with a group. Best I can do is help the injured and find anyone hiding…and then only gonna work with living people not with robots and holograms.

Eddie shakes his head quickly. "Nope! Advanced alien technology. With a teacher running the sim, the affects of your powers can be simulated as well. And don't discount healing. I couldn't yell you the number of times me and Dai got hurt out in the city and needed help getting home. That and having a healer can keep a group in the fight longer than the enemy and your ability to detect life can help prevent ambushes and find invisible targets…heck, if it's advanced enough you could even see through shapeshifters' tricks," he says, going into 'fanboy mode' there for a few moments. "And if all else fails, just gotta get you some weapons like I found and made."

Jared nods and shrugs a little grinning some at Eddie's fanboyishness. "Not quite there yet, I can tell the difference between human and mutant and where someone is not quiet well and healthy…not sure I could pick out a shapeshifter." At the mention of weapons Jared shakes his head firmly, "No, no guns. I don't want anythign to do with anything like that."

Eddie blinks then smiles. "See! That'll help though. Since if something doesn't feel mutant or human but looks like it should be…shapeshifter. Could be a Skrull, or a Dire Wraith, or a Space Phantom…" he trails off. When guns come up, Eddie makes a face then laughs. "No, not guns, silly. I use a lot smoke bombs but I have pepper smoke and knock-out bombs too. And then there's these babies…" he trails off, pulling the Goblin Gauntlets out of his pockets and putting them on. "Nabbed these from an old Hobgoblin hideout…electrical attack and temporary illumination."

Jared blinks and then blinks again as the Gauntlets are pulled out. "Wait, are those…" Which is about all he gets out before it is confirmed they are exactly what he thought they looked like. "That is awesome, actual Goblin Gauntlets…Those and a Glider would be awesome to have..heh when I used to think about having super powers I always just wanted to fly. Sorry, not what you call a big fan of guns, first thing I think of when I hear weapons and all…."

Daisuke was released from the medbay last night and he really wasn't in the mood to wander around the school. He tried to find Eddie but heard he was at his house so he decided to trek out there. He's eighteen so the curfew doesn't apply to him. This is actually his first time at the Parker-Mayfair residence so he's kind of nervous as he rings the doorbell. He's wearing one of the few outfits he had that wasn't destroyed, a blue and black stripped sweater over a pair of faded jeans.

Eddie pouts. "I had the Glider but I lost it in a fight with those invader jerks. It's floating around the Dark Force dimension now," he grumbles. "Flying is still awesome though. When I mimic Dad or Addison or Julian…I get really awesome flight powers. The doorbell ringing brings a squeak out of Eddie and a barking Nova bounding out of the kitchen. Eddie slips the gauntlets back into his pockets and heads for the door. "Wonder who's there…" he murmurs. "Nova," he says, the puppy quieting and sitting down. Eddie blinks after opening the door then grins. "Dai!" he says happily, moving to hug his friend.

Jared nods at Eddie, and is almost sad he brought up the idea of having a glider too sicne Eddie's apparently was eaten by a Dark Force user. The doorbell makes Jared almost meep as well. As Eddie heads off to the door he stops and realizes the only other people he might even be slightly ok with being nearly naked in front of would have keys, so he stands and calls out to Eddie, "I am gonna check to see if the dryer is done real quick…" Hoping like heck his pants are dry, or at least dry enough to wear.

Daisuke smiles and returns the hug. He looks okay over all and the only bandages visible are the two on his wrists from poking out of the end of his sleves. "Hey Eddie, I hope you don't mind me stopping by, it's just really awkward there after..everything. Some kids are kind of giving me the bad guy look." He says frowning knowing that his face was the spy in the school. "Are Mr…your Dad's home?" He asks curiously.

Eddie calls over his shoulder. "If they're not, you can borrow a pair of Dad's! He won't mind," he calls. A grin is turned towards Dai as Eddie closes the door behind him and Nova moves in to sniff at the mutant. "No, Big Dad just went down to the school and Small Dad's at the Salon," he explains. He wishes he knew where Ricky went though. "I'll have to have a talk with people at school then," he says with a frown.

Jared quietly says a curse for the dryer and all machines in general since his pants are stil way to soggy to be worth trying to wear. Ok, he can either hide in the laundry room or make sure the towel that is all that he has to keep him decent is good and secure and just act like he is not the slightest embarrassed. Oh well, not like he has not paraded around large groups of people in a unitard before at competitions. Exiting the laundry room he decides to find a place to sit and wait out the dryer. "That's Ok Eddie, It looks like it will only be another 20 minuets or so till they dry, no use dirtying another pair just for that long."

Daisuke nods and gives Eddie a confused look. "Then you are you talk- oh..hi." He says seeming a bit shy and embarassed at the prescense of Jared. It's a mix that he's in a towel and that Dai's never met him before so his shyness is coming through. He gives Eddie a confused look as if asking who Jared is since he thought Eddie and Ricky were in a relationship. "I'm..not interupting anything am I?"

Eddie shrugs. "Okay, Jared," he says. He looks at Dai and then blinks. "Oh yeah!" he jumps, chuckling a little. "Jared, meet my best friend Dai. Dai…meet Jared. He's my step brother I guess," he says. "Just found out about him two days ago. Apparently, Big Dad had a kid he never knew about so…Jared."

Jared gives Daisuke a small wave, and at least he knwos how to fake not shy. "Nope, not interupting anything at all, I just have every stitch of clothing I own in the wash right now." Making sure that he can grab his towel in case the new knot in it starts to give way Jared walks over to Daisuke and offers a hand,

Daisuke raises his eyebrows at Eddie and smiles. "Oh, okay. Hello, I'm Eddie's best friend, Daisuke, or just Dai." He says as he shakes Jared's hand. "That's okay, most of my clothing was destroyed so this is one of the few things I have to wear." He looks over at Eddie and runs a hand through his hair. "Actually I was wondering if sometime this week I could grab you and we could go clothing shopping in the East Village, and I need to get more art suppiles." He gives Jared a strange look before he looks down at the bandage on his right wrist.

Eddie grins and nods. "Sure thing, Dai," he says, throwing an arm around his friend's shoulders. "I said I'd be happy to help ya go shopping," he says. He blinks at the reaction. "Oh, don't worry about that. Jared's a mutant too. A healer."

Jared grins and shakes Dai's hand, but sudden blinks several times looking looking down at his wrist, and then at the wrist on the other hand. "Wha…are you ok?" With out even thinking what he is doing Jared reaches out to see if he can grab Dai's other hand so he can at least touch near the injuries there and let his powers heal him…of course that is until he realizes he is standing there, hold the hands of a cute guy, wearing only a towel. There is a slight blush as he suddenly lets go and steps back from Daisuke, "Er sorry, not thinking, I saw where you were hurt and just…sorry."

Daisuke is about to take the bandage off his wrist to look when Jared grabs his other hand. "Huh…oh I'm okay, just a few cuts, it's okay." He says slightly surprised and blushing slightly. "Thanks though." He says, to him, at least Jared seems to care. "So you and Eddie are brothers, well half brothers?' He asks and there's something in his voice that sounds off. "Wow…that must be…I don't know. So you're a mutant too, are you going to be going to Xavier's with us?"

Eddie watches with a slightly amused smile and a blush of his own. He keeps his arm around Dai though. "Dude, don't worry. Just 'cause I got a new half-brother or whatever doesn't mean we're not still Brother-in-Arms," he says, moving for a tight hug. He pauses though. "Something wrong, Dai?" he ask quietly, concerned.

Jared bites his lower lip, still a little embarrassed at his reaction. "It, I can tell how much it hurt, I can see it…and every other injury you have had recently. After a few minutes it will all be gone, not even a mark or scar left." Jared reaches back and scratches the back of his head a little with a sheepish grin. "Yeah, it is kinda, I have no idea. I go to meet the father I never knew i had, end up with two dads, a brother, and a brother's boyfriend I have not met yet. Not sure if I am going to the school or not, it sounds…interesting but…just kinda dealing with everything else and not thinking about that yet. Not to mention there is the whole on the run from the law thing…"

Daisuke looks at Jared a bit wide-eyed as he says that he can feel every injury he's had recently as the last two weeks he was punched and kicked and basically a bit of a punching back for his alternate dimension self and his alternate dimension brother. "Oh…I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to be able to see all that." He says as he does feel back if Jared did have to sense that. Daisuke returns the hug and smiles. "No, I'm okay, just still a bit, I dunno, after things. I guess the fact that you have a brother and the fact that I had to see Shu's face again but it wasn't Shu, just makes me feel a bit weird is all." He nods at Jared's words and starts to unwrap the bandage to look at the area on his wrist where the rope rubbed the skin raw heal. "It's a good school, when I went my life was all out of sorts but going there and making friends has helped, if that means anything."

Eddie really isn't sure what to say. He just stands there, shiffting to his other foot and trying to think of something to say. Before he ever gets the chance, Nova decides the two new people aren't paying enough attention to him. He comes up behind Jared and tries to pull the towel away to get everyone to play 'Chase me!' with him.

Jared bites his lower lip again and then shakes his head. "No, don't apologize, what I can sense, it does not matter that I can see it written on you but.. you should never have gone through that." Hearing about Daisuke seeing this Shu person, who Jared can only assume to be his brother since the whole being Eddies brother thing is whats making it odd, Jared's opinion is only proven. "No one should go through that sort of thing." He says softly before saying, "That's kinda what everyone keeps saying about the school. Still not really sure about it, considering it means I would be dropping into just about every part of poor Eddie's life out of nowhere after showing up here as Jericho's son. Heh, I am not exactly good at the friends thing. Back home I only had one friend rea…HEY!" Jared is finds himself suddenly yelling as his towel is grabbed in Nova's jaws. Et tu Puppy? Jared manages to keep the dog from taking off with his only cover, but ends up in a tug of war that he is not going to have an easy time winning as he tries to hold the towel in fornt of his…in front of himself while pulling against the puppy. Of course, while he tries to keep decent thanks to the dog Jared has flashed a second and third person today proving he is definitely his father's son.

Daisuke looks down and bites his lip. "Well I've been throu-" He gets cut off as all of a sudden he's flashed, and the fact that he's looking down when it happens, well he can't miss it. Daisuke turns bright red and turns around. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry Jared." Daisuke says quickly as he knows he'd be beyond embarrassed if that was him. He stays turned around, too embarrassed himself to even look at Jared. "I..um..I..ah…was saying…before..um…worse…I've…been through…um worse.." There was more he was going to say before that but it's all been forgotten.

Eddie continues to listen quietly right up until he sees what Nova's up to. Sadly, he's not fast enough to stop it and ends up getting flashed as well. He squeaks and turns bright red. "N-Nova!" he yelps. The puppy abruptly lets go of the towel and barks at Eddie before scampering into the kitchen, Eddie following after him. "H-Hey! Sorry, Jared! Sorry!" he adds as he chases his dog into the kitchen.

Jared at least gets his towel back, of course now having flashed two more people he can only wonder whats next for his day. Quickly tying the towel back in place he blushes a little and looks at Daisuke with his back turned to him. Biting his lower lip again he says, "Don't be sorry, its not your puppy…your the one that got flashed I should be appologizing to you. Um….you now what while Eddie is chasing down Nova I am gonna…um…go and…see if my pants are dry again…"

Daisuke nods and turns around once the towels back around Jared's waist. He's a bit shy when it comes to things like nudity cause he's not comfortable with his own body. "Okay, pants. Um…okay." He says not really sure what to say bue when Jared and Eddie get back he'll try to remember what they were talking about. "I'll go help Eddie, kitchen, with Nova." He says going over to see Eddie and the puppy.

Entering the kitchen, one will be just in time to see Eddie tackled and assaulted by puppy-lickings. The scarred teen tries to keep a stern face as he tries to wriggle free but just can't help it and starts laughing. "C'mon, Nova! Stop it…that was a bad thing to do," he says. Eventually, he gets free from the puppy and is hit with the 'sad puppy eyes'. "Awww…"

Jared takes a little while in the laundry room, finding the best piece of clothing to actually wear. After a little while back he comes wearing a pair of small black shorts. His shorts are not tight enough to cut off circulation, or make it hard to move, but still noticeably tight and a little damp but not enough to stop him from wearing them at this point. Quickly he rejoins the others in time to see the sad puppy eyes, "Ok, found something dry enough to wear….and it is so not fair he can give people a look like that when he is in trouble."

Daisuke chuckles at Jared's words and shurgs. "I've never had a pet so I guess that's one of their tricks? And if he just wanted attention he got it? But then he's naked all the time so he doesn't care about it." Daisuke says quietly as he looks down. "Um…so…uh…yeah. What were we talking about earlier?" Daisukes completely forgotten as he goes to sit down on the edge of the sofa.

Eddie sighs. "I'll be with you in a minutes guys…" he trails off. A few minutes later, he returns from puppy-discepline and flops onto the couch near Dai. "Man…is that how people feel when they yell at me?" he murmurs, looking to his 'brothers' to see what they're talking about.

Jared finds himself somewhere to sit in the living room too, and does not seem half as emberassed sititng around in just a pair of tight shorts as he was in just a towel. "I…honestly I can't remember. Guess flashing has that effect, kinda kills what ever the last conversation was to let the next one take hold. Hmm, although porbably not a usefull choice when trying to get out of explaining why you forgot homework…"

Daisuke tries to remember and then nods. "Oh, we were talking about Xavier's I think. You said the friends thing, I'm not really good at it either. I didn't have any friends outside of my brother until I went to Xaiver's." Daisuke says with a shrug as he unwraps the bandage on his other wrist. They're both healed but there's actually still a scar aound his wrists from a prior incident. "Wow, I can't believe it's healed…"

Eddie shrugs a little. "I was never good with friends either till I met Dai…" he trails off, leaning slightly against his friend for a moment. "That makes four mutant healers I've met. Five if you count the little boost my powers give people…"

Jared nods at Daisuke, "Yeah the friends thing. Only friend I really had back home was Leo…who might be a student at Xavier's too so at least if I go there I will know a couple of people." At the comment about the healing Jared shrugs a little, "Healing recent stuff like that is not really a big thing, in the last month I have healed broken arms, broken legs, sobered people up, and healed my self from a stabbing, a car accident and a gunshot wound. Heh, recent things is nothing…its the things that happened a long time ago being healed with my powers that has been…the hard to believe."

"I've met Leo, I like him, he's really nice. Blond haired, really energetic, wealthy but doesn't really brag about it." Daisuke says in an effort to see if it sounds like the Leo that Jared knows. "stabbing, car accident and gunshot wound? Wow it sounds like you have mine and Eddie's luck and if that's ture I'm sorry Jared." Daisuke says as he leans against Eddie and smiles. "Four healers, I know Leo and now Jared who else?

Eddie winces once more as Jared talks about his injuries. He shudders as he imagines some of them. When Dai speaks to him, Eddie blinks. "Well, there's another student at the school. I think his name is Josh…never talked to him…but he's the cute, gold kid," he says, blushing. "And then Mr. Worthington can heal people via blood transfusion."

Jared grins and nods at Dai, "That sounds like him, right up with all Eddie has said about him." As for the only part, Jared can only shrug. "Had a normal life just home school and Gymnastics practice up until the day I ended up with powers. The trip cross country was not the nicest ever for me."

Daisuke nods as Jared talks about how he had a normal life. "This is the most normal my life has been, well going to Xavier's. My father was an outright asshole who made my life a living hell." He says and leaves it at that with a shrug. "I should be getting back to the school, even though I don't need to get checked up on anymore I should let Dr. Reyes know. I'll see you later Eddie." Daisuke says with a hug. "And it was nice meeting you Jared, I hope to see you again." He says with a smile before heading back to Xavier's.

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