2009-04-04: Accidental Surgery


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Summary: Fight in the park

Date: April 4, 2009

Accidental Surgery

Rating: PG-13

Vladimir had finished his home work and had needed to unwind some. He goes to take a walk in the green patch of grass know as Central Park. He ask July if she be willing to come and when she agrees they catch a taxi and head for the park. He now walks side by side with July a smile on his face, "so is this you first time in the NYC?"

July shakes her head, "Not really." she says, smiling, "I've been through the whole US by now, traveling with my father." she looks around at the stores and all. "In New York… I'd say it's my third time, that I can remember."

Vladimir smiles and laughs some, "third time your almost a native" there a hit of teasing in his tone. He moves his hand over to July and takes hold of it. Yes he does not give up but at lest he not trying to kiss you.

July chuckles softly, smiling, and gives Vlad's hand a light swat of hers, "Slow down, Vlad." she says, "We had this discussion before, remember?" she reminds him, smiling, "Let's just walk around town, get me a chance to really get to know the city. That's why you invited me, remember?"

Vladimir looks over at you and nods, "sorry keep forgetting your not into guy. So you want to go shopping for clothes or something. May treat." He smiles some and reaches up and moves some hair out of his face and finds the pen behind his ear. He quickly puts it in his pocket.

Suddenly, someone jumped down from one of the trees. Blind Surgeon stood up. "Vladmir Zenoviev, come with me for the crime of supplying MGH." Ugh. She sounded so stiff there. Whatever. She stood at her full height, charging her hand in case things should get out of hand.

July chuckles, "Vlad, my father is stupid rich. If I go into full shopping mode, you won't be able to cover half of what I might buy on the first store." She winks to him, giggling softly, before blinking as someone calls Vlad's attention. She turns around to look at Blind Surgeon and blinks, tilting her head softly, "Uh… who are you?" And then she looks to Vlad, "Friend of yours?"

Vladimir laughs and nods, "Well a whole store might be out of my range at the moments but I not as poor as I look." He blinks as the woman jumps out of the tree. He stops dead in his tracks. He used to weirdoes in Central Park but this weirdo knows his full name. He grabs July by the wrist and pulls her behind him, "Who are you? How do you know my name?"

Calmly, she said, "I'm Blind Surgeon. Mr. Zenoviev, please come with me to police station. I'm sure they'll be interested in you." She paused for a moment. "If you don't come willingly, I'll have to take you by force, which neither of us wants." Now her arm was shooting off electric blue sparks. Blind Surgeon had to struggle not to wince.

July blinks as Vlad pulls her behind him, but she frowns, "On what charges? You're not even an officer! You don't have the right to threaten innocent people like that!" she says from behind Vlad, before moving to stand next to him.

Vladimir frowns at the comment, "For what I have not done anything to get someone like you on my ass." Sure he hacked a few banks but he not really stealing money the banks discard what he takes. He looks July, "careful I think that some kind of weapon I don't want you to get hurt."

She smiles. "I have evidence, if you want proof." Ow, ow, ow. A blast of electricty went off dangerously close by Vladmir's head. It wasn't on purpose, she just couldn't hold the charge anymore. Great job, Marisu! He'll definitely not fight back.

July gah's as she sees the girl shooting, and she barely has time to shove Vlad out of the harm's way and falling to the other side herself as the shoot hits a tree behind them. She looks at the scorched tree, then back to Blind Guardian, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!?!? WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? We didn't threaten you! You didn't have to shoot!!"

Vladimir hits the ground hard as he pushed, "What is your problem lady!" He starts up his clothes dirty and slight wet. He stands and moves some hair out of his face. o 0 (This is nuts she going kill us both). He fears more for July safely then his own not that he didn't fear for his own. He starts the walk in a circle around the woman hoping she will follow him and turn her back on July, "What do you think I did." His voice is calm now his eyes locked on the women's eyes.

"Sorry, sorry! Accidental fire!" She walked over to Vladmir and grabbed him by the arm. "Sir, please come with me. I have evidence that you're supplying MGH to the general populace. I'll fire again if need be." Ugh. She would be up all night bandaging the burn.

Vladimir frowns at the grab and looks over the woman, "What the hell is MGH?" He pulls from your grip and takes a step back, "are you a cop? If so I want to see your ID." He not liking this who the hell framing for this, "If you leave now there be no problems I am just a student out on a friend date."

July frowns, "Hey!" she says, watching her grab Vlad's arm, "Let go of him! We don't know who you are, and you almost shoot my friend's head off! That's not the conduct of a hero! Let go of him!" she runs toward Vlad's side and tries to pull Blind's hand off his arm.

Blind Surgeon was impressed. He's really good at looking confused. "Like I said before, I have evidence. It'd really be best if you just come along." She was getting really tired of sying this. "I'm sorry, but you'll have to cut your date short."

Vladimir Frowns, "I don't even know what MSG or what ever it is called. What is it some kind of computer program?" He looks over at July and frowns, "July please back off" He reaches up and strokes her cheek, "I could never forgive my self if you get hurt because of me" As he speaks he looks into her eyes and use them to motion for July to move behind the woman.

"Ugh. Seriously? This is getting really old." Blind Surgeon sent a wave of electricty into Vladmir via his arm. "I'm sorry, but you should've listened to me the first time."

July frowns, not looking at Vlad, but speaking to him, "And I could never forgive myself if I let a random villain kidnap you without doing anything." she says, frowning, and then she watches the electricity surging into Vlad's arm, "What!? STop!!" July cries, and, the only thing she can do is punch Surgeon's face in an attempt to make her stop.

Vladimir screams in drops to his knees as he is hit. He looks up with a mad look pushing air out thought clench teeth, "JULY RUN!" He starts to try to get up to his feet.

She had dodged the girl's punch. "I'm so sorry." Blind Surgeon grabbed Vladmir firmly by both arms, and sent another wave out, this time to knock him out. Hopefully, it wouldn't be too much or else she'd give him a heart attack.

July gasps, "Ah! STop!! You're going to kill him!!" She says, and, in desperation, she stretches her arms longer, to wrap around Surgen's waist and pull her away, hoping to toss her away from her friend.

Vladimir screams and he arches his back as the pulse goes thought him. Then something happens His body starts getting wavy as if he was on a old TV then your hands pass him as his body seems to turn to static. It then seems to shot out to a near by lamp post. The light buzzes and flickers and then goes back to normal. About 30 feet away another light post start to buzz and flicker and the static reappear and reshapes into Vlad. He kneels there panting hard.

Blind Surgeon was suddenly tugged away from Vladmir, but not before the electricity hit. "I was not!" She paused. "…At least, not on purpose." Wait, maybe he was dead. She began to panic. It would be like Steve all over again.

July blinks as Vlad disappears, and reappears elsewhere. "Vlad?" she looks around as her arms go back to normal, "Vlad!?" She gets worried, until she sees her friend, and he runs toward him, "VLAD!? Are you alright?" she kneels by him, "Are you ok?" She tries to help him up.

Vladimir looks up at July and there a moment of confusion then it comes back to him" He stands again. His stance is shaky at best. He wipes the drool from his mouth, "YOU BITCH!" He step forward his hand clench as he now ready to fight.

She's instantly relieved to find out he's not dead. "Hey, fuck you! I'm not the one supplying drugs here." With this, she throws another blast of electricity at him, missing. "Come over here. You're under citizen's arrest."

July gah's as another electricity blast shoots past her, and then she stands up and puts herself in front of him, "LIKE HELL!!" she says angrily. "You're no hero, you psycho!" She yells back at her, "You're taking no one! You will /not/ take him! I don't know which drugs YOU're taking, but you're out of your mind here!"

"Ma'am, I may be crazy, but I do have evidence." She pulls out a bag and places it on the ground. "You're welcome to look throught this if you want." Blind Surgeon began to walk towards them. "Please don't put up a fight.

Vladimir Sees the bolt and steps out of the way. His eyes widen, "You think I am a drug dealer! That's it your dead lady!" He looks around and fines a stick, "No your dead!" He runs at the women stick in the air. He really is going beat her.

July gah's again as Vlad decides to take matters into his own hands, "Stop!!" she warns him, attempting to grab him from his shirt to stop him, "You can't do that!! We gotta get the hell away from here! Let's go back to the school!!!"

That wouldn't be acceptable. She marched over to Vladmir and dodged the stick. "Sir, please come with me. As shown, I'm not afraid to use force." Blind Surgeon was frowning. She'd hate to see her hands after this. As she grabbed Vladmir, she grimaced in pain.

Vladimir struggles as he grab, "I'll kill her!" he really pissed off he not one of those who go into a blind rage but you hit his number one hot button good work. He shakes some but does not go after her again. He looks at July and then turns, "Get lost I did nothing." His tone is shaky and his body is stiff. He starts to walk away.

July goes to walk with her friend as she looks at Surgeon, "No, you won't." She says, pointing a finger at her, "We're going to go back to school, and you, back to whichever Asylum you ran away from. If you try anything against us again, I'm pressing charges against you. A real officer wouldn't use lethal force unless as wantonly as you did. You're no cop, you're a fraud!"

Vladimir keeps walking keeps walking, "go ahead shot me in the back see what happens. I am done here if you hit me again kill me because that is the only way your going take me anywhere."

Blind Surgeon wasn't really bothered by this. Honestly, this meant she'd have to take him out at a later point. "Well, if I hit both you and your friend with the right amount of electricty, you'd be knocked out, and compliant." She shrugged and did just that.

July is basically the only one in fighting form, since she didn't get any discharge, and so she does what she can. Again she attempts to push VLad out of the way of the shot, but ends up being hit instead, She screams in pain, her whole body convulsing before she falls to her hands and knees.

Vladimir stops and turns given you a look that could kill, "you touch July and I make sure you never use your arms again!"

She can't help but laugh at this. It just sounded so /ridiculous/ "Too late." Blind Surgeon sent out another shot of electricity, aiming for Vladmir.

July is having trouble controlling herself. She pants hard, gritting her teeth, but she knows she won't last another shot. "RRRAAAAAAGGH!!" She cries out in pain as she lashes against Surgeon again, her arms elongating to attempt to wrap round her and toss her away, hopefully to give them time to run away.

Vladimir Dives for the ground and the bolt misses him. This time he jumps up and pulls off his coat and runs at the woman at full speed using the coat to shield him some. Also if he in range he will cover the women with it.

This wasn't the way she'd expected things to turn out. Of course, why would they? She had attacked someone in broad daylight, so why wouldn't things happen this way? It'd have been better if she had sneaked up on him. Blind Surgeon stepped to the side and stuck her foot out, tripping him. "I can do this all night if you want."

July's attack missed, but that's to be expected, considering she's very very weak after that electric discharge against her, "D-damn it, Vlad!! Stop fighting her!! We need to get away!" she coughs, having a hard time keeping her form, and she tries to wrap one of her arms around him to pull him to her, "We have to run!! Stop being an idiot trying to fight her!!"

Vladimir falls on the ground and knows she can most likely. Pulls out his cell phone the one given to him by the school and pushes a panic button on it calling for help. He hopes someone in the area that can help. He then stands and shrugs off the arm, "Yah and like I said you have kill me first. This time he walk up to the women and gets right in her face, "shot me if you dare."

Blind Surgeon always loved a challenge. "I'll oblige you this one time." Once more, a wave of electricty was sent into Vladmir's body, knocking him out.

July stands up, shakily, and she watches Surgeon blast her friend again, "STOP! YOU MONSTER!!" She cries out, tears coming from ehr eyes as she runs toward him, toward Vlad.

Vladimir screams in pain and falls to the ground. His body smoking and twitches some that like three hits and two at point blank range. He wills him self to try to stand not going give up as long as July might be in danger. He gets to one knee and vomits.

Eddie Parker-Mayfair may not be a teacher and thus doesn't have a pager connected to the school's panic system, but he's got uncanny luck. As such, he's out in the park today on his way to pay a quick visit to 'The Hole in the Ground'. Of course, sounds of yelling and fighting bring a slight sigh from him. He looks arouns nervously before creeping towards the direction of the fight. Crouched in a tree, his eyes go wide when he recognizes July and another student he'd seen around the school. Seeing Vlad go down, Eddie curses. Hands plunge into pockets and withdraw Goblin Gauntlets, goggles, and X-bandana. The panic button on his phone is pressed and Eddie stands. Dressed in jeans and a Young Avengers t-shirt, he moves into action now that his face is covered. "Hey!" he yells, flinging a smokebomb Blind Surgeon's way. It'll burst on impact into a nice cloud of smoke.

She was having second thoughts. MAybe he didn't do it. But then again, there was ll that evidence, so it had to be true. Just had to. Seeing that he was still concious, she gave him one last zap, for good measure. "I'm sorry. I warned you." Suddenly, there was a boom and a puff of smoke.

Jared does not have the luck his brother has, but he does know enought about it to know its never a good idea to let him just wander around New York alone. Add to that the fact that Jared has a nosey streak and Eddie was acting a little cagey earlier in the day he has decided to follow his brother. As it turns out, his playing spy is a good thing as he hears the fight and feels Vlad go down before he is even in a spot to see him. Fast little bugger that he is Jared races right past Eddie hitting his panic button as well and diving for Vlad in an atempt to either roll him out of the way or get between him and Marisu's attack.

July shields her eyes once the smoke bomb hits, and she coughs a bit in surprise, "Vlad… Let's.. let's get out of here…" The girl says, weakly, and she tries to drag him away through the smoke, but she's having severe problems to do so, since it's hard to keep herself solid after that blast.

Vladimir sees the laser comes and tries to move out of the way but he to beat up to do anything. He blinks when Jared come out of no where and takes the shot. He gasp and goes to see if he okay but feels July grab him to pull his away and does not fight it and goes with her

Eddie frowns as he notices Jared going by. "Medic! Get July and her boyfriend out of here. I'll handle Electro-Chick," he goes into 'Leader!' mode, boosting Jared's powers to three times their normal levels. As he does, Eddie's clothing shifts to a blue and white version of what Jared's wearing and the goggled and bandana-masked teen heads for

Blind Surgeon. "Alright. One chance. Get out of here and stop picking on these kids and you won't get hurt, Miss," he says in his best 'I am tough!' voice.

"This was so much easier…when I could fly…" Erik says to himself as he beats feet to get in the area, having borrowed another professor's car to get here as fast as possible. Since they won't let him fly the black bird, which makes him a sad panda. He runs up in to the area with a small hardware bag in his hand, trying to take stock.

"Yet again, I'll have to explain. Vladmir Zinoviev is guilty of supplying MGH. I have evidence that I'm willing to share." Blind Surgeon pulled herself up to hrt full height and crossed her arms. "So no, I won't leave." She began to charge her arm, struggling not to cry out. Her arms would probably be completely burnt if she took off her gloves.

Jared is wearing a grey hoodie and a pair of matching slacks, and now it would appear

Eddie is wearing a blue and white copy of his clothes. The healing mutant get nocked to his knees by the electric bolt to the middle of his back as he gets between Marisu and

Vladimir. Thanks to the boost to his powers the skin on Jared's back form the blast is nearly healed by the time he makes it to his feet. Quickly he gets to his feet and rushes to try and help get Vlad up, and heal him while he is at it.

"He's been burnt back by that psycho!!" July almost cries as she keeps trying to drag Vlad away, "S-she showed up… out of nowhere… and then accused him of being a drug dealer and then almost shot his head off!!!" She says, panting and coughing.

Uriko can't fly - but she can come close. A black and white bullet shoots down the sidewalk - moving faster than most of the city traffic - and then careens around a corner into the park. Whether she happened to be in the area, or ran here, is anyone's guess. But she skids to a halt near Erik, pausing to assess the situation.

Eddie scowls. "I doubt it. And even if he is, that's no excuse to kill him!" he says firmly. "Now hand over your evidence and -hit the road-. Electricity won't help against me," he says, mostly bluffing. "

Blind Surgeon dislikes his tone. "Really? The first time was on accident, and I said so. Anything that happened afterwards was entirely his fault." It was doubtful that Vladmir would get arrested. More likely was the evidence would get "lost" and it would be forgotten. "No, I don't think I'll give you the evidence."

Erik runs up to Eddie just in time to hear the description of her powers. "And more importantly, Electricity /really/ will not help you against /me/." He says as he takes a pile of BBs out of the bag he holds. All of a sudden they suck together in a bar and move between Blind Surgeon and the other people, hovering an inch off they ground, super charged with magnetism.

Vladimir coughs as he looks back at the woman his eyes filled with hate if he was in any condition to fight he would of attack her for saying that, "I am no drug dealer stop telling people that! I hate drugs!" His body got some nasty burn on it from the point blank range shots. Smoke still comes from his rip clothes and he placing most of his on July. He whispers in a horse tone, "Thank you" Looks over at Jared and smiles weakly, "I knew you come in handy" He looks at the other students standing up for him and smiles softly. o 0 (I will have repay them later).

Marisu says, "This was so much easier…when I could fly…" Erik says to himself as he beats feet to get in the area, having borrowed another professor's car to get here as fast as possible. Since they won't let him fly the black bird, which makes him a sad panda. He runs up in to the area with a small hardware bag in his hand, trying to take stock."

Jared is ready to chear for Eddie standing up for the injured and accused, but first he has to get said injured people out of the area. "Yeah, I am damn spiffy." He says to Vlad as he trys to pull him up into a fireman's carry and get him away from the trigger happy crazy woman. Good thing for July his powers don't require touch to help heal any injurys from being shot at by Marisu she might have, and good thing for Vald touching speeds up the healing. "Come on, lets get you and your girlfriend away from the crazy woman before the guy that looks like Magneto kicks her a…wait a second…" Having not met

Erik yet Jared is really confused to see the Magneto look alike helping, but will ask the inevitable questions later when he does not have a patient to care for.

July looks at Jared with fury in her eyes, "I'm NOT his girlfriend!! I'm— Ah, whatever, let's just get the hell out of here!!" she keeps dragging Vlad away with Jared's help.

Vladimir not not that heavy being on this thin side and only 5 feet 5 inches tall so with little whimper he lifted up on Jared shoulder. He feels the healing starting thanks to Jared's touch. He looks at July and smiles, "there no reason to be shy dear" he start to laugh and coughs some. He still feels like shit.

Eddie's eyes narrow behind the goggles. "I warned you," he says quietly. "Sorry, Miss, but I'm going to have to get violent with ya," he says quite simply. Then Erik's running up. This makes Eddie's expression sink somewhat. He shakes it off and glances at the bar. That complicates his plans quite a lot but he'll live with it. Pausing for just a moment, the teen reaches into his pocket and flings a Pepper-Smoke Bomb at Blind Surgeron's feet, the bomb bursting into a stinging red smog on impact.

"Ow, shit!" Blind Surgeon began to flail about wildly, careful not send off any charges. Today was turning out /really/ bad. She wished she had just hit him in the back of the head with a shovel. Would've made this a lot easier. Finally, the effects wore off. Leaning on a tree, she reagined her composure.Now, she was really pissed. A bolt of electricity shot out of her hand, aimed for the guy who's thrown the smoke bomb. She stood up and fired another bolt at Vlsgmir, not caring if it hit or not.

And now we find out why Erik put out a super charged magnet there down between them, so that any electricity sent off would arch toward the magnet and then ground itself, or at least foul up its aim enough that it won't hurt anyone. "I told you that Lightning doens't worry me, Miss. Surrender, and I won't make /you/ more attractive to your lightning then anything else in the room." He says, pushing the magnet forward toward Marisu.

The white tiger at Erik's side simply sits there, tail flicking pensively while she waits for any action to start up again - her fur changes from white to orange and looks more normal - but doesn't really act it. She looks rather eager to sink those fangs into something - and not all that afraid of electricity. Whatever it is, she'll live through it. Like so many times before. As it is, it looks like the others have things well in hand by now, though, and so like a patient predator she waits.

July lets go of Vlad finally as she drops to her knees, panting hard and groaning, holding her body as she closes her eyes tight, "N-not now…" She groans softly, her head bowing as she trembles. Whoever touch her right now might find her body very soft to the touch.

Vladimir frowns as July drops, "He wiggles some and eeps at the pain, "put me down and heal her first" His eyes locked on July, "It will be okay we will take care of you.

Jared shakes his head at the glare he gets from July. "Sure, not dating, what ever. Lets get you and your boy toy out of danger and let the people trained at kicking ass kick till the woman stops moving." Jared really does not care who is dating who, as longas they keep thier hands off his Daisuke, and just assumed because Eddie called July Vlads girlfriend they were dating since he knows /everybody/. "Oh save me from bloody heroes," Jared reaches out so that he can try and grab a hold of July and get her on her feet again ot if he needs to throw her over his shoulder as well and stagger a safe distance away. "Why do people assume I can't heal more than one person at a time?"

Eddie jumps slightly. "Mr. Anderson, stop!" he calls quickly, wondering about his teacher. The scarred teen didn't seem all that worried about the lightning but Erik's got him very concerned. He reaches into his pocket and produces two more smoke bombs, one Knock-Out gas and the other plain smoke. He holds them for a moment before sending them flying at Blind Surgeon.

This time she hits them in mid-air with a blast. It was getting a little annoying. Just calm down, she told herself. Nothing good comes of anger. And..How did a tiger get here? Whatever. Blind Surgeon sighed. It would be better if she left, but she couldn't let Zinoviev leave. She still had to bring him to justice. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr.Zinoviev and I need to have a little chat." With that, she began to run towards Vladmir.

Erik shakes his head. "Stop /what/." He says to Eddie. "And Gauss, please, as long as we're going with secret identities." He says as he takes another small bag from his coat, and pulls a length of piano wire out from it.

Uriko quirks an eye at Erik - he better not! Tiger is watching him. No killing! Growf. Of course, tiger-girl doesn't really have a codename that's pronouncable while she's in cat form. Duh. "Grrr…"

Straight from the mansion, Hellion only needed to get on his uniform and jet out. Being able to fly fast being a plus in this situation. "Hellion approaching Central Park, anyone out there?" He asks mid-air, trying to get a bead on any X-Staff location. He really doesn't care if anyone sees him, when a panic button is pressed, you don't stop to keep cover. A green trail of light follows him, his telekinetic signature. "Talk to me, if you're there. What's the situation?"

Eddie frowns. "Stop trying to hit an electrokinetic with her own lightning, sir," he says, and then starts to move. Using the speed boost he got from mimicking Jared, Eddie gets himself between Vlad and Blind Surgeon. He waits for just a moment before sending a hard punch at the woman's midsection.

Yep, she really should've quit while she was ahead. Blind Surgeon fell to the ground. Crap. Don't throw up, don't throw up. She pushed herself up a bit. She fell, almost screaming from the pain in her hands. After a few seconds, she got up. "Mr. Zenoviev, please come with me." Somehow, she was able to say this as though nothing had happened, as though she wasn't in pain, as though there wasn't blood dripping from her gloves.

July pants hard on the floor, tired, spend, and sore. As Jared goes to grab her arm, it feels like he's grabbing some just a bit thicker than molasses, and as he tugs, her arm just stretches and bends bonelessly toward the tug. "W-wait…" the girl says, panting still, her body shaking a bit. "T-too sore… tired…"

Vladimir wiggles some seeing whats going on with July, "Let her go your hurting her. He looks at the charging women and frowns, "Oh god here we go. Put me down I hold her off and you July out of here."

Jared stops pulling on July quickly, but does leave his hand touching her as he fills her with healing energy. With his ability to sense life energy he does not have to look, he can feel where everyone is and Marisu suddnely running right at him, since he has Vlad over his shoulder, is enough to make the cranky healer down right mad. "Forget that Vlad." In a single move he bends over to deposit Vlad on the ground and thrusts his right leg behind him in a mule kick aimed right for Marisu beofre spinning around. "Look lady, I have no idea what cralled up your backside and made a nest but you really need to back off. Besides the burns and nerve damage you did a number of the guys heart and are really starting to piss me off. I really don't care what kind of super villian you think you are but if Mr Faith and the Magnet man don't stop you I am gonna have to take you to peices before SHIELD comes to arrest your ass."

Eddie frowns. "Stop trying to hit an electrokinetic with her own lightning, sir," he says, and then starts to move. Using the speed boost he got from mimicking Jared, Eddie draws back a fist as he approaches Blind Surgeon. Waiting just a few moments to see the results of the kick, Eddie sends a hard punch at Blind Surgeon.

Yep, she really should've quit while she was ahead. Blind Surgeon fell to the ground. Crap. Don't throw up, don't throw up. She pushed herself up a bit. She fell, almost screaming from the pain in her hands. After a few seconds, she got up. "Mr. Zenoviev, please come with me." Somehow, she was able to say this as though nothing had happened, as though she wasn't in pain, as though there wasn't blood dripping from her gloves.

"Fine, but thats not what I'm trying to do right now." Erik says as the piano wire uncoils itself and launches at Marisu with the intent of wrapping around her and keep her tied up tight. Once it is out and he is controlling it, Erik answers his com. "This is Anderson on the ground. We have an electrokinetic attacking several people. I am trying to immobilize her."

Uriko watches as Eddie gets himself in between Erik and the electro-kinetic - maybe he's not aware exactly of Erik's powers? She's fairly sure that they're a match. But, hey, why not? Her fur turns blue - and the tiger dashes for the enemy, eyes glowing a cool blue.

"If that's /all/ you've got. Then I can immobilize her, no problem. Hellion out." He calls on the communicator. Julian comes down on the battlefield, close to Gauss and the others. The Hellion looks towards Blind Surgeon. Seeing her and identifying her as the assailant, his eyes become lit with green energy. He reaches out a hand towards her, attempting to pick her up. The grip would be tight, not allowing for much wiggle room. He's already pissed about the situation. But when duty calls, you got to answer.

July feels her soreness lessen /a little/, and so she has a little less trouble remaining solid. Still panting, though, she slowly stands up and starts walking away, toward Vlad, to help him as much as she can, "Come on… let's… get away from that crazy…" she manages to gasp, panting, and attempting to help Vlad up.

Vladimir laughs as the women brought to her knees, "about time you brought down!" He feels some what better thanks to Jared. He frowns as she calls out to him, "give it up I am not a drug dealer get so help!" Sighs as she getting tied up, "thank god this is over." He blinks seeing the blue tiger running at her, "what the hell?" He looks at July and nods, "yah." He reaches out and strokes her cheek, "you okay now?"

Jared turns back to Vladimir now that hte crazy woman is under control. "Hold up there, your not leaving that easy either. I may not be a doctor but I am the closest thing around and I am not gonna let you walk away until I am sure your ok and all that electricity did not do anything irreperable to your heart." Jared is serious, and if he has to looks like he is more than willing to get physical. After thats said he takes a deep breath and concentrates as mucha s he can on Vlad with his powers to see where he is injured and places his hands over where he has been hit by electric bolts. "Just give me a second to heal everything…and while the grown ups are buisy with sparky, what in the heck is she talking about saying your dealing drugs?"

Eddie continues to boost Jared's powers, boosting the healing powers to three times thier normal strength. "Great to see ya, Hellion," he greets the older mutant. "You got her?"

Despite the pain she was in, Blind Surgeon was still able to think clearly. "Excuse me, but I do have proof of Mr. Zenoviev's guilt." That /had/ to get her off. She struggled a bit against the bonds, before giving up. "I understand perfectly if you still arrest me."

"Its all thats required, but whatever." Erik says back in to the com unit at Hellion's sarcastic words, shaking his head as he wraps Marisu up at the same time Hellion gets her with his power. "Lets get the students out of here, and figure out what is really going here. We can look at her proof then."

Uriko holds off - not attacking the woman while she's down, of course; the blue tiger fades for a moment as she shifts back to human form. Really, her showing up here was probably not needed - but that's how things go, right?

"Yeah, you too Mister Faith." Hellion looks to Marisu, then to Vladimir. "You, you're a student, you better hope that she doesn't have proof. Or you're gonna have a major boot up your ass." The accusations of being a drug dealer will be heard, but Julian can tell something's up. "Mr. Faith, you get the others to safety, I don't want any students leaving here until we figure out what happened." His voice is stern, he's doing what he does best, getting the job done.

July moves to sit back down, panting, as Jared comes to help Vlad. She got hit by a lightning, but only once, while Vlad is the living proof that lightning DOES fall in the same place, twice, even thrice! But, even with Jared's quick healing, she's still feeling shaky, having trouble keeping herself fully solid, but she can wait. With rest, she'll recover.

Vladimir blinks at Jared, "what are you going to carry me all the way back to the school?" He wiggles some, "Well how about at lease put me down. You can makes sure I'm okay and I'll sit still just well this is not very manly being carried around like this. He wiggles some he is feeling better thanks to Jared and Eddie powers. He not fully healed but is not on the brink out blacking out. Frowns as he hears This women still accusing him of being a drug deal, "Dude let me down now" He start to try to get down. Frowns and growls, "I AM NOT A DRUG DEALER!" He looks away, "A hacker yes but never drugs"

Vladimir He is feeling better thanks to Jared and Eddie powers. He not fully healed but is not on the brink out blacking out. Frowns as he hears This women still accusing him of being a drug deal, "Dude let me down now" He start to try to get down. Frowns and growls, "I AM NOT A DRUG DEALER!" He looks away, "A hacker yes but never drugs" He walks up to the woman as fast as his broken body allows. He gets right in the face, "Listen here. My mother was a drugged whore I seen what happen to her life she cared about the drugs more then me. I would never use or sell them" Then he slabs his fist into her stomach.

Jared can heal broken bones in a matter of minuets, with his powers boosted he should be able to heal Vlad of what ailes him soon. In fact he has him good and healed with ease. Once he is sure that Vlad is physicaly alright he moves on to July using his power to sense life to try and find out whats wrong with her and then start to heal. As he lays hands on July he shakes his head, "You sure you want to be dating him? Wait, yeah not dating him, forgot for a moment."

Eddie nods quickly. "Sure thing, Hellion," he says. "And don't bother. This worman wouldn't give up her supposed proof," he says. Then Vlad moves in for his attack and Mr. Faith jumps. "Vlad! Back off!" he exclaims, moving to grab the other student and pull him towards Jared and July. "C'mon! We're moving somewhere safe," he says, leading them away from the area.

She grimaced, struggling not to to scream. "I changed my mind about the proof thing, actually. Also, just because your mom was a drug addict doesn't mean you won't get involved in drugs yourself. Just ask anyone from the Projects." Whee. What a fun afternoon she was having.

Hellion actually likes the fact that Vlad went up and punched her, but doing that while she couldn't move, bad form. "Faith, make sure they stay put for right now." He says, looking to Marisu, moving towards her. "If you've got proof show it, or I'm taking you to Fury myself." He threatens her, before looking towards Erik. "Mutant affairs division. Taking her back to base still awake is a liability." Hellion's cobalt blue eyes look to Marisu, waiting for what proof she says she has.

July pants softly, but Jared's healing helps her regain her energies, "T-thanks…" says the girl, still panting, though now she's recovered enough to keep her concentration going and stand up, keeping herself solid, and she starts walking slowly out of the scene, where it's safer. .o0(Is this why I left home…?) the girl thinks.

Vladimir fights the grabs and lets out a line of curse that can make nuns and small children cry at the woman. He struggles some more, "Let go of me! she accuse me of selling drugs and attacked me and July! I'm in my right to be the hell out of her like she did me" It is a good thing he a small guy or he would be easy to hold. Well the woman's worlds don't help as he struggles more to get at her, "I will make sure you never use your arms again!"

Jared shakes his head at Eddie, and then gestures to July, "I am not sure what her powers are but the way she is reacting to having been hit by the electricity I am not sure moving is a good idea at the moment." Jared gestures at Vlad and asks his brother, "Would it be easier if I just nocked him cold? I have been working with dummys, I think I could do it by the 4th hit to the back of the head." There is a lilt in Jared's voice sudgesting that he is joking, probably. When Erik asks about what to do with Marisu the healer has to call out, "Yes she is a mutant, but I still say giver to SHIELD." Muttering at the end something about the power requierments for keeping the helecarrier in the air.

Eddie grimaces, trying to hold onto Vlad. He's glad he's got Jared's powers healing him right now. "Please do, Medic…" he trails off. "And July's got stretchy powers like Mr. Fantastic. Elastic form."

She leveled her gaze. "I have a cellphone and several eyewitnesses. That is my proof." Shit. SHIELD? She really shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning. She had to get away, like right the fuck now. Blind Surgeon would kill before going there.

Erik raises an eyebrow. "You have a cell phone and the absolute worst form of legal testimony." Erik offers. "Sweetheart, either you have no idea how the law actually works, or you're just stupid. Because thats just barely enough to get a warrant, let alone an arrest or conviction."

Uriko, now back in girl-form, glances between Erik and Marisu, "Don't give her to SHIELD," the shifter interjects, shaking her head. "That's just tossing her to the wolves. Face it, we're all mutants or metas or whatever-the-fuck-have-you," she comments, "And this is the equivalent of a schoolyard scrap. You don't call in the feds for that. You throw both parties in detention… or, whatever," she folds her arms across her chest, scuffing a boot in the dirt idly.

The telekinetic looks to Gauss. "Right, she ain't got shit. Alright lady, time for the padded room." He says to Marisu, starting to levitate himself and Marisu. "I ain't givin' her to S.H.I.E.L.D. cool your jets." Hellion says to Uriko. "But mutant affairs, yeah. Gauss, you want to come with?" The added bonus of Erik's restraints are definitely helpful. "It's up to you." He offers, now four feet in the air.

July stands up fully now, holding her gut as she pants to regain her breath, "I…" the brunette says, "I just want to go back… to the school…" She closes her eyes for a moment, before opening them, "I just want… to let this day end…." she looks around to everyone gathered.

Vladimir stops struggling when he hears Jared comment and looks at him, "you knock me out and when I come to you will need all your healing powers." he takes a deep breath and sighs, "sorry I have issues with drugs and drug users. So being accuse of being a drug dealer is more hurtful then this bitches attacks on me. She also hurt July which is not cool." Frowns, "I want to know how she knows my name or how does anyone know my name outside of Long Island?" Snorts some, "What a whole three mega pixels? I bet it is as clear as a mud pie." Snorts, "she was trying to kill me I say bind her hands and give me 10 minuets alone with her I will make sure she punished. Looks back at July and frown, "let me walk you home."

Jared lets out a single bark like laugh. "You have a better chance of taking down the New York Mets, but this isn't a measuring contest Vlad, and the threat alone got you thinking instead of trying to puch your way to the currfently helpless psycho. Her comments pissed you off, she hurt yer friend, you hit once and she is going to jail now. Leave it, walk away, make sure July gets home safe and sound." Jared also thinks real hard about telling Vlad that he needs to have a talk with his Dad, but that is a conversation for a differnt time.

"Just get her out of here, Hellion. Gauss-sir…can you drive Vlad, Medic, July, and Tiger Girl home?" Eddie asks, making up a codename for Uriko on the fly. "I'll go with you, Hellion," he offers, boosting the telekinetic and switching to mimicking him instead. "Cyclops is gonna be -angry-…" he trails off quietly.

Erik shakes his head. We're not going to beat her, we're not the police." He says before he looks back to Hellion. "You flying? I'm grounded for the moment." He looks over to Eddie. "I'll trust you two to hold her then, since I'm the one who looks like I have a driver's license."

Blind Surgeon was really beginning to dislike Zinoviev. Seriously, he did realize showing off would get him /nowhere/ with the girl? But, it was justified, she guessed. "So, gentlemen, SHIELD or some other lockup?"

Erik shakes his head. We're not going to beat her, we're not the police." He says before he looks back to Hellion. "You flying? I'm grounded for the moment." He looks over to

Eddie. "I'll trust you two to hold her then, since I'm the one who looks like I have a driver's license."

"You do that, and I'll make sure you get the same. And you won't like it," Uriko shakes her head, "I'll run home, thanks! It's quicker than the traffic." And with that, the tiger is off!

"Right, Faith. We'll drop her off at the police, they can deal with her then." She may be able to escape from there, but that'd be the police's fault. Not the Xers. Hellion pulls his head to the side, waiting for Eddie to follow him in the air. He does have a driver's license, what kind of post sixteen year old wouldn't want one? But he just lets Erik take the others. He'll have some words with Vlad later, but Cyclops will probably get to him first.

July can't wait to be back to the school, take a hot bath, and relax enough to get her control back to normal. She sighs and she looks to Erik, "You're taking us back to the school?"

Vladimir looks at Jared and nods, "yah your right." frowns and knows he going hear it from the man in charge the man with lasers for eyes. Knows him not going get anywhere with July he got the wrong parts for her liking so it not showing off he really likes her and really the only person he would think of as a friend at the school and the fact she a women does not help things making him feel more protect of. Then most of the people he met at the school he had a odd relations with. Walks back next to July and looks her over, "you okay now?"

Eddie takes just a moment to smile down at the blue and white version of Hellion's uniform he wears before letting Vlad go and floating into the air. "Sure thing, Hellion," he says. The others get a disappointed glance before Mr. Faith follows Hellion and their captive.

Jared nods his head at Vlad, and does not say that of course he is right, its aprt of who he is. "Sorry, no liscense. Got a buss pass and a California learners permit though….any chance your willing to offer a teaching experiance? Or at least borrowed that cherry looking candy apple red vet I know I saw in the garages?"

Eddie takes just a moment to smile down at the blue and white version of Hellion's uniform he wears before letting Vlad go and floating into the air. "Sure thing, Hellion," he says. The others get a disappointed glance before Mr. Faith follows Hellion and their captive. "No stealing the bossman's car unless you're Wolverine!" he calls back, having just overheard Jared.

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