Subject #1GEM alias 'Adam'
Subject #1GEM "Adam"
Portrayed By Spencer Bradley
Gender Male
Date of Birth ??
Age 20
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Alpha
Place of Birth A science facility in the future
Current Location New York City
Occupation SuperSoldier
Known Relatives #2GEM, #3GEM, #4GEM, #5GEM
Significant Other ???
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Telepathy
First Appearance AWOL

"I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life, freely."


Imagine, fifty years in the future, one female soldier gave five eggs to the Government. Her name redacted from all files in the project. The government did nothing to learn from the last two hundred and ten years that Super Soldiers are usually not a good idea. The Genetically Enhanced Mutants project was born. After years of study, geneticists were able to change parts of the mutant, to force a certain mutation in them. The very first GEM, the prototype if you will, was #1GEM, alias Adam, the beginning of five genetically enhanced super soldiers.

Growing up the first GEM, he was given different treatment than the rest. He was raised originally in an emotion-filled environment, the black-haired, green eyed boy was taught that he was special, in a very unique way. He didn’t attend school, instead was educated by gifted tutors form an early age. "Adam, remember that one day, the world will depend on you and your future siblings." They would tell him. And he believed it all, striving to be the best, which he was. Until they realized that Adam was born with his powers. He was aware of all around him, the true thoughts of the people taking care of him. His normal routine of intense physical and mental drills soon included focus exercises and ability practice. Intense and very stressful. He first went along with it, but over time, hearing two different things from his handlers, one of nurturing, the inner of calculations on him, thoughts of lab rats, seeing him as one. They were studying him, and he figured out after a while. When he was twelve, he actively became defiant of his caretaker’s orders. They stopped with the sugar coating. While some of it was true, the world was going to depend on them someday. It was not the way that he originally thought. Experiments were started on him, being poked mentally and physically. The data that they learned from him was crucial to the next phase of GEMs being grown. Adam remembers every scar on his body, and in the back of his mind, he resents those who created him for it.

After spending some time locked in his room for disobeying an order, Adam was visited by one of his superiors. "REDACTED" The man with four stars says to Adam, The then thirteen year old boy looked up to the General and awaited his orders. "Good, now we know that little thing works." ~You're gonna regret defying your superiors, you little dipshit.~ He thought, and Adam still heard. Since then he was always drilled, placed in schools to make him suffer hearing countless thoughts without a way to quiet the storm. He had constant nosebleeds for the first week, then a moth after, the random school days stopped. After he was able to shut out all the voices. With all the power he felt, and the isolation from other mutants, Adam soon had thoughts of superiority. He developed a complex, he knew he was better than the rest, he resented that the humans in the project were weaker but were so much like himself, with a few differences. Due to his demeanor and his defiance, a device was placed in his chest, a safeguard if you will. It was designed to explode in case he went truly rogue.

When Adam was seventeen, he was introduced to the other four GEMs. #2: Najii, the honorable warrior, second in command, . #3, Trey, Crowd Control, #4: Shiro, the scholar-monk, #5 Quintessa, the berserker.

Shortly after they were gathered together, Adam soon was made to give one on one sessions to Quintessa. Adam’s orders were to implant a trigger word in his sister. That codeword was to be used when he needed to have her purely on the offensive. As the word took hold, Adam became attached to his younger siblings. Though he knew he would have to be their big brother, leader, sometimes disciplinarian, sometimes their worst enemy.

After the beginning of the war, the government began the use of the GEM squad. Adam and the others finally received the field experience that they needed. Though Adam grew his own contempt for their handlers, he set it aside for the time being, having other things to do. He bided his time, and saw an opportunity to get a little even with his handlers. He himself entered the mind of a guard in their facility, and forced him to open up his door. Adam was able to go unsupervised to his immediate superior, and implanted the memories of all the pain his brothers and sisters had given to their victims, whether they be the bad guys or not, he just wanted to send the message that he was tired of being used. The message was taken loud and clear, as the captain decided to scratch an itch on the back of his head with his sidearm’s 45 caliber bullet. This truth was kept away from the other GEMs to discourage the others from agreeing with their leader/older brother. Adam’s punishment, was that he had a standing set of orders implanted in his mind with his keyphrase. He would never act upon a military officer with his telepathy unless ordered by his superiors. He would obey his orders always, and never allow his emotions to supercede that. Only his judgment as field leader could override an order.

After the mission where #3 was transported to our world, Shiro along with Naji and Quintessa took off after Trey, Since Adam was under restriction since his first incident with the captain, and his new standing orders. Adam would have had no choice but to turn in the three to his superiors. The following morning, Adam was moved from his room to the war room for a briefing:

The dim lights of the room suddenly turn on, revealing a starkly decorated room with a standard military-dressed bed. Green wool blanket, white sheets, white pillow, a metal sink and commode, and a desk with shelves, the only non metal furniture piece in this room. #1GEM, codename Adam lies in his bed, looking up at the ceiling. His green irises expand and contract, changing to the new light in the room. He gets up, and stands up. A door lock clinks, and the door opens. A military general walks into the room. “We have a situation. Number one, you are ordered to report to the War Room.” Adam moves his head to look at the General. “Alright, where are the others?” The General can only get redder in the face. “You’ll find out soon enough.” As Adam and the General enter the War Room, Adam hears all of their thoughts. “Numbers two, three, four, and five are all AWOL. Transponders for the Rogue safeguard are offline. We are currently only receiving a signal from Adam.” ~What the hell went wrong with them?~ “Number One!” The General yells out, looking to Adam. “Sir.” The boy answers. “You are ordered to follow the other members of the GEM team and recover them at their present location. We will have the equipment ready by the end of the week.” Adam nods to the General and sounds off: “Alright.”


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