2009-06-30: Adding An Avenger


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Summary: Aaron comes to thank the Avengers for their help and for allowing him to help. Ends up as a full-fledged teammate.

Date: June 30, 2009

Adding an Avenger

Rating: G

NYC - The Avenger Mansion (Kitchen)

The kitchen is oversized, preparing for the possibility of cooking for large numbers. All the appliances are silver and black, lending to the sleek design for the kitchen interior.

It's been a few days since he's been here last. Not since he's gone green again. Officer Simmons has chosen to stop by for the evening though to thank the Avengers for their help. Being led to the kitchen, he peeks around, just having a seat to wait for whoever's available according to Jarvis. After all, many have been busy lately…

Walking into the kitchen is Jessica Drew, and she's not dressed in her Spider-Woman costume or regular clothes either. She was getting ready for a nice dip in the pool so she's in a black once peice with a sarong and flip flops and stops as she sees Aaron. "Oh Aaron, you startled me, what are you doing here?" She asks tucking her hair behind her ear. "I heard that you all got your powers back." She read the report.

The green cop offers a smile. He's still in uniform. He does have the decency to look away for a second after she walks in in a swim suit. "Scuse me. Didn't mean to bother ya or anything. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for including me in the recent… events." Aaron says, a little on the sheepish side. "It was weird, but it was fun at the same time. I know it's strange, but sometimes it's just fun to cut loose a little."

As per his usual entrance, Miguel appears outside in a flash of lightning. Walking into the kitchen a moment later in his usual costume, Miguel offers a smile to the others present. "Hello," he offers, heading for the fridge for some water. "I hope I'm not interupting anything."

Jessica smiles and nods. "No problem, actually I'm glad you did well and enjoyed yourself because there is something I would like to talk to you about, do you mind..waiting here for a second?" She smiles as she passes Miguel. "Hello Miguel, well I was about to have a little discussion with Aaron." She says as she disappears for a few minutes and comes back wearing a white bathrobe. "It's not professional but it's better. So Aaron, what did you think about working with the Avengers?"

"Rather easy to do, honestly. Direction, orders. Kinda like the police force, only with superpowers." Aaron says as she returns. Of course, he didn't mind waiting around. It's not like there's much going on in his life right now, aside from work and the kid at home. The kid who will be an adult in just a few days, and able to legally decide what to do with his life. "And… people who actually understand."

Miguel moves to lean against the counter as Jessica returns. He's mildly amused by the upgrade from swim-suit to bathrobe but doesn't comment on it. "You did quite well during the raid on the AIM facility," he remarks to Aaron. "People who understand?"

Jessica walks over to the fridge and takes out a bottle of water, offering a bottle to Aaron. "People who understand, as in people with superpowers." Jessica idly comments as she looks at Aaron for a bit. "I'm glad you found yourself easily fitting in and finding your grove in things. Do you think this is something that you'd like to do more of?Work in a team?"

"It's what's natural to me. I work in a team on a daily basis. It's what I like. And to be working alongside people that can do things like I can, well… it makes it easier for me to GET things done. I still have to be careful, but I have people who know what I'm capable of instead of just standing there in fear or in wonder." Aaron says with a quick nod. "Yeah, I can definitely see doing that more often."

Miguel nods to what Jessicca says. "Ah," the electric hero lets out, taking a swig of his water. He smiles as he listens to Spider-Woman and the Green Man, having a pretty good idea of where the conversation's going.

Jessica nods as she listens to Aaron. "I know what you mean, I actually worked solo for along time before ever finding my way with a team. Eventually it was when I settled in to work for SHIELD did things start to work for me. In a team sense." Jessica says. "So Aaron, I have a question for you. Do you think you'd make a good Avenger?"

That question takes Aaron a little bit by surprise. It causes him to stop for a moment. He doesn't say anything, ponderousness written across his face. After a little bit of silence. "I know that the beliefs are there. Standing for what's right. For helping keep people safe. Though, I do have a bad tendency to overthink, to take too long coming to decisions, and that could be detrimental in any situation." Hey, he knows his flaws.

Miguel closes his eyes a moment, shaking his head. "That is part of what being on a team is for, Aaron. Having people to back you up and cover weak areas," he says.

"I tend to rush into things without thinkihng, comes from working by myself for so long." Jessica says in response. "There is nothing wrong with over thinking and at least you know you're weaknesses, that's a good thing. So do you think that your tendancy to over think would make you a bad

"I tend to rush into things without thinkihng, comes from working by myself for so long." Jessica says in response. "There is nothing wrong with over thinking and at least you know you're weaknesses, that's a good thing. So do you think that your tendancy to over think would make you a bad Avenger?"

"Yes, but when I AM the backup, covering someone's weak area, I don't want to overthink it." Aaron responds to Miguel. "Most cops tend to be too quick to come to a decision and screw up. Leads to a lot of coverup." He says turning back to Jessica. "No, I didn't say that. I just… I don't know. I'm just a cop." He admits. To him that's all he is. All he's ever wanted to be, aside from a detective.

Miguel lets out a thoughtful noise. "Well, as long as you know you overthink sometimes, you can work to overcome that," he reasons. The electric californian then looks to Jessica to see how she's going to proceed.

She's never done this before, the whole recruiting thing, so Jessica is just trying to wing it and hope it works for the best, after all she didn't even know Aaron was coming here. "But how would you feel to not be the back up and fighting up front with everyone else? Fighting for the beliefs of the Avengers? Being part of a team where everyone is on even footing with you?"

"I think I could handle it." Aaron admits. "And… it looks great on a resume." He says with an added chuckle. Can't resist that one. "I'd definitely be willing to give it a try. To see how it works out. No shame in trying."

Miguel chuckles at the joke as well. "I'm sure you'll do well, Aaron. As I said, I was very impressed with how you did during the raid. I'd love to see what you can do with a power that's your own."

"Well then here's your offical invite to the Avengers Aaron, or should I say Green Man." Jessica says with a smile. "We need more members and I think you have what it takes. You don't need to quit the Police Force but it might be wise to tell them that you'll also be serving the Avengers just in case. It's up to you how you handle it. I'm still a SHIELD agent but it was Nick who recommened me to the Avengers and recommeneded me to join."

"I'm… sure they'll understand." Aaron says, offering a bit of a smile. The vines tucked behind his ears grow, sliding through his hair. One even blooms before he glares at it. "I didn't say you could do that." He glares at the offending flower. "Uhm.. thanks." He says, actually tinting a little green at the cheeks.

Miguel smiles. "Man, now I think I better get a job. I'm the only one without one," he makes a little joke. The plant-activity gets an interested look from Miguel and he walks over to offer a hand. "Welcome to the team then, Green Man!"

Jessica chuckles at the flower and reaches a hand out to shake Aarons. "Welcome to the Avengers. I'll get the database set up with everythign for you and get you an identicard. You think you can stop by tomorrow morning?" Jessica asks figuring that it'll be best to do it in the morning, after all she still wants her swim. "Though I might be able to take you on a quick tour here, and you're also welcome to move in here."

"No, I think I'll keep my home." Aaron says softly, shaking his head. "Not to mention, I have someone living with me right now. But I'm not far away, so I can get here quickly in an emergency." He says, still tinting green. "Yeah, I can come by before my shift. Tim's probably going to freak out over this, but hey…"

Miguel gestures around the kitchen. "I'l be happy to provide the tour if you had something you wanted to do, Jessica," he offers, patting Aaron on the shoulder. "Tim?"

"Well Steve did have his pet ferret living with us for a bit. And that's okay Miguel, I'll do it, I wanted to talk to Aaron a bit more anyway." Jessica says sounding a slight bit exasperated. She's not a huge fan of kids. "He's gone now so…anyway..your home, that's fine, it's not required you live here. But is tomorrow morning good for you?"

"Yeah, I should be able to come by before work." Aaron nods. Offering to Miguel, "A kid. Lost his parents. Was living on the street. He was… stealing to live. Just food. So, I offered him a place to stay if he stopped. And that I'd help him get a real job after he became an adult, if he wanted to go that way. But, he's kinda grown on me." He chuckles, nodding. "I'll be by."

Miguel nods. "Alright then," he says with a shrug. Ht then nods again as Aaron explains Tim. "Oh. Sounds like you're already getting a jumpstart on the hero thing," he says.

Jessica smiles at Aaron. "Okay, shall we go then?" She says before turning to Miguel. "Well I think I'm going to go off with Aaron for a bit, see you later." She says as she starts to lead Aaron out of the kitchen to give him the tour of the mansion and what he will have acess too.

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