2009-12-21: Adding Another To The Xavier Family


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Summary: Christopher talks with Scott to get Trey into Xavier's.

Date: December 21, 2009

Log Title Adding Another To The Xavier Family

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Christopher has left a message for Scott saying tha he needed to meet with him, and there was a potential new student. He didn't give the details yet, he figured they would be better said in person. Trey has already gotten a chance to see a bit of the school, but now he stis with the teen on one of the couches while waiting for Scott. "Mr. Summers is the headmaster here, we're just gonna get everything set up and let him know what's going on."

Trey takes a deep breath as he looks at Christopher. He breaks his purple stare off of Christopher to look down at his stuffed animal in his lap. He gives Mr. Fuzzles a squeeze and he says, "Alright. I just don't know what I am going to do if he decides that he doesn't want me at his school. I have already made a friend besides Eddie and Jared. He's very interesting, he wants to help me rebuild my life. I appreciated that. I have to talk to you about some of the things that have come up though. They are confusing."

It doesn't take long for Scott to come up from his office to the living room. Not being told more than what he was told has him trying to figure out the situation in his head, though it cannot be all that bad. As the headmaster walks into the living room, he looks at both Christopher and Trey. Wondering what is about to unfold before his eyes. "Hello Christopher." He says before taking a seat close to the two, facing them.

Christopher stands up as Scott walks in and holds out hand formally. "Good evening Scott. Hope all is well and not too stressful at the moment." He says sitting back down and putting a hand on Trey's shoulder. "This is Trey, Scott. Trey, this is Mr. Summers. This will sound weird to most people but to you and I, not so much. Trey feel out of the sky and onto my car, and according to Jared, he's a mutant like us." He looks to Trey and smiles encouragingly. "You can tell him what you want Trey."

Trey looks Scott up and down with his unnatural amethyst colored eyes and he just turns to face Christopher before he speaks. After the introduction he says, "It is nice of you to meet with me Sir. I don't know how I ended up falling onto his car, but it happened." He looks from one man to the other. "What I want more then anything else is to learn who I am. To find my place in the world. And if I can't find out who I am and where I came from. Then I want to start building my new life. Christopher thinks that over time, my memories will come back. I am hoping that meeting as many people and experiencing the world will maybe jug something in my memories. If not, I will hopefully have fun along the way. Christopher thinks that your school is the best place for me. And after meeting some of the students, I think the same thing."

Scott gives his hand to Christopher before he sits. "Fell on your car…okay." He says, putting his hand to his chin. His red lenses cover the looking from person to person. He notes that Trey is well spoken for his age, a rarity among some of the modern teenagers. "So, you have no memory, what is the last thing you do remember?"

"Falling on my car?" Christopher says in answer to the last thing Trey remembers. "I've been having him stay at my place since I really can't leave him alone on the street. I was thinking that Trey being around kids his own age and a place like this would help him feel like a home while at the same time we can see if anyone is looking for rey. When he fell he was wearing a set of dog tags." That he thinks Trey is still wearing.

Trey's not exactly a normal teenager. He looks to Christopher and he sighs as Scott asks the same question pretty much everyone has asked him. "Yeah, There is no last thing, it's more like what is the first thing I remember. And that was waking up on impact with Christopher's car. There is nothing else, it's a complete blank. Trying to think about it, it hurts my head." He is still wearing the dogtags and he says, "And the dogtags match this tattoo on my wrist." He lifts up his arm to show Scott the tattoo. "I want to learn more about my powers too."

Scott raises an eyebrow at the reactions he received, from both males. "Dogtags, and a tattoo that match. Sounds like military, either that or something worse." Either way though, the school does not turn down people without a place to go. "It may do you good to be here, learn your powers like you say. Just like Christopher said, be around teens your age, or, well, close to your own age I assume."

Christopher runs a hand through his own hair and nods. "We don't know how old Trey is, but I figure he's gotta be a teenager." He doesn't have a problem with saying this in front of Trey as he wants the teen to hear the truth of things. "Trey says that his powers are weather related, and that's about all he knows. I just think having Trey as a student here will help him get reaccquanted with the world and give him some structure, along with an education and maybe a family."

Trey looks back and forth between both men. He doesn't like to hear that he could be part of something worse. He purses his lips together at that comment and he actually clenches tighter around Mr. Fuzzles. "Is it possible that I am older then a teenager?" That comment confuses him too. "My powers, they are definitely weather related. I have started to learn that I can manipulate the weather by asking it to change. I called up a fog yesterday with one of your students. I like him, he accepted me for who I am."

Nodding to Christopher, Scott looks to Trey. "It could be possible that you're older than a teenager, but there is no real way to tell." He looks to Mr. Fuzzles and doesn't really think anything of it. "Of course, the one person who could have helped you the most with your powers isn't here." Scott nods to Christopher. "But we can still help you learn your powers. You'll find that most of, if not all our students and adults here will accept you for who you are, Trey."

Christopher reaches over and squeezes Trey's shoulder reassuringly. "You probably are Trey, we just don't have a way to tell your exact age. It's not like we're going to carbon date you." He teases hoping to brigthen the mood. "I was telling Trey we will have to do some placement tests to figure ou his education level." Before he can say anything else his cellphone rings and Christopher sighs as he looks at it. "It's one of my girls from the salan, Scott, TRey, I have to leave you for now, sorry." He's sure the two can handle discussing things without him. "I'll see you later Trey, and Scott, thank you." HE says leaving the living room to answer his phone.

Trey looks at Scott for a moment and he says, "Well it makes things easier accepting me because I don't know who I am. I am trying to learn that. I am a blank canvas and thanks to Christopher. I am starting to learn how to pick up the brush and paint on it." He looks at Christopher and nods his head. "Thanks Christopher." Then he is left alone with the intimidating headmaster. His purple eyes look at the ruby lense covering Scotts eyes and he says, "So what is worse then military? Maybe if we explore these options, it will potentially spark something inside my memory bank?"

"Well, the least likely option, is some kind of prison, then, well, sadly the more likely option, a slave labor camp." Scott admits, though he's more apt to think military over the others. He's seen many students come through here with certain problems, though this type is the kind that stumble upon the school the least.

Trey listens to Scotts options and he shakes his head. "Didn't help. But then again I don't think that my memories are going to just start flooding back." He chews his lower lip a moment. "I have these scars." He stands up and pulls up his shirt. The teen is not ashamed to show off his body, that much is obvious. His defined muscules and skin are marred with these scars. They are not torture slave scars but more like medical testing scars and then of course is the scar over his heart on his chest. "If I never find out about my past, It will not be the end of the world. Do you think that there is a psychic that can pry into my brain and find out about my past? And is there anything else that I need to know before you make me a student?"

Scott takes a look at the scars, and can tell that they aren't the chaotic, torturous type. "Hmm, Ill make sure the medbay takes a look at those. They'll have to anyway to make sure you're healthy and don't have congenital disorders, they can explain it better though." The psychic question gets one good answer from Scott. "I don't know if he's up for it, but there is one person here that could do that." Scott looks to Trey again, "Other than the placements tests and getting you settled in a dorm room, nothing else really. We're on winter break right now, so there's no school right now. But we can place you, and get you ready for the Spring semester." His voice id dead-pan, little emotion pouring from his lips.

The scars are old but they do hold a great deal of secrets that whoever is in charge of the medical facility will surely find out. Especially the intersting one over his heart. He sighs and nods his head at the psychic part. "Alright, well it was worth a try. Better off not rushing things then forcing something upon me and screwing myself over." He looks around. "Alright, I guess that isn't too painful. Having a break sounds interesting. Give me time to settle in before classes start." He looks at the stoic expression on Scotts face. "Thank you Mr. Summers."

"I'll ask him about it for you, if you want." Scott offers before standing up. "No problem, now, if you need clothes or anything, just ask, we can provide you some money and some Xavier's School stuff as well." Scott is not afraid to help out a new student feel at home here. "Alright, so the dorms are behind the main building, there's a boy's floor and a girls floor. There's an empty room up there for you. Bed, desk, chairs, all the necessities. You can make it your own whenever and however you want."

Trey just looks at Scott for a moment. "Thank you. If he can't, it's alright. I am starting to paint my own future. Why worry about the past when you are living in the now." He listens to the things that the school will provide for him and he nods his head. "Thank you, that is very generous of you and the school to offer me that. I don't require much, I will accept anything that I do get and appreciate it." He pauses, "This is a great place, I can't wait to meet some more of the students. I have already become close friends with John. He's made me feel very welcome."

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