Addison "Grey King" Falk
Addison Falk
Portrayed By Bartec Borowiec
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 1, 1989
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Grey King
Place of Birth Chicago, IL (Alternate Universe)
Current Location Salem Center, NY
Occupation College Student, Powers Instructor, Resident Advisor for Xavier's, and many other things, one wiki simply isn't enough to explain everything about every character. But, this is a synopsis. Just what the PRIMARY jobs are.
Known Relatives Jean Grey (AU)
Significant Other Brian Carrera
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Telepathy, Telekinesis, Telepathic Power-block, Telekinetic Pyrokinesis
First Appearance Battle at the Bridge

I'm sorry for the damage I, and my people have done. I would like to remain… to make amends.


In some worlds, people didn't ever really exist. They were simply creations of something. In our own world, there was a man named Addison Falk. However, Addison Falk was simply a creation of the sentient Cerebro, made by combining nanotechnology and a few power databases. In other worlds… that same man existed for very different reasons.

In this Addison's homeworld, a man named Nathaniel Essex had his goals and desires. He wanted to breed and control the most powerful potential mutants. He did this by taking genetic samples, cloning, and mix and matching strands of DNA between them. To this extent, he came up with his own small group of superpowered teenagers… however, they never knew they were his. They were created and placed with families secretly.

He recognized the potential power in a young Jean Grey early in her life and chose to combine her own genetic potential with the intelligence of Sebastian Shaw and the sheer drive of Magneto. Of course, some of those factors have nothing whatsoever to do with genetics, but he felt they did. By doing so, he created a fertilized egg which he (under the guise of Dr. Roberson) implanted in a patient, Rebecca Falk.

Rebecca's body accepted the implant and bore a child she named Addison. Fortunately, Rebecca's dark red hair and build were close enough that his looks weren't odd from her. The middle class family were surprised at the sheer intelligence of their son. He was walking two months before he was supposed to. He didn't even crawl first, moving straight into walking.

He was talking in complete sentences within a year and a half, and progressed through his life displaying his bright young mind. However, his early life didn't last too long. Right before puberty should have hit him, his world was completely devastated and taken over by an alien force intent on controlling them all. His family was easily controlled, having no real power of their own.

Resistance cells were formed around the world, all linked together by those rare telepaths that were hidden here and there. Addison himself, unaware of any of this, went through his life like any other prisoner of war. He worked hard during the days and got little sleep at night. But then, his mind awakened to the abilities within him. Omega level powers. It was simply too much for him to handle, and he burned out quickly as he tried to escape.

However, he DID escape, only to be picked up by a resistance cell. The resistance grew, giving him more opportunities to try to fight for the freedom of his people, despite the fact that he was barely into his teenage years. His sheer power levels were just too strong to let them go to waste.

Over time and effort, the war waged and the people shut the aliens out of their world. During the rebuild, they tracked him to another dimension. All of this was beyond Addison's realm of knowledge, as he was simply a front-line fighter at the time. After the alien left, however, while people were rejoicing and unaware, a few choice minds were introduced to a power known in our world as the Shadow King. The Shadow King was claiming the minds of the most powerful telepaths and telekinetics as he forced the world to a new goal.

Addison, and others, were rescued from the Shadow King's grasp. He and a few others chose to stay in this particular universe, to help balance some of the things that they did under his command. Addison himself joined the X-Men and helped teach at the school. However, it was not all fun and games. At one point, a demon infestation from Limbo forced Addison to feel things he shouldn't have, that were happening to some of his students. It forced him to strengthen his resolve in taking care of them. He was not only a member of the X-Men, but after this, also a part of the resident X-Force, which contained those that primarily protected their home.

This drew him close to another member, who was prone to being mind controlled as Addison had been in the past. Before he had a chance to help his friend… and boyfriend… build walls in his psyche, Brian was taken by Sinister as a Marauder. Addison had been plagued by voices in his head before that. He let the voices come through, only to awaken as a host of the Phoenix Force.

Though it lasted a while, Addison finally gave up the Force. It, however, damaged his mind somewhat. Feeling it better to get away from everything and focus on himself for a while, Addison left. He went in search of finding his center again, to regain himself from what he had been. He learned that his genetics have somewhat altered, awakening a bit of one of his fathers within him as well.

A little over two years later, he's returned to the mansion, seeking to return to teaching and fighting, if they will allow him.



September 5 Addison gives advice to a student. Advice



  • Amazing thing!


Telekinesis - Addison is an exceptionally powerful telekinetic. His telekinesis is actually an Omega level ability, though he hasn't had much personal use with it to train in interesting ways. He can lift/press/shove/move up to 45 tons of material at one time. Moving material at that weight, however, is limited to very slow movements, only about one or two miles per hour. However, smaller, lighter things can be moved about at much faster speeds. He can create shapes and fields of mental energy, with little to no effort. Each of these shapes can hold as much weight as his overall mental strength. He can create mental 'hands' to reach out and grab things as need be. His range for this is quite large as well, being in the line of sight. If he can see it, he can most possibly manipulate it in some form or fashion.


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