2010-10-05: Adjustments


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Summary: David and Kenta wonder if that wine in the pub is drinkable or not…..

Date: October 6, 2010

Log Title: Adjustments

Rating: PG

Tegu-Haaz - The Slaughtered Lamb

Outside the wooden sign displaying a Wolf's Head on a pike along with the name 'The Slaughtered Lamb' swings in the breeze of the run down old pub. Inside the wooden floors creak as extra weight is applied and the smells of lingering alcohol and tabacco smoke permeate the air. Oil lanterns are hung on the walls circling the pub to provide light the patrons while the walls are marked with old tally marks from games long ago played. Behind the bar are old barrels of wine and ale, an hearth for cooking up meals and a layer of dust is caked onto the dishes. Long tables that can sit at least ten people each are still sturdy but some are turned over while the chairs are scattered across the place. A second hearth with ash from long ago still sitting in it is built against one of the sidewalls for light, heat and additional cooking. If one were to search the pub they might find food that is mysteriously still edible..

Even though the kids have set up in one of the farm houses, Kenta has other ideas. He's been working on cleaning up the Slaughtered Lamb a bit, putting broken tables and chairs to the side and trying to scrub away the dust. He sings to himself as he sorts through things behind the bar while wearing the same battered black shirt and jeans at the moment. "I can't get down and I won't get down, And stay all night with thee. For the girl I have in that merry green land, I love far better than thee. And the wind did howl, and the wind did blow, La la la la la La la la la lee A little bird lit down on Henry Lee…."

Humming the same tune can be heard from outside, David makes his way in. He is also dressed in the sweats and T-shirt with a black dirty trenchcoat draped over them. David watches Kenta go and then smiles and moves to help pick up some small pieces of glass on the floor, "Good to see someone in good spirits."

Kenta looks up at David walks in and waves. "I don't know about good spirits, I've got two cigarettes left and I'm singing songs from Nick Cave's Murder Ballads as I can't really get the songs out of my head." Just the part the girl sings doesn't come off as good with a guy singing it. "I just figured I'd hole up in here, clean up a bit and see what I can find. There's a few barrels of wine and spirits back there but I'm not sure if I'm up for cracking them open or not."

Smiling at the thought of a drink and really pondering it for a second, he sighs, "No, probably shouldn't." He takes a seat by the bar. "You're right from getting away from the farm. The students are safe and are getting difficult to tolerate at best. I'd hope Emma would just knock them out or something." He sighs, "But they have some justifiable reasons too. They are restless and just want to head back home now!"

"I just…I don't think an adult telling them what to do and dictate every move is what they need right now. If we hinder them we could miss something. I don't know what's going on and we're not going to find out by taking role call and keeping the kids locked up." Kenta says as starts to sperate some of the glasses on the counter. "Nah, we need their help. And we gotta check out that Aslyum. I wanna grab that girl Heather when we do since she seems like she wants to help."

Taking a moment, "I can see your point, but I guess it is wish ones. They all want to help and they are all getting angsty. I think Mikhail, in particular, is upset right now. It might be best to go as a group." He sighs, "I did some exploring up there before I found all of you. It was not a pleasant sight. Something straight out of a horror film." He turns to see the barrels and ponders taking a drink. "And apparently we are not on Earth, at least according to Connor."

"Connor would know with his powers and it wouldn't be the first time I was in another world." Kenta says as he takes out one of his two remaining cigarettes. "I almost wonder if I can find a pipe and some tobacco." He ponders as he lights up. "Well Mikhail…he tends to like to run off and do things that get him in trouble, he definitely needs someone to keep an eye on him." He takes a long soothing drag off his cigarette. "I know, we're standing in an old pup named The Slaughtered Lamb with a good ol' Gallows right out door."

Eyeing the cigarette, "Would you mind if I had a drag?" David asks and then continues, "True, they and we all need someone to keep an eye on us. And with everything that everyone else has found, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some tobacco and a pipe." He moves towards the window and stares at the Gallows, "Probably up int he Asylum, though I didn't see anything in there when I went up there."

Kenta gives David a look like he asked him to share a kidney. The only reason he passes over the cigarette is cause he agrees that there might be some tobacco and a pipe. "Just one drag, I have one left after that and then it's gonna be hell." And the almost pack a dayer knows it. "With Emma here, she can take care of the kids. She's better for it than I am, really."

Taking the cigarette in his hand, he considers taking the drag and then passes it back, "Go ahead and finish it up." He smirks, "Well, if you haven't been up to the asylum, I have no problem going up there with you. Even now if you want." He hops up and looks out the window again in the direction of the path towards the mansion, "I am a bit restless and angsty myself. Like the students."

Kenta takes the cigarette back and takes a long inhale. "I need to stop by the farm house before anything, I found some things to drop off for the kids and I wanna get some food and rest before I head up there. I haven't slept much since getting here but I don't think many people have. If you're restless we can explore the town here, I bet we can find some stuff that'd be worth taking after all, I haven't seen anything living but us and that rabbit…was it you that brought it?"

David nods, "Yeah. I must have been synched up with one of the more feral students, when I found while exploring that thick wooded area near the asylum. But already some of the students have hunted rabbits, Connor made some stew and Mikhail killed a deer that should last awhile." He stands up, "And yeah, we can explore the town."

"I'm surprised any of them know how to skin and cook an animal like that. You give me a dead rabbit best I can do is stare at it. I'm a city boy." Kenta says as vegetables have been his friend lately. You don't have to cook them or anything. "What I wish I had right now was a shower. I feel filthy. I might have to boil some water and clean up a bit. Find a barrel, make an old fashioned tub." He jokes.

David actually laughs, "Yeah, you are looking and smelling nasty!" He smirks, "I think the kids got a working tub too. And there were some clothes that Connor find. More appropriate to this era, I guess. Though he complains it itches." He also notes, "There is a lake too, but it looks a bit dreary for my tastes."

Kenta nods and looks down at the black dark force markings on his arms and the ones that show on his chest. "I know, look at all these dirt marks. But who'd think you'd miss deodorant this much. Three things I wish I could have, endless supply of cigarettes, deodorant and my guitar. "Yeah, I saw that lake. I bet if I went in there I wouldn't come out the same. Or I'd meet up with some kind of monster in there and good bye Kenta."

David nods in agreement, "Yeah, I wouldn't go too near there too. How much have you explored of this place? It's funny I thought I noticed a similarity and some of the students noted the similarities of this asylum and the surrounding area to the institute and the surrounding area of there. Any conspiracy theories on what happened?"

"I've flown around as much as I can." Kenta says as he finishes up his smoke and is careful to put it out before going to stoke the fire he had set up. "There's a lot of woods but Xavier's is in conjunction with Salem the way the Asylum is Salem Center. This place here, Harry's. The lake, the reservoir, the train station, nuff said. It's a striking resemblance just…like if the place was a hundred years ago and in a horror movie like you said."

David hmphs, "That is an amazing coincidence. I feel like I want to bury something in the dirt and then when we eventually return home I'll find it again. that would be pretty amazing!" He ponders, "Well, we aren't just back in time." He reaches into his pocket and puts on his cyberglasses, "Even turned off, there is an odd comforting feeling wearing them."

Kenta takes one of the stools that's still in tact and sits down after putting more wood on the fire to get it roaring. "I keep thinking, if I had this, if I had access to that but I gotta stop. There is no 'if I's' anymore, I just gotta start thinking, this is what I got and gotta make do. I'm also wondering if I should just try something and see if I get sick or not but I dunno if the risks are worth it."

David shrugs, "Well, at some point, we will have to take the risks. But understand, you don't want to foolishly hurt yourself….but whatever little adventure we've been drawn into, we will risk something in ourselves. It's the nature of the beast, or game, or whatever." He thinks, "Do you want some wine afterall?"

"Is it wine, vinegar or poison? I have no way of telling." Kenta says with a chuckle as he goes to put a large iron pot on the fire and start to boil some water. "Let's crack one of those bottles open and smell it first, see how it is. And wait something you said." Kenta says looking up at David. "Game…what if that's all this is. A game. We gotta find home and pass go and collect the prize and win or some shit."

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