2009-03-28: Admitting Feelings


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Summary: Daisuke admits his feelings for Jared.

Date: March 28, 2009

Log Title Admitting Feelings

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Daisuke and Jared's Room

//The room is fairly neat with both beds usually made. Jared's side of the room is practically spotless and everything has it's place though it doesn't look like he has much in regards of dcor except for a yoga mat by his bed and a Wonder Man poster on the wall. Daisuke's side is a bit more cluttered but still neat as he has a few drawing pads piled up on his desk along with his art supplies along with a few pictures taped on the wall. A drum pad sits folded up at the end of his bed. The room looks lived in but not overly cluttered. //

It is a late morning, and after having an interesting night before and a talk with his Dads Jared has returned to his room at the Xavier mansion to check on Daisuke and a find a memory card he had left with a few of his favorite books on it. Finding Daisuke in the middle of another nightmare the healer stopped to try and comfort him. Instead of waking him he slid onto the bed just to hold onto Dai and try and comfort him, whispering gently that he is safe and will be alright.

Unfortunately nightmares are all to common for Daisuke and he's plagued by them several times a week and if he mutters in his sleep it's usually in Japanese. Though, once Jared slides nexts to him and comforts him, it seems to help even if he doesn't wake up. He just shifts so he's more comfortable next to the healer, cuddling up against him. It's not until almost a half hour later that Daisuke starts to stir and the sudden feeling of a body next to him causes him to bolt awake with alarm.

Jared is almost idly petting Daisuke's hair muttering comforting things for a short while. After almost half an hour, the effects of waking up in the middle of the night and sleeping on a couch have gotten to him as he is half asleep when Daisuke wakes up. The alarmed bolting awake startles Jared to full wakefulness. "Dai, your ok, its safe..you just were having a nightmare and I did not have the heart to wake you…"

Daisuke blinks a few times and it takes a bit for the voice to register. "J-jared? You…" He doesn't know what to say and the fact that the guy he's been developing a crush on is now next to him in bed, he doesn't know what to think. "Thanks, a lot Jared. And I wouldn't mind being woken up…by you." He says as he moves to cuddle closer to him and looks up with a smile. "I'm sorry, I don't want to bother you with my nightmares."

Jared smiles softly at Daisuke and moves some hair out of the other boy's face. "No worries, and its no bother really. I know you would not mind being woken up but…well I though this might be better than just waking you. I kinda came in earlier after spending the night at the Dads…it was kind of a strange night really even for there.

Daisuke moves a arm to put around Jared's waist as he looks up at the other teen. "I wasn't expecting it but it's a nice way to wake up Jared." He says as his heart starts to be a bit nervously against his chest. "Strange night, how so?" Dai asks as he figures he'll let Jared talk first and then try to bring up what he wants to talk to him about.

Jared grins down at Daisuke, rather enjoying being close to him..perhaps a wee bit too much. "I woke up in the middle of the night able to sense someone standing outside the front yard. I kinda went on paranoia alert, woke up Eddie, and was sneaking up on the guy in my boxers ready to pounce and demand to know what he was doing there when Eddie caught up to me and told me he knew the guy."

Daisuke doesn't realize he's doing it but the hand that's around Jared's waist is lightly brushing against Jared's back with his finger tips. He gives Jared a confused look. "Huh? Someone outside the house, everything okay? And Eddie knew him, it wasn't someone from the school was it?" He asks sounding concerned not just for Jared but Eddie as well.

Jared is really hoping that Daisuke does not notice something poking against him, or at least hopes he will assume its a marker or something in Jared's pocket. "No he was not form the school, and yes everyone is ok..at least now. Poor guy was skittish as can be, and had a nasty gash in his right deltoid that someone had done a piss poor job of sewing up. We got him in the house, healed him and fed him…apparently Eddie had caught him outside the house before and had kind of befriended him. And that was all before we found out the real reason he was outside…."

Daisuke is hoping the same thing Jared is, at least in the poking department as he's a little…excited? at walking up next to his crush. "What happened to him, and why was he hanging around your house.?" Dai asks sounding confused. "At least you were there to heal him Jared, and yeah, Eddie tends to make friends easily. Wall, all before you found out what?"

Jared bites his lip, not entirely sure he should say every thing, but given that it is Daisuke and he is like a brother to Eddie already. "I don't know all of what happened to him, he was not exactly a talkative guy, but he was covered in scars like you and Eddie and mentioned a mine…" All of which let Jared jump to a few conclusions of his own. "I…well while I was healing him and after I kept getting this feeling there was something familiar about him, and then when I looked at him and Eddie at the same time with my powers…they were so alike…" Jared takes a breath, letting his arm go around Daisuke the way he was being held and shifting a little not quite g about why other than it felt good. "Apparently he told Eddie last time they met that his injury came from a half brother or something…and when Eddie asked point blank what his name was it was Eddie's biological brother…"

Daisuke looks up at Jared surprised. "Brother, biological brother? Not the asshole one?" Daisuke says as he brings a hand up to brush back some of Jared's hair. "Wow…it seems like everyone's finding lost family. How's Eddie taking it?" Daisuke asks as he shifts lightly and something brushes against Jared accidentally so it's obvious of the state that Daisuke's in. He takes a deep breath and turns a bit red as it happens. "Wh-what's going to happen with him?"

Jared blushes a little to as he has a happy shiver go up his spine at the brushing. "I…I don't know yet. Yeah, it was the same ass hole brother that hurt Eddie that cut Olly, apparently they share a biological father. Olly has no one else, and nowhere else to go unless you count a tent in the woods. Heh, you should have seen Eddie though, the idea of having a brother that was not an asshat had him grinning from ear to ear."

Daisuke chuckles as he brings a hand up to brush through Jared's hair. "I'm happy for him, I'll have to go talk to him later, I wonder how his Dad's are going to react." Daisuke says as he rests a hand against the back of Jared's head and decides to just go for it. He closes his eyes and presses against Jared so he can bring himself forward to give Jared a kiss. It's on the lips but it's a soft, shy kind of kiss. He's kind of taking Leo's advice.

Jared is about to say something about the talk with one of the Dads he had first thing in the morning when he is suddenly being kissed. Jared is not sure what to do, at first he stiffens a little, and then just lets loose his head turning to the side as his lips part jsut a little bit and he leans into the kiss.

Daisuke smiles as the kiss is returned and pulls back, slowly. "I…I'm sorry, I just…I have to tell you something." Daisuke says a bit flustered. "I like you Jared, and more than I friend like you. I know we just met but I can't help it, I like being around you. I keep thinking about you, and I probably shouldn't have used such a direct approach but Leo kind of suggested it joking around so I figured it'd be the easiest way and and, if you don't feel the same way, I understand and no matter what I do want to be your friend." He says as he just rambles.

Jared lets Daisuke pull back form the kiss despite the fact that he wants it to go on. There is a slightly surprised look on his face when the other boy starts to go on about how he likes him, but not like a friend. When he gets the feeling that Dai may ramble on a while longer he brings his hand up and lays a finger on the other boy's lips. "Dai, I like you too…a lot. I want to be your friend and…I never thought you liked guys or me like that…I..I don;t really know what I want but…I would like to be more than friends with you too…"

Daisuke would have gone on longer but the finger touches his lips and he stops. "I'd like that, just I've never been in a relationship before and I warn you that I do have a bit of baggage but I really do like you Jared. I really didn't know I liked guys but I met you that first time and..well…I thought you were really cute and then I started liking who you are and I just didn't know what to do so I did that." He says as he smiles and pulls himself tight against Jared. "I'm glad."

Jared grins and holds Daisuke tight to him as he finishes, grinding against Dai just a little. "Dude, baggage kinda comes with the whole mutant thing to start with. Your not the only one that has never been in a relationship of any kind before either you know…"

Daisuke presses against the grinning and he has a shuddering in take of breath as he likes the sensation. He does chuckle at Jared's words though. "I figured since I don't know how to flirt, kissing you was the best way to let you know, and it was nice." He says as starts to play with Jared's hair a bit. "Well we can just take it easy then." Daisuke says with a smile as he figures Jared's saying he's never been in a relationship either.

Jared grins and nods before he leans in to kiss Daisuke again, grinding his hardness against the other boy since they both seem to like it a great deal. "It was a good way to say it, and I bet Leo probably said something about me being blind and never noticing at all of you did not do something right?"

Daisuke happily kisses Jared back and moans slightly at the grinding. He nods and chuckles. "Yeah, he did. I wasn't sure at all but I mean, I was just going to tell you and then I woke up next to you and figured…yeah, I'm kind of blind to that stuff too." He says as he brings his hand down to lightly rest on Jared's backside with a smile.

Jared blushes a little and grins liking having Dai touch him, where ever he chooses to do so. "Yeah, I am kinda blind when it comes to that stuff. I just thought you wanted friendship and stuff. Heh, I am going to have to thank Leo for getting involved."

Daisuke smiles up at Jared and chuckles. "I do too. Well more just pushing me to step outside of my comfort box and suck up my courage. I'm just as blind when it comes from stuff like that, hiding from anything romantic or like a relationship for so long. I'm just..I really do like you Jared and I'm looking forward to getting to know you more and more." He says as he goes to kiss Jared again.

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