2010-11-23: Aeolus


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Summary: Theo tries to explain to Kael that he can level buildings with the right wind frequency.

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2010. 12:03am

Log Title: Aeolus

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Kael and Marshall's Room

Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student.

It's getting to be late evening at the school, there's a light flurry of snow outside of the window. Though it seems that it's acting strange, not a normal wind in anyway. Just a swirl outside that window itself. Laying on top of his bed; a book propped against his thighs as he reads a book for class, Kael flips through the pages of a science book. His hair streaked white as he just idly looks over the page before flipping it to the next.

The snow has kept Theo inside. It's cold, and like many others, he likes it warm. Max withstanding. However, earlier in the day, he had flown the Blackbird. After experiencing some turning phenomenon, Theo has spent his evening studying wind. It seems to be a Kael thing. However, with a recent discovery, he's found something that may help his squadmate become a significantly more powerful mutant. There's a rapid pounding outside of Kael's door, strong and eager.

Wind has always been a Kael thing. It's just… what he does. The knocking at his door makes the mutant look up from his book and he just calls out, "It's open." Then he flips the page once more. The snow outside of the window stops its swirling, resuming its own normal path with the rest around it.

The door creaks open, slowly until Kael comes into Theo's view. Once he is sure that everything is clear and decent, he opens it the rest of the way. "Kael, I have learned the most amazing thing today. You are one of the most powerful mutants alive." It looks like Theo's already set for bed, a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a green plain sweatshirt are his clothing, and his laptop is tucked under his arm.

Kael quirks a brow as he looks up at Theo as he walks in, he moves to sit crosslegged as he tilts his head a bit. "And… why do you say that." He crosses his arms over his lap, the aerokinetic just wearing general winter clothes. Pants, shirt, and an overshirt.

"Aeroelastic flutter." The straight A brainiac says it as if he had given an answer as simple as 42. It may be just as enigmatic, though. "With it you can level entire buildings even without super wind strength. You could take out bridges and create tidal waves. You would make Storm look like a pansy." Theo sounds rather excited about whatever this term might be.

Kael just blinks a bit, staying quiet for a moment before he quirks a brow. "Aerolastic what?" He shakes his head before he flips the book closed, one of meteorology, and he says, "And just how would me being able to do whatever you just said make me able to level a building."

Theo rolls his eyes. "Aeroelastic flutter." He doesn't wait for an invitation, but plops himself down on the other end of Kael's bed. "You know how they put planes in wind tunnels before they start producing them? Flutter is one of the problems they want to make sure they address before they start production. The Blackbird, like most other aircraft, has what's called an active aeroelastic wing. That means it has springs and other things to accomadate flutter. I was flying it earlier, and I could feel the load when I turned too fast in the jet." That's right, he was flying the Blackbird.

Kael lets out a laugh. "So I see. So, you think I can learn how to use this flutter." He hms a bit, moving to lean against his headboard as he says, "While I appreciate your enthusiasm about this. I don't know if I'm going to be able to actually do that… unless you have some way for me to learn how." He holds a hand up and rests his head on top of it as he smirks a bit. "And flying the jet fun?"

"It was by far the coolest thing I've ever done," Theo answers before he continues. "So anyway, it's like this. Flutter is a vibration which is self-feeding. Wind has frequencies, right? Well that frequency, if it is matched at the right interval can be coupled with an object's vibration frequency. So the movement of the object increases the load of the aerodynamic load, which then makes the object move even further, because it is in agreement with the frequency, which is still pushing the object in the same direction. Kind of like if you were pushing somebody on a swing from both sides, they'd keep moving faster and farther the more you pushed. It's simple!"

Kael gives Theo another blank look, and tilts his head slightly to the side once more before he says, "Look. I may be a senior. But, seriously dude. At least use some language that I can at least comprehend." He shakes his head a bit before he leans his head back against the headboard. "So, basically. If I can find the right frequency with wind, I can just wreck things. And just how am I supposed to find the frequency."

"What, you want it handed to you on a silver platter?" Theo responds with a rather put off expression. "It's your power, show some initiative. It shouldn't be that hard. Most of the important stuff has to do with a solid rhythm. If you keep the rhythm steady, you can wreck stuff, yes. How to find it? You have all those wind senses and all that, can't you sense how your wind is affecting things? Play around with it, try it on a tree or something. Can you imagine if we went into a Danger Room session and you just level the whole area? It'd make Scott wet himself. It'd be priceless."

Kael lets out a soft laugh. "Believe me, I can feel things that my wind does. But I don't know if I can feel something that fine tuned. I'd have to work at it, and I don't even know if it's something that I can sense." He shrugs with a smirk before he says, "You have any ideas in that tech mind of your's on how to make something to measure it?"

The technopath considers the question for a moment. "Off the top of my head? A plumbline would measure it, but you'd probably screw it up with the wind rhythm. So it'd have to be something that wouldn't have a string. Maybe attach a laser pointer to whatever you are practicing on, and then measure how far it moves from the base. Once you find the frequency, though, I'd think it'd be pretty obvious." He opens up the laptop, and brings up a youtube video of the Tacoma Bridge Narrows. Once the video has started, Theo spins it around to face Kael. "It'll look something like this," he says. "Tell me you wouldn't want to be able to do that."

Kael quirks a brow and smirks with it. "Tech is always an interesting thing." He watches the youtube video with a curious expression that soon turns into one of slight awe. "Okay, that would be awesome to be able to do." He grins a bit as he chuckles softly afterwards. "Though, getting to the point of being able to sense the frequency would be… interesting."

"Well, looks like you've got something to work toward," Theo answers. "You're still in high school. Maybe if you start working on it now, by the time you're thirty they'll be calling you Aeolus. Just remember, you owe me your unfailing allegiance when I take over the world because I showed you this." He gives a lopsided grin. "And you can probably talk to Forge about coming up with something better than a laser pointer to measure the stability variance."

Kael chuckles. "I've less than a year of High School left, and I'm already getting lessons from a SHIELD agent." He grins back with his response, "Just remember who blasted you into the lake when you're ruling the world." At the mention of Forge, the aerokinetic hms a bit, "I'll try and catch him."

Theo laughs. "Well, make sure your SHIELD agent doesn't catch you playing with the Manhattan bridge," he adds. "If you take it out I'll have something to blackmail you with, but I'll get you a car like mine as a reward." The ferrari which never needs gas. He closes the laptop again. "Anyway, I thought I'd share that. And yes, the Blackbird is an amazing machine. You should sign up for the spring classes. There's lots of stuff about aerodynamics in that class, you should like it Mr. Gale."

Kael chuckles. "Watch that tone, Theo. If I go through with the plan I have in my mind, you /might/ be calling me that." A deviant smile before he says, "I might look into it. But, I'd rather fly on my own power." He shrugs a bit before he says, "I'll ask Tex about this stuff. See what he knows."

The oppositional sophomore chuckles as well. "Neither Scott nor Emma get the pleasure of formalities with me, what makes you think you'd do better? And I don't think you'll ever reach supersonic speeds with your own powers." Theo gets back to his feet. "Have fun, and you'll have to show me when you figure it out." What's this? A statement of faith in Kael's ability, maybe Westchester isn't the only place it's snowing right now.

Kael just grins a bit. "We'll see." he looks outside before he looks back at Theo. "I can already guess that this Christmas is going to be an interesting one." He quirks a brow at the statment, but doesn't say anything of it besides just a soft laugh. "You'll be the first one to know."

Theo arches his brow, and glances out the window. "Are you kidding? With this place's track record, it'll probably be 90 degrees and we'll get kidnapped by elves." He watches the snow, "But who knows, maybe something strange will happen and it'll just snow."

Kael glances back out the window with a smirk. "Honestly, I'd love a quiet winter. Just to be able to enjoy the snow for what it is." Then he shakes his head with a laugh, "But you're right. That'll probably happen. And Emma will be brainwashed into thinking she's Santa."

"She's already called Frost," he points out. "I'm gonna go crash. I'll see you at practice in the morning," Theo concludes. He heads out toward the door.

Kael gives a wave towards Theo, opening the door with a small gust of wind. "It was nice chattin' with ya, Theo. See ya in the morning. Don't be late." Course, none of them are ever late. Heaven forbid.

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