2009-03-17: Aerial Ace


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Summary: Alex approaches Gabriel to offer him a position in the group.

Date: March 17, 2009

Aerial Ace

Rating: PG

NYC - The Marc (Gabriel's Apartment)

The apartment in site, Alex double checks his notepad before releasing a few quick raps on the door. He's wearing one of his less-fancy containment suits right now. Sure, he doesn't NEED them all the time anymore, but it's still a bit of a comfort thing. He's grown used to having them. Patiently, he waits for the door to open.

The winged mutant approaches the door of the penthouse apartment. His hair is loose and he is wearing a tailored royal blue dress shirt. The large door opens and the spanish mutant looks to the caller. "Hello?" He asks, company is unusual for the young buisness owner.

A smile crosses Alex's face as the door opens. "Excuse me. My name is Alex Summers. I'm looking for Gabriel Dumont." He says, extending a hand. Of course, with Gabriel's history at Xavier's, it's most likely a given that he knows who Alex is. The notepad he was holding is stuffed into his jacket pocket with his other hand.

Gabriel looks to Alex and nods. "Jes, that is me." He does recognize the name, and the containment suit. "What can I do for you, Mr. Summers?" A nicety, only to be nice, not because it's required anymore.

"Mr. Dumont." Alex says happily. "I'm sure you know who I am. And, probably some of my history." He says, shrugging it off. "Needless to say, I used to lead the Government Mutant team X-Factor before we disbanded. However, with the current crisis, they have called me again. They want me to assemble a group of superhumans to help protect America." He didn't say mutants, this time, though. "Canada has Alpha Flight. Iraq has Desert Sword. Britain had Excalibur and still has MI-6 or whatever number it is now. You, Mr. Dumont, have been selected as a potential candidate, if you're willing."

"Come in." He asks the fellow Xavierite. "I thought we had the Avengers… Anyways, why would the government pick myself?" He doesn't answer if he is willing or not yet, just curious. He's been needing a reason to bring out Metatron again. Gabriel heads over to a living area with a wet bar. "Can I interest you in a drink? I have most anything, with or without alcohol if you like." There are two large leather chairs in front of one another.

"That's the thing. The Avengers belong with the United Nations. They're just located in the United States. They're not the government's to call on. Sure, they'll help when they can, but they want their own group." Alex explains and passes on the drink with a wave of his hand. "No thanks." He pauses a moment to think of a response to the other part. "Why you? Well, why not? They're looking for people who aren't already working with others. Honestly, it was more my call on who I approached. They gave me a list, and I chose the ones I thought would be best. I know where you went to school, but I see you didn't stay there. That's one thing I'm using as a decision. You've HAD training. And good training at that." Despite the fact that he thinks his brother needs to lighten up, he knows Scott's training is effective.

"You're right, I didn't stay there. I felt my calling was elsewhere." As the avian looks back to Alex he nods. "I see." Gabriel takes a moment to think about it and nods. "Well, if it means I can help people, I will assist." He smiles, thinking it exciting to do this. "But I do it because it is a call of duty."

"Of course. That's why we all do it." Alex says with a chuckle. "And perhaps that's why you left. Because you knew there was something else out there that would need you." He chuckles, pulling a card out of his pocket and offering it to Gabriel. "Here's my contact information. We're planning on heading to California soon. To try to get into the barrier and see what we can about Los Angeles. Nobody knows what's going on in there."

"I will make my preparations." He'll have to find his old combat gear, and prepare his sword. "Do you have a training facility? It's been a while since I've been in action." Gabriel moves some of his hair to the side of his head. "I'm honored that you chose myself for this team." He is excited about this new endeavor.

"As of yet, we don't. They're waiting to see how we act together first. And to see how many of us there are. But knowing Val, she probably already has something set up, and is just keeping her lips sealed." Alex says with a quick nod. My, these three have been way too easy to accept. Ah well, works for him. "I'll contact you, soon, when I figure out where we're going to try to get in. And thank YOU, Mr. Dumont."

"Sounds like a plan." He says, offering a hand to the energy user. "Hopefully we can co-ordinate ourselves quickly. This invasion has been terrible for the people." He's no empath, but it doesn't take one to know people are scared. Gabiel takes a moment to look outside a nearby window.

"Of course. I'd like to see it end. Everyone else is tied up, so… it may be up to us." Alex nods as he moves towards the door. "We'll be in touch very soon, Mr. Dumont." He says before stepping back out into the night.

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