Aethelwyne "Flora"
Portrayed By Sonja Kraushofer
Gender Female
Date of Birth ??
Age 48
Zodiac Sign ??
Aliases Flora, Aethel
Place of Birth Otherworld/Avalon
Current Location New York City
Occupation Teacher
Known Relatives Traeliorn (father), Yaereene (mother)
Significant Other ???
Identity Known to SHIELD and MI-13
Known Abilities Plant Control, Wings, Empathy, Fairy Stuffs
First Appearance ???

Who wants to play Fae Poker!


In another dimension known as Otherworld, live creatures that are linked to England, Wales, Ireland and Scottland from eons ago. This land has also been called Avalon and several heroes and villains have been through here over the years. This is a land where magic is a party of everyday life. Elves, Dragons, Gods, Trolls and even fairies live here, which is where we start our story, with the fairies.

Aethelwyne was born in Otherworld to fairy parents, Traeliorn and Yaereene, who specialized in flowers and plants. You see some fairies are more of the home others are the elements some are nature but Aethelwyne was flowers. Her education was on flowers and plants, what they needed to grow, to thrive. How to help them grow and the magics that surrounded them. She learned all about magics and various supernatural creatures from trolls, to elves to gods to dragons to red caps and trolls and pookas and the Unseelie Court of fairies. You see there are two types of faires, The Seelie and the Unseelie, the holy and the unholy. You can say they’re the good and bad fairies, but to the fae that’s a blurred line and an unholy fairy can be bad and vise versa.

Aethelwyne was raised with the way of the Seelie court and knowing the code of the fae. She learned that lying was something that the fae did not do, she learned that if asked a question three times, she’d have to answer, and she also learned that helping humans was a sort of way of life. Was it the most important thing in their world, not in the least, but it was something they occasionally did, if always in a subtle and unseen way. So to say the least, Aethelwyne had a very, what we would call, unconventional childhood, for her it was normal.

As a child Aethelwyne’s best friend was a Pooka she grew up with named Finufaranell or Fin for short. Aethel and Fin paled around, played pranks on others and each other and even ventured to Earth’s realm once in a while to help out humans and or just play harmless pranks. When not paling around with Fin and her other friends, Aethel learned everything she could about plants. Learning every aspect of them.

Also with living in Otherworld she learned the history of the lands, what dwells there and about supernatural beings. Everything from Seelie and Unseelie fae, various haunts and spooks such as ghosts and spirits, she learned about magic and music, dance and wine and games, everything a fairy should. Education was just as important as fun and the parties and dances weren’t a seldom thing for Aethelwyne and were at least twice a week. Though the big party and celebration happened every year on June 24, Midsummer’s eve. From morning to night the fairies would party and have quite the celebration.

As the years went by, Aethelwyne stuck to her duties as a flower fairy and came to earths realm to help plants thrive and grow. She found she liked it in that world but when it was time to return she always reluctantly did. That is until she was informed at age 32, which is about 16 for a human, she learned she was to become a fairy godmother. At first she didn’t like the sound of it at all, weren’t they supposed to be….old? It didn’t matter, she was going to be given a child to care for in four years so she better learn now.

Four years went by and she learned about what being a fairy godmother meant. She was to look after the child, give them advice when they needed it, and she was given the power to grant the child –one- gift. It was something she wasn’t looking forward to as it was responsibility, something she wasn’t familiar with. She was told even fairies need some form of responsibility. She also learned various rituals and combinations of herbs and flowers to combine in which fairies believed would protect a place.

Through out the time her and Fin were still friends and still paled around and spent time at parties. Being a fairy though, she discovered the fun of the opposite sex and found hanging around with Satyrs at parties could be quite…fun. After all through out all their duties to nature and to humans fairies aimed to have fun at the end of the day and Aethel was no less selfish than the next fairy at finding her fun.

Then the day came when she was give her god child. A newborn by the name of Len and the son of EdwardGrayson and Lena Knight. Unfortunately Lena died in childbirth and a week after the baby was born, Athelwyne showed up at the Knights doorstep…actually not really his doorstep she flew down his chimney and formed herself in his living room. She introduced herself as Len’s fairy godmother and it wasn’t until she gave the child her gift that they actually believed. The gift was small and simple but she granted him the ability to never get lost. That he’d always find his way to where he wanted to go.

Over the next six years Athelwyne found that she didn’t only help Len but she also wound up helping his father, Grayson. You see the man was a detective and a wizard and she had knowledge that seemed to help him out on various cases. She became a friend to the family as well and helped him out many times over. She also became the predominant female figure on Len’s life, in place of his mother, and if this is a good or bad thing is yet to be seen. This also lead to a strange desire for Aethelwyne, she found she liked it here, on this human plane. It was fun, exciting and adventurous.

When Aethelwyne was 43 years old (younger in human years), she decided to start helping out humans more, but she always tried to remain unseen. Except for when she had to visit Len, she mainly stayed in England, Ireland, Wales and Scottland. She ended up secretly helping out the British Intelligence Agency MI-13 when she could. Eventually though, she was caught. After a series of questioning and a long line of mental tests and probes and such, Aethelwyne was promoted to help MI-13 when she could as a liaison and/or consultant.

She did this for the next five years and between working with MI-13, being a fairy godmother and assisting the wizard, Grayson, things were going well. She was having fun. She would return to Otherworld less and less over the years, returning maybe once a week to catch a party. Friends and family noticed but then that sometimes happens with faries, they have a short attention span and sometimes find ways to fill it. Even her childhood friend, Fin, had moved on to do his duties.

After one particular mission with MI-13, Aethelwyne was approached by a member of SHIELD and offered a job as a teacher, for a school, in New York City. It sounded fun, exciting and a new experience, also with her godchild being in New York City, Aethelwyne accepted to become the Supernatural teacher at the Barnes Academy.


Plant Manipulation/Control/Communication – Aethelwyne posses the power to control the growth of plants. If she plants a seed, she can help it grow significantly faster than if nature would go it’s own course. Once planted she can help a seed grow into a budded flower in ten seconds or a tree grow into a sapling in minutes. She can control vines, branches and the such to move the way she wants. If needed, she can have a tree swing a branch down to smack someone or a vine wrap itself around to ensnare a person. She will never do anything that will harm the trees or plants such as removing a limb or cutting a flower. Being able to communicate with them, she can hear their pain. Aethelwyne cannot force a plant or tree to move in a way it’s not supposed to, as it would cause harm to the plant. She can control or communicate with any plants within a 50-yard radius. She can also provide nourishment for plants and any plants around her will grow healthier than under most other circumstances. Aethelwyne also posses the power to heal plants if they’re hurt or damaged.

Skills and Talents

Skills and Talents: Aethelwyne loves to play the flute and she loves to dance. When dancing she is very fluid and very graceful and she’ll always find the beat of a tune in which to dance too. She also has an extensive knowledge of Otherworld and supernatural beings as she’s one of the supernatural. She also has an extensive knowledge of plants knowing what kind of flower or tree or vine or grass that individual plant is, thus is also quite the herbalist. Aethelwyne also knows various methods to ‘protect’ a home or a person, different herbs to use in a satchel. Does this really work, only in Otherworld not on this plane.


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  • Aethelwyne's best friend is a Pooka named Finufaranell
  • Aethelwyne loves to help humans but also loves jokes
  • Aethelwyne is an amazing dancer
  • Aethelwyne cannot lie
  • Aethelwyne is of the Seelie Court
  • Aethelwyne loves playing games and trickes


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