2020-06-07: After Cedar Hill Reprise


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Summary: Kalindi discusses the events on Cedar Hill with Caleb, a Hound

Date: June 7, 2020.

Log Title After Cedar Hill Reprise

Rating: PG

United Nations building

Kalindi enters through the front door of the UN building, after dropping off the two other hounds at a different location and heads towards a rest area. She sits down and exhales, before pulling a sketchpad she has under her arm out to start sketching out Rashmi and Connor, who she did not snap pictures of. It's best to work on these things when it's fresh in the memory. She quietly hums the meow mix song as she works.

Caleb has just got back from patrol, fairly quest one today, he managed a capture of a couple of lower level mutants, easy, like shooting fish in a barrel, only more fun, he's dressed in dark grey cargos, a black t-shirt, a grey jacket, black airwalk trainers, the stone in the silver wristband on his right wrist is clear and his light brown hair is slightly damp. As he returns he spots Kalindi, "Afternoon, Kalindi, where are Envy and Kaji?, i heard they were on patrol with you", he walks over and sits down.

"We got into a fight with some Alphas. We lost, they lost. I expected a sentinel backup, but it was destroyed by the time I got there. I wasn't really patrolling, more watching today," says Kalindi, still working on her sketch. "I'm drawing pictures of two of them right now." She looks up at Caleb and then down at her paper. "It was an annoying encounter. I think I have a good target, though."

Caleb sighs, "Did you not manage to capture any?, or get a sense of where they were headed?", he stares at his hand as electricity begins to crackle around it, "Wait, drawing?, did you not get any photographic views of the targets?"

"I got two photos. There were three targets, and it was all going well until a fourth, a teleporter arrived. I was going to capture a leader," says Kalindi, grating her teeth at the thought of it. "We could have captured one of them if it wasn't for his interference."

Caleb nods, "I'm assuming these were members of the rebelion then if the put up such an efficant fight, can i see the pictures?", the electricity stops and he holds out a hand, "i will take out another patrol later and see if we can't find them again".

"Yes, it was certainly members of the Rebellion." Kalindi pulls out her cellphone and shows Caleb and image of July and an image of Mikhail. "My sketches will help you with the other two. The Indian woman seems to lead in the field." She is referring to Rashmi, whose sketch she is working on now.

Caleb looks at the photos on the cell, and focuses on the woman, "The woman, from the picture i'm guessing she has the ability to manipulate her body, she'll be difficult, from the look of the man, i'd say feral, correct?", he hands back the cell.

Kalindi nods at Caleb, "Yes, he's a feral. I recognize her, and yes, she is a body manipulator. I think I've talked to her before, long ago, but I can't recall where. Do you ever get that, where you can't remember?" Pause as she catches herself. "Why am I asking /you/?" She puts her cellphone away and continues drawing, showing an actually pretty good drawing of Rashmi. "This woman, she has to be neutralized. Captured if possible."

Caleb is about to comment on the feeling Kalindi was describing, he knows what she's talking about, but quickly dismisses it, "Taken down and brought in, alive if possible, understood, shouldn't be to hard, she can't fight what she can't touch".

"What she can't touch can't capture her, either. Try to seek her out, but do not underestimate," says Kalindi, "In a fight, I had much difficulty dealing with her. It was very even." She glances towards Caleb and says, "I heard that Ahab has another puppy to add to his litter. This is true?"

"Come'on Kalindi, this is me we're talking about, how often do i underestimate my oponants?", Caleb nods in reasponse, "Yes, i believe it's a timeshifter".

Kalindi's eyes go wide, "What? That seems… well, I do not know what to think of it. Strange." She shrugs and says, "I should capture some lower level mutants, just so that nobody starts to think I am incompetent." This is a constant concern for Kalindi, but despite her being concerned about it, she is considered to be a very good Hunter. "Losing does not look good."

Caleb nods, "Lower levels are easy picking, just enough to keep our winstreak up", he is good at what he does, using his powers, he isn't seen until the last second of the attack, "Still our current priority are the four targets you fought with today".

Kalindi nods and says, "I will continue to pursue them. I have experience fighting them, though they have experience fighting me. It will be best to take a different set of backup next time and give a detailed briefing. I will ask Ahab about borrowing different Hounds."

Caleb nods and stands up, "Yes, it sounds like Envy and Kaji wern't very sucessful tody, other hounds are a better option", he'll have to speak with Ahab about this himself, "Where you able to apply a tracer?"

Kalindi chuckles and says, "It is not worthwhile to waste things like tracers on the Rebellion. You know that. They will find them and destroy them." She shrugs and adds, "I got the GPS co-ordinates of the encounter, though. Using statistical methods, we should be able to locate them after a few encounters."

Caleb laughs aswell, "You are an excelent Hunter Kalindi, but sometimes i think you overestimate your targets, they barely escaped you from what you've reported, fear makes them forgetful", his eyes momentairaly glow red at the thought.

"It's best to overestimate them, I think, and prepare enough to overwhelm them than to lose to such rats," says Kali. "I could only have applied a tracer to one of them. But I was going to capture her. Before the teleporter showed up and took her from me." She sighs and says, "They are lucky is what they are."

Caleb laughs again, "Thats where our mthods differ it would seem, in my eyes targets are easily esimated, oh well, i'll find out for myself", he shrugs off his jacket, "New York has been quiet this week".

"Methods. Hm. You Hounds are so strange to me. You seem so happy with your jobs even though you lose so much." Kalindi finishes her sketch of Rashmi and shows the final result to Caleb. "The other person there had coverings on his face. There is no reason to draw him."

Caleb raises an eyebrow, "But what have we lost, i have gained so much after joining Ahab", well at least he thinks he has.

Kalindi nods slowly at Caleb and says, "Yes, you have protection and security with him… Maybe this is not a discussion for you." She gets up from her seat and closes her sketchpad. "I am going to show this and the photographs to other Hunters so they know to have a target."

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