2010-05-10: After Punch Pie


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Summary: The aftermath of the assault on the right path that was stopped by Warpath.

Date: May 10, 2010.

Log Title After Punch Pie

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Attic

Every wall is made of glass up to the domed ceiling. Storm has really done her work up here over time and turned it into quite the indoor garden. The room is separated into different parts for the different plants that are in there. There are flowers, vegetable plants, herbs, shrubs, small trees and much more. There are plants that shouldn't even be able to be found in this northern climate but they thrive up here. Anyone wanting to come up here for fresh herbs, fruit or vegetables are welcome to steal from the indoor garden. Depending on the time of year, various different species of flowers and different fruits and vegetables grow. In one area there are a few small fountains and a bench with some fresh dirt on the the ground with trees and plants all around. It seems like a good spot for meditation.

For the remainder of the afternoon, Connor has been off-camera… either he's known where they are, or he's been in a location that's been off-campus. His phone's tracker however put him in Salem Center for a good two hour chunk… the location… the Grind Stone. Nothing reported or problems heard from the place… but now that school has been out for the day, and he's missed all his classes… strangely… he's sitting in front of his laptop, staring at a screen… then with a shake of his head he stands up and moves off to the other end of the Attic's greenhouse… looking for something. The screen left up, seems to have something there on a standard font format, the glow from it illuminating a set of flowers grown in a colorful and deliberate display.

Carrying a small box that's no larger than 9" across, James pads up the stairs towards Connor's suspected speakeasy. Stopping at the top, the gnoll knocks on the wall before walking in far enough to clear the way for future traffic, "Anyone home?" It's a rhetorical question, he already knows there is. He walks towards the back of the room, secretly rejoicing at his earlier detective work that lead him here. He's no fool, given the roommate issues and his previous run in with Connor, the attic seemed like a logical place. He stops, a good 10+ feet away, "Mind some company?"

It's been an odd day, Robyn doesn't know if he should be mad, upset, confused or none of the above. He doesn't have James's special spying privileges so he doesn't know that the attic isn't empty, but he's hoping it is. Robyn has actually brought his laptop out of his room and he has his stuffed Vampire Teddy Bear, from Nightmare Before Christmas. It's kind of a comfort thing for him. He figures up here will be nice and relaxing to hide while watching a movie on his laptop. He comes up to hear James's voice and stops for a second, before taking a few more steps. "Hey." He says seeing both Connor and James.

Connor has his back to James… to both of you… his immediate tensing enough to betray some of the lingering emotions as James speaks up… then he hears Robyn, and replies quietly, "No… I suppose not." Sounding worn out, but looking a bit better colored as he turns around to face the hyena, and then asks in the same tone before he passes by and back towards his spot, "Hi Robyn. Wifi connection's best on the west side of the attic, near the glass, not the brick." A forced smile, mirror from the one before as he looks back at the Hyena for a long moment and then settles at the small bench and table he's camped out at.

James meets Connor's look and keeps his gaze level, ignoring Robyn's greeting for the moment. It's instinctual, and he may not even know he's doing it. Looking away would be giving up some virtual piece of turf…even if there were no reason to want it. He holds up the box, "I brought pie…cherry. I think." He sets it on the bench and takes a step back, "Of course, if you two don't want any I'll eat it myself. And then you both can see what I'm like on too much sugar. Think I cause trouble normally? Just wait."

Robyn shakes his head and walks over next to James. "I wasn't up here for internet, I was gonna relax with a movie." He just shrugs and puts the laptop down before looking at James. "You think? And I'll have a piece but I'll leave enough so that I can see you on a sugar high." Robyn says with a small smile since he does think James on a sugar rush would be entertaining. "Hey Connor…about today…don't worry about it." He says not wanting that tension between them.

Connor frowns for a moment as he sits there, staring at the screen, before he gulps once, and then sits back… not looking at James, still giving him his territory… before finally saying, "I shouldn't have said what I said yesterday." At least for one party, what he's alluding to is lost, but then he looks up and over at James, "Sure. I'll take a slice. But if it's actually peach… there will be consequences."

James sets the box down, "Allergy?" He looks over at Robyn, "Can you serve? My paws suck for manual dexterity." It's a ploy to get the other boy involved…and hopefully it's not too thinly veiled. His eyes find Connor again, "The 'like' thing? No, you're fine. The thing about me not being me? Phhhttt….that was so last month." He waves a paw, "And it's nothing personal. It's just, well…I've already got someone."

"Did you bring up plates or forks or anything?" Robyn says as he goes to open the box as he listens to the two talk. Ah so Connor told James how he feels, he can't say he expected that to go well. "Where did you end up getting a pie James?" Robyn asks not sure where James would have gone out and bought one. "Strawberry Rhubarb is always great."

Where one might expect for Connor to be hurt that blunt statement… he actually looks outwardly unresponsive… neither positive or negative… A sigh escapes him as he says, "I'll get some stuff for that…" And drawing his phone out from his pocket, he scrolls through some images, and then nods… followed by the now-familiar sensation… to the point that a couple pieces of paper sitting next to his spot are pulled towards him briefly before he's gone… and if someone had camera access from here… they would see him standing up in the kitchen…

Inside the box there's forks, a knife, but alas no plates. "Ummm…" James says as he screws up his face, "I know I forgot something." He looks around. Plenty of planter pots. Cardboard. But nothing Robyn or Connor would call useable….then Connor vanishes. The hyena clicks his tongue at Robyn's questions, ignoring the sudden *VOIP!* from he other boy, "Best not asked since it will indict us all." With Connor gone, James admits, "He told me he liked me. It went badly."

Robyn nods at James's words. "Yeah, he told me he liked you, I told him I was pretty sure you were asexual or something." Robyn says as he starts to cut the pie, cutting it in half and then one half into six pieces. "I dunno, I didn't think it would be a good thing if he told you, I just hope it doesn't create too much tension." Robyn says and even when he says it he seems a bit distracted.

James shrugs, "Guess I'm not so asexual after all, eh?" The tries to laugh, but a failed sound that is less about humor and more about tiredness comes out. "As for the rest? I dunno….kinda in his court. I'm not taking it personal. But…I'm involved…and, honestly, Connor talked to me, what…3 times before he decided he liked me? That's infatuation, maybe hero worship…since that term gets tossed around here all the time. Neither makes me date material." He crosses his arms and watches Robyn cut the pie, "You okay?"

Robyn finishes cutting for now and can't help but drag his finger down the flat of the blade to eat some cherry goo. "I guess you're not, but I dunno. I can see how a crush on you could be easy, if you like that protective type." Robyn says with a bit of a blush, not that he likes James but that he likes that type. "I dunno, I just look at you like a bigger younger brother or something." Robyn says as he shrugs and then asking if he's okay Robyn just shrugs. "I dunno, today just bothered me and he didn't say anything when I said not to worry about it, I know I said that but some acknowledgement would have been nice. It's just..it sucks getting hit by a friend."

James puts his ears back, and stuffs his hands in his pocket, "Yeah…" Guilty as charged since he's put his paws on my of the student population at this point. He ignores the compliments, blocking and needed response with "Glad James was there to intervene. The 'other' James. Warpath. Just…ended better I bet. Not that I would'a done anything. But." The hyena shrugs, "Maybe he's not done apologizing yet?"

"I dunno, I think I'd have a better time with understanding it if he explained that just 'the shower was dirty'. I know he's got some mental issues going on, but…he didn't go lightly on me." Robyn says as he looks down at the pie. "I dunno, maybe he's also dealing with rejection, it just..I think I'd rather get beat up by someone I don't know or someone I dislike than someone I call friend."

James shakes his head, "The shower thing I get. He's got some sorta OCD thing. When he gets stressed, he cleans. Last night stressed him out enough that he had to clean the entire bathroom. And I mean 'clean.' I looked. I could eat off that floor now…and he did it all night. He had to be totally exhausted. His smell as 'everywhere' even in all that cleaning solution. He wore himself out that badly. And then…he goes for a jog?" The hyena shakes his head, "It's not an excuse…it's just…a reason? Yeah…what he did was inexcusable. Just…give him a moment to catch up. That's all." James stands bolt upright, "Whoh Whoh Whoh….when did 'I' become Rashmi?!!?"

"I know he has an OCD problem, that's why I'm not trying to get too upset, I dunno James." Robyn says as he takes another fingerful of cheery goo off the knife. "And when did you become Rashmi? When you and I started hanging out with her too much." Robyn says with a smile as he walks over to James and gives him a quick hug. He just kind of needs it. "Thanks, for just helping me understand crap."

Both have experienced his exit, but neither have really seen his entrance, as there's a spot in the air in front of the pair that distorts inwards, like someone was on the other side of a thin mirror and was pulling on it like cloth… and when it snaps back, there is Connor… one hand with some paper plates and some napkins from the picnic stores of the mansion… and in the other… a tub of ice cream and a scoop! Looking around for a moment, Connor says softly, "Sorry for taking so long… is french vanilla allright?" Setting the things down, and then reaching behind him and pulling out a small squirt-bottle of caramel to add to the stack.

James puts his arms around the smaller boy, "Hey, it's why I'm here, right?" He gives Robyn's head a nuzzle and a reassuring snort. And then Robyn gets squeeeeezed tight as the world goes all weird. Another threat? Alien Invaders? Sinister pt.2?? No…Just Connor. Relaxing his grip, Robyn is freed "Thanks Connor. And yeah, that's fine." The hyena tilts his head, "That okay with you, Robyn?"

"Sounds good." Robyn says sounding a bit more cheerful than he was before. Something about a Hyena hug. "The cherry filling is pretty good, I cut three pieces so we just need to serve it up." Robyn says taking the plates from Connor so he can start putting a slice of pie on each. "Hey Connor, can you put the ice cream on the plates?" He asks as he serves. "So where did you mange to pick up a pie from James?"

Connor shrugs and gives a nod as he sets things up, taking the scoop from his pocket and then proceeds to put a couple decent size scoops onto the plates, and then steps back so that Robyn can do his part. He remains quiet during all of this, and once completed, he makes his way back to his normal spot and settles down for the time being, staring at the screen once more… before he finally closes down what he was looking at, taking a moment to look up at the pair… contemplative… and then back his computer.

James coughs again, "Ohhh….around." The hyena bounces on his feet a little. Then a little more. "Ummm….so…Warpath, eh? That was interesting." He nods deftly, "UmmmmHmmmmm!" James takes a seat on the couch, defending any look he gets with, "Hey…I'm a scavenger. I brought food back to the clan. Enjoy it!"

"Warpath? That's what that guys name is?" Robyn asks as he finds a place to sit so he can start eating a bit. "Wait..whose Warpath?" He doesn't know much about Heroes, just the little bit he's learned from Jordan. He knows the popular ones like Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spider-Man but not the lesser known ones, even though eh goes to school here. "Well it's good, so thanks James."

Connor's mouth goes off before he even realizes it, "James Proudstar, former member of X-Force, enhanced physical attributes and flight capac-… shit…" Cutting it off before he rubs the back of his neck, "I hate it when it does that." Enough said, he makes his way back over towards where the servings are, and takes up his share, followed by putting a liberal drizzle of caramel on the piecrust before he moves and sits on the ground closeby, but leaving the pair their seemingly shared personal space.

James nods, "He's like…" Then Connor goes off. "Dude…seriously…what was that? And what do you mean 'it?'" He forgets about the pie for the moment, more worried why Connor is speaking in tongues.

Robyn just looks at Connor for a bit before letting out a sigh. "That bing thing you do. Someone suggests a topic and you rattle off information. It's like those Bing commercials." Robyn says as he continues to eat for a bit. "It's not a bad thing, there are worse habits you could have than just rattling off information."

Connor looks back and forth, remaining silent for a moment, and then, "I'm sorry I hit you, Robyn… and… thanks for forgiving me… that says a lot more about you than you'd think." Changing the topic as he takes a very neat cut of his piece, then puts a little bit of ice cream on top, before bringing it up and chewing on it, "And… James… thanks for sharing. That's… well… says a lot too. You're both better people than I deserve."

James hmps. He'll speak to Connor later about 'it.' The hyena reaches for his piece and it vanishes in about three seconds; ice cream and all into his mouth. No one survives. "Sharing? Sharing what? The pie? Thank the staff loun…kitchen staff. Thank the kitchen staff." He shrugs off the rest, "Just…you know…abide Connor. Things will be fine. You're not getting anywhere being all stressed out. You’re just spinning your wheels and all that."

Robyn gives Connor an eyeroll. "Nothing's better than what you deserve. And I forgive you as long as you promise to work on dealing with it so I'm the first, and last, student, person here that you end up attacking. Why did you do that anyway? What caused you to think I was trying to hurt you?" Robyn says as that's the real thing that bugging him. He then looks to James and grins. "Well thank you kitchen staff!"

Connor gives James a 'look'… just several moments of watching him… followed by a rather spockish brow-arch, and then a very slight upturn of the far side of his mouth, fluttering away as he then says, "That's just it… I wasn't thinking… which is strike number one. Strike two was letting my reflexes take over… Strike three was not looking. I should be in detention right now… or worse. Instead I'm sitting here with pie… if this is how punishments rate, I see why you have such a reputation."

James shakes his head, "Oh no..you get detention. I just wasn't going to ruin the moment until later." He shrugs, lookng down before licking off his plate, "Sorry Connor. I'm your friend. But, I'm also working for 'the man' now." There…he said it. 'Friend.' Happy now? "And it's not about necessarily about what you did wrong, it's about what you do to make it right. Yeah…I was caught off guard last night. And getting called away didn't help. Would have told you the same thing then…but wasn't given the option. But, it's in the past now. Right?"

Robyn continues to eat as he listens to what the two of them talk. "Connor, if you need any help making sure it doesn't happen again, let me know. I just want you attacking me again." He says with a smile as he takes another bite. He can't help but feel bad for Connor right now, having to deal with rejection and a violent, accidentally, outburst.

Another couple of bites are devoured, still just as neatly as before, catching the crumbs after with his fork and licking them off, then says tohughtfully, "I'd rather not have it happen again period… but… that's just one more problem on the laundry list. Whatever they'll do, I'll take… it's only fair." Connor sets the fork down, and puts the plate to the side before he takes another long look at James, not speaking… only looking away when it becomes intrusive.

James shrugs, "Not up to me…but it'll probably be something team oriented. That's how things go. My suggestion? Toss you into the DR when Kenta runs me through one of his sessions. But, that's just me." He smiles for no good reason…well…there is a reason as he 'did' suggest that. But he'll let that go for now. He looks over at Robyn, nodding in agreement, the back at Connor, "What??"

Robyn nods at James back before standing up and walking over to Connor to stand behind him and give him a bit of a hug. "Like I said, if you need help dealing, let me know. I do consider you a good friend Connor." Robyn says as he walks over to James and smiles. "Thanks for the pie James, but I'm gonna head back to my room now." He says as he picks up his stuff. "Oh and Connor, we gotta go talk to Scott soon." About the roommate thing.

Connor watches Robyn get up and make ready to leave, and just replies softly, "Yeah… but the man seems to be always busy, or out. I'll try another email, or ask Doctor McCoy." Added a bit more loudly, "Thanks. Catch you later." Turning back to look at up at the Hyena once more, sighing as he just gives a non-committal shrug to his question.

James smiles back at Robyn, or tries to. Mostly it's just a show of teeth, "Hey…sometimes my ideas arn't so bad. Night Robyn." He'll wait for Robyn to leave before looking back at Connor, "Okay…if you say so…but your poker face sucks." He stands and stretches, "Gonna leave shortly myself. All this…being good crap tires me out. And I gotta take this stuff back downstairs. That is, unless you wanna teleport it?" He grins at his friend and shrugs, "Regardless…chill, okay? Last night was intense…but it's another day, right? And, if there's one thing that this place has taught me, it's that time heals all wounds."

Connor shakes his head, "I'll take it all back… if I'm going to get in trouble for one thing… may as well take the rap for the other. Can't have you hogging all the fun…" As he begins to move about and gather things up, before stopping and then says, "Chill… I so wish I could. I'll try… but first…" Turning around a moment, "Yeah… I said what I said. But… I don't think I should have said it… I don't know you well enough to even begin to know if I'm the right kind of people… or if you're even interested… anyways… I don't really know what I'm saying… so… I'll take care of this stuff. Anything else can wait until morning… can't it."

James shrugs, "Or that I've already got someone?" It's the third and final time he'll put it like that, basically to drive the point home. By whom? He has yet to say. "And seriously…between you and me. Apologize to Jordan—when Robyn is around. Or I'll be breaking up two fights. Okay?" No humor in that last statement. Just honest truth. "You need anything, come find your friends okay? Oh…and Warpath? He offered up his room if the transfer didn't go through fast enough. No joke." James walks over to the stairs and takes a first step down before turning around to give Connor one last look, "You find me somewhere else that a stranger offers his room to another with no strings attached and I'll move with you. Until then…I think this place is home enough. Right?"

Connor winces a moment, and his teeth grind somewhat, "Like I really need that… another Jordan attack… and there won't be a fight. Only reason there WAS a fight last time because I was trying to make sure Theo didn't end up pegged to a wall and left to bleed out." His tone as bitter as it sounds casual, and then, "He… he what? Why would he do something like that for me? Don't answer that… I think I'm over trying to make sense of anything anymore…" As he finishes packing up the rest of the mess, he murmurs, somewhat knowing you could hear, "So… I guess that's that… isn't it…" but nothing in his tone or body language seems to be taking that as a negative.

Eyes still on Connor, James shrugs, "Depends. I dunno what this 'that' is that you keep talking about. Is 'that' Robyn's anger? Is 'that' my willingness to let you into my life as more than a friend? Is 'that' one of many small, minute details I'll stand here explaining in excruciatingly bland details for the next several minutes? Am I even close to 'that?' Maybe you better explain 'that' to me when you're able?" James arches his eye ridges a little, giving a sniff towards Connor, "Anyways…I need to do some rounds before be. You need anything, call. Okay?" And with that, James starts down the steps, "Night!"

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