2012-05-11: Aftermath Of A Sin

Players: Ahmed, Cale and Nicholas

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Summary: Cale and Ahmed visit Nick in the med-bay. He finally wakes up!

Date: May 11, 2012

Log Title: Aftermath of a Sin

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

More often than not, since Nick was brought into the med bay, Cale has been down here keeping watch over him. Within reason given classes and all still must go on. It's now the day /after/ the incident happened, and the teen still seems pretty worried, even though by now it's clear that Nick's probably going to pull through just fine. Has he woken up yet, though? That's the question…

After suffering several stab wounds in the chest, Nicholas has been under intensive care. With Xavier's advanced technology he's been healing a bit quicker than normal but a puncured lung still takes a while to heal. Any breathing tubes he had have already been removed and now he's just on oxygen. After being out since he's gotten back to the mansion he's finally starting to stir and open his eyes. "Where am I?" He mutters sleepily.

One of the duty nurses makes a startled noise out in the hall, and then mumbles something, before the door opens… and no one comes in. At least no one at eye level. Ahmed as leopard stalks into the room, and makes a feline bee-line for Nick's bed, sniffing the air with his big head and nostrils. The glowing blue eyes seem brighter than normal as the siberian-tiger sized beast moves close by, and then hefts up his bulk to paws-down on the foot of the bed… where his muzzle rests on his forepaws… staring at Nick and making a small pained sound deep in it's chest.

Cale is, more specifically, perched on a nearby chair sitting indian style when Nick finally wakes up. "NICK!" he explaims; then suddenly backs off a bit when the leopard appears, looking… well, utterly confused and maybe slightly terrified. Of course, Taylor is one of his best friends, so he's not a total stranger to cats, but it's difficult to tell if this one is mutant or… otherwise. It rather puts a damper on his excitement. So more quietly, he replies, "You're at Xavier's. They showed up and brought us home after the whole thing was over with," he bounces off his seat, leaning over the other teen.

There's a small jump from Nick as Cale exclaims his name and what happened, and why he's here comes back to him. "Oh yeah, that crazy woman. Is Mason okay or did he get kidnapped and disceted?" He looks down at the snow leopard and smiles. "Hey Ahmed, I got stabbed by finger nails." He says to him as he pats the bed next to him to say 'get closer so I can give you head scratches'. "That's right, you were there Cale, you okay?"

Opening one paw and extending it, five saber-like glowing blue claws push out and gently 'scratch' at the air as the big cat tilts it's head to one side, as if it ask a question. Then he hauls himself off the end of the bed, and moves over to the other side where the hand in, and this time just the head comes up, and he does what all cars do when they want pets. He pushes his nose and muzzle under Nick's hand and rubs against it with his teeth in a gentle scrape. The beast looks like it could take out a teacher, but it's gentle as a kitten with the young man in the bed.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Cale smiles, nodding and looking just… very, very happy. "Mason's fine too. He fought her off mostly, then she ran away," the young mutant nods, "I thought you were dead, that you weren't gonna pull through. I was… I dunno. I'm glad." He couldn't have bared to lose more people in his life. He glances at the cat, "Ahmed?" he asks curiously.

"Was I that bad?" Nicholas asks Cale as he blacked out and was running mostly on adrenaline that night. "I'm gonna be okay I think. Just hurts a bit still but…I don't know, I haven't talked to any doctory person yet. Though it's a shame about Mason." He says with a chuckle that causes him to wince. "Who was that chick…and what about the violinist, did they find out whose hand she took and if he's okay?" His hand starts to rub Ahmed a bit, not to much force behind it but a light touch. "Ahmed's my roomate. He's like a transforming Thundercat."

Rub. Rubrubrubrub. Nip. A toothless play nip on the wrist to Nick before it's let go, and the rough, sandpapery tongue proceeds to groom and possibly remove all the hair from Nick's forearm. It's one of those things that could feel good but doesn't always. Then those glowy blue, completely unnatural eyes turn to look Cale, and blinks a couple times as his tail curls around paws in a rather prim and proper fashion. Then… in a rather un-catlike fashion, the head comes off the bed long enough to NOD to Cale, before returning to health-assisted rubbings!

"I have… no idea," Cale shakes his head. "She said her name was Envy. Like I'm supposed to know who that is," he shrugs a little bit. "She was pretty mean. She seemed really surprised when Mason beat her. Well, I don't know if 'beat' was the correct word, but, she didn't wanna deal with the cops and ran off when she heard them coming. Something about her employer not wanting her to kill police or something," he chews on his lip, peering over at the cat. "Like a Thundercat? Like Lion-O?"

Nicholas looks at Ahmed for a second with an amused smile. "Just make sure you don't do anything to these tubes sticking out of me. I don't know what they're pumping through this IV but I imagine it's important." He shakes his head at Cale's words. "No idea who Envy is, then again I don't know much about that stuff." He says. "I guess that's good she ran off but too bad the police didn't catch her. And yeah, I guess like Lion-O but more Leopard. Never watch Thundercats, just saw pictures after Ahmed mentioned it."

Ahmed sits back on his haunches, and suddenly the shell around him turns semi-translucent, showing a humanoid form inside. Then it all falls to the ground in a sticky, clear, nasty heap of goop, and the wet person inside stands up. He doesn't shake it off, rather he just lets it begin to steam away slowly, giving that slightly bitter scent of corpse ash around him. Hence why he stepped back a bit, "You won't watch Thundercats with me, you won't watch My Little Pony, you won't even watch Ben 10. But now that you're stuck HERE… I can make you!" The feline-accent young man says triumphantly, "I will make a Brony out of you yet!"

Cale blinks at Ahmed, taking a bit of a step back. "Yeah!" he completely agrees with Ahmed. That sounds like a /fantastic idea./ Though, he's not totally in favor of making Nick do anything he doesn't wanna do. "You like horses, right? I mean. It's basically like, almost the same thing, anyway. As that. Totally," he nods vigorously.

"Hello to you too Ahmed." Nick says and then as Cale agrees he looks between the two of them. "I'm not watching My Little Pony." He says stubbornly. "The other two I might watch, but I'd rather watch Clone Wars. And those other shows you were talking about by the Firefly guy." He says looking at Cale. "Horses aren't pink nor do they have cupcakes on their backsides."

Ahmed rolls his eyes, the cat-slits focusing on Cale a moment, and then back to Nick before he frowns slightly, "Oh c'mon… you won't even give it a chance? And they're not all pink. Heck, you remind me a LOT of Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash…" But then he shrugs, "So… you went out and got yourself stabbed. By a woman." And he just sighs before approaching, now that all the ectoplasm has evaporated off and he looks mostly normal again. Leaning on the bed, he's well within Nick's personal zone, and then says, "Do it again, and I'll kick your butt, you got me? When I heard you were brought in like this, I freaked out. The big dude with the metal arm from security made me go to the Danger Room and didn't let me leave until I dropped out of the Big Guy." Putting emphasis on the last two words, "But you gotta admit… these are comfy beds."

"They could be!" Cale quips, grinning impishly. "But hey… Angel is pretty good. Buffy too," the boy nods. "Though, they're… vampire shows. You know. So you have to be into that whole sorta thing. They're pretty different from Firefly just, the writing is sorta similar…" he trails off, looking at Ahmed, "It wasn't exactly his fault. And she was really strong. Like really strong. I threw her through a car and it didn't even hurt her."

Nicholas closes his eyes for a second and tries not to snap at Ahmed. "Listen, I didn't do this on purpose. I didn't even know she was going to attack until her nails where in my chest!" He definately sounds annoyed. "I didn't get on your case for getting bitten by that wolf." He goes to fold his arms across his chest but the wince from pain prevents him from doing so and when he talks again, it's in a miserable sounding grumble. "Hey, I'm giving those other two things a chance, does that mean I'll get you to sit down and watch a few Westerns with me. Especially Tombstone and Unforgiven." He looks over at Cale and nods. "Thanks." Then after a few moments pause. "I still don't get you….wait you threw a car?"

Ahmed shakes his head, "No… he said he threw her through a car, actually. Kinda a distinction." But then still close like that, he mumbles to Nick softly, "Sorry… still angry. Like how you felt. Like if I was there I could've done something. And you should have gotten on my case. I was like here." Putting a hand at my eyes, "And the battle tank of a wolf was here." Holding his other hand a foot above his head, "We're both lucky."

"No, I mean, yeah," Cale nods at Ahmed, "What he said… I threw her and then she, I dunno, turned into a solid rock, or something, and went right through this SUV like it was tissue paper… Then I couldn't lift her again." He bites his lip, "I didn't even know I could do that. I mean, I was kinda, just, all sorts of angry."

"Ahmed, I was scared when you were here, I'm not going to get on your case for getting hurt, I'm just gonna worry. Between you and Jill that week…" Nicholas takes a deep breath and closes both eyes. "I just can't lose anyone I care about again. I don't think I could handle it, and I'm still scared that she's not going to come back." He confesses. "I'm impressed Cale. You're a lot stronger than you look. Thannks, both of you, for coming down to see me."

"No, I mean, I dunno, I'm not that strong," Cale glances down at the floor idly, "It's a power thing, I guess. Anyway. How could I not? I've been worried sick." Yes, by the stack of manga sitting there, he's been here for quite some time. "You were just bleeding so much. Ugh. I don't know. If we see her again we should definitely be more careful. I think she could have killed all three of us, had she really wanted to."

Ahmed finally has to sit up, look at Cale, and ask, "Look… this is no offense… but… Who are you?"

"Even with your powers, you're still strong." Nicholas says to Cale before resting his head back. "I don't plan on tussling with her again. I see her again, I am running. Far. Away." He says knowing what Cale says is true. "It's because she was so nonchalant about it. I didn't even know she was going to attack until she stabbed me with those nails. From fifteen feet away." He says before looking between the two. "Oh! Ahmed! This is Cale, he's still new here and is a friend of mine. He's like a happy version of Shane."

The 'Ah-Face' seems to come over him, and he turns to give Cale a bit more of a proper greeting, "Then nice to meet you Cale, and thanks for trying to help Nick out… it means a lot to a lot of us. He might grouse how much he doesn't want to lose anyone of his friends… but sometimes he forgets we'd miss him just as much too." Smiling back a bit as he looks to Nick again, and then moves to stretch out, "Running sounds like a plan… at least until we're cool enough to give back a little. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to let the Big Guy out and not wreck stuff so badly. Y'know?" Waving it off, he continues on, "So… What do you want from the room? I can bring it all down after my social studies clas."

Cale brushes his hair out of his face with one hand, "I am? I… yeah I guess," he agrees tentatively. Of course he is maybe /more/ girly than Shane… go figure. "I TRY and be happy, anyway. Being all mopey sucks." He's even read studies that it's unhealthy for you! "Anyway. We didn't die! That's something to be happy about. Nick's important to me. I mean, everyone here is… really… this place is kind of all I have. So I understand how he feels I guess! Anyway."

"What do you mean by that?" Nicholas says sounding a bit taken back by what Ahmed said. "I just need to figure out how to do more Jedi stuff with my powers like Force Shields or something." He says letting out a faint sigh. "Though Quenton's right, I am too green for the rescue." It's not said miserably but more as if he's acknowledging a fact. "That's why I don't get you Cale, I can't pretend to be happy but you, you lost your parents too and I can't help but mope….and yeah, I guess this place is all I have to anymore."

Ahmed shrugs and sighs, "I'm worried, okay? And since I have to be out of cat-mode for it… I'm gonna heap on guilt. I'm Jewish… it's what I do. It's either this or baby you with food, and I'm not allowed to make you lunches yet." Shaking his head again, he then adds, "Sometimes you have to celebrate what you have, despite what you might have lost. Otherwise what you had, has no meaning. The happiness of before can become empty." The words sounding like ones that have been spoken around him many a time.

"Rescue?" Cale blinks, not having heard any of this before. He got the impression, of course, that Nick is missing someone rather important to him too, but it never really seemed right to pry… "I like that. Ahmed's totes right. Totally. I mean," he grins faintly. "It's not, like, I don't /feel/ like that, it's just like. If I let myself feel like that. Then I'll kill myself. So I won't!"

Ahmed answers for Nick by saying, "A month and change back, some supernatural baddies rolled through New York and kidnapped some girls… a couple from the school here included. I tried to help, but I was well… in the same boat." He turns his head slightly and shows the faint scars that remain from where his throat had been nearly broken, and torn at by the dire wolf, "Anyways… word is there's a rescue team forming up. One of the former students here found out where they are. No one knows WHY they've left yet. Something else must be happening."

"Hmm…" Cale blinks, "Wait, supernatural? That's…" Well, he can believe in mutants, but if they expect him to believe in hocus pocus? He's not sure about that. He may be weird, but his beliefs are firmly grounded in /science,/ not superstition. "Maybe there's complications or a reason why they can't go in, anyway…"

"Vampires." Nicholas says with a yawn before looking at Ahmed. "Knoephla soup, you can spoil me with that." He says joking but it's one of those moments where it's obvious he was an only brat growing up. "Yeah, Quenton's forming a resuce to get Jill and Sophia and Rashmi and Evelyn the others. I don't know the details, I'm glad I don't, it'd make me worry more. I just hope they're all okay."

Ahmed pulls out his phone and checks the time, "I gotta bolt… lunch period's over… gotta do the whole school thing again." Reaching over the bed, he hugs Nick as gently as he can, and then says to him, "Soup it is… just gotta dig up one of those 'How Mom used to make' recipies and stuff. I got your morning school work stuff for you… the teachers recorded the classes so can watch at your own pace. Cool, huh?" And with that he turns to depart, the ectoplasm coming off of him and making him look plasticy and like an action figure before he drops down on all fours, and once more the giant snow leopard has returned.

"Yeah, me too…" Cale sighs, clearly not really wanting to go back to class while there's all this STUFF that's way more interesting going on. STUFF! Like Nick. "But I'll be back after class!" he nods, waving as he trots off.

Nicholas "Thanks, and Ahmed, bring my laptop down with my Star Wars DVDs okay?" Nicholas asks since he can watch Star Wars easily. "Thanks and see you later." He looks over at Cale and gives a smile. "I'm gonna try to sleep for a bit anyway, still tired feeling. Thanks, for visiting and worrying about me. I'll be okay." He says returning the wave with his own feeble one.

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